Pokemon Go: What Features Does It Need To Stay Relevant?

Pokemon Go: What Features Does It Need To Stay Relevant?
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Pokémon Go is losing fanbase, and to retain players, it added a restructured gym system and catch bonuses as part of its new update. Hopefully this solid pair of patches will help the game retain players, but a lot more still needs to be done, reports Business Insider.

Niantic needs to do something great

Niantic will have to do something great like introducing a massive update to “Generation 2.” It will represent a new ecosystem of Pokémon to work with at its core, notes BI. It will probably include Johto region’s monsters found in the second line of Pokémon games released in 1999: Pokémon Gold and Silver.

However, the monotonous cycle of collecting new species will not end even after the addition of new Pokémon. Players of the game are interested in actually doing something with them, and this offers an opportunity to Niantic to truly change the game, notes BI.

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Niantic CEO John Hanke already confirmed that new Pokémon will be added to the game. Niantic will release a number of updates in late 2016 and early next year, adding several game-changing features, suggested Neurogadget.

Two of these features will be Pokémon trading and trainer battles. These updates will bring a complete transformation to the Pokémon Go experience. This will change the game from a whimsical collector’s app into a fully-realized game akin to the Pokémon Game Boy and DS titles.

Whenever these patches are implemented, they will make the game a global sensation once again, says BI.

New Pokemon Go features on the way

It is likely that a couple of new features are on their way too. One could be region-locked Pokémon, meaning some creatures will be available only in certain parts of the real world. Speculations are that Miltank will be available in North America only, while Heracross will be available only in Asia. So players would need to actually put in a lot of effort to catch them all.

Niantic will hopefully introduce breeding and baby eggs as well, allowing hatching into pre-evolution Pokémon such as Pikachu’s baby form, Pichu. It is expected that trainers will have more starter options when the new batch of Pokémon arrives including Chikorita, Totodile and Cyndaquil from Pokémon Gold and Silver, notes BI.

“Pokémon Go will definitely find itself back in the headlines if Niantic comes through with these updates,” says BI.

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