Tesla Cars To Get Vegan Interior Option, Premium Seats Made In House

Tesla Cars To Get Vegan Interior Option, Premium Seats Made In House
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Tesla introduced a new seat developed in house after launching the Model X. The new seat features “Ultra White synthetic leather,” which serves as a vegan faux-leather option for consumers. The new option set was available only for the Model X for a limited time. Then earlier this year, the new seat made its way to the Model S P100D line.

In-house seats for all Tesla cars

Now the vegan seat option is available for all Tesla models, and the automaker has discontinued all but one other option using its original seats, according to Electrek.

The Model X’s seats were the main reason why volume production on the car was delayed. CEO Elon Musk wanted to make it a “sculptural work of art,” as the seats are front and center when the falcon-wing doors are opened. Tesla sources the design and production of its seats in house. Though this practice is not new for the EV firm, it is rare in the car industry.

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In September 2015 on a conference call ahead of the unveiling of the Model X, Musk said, “We have substantially in-sourced the seats at this point. Tesla is producing its own seats.”

Now the new “Tesla Premium seats” will replace the original seats. During a shareholder meeting last year, two proposals of offering vegan animal-free options for the cars were brought forward. Tesla’s board recommended that shareholders vote against the proposals, but the automaker went ahead with them.

During the meeting, Musk listened to a PETA representative and said he would look into the alternatives that she was proposing. The EV firm then quickly introduced the Ultra White synthetic leather option for the Model X. Now the option is available for the entire lineup of the Model S.

Lucid’s car bears a resemblance to Model S

Tesla faces off with a newer competitor in the EV space. On Wednesday, Lucid Motors revealed a prototype luxury electric sedan which is sumptuous, fast and very sleek. Also Lucid’s electric car bears more than a passing resemblance to the vehicle the Model S, which it is designed to compete with, says SF Gate.

There is a reason for this as well. Peter Rawlinson, who once led the development of the Model S is now the chief technology officer of Lucid Motors. Lucid, which employs about 300 people, is headquartered in Menlo Park and employs more than one former Tesla employee. Lucid revealed its electric vehicle at its Fremont workshop not far from Tesla’s factory.

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