Pokemon Go’s Winter Event: What To Expect?

Pokemon Go’s Winter Event: What To Expect?
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Pokemon Go, like the majority of game titles, will be hosting a winter event this Christmas season. Though Niantic has apparently made no official announcements about it, fans are expecting the event to arrive any day now, according to itechpost.

Start stocking up on PokeBalls

Since the release of the Halloween event, Pokemon Go is beginning to get back on track, according to Otakukart. Fans are reportedly becoming more engaged with the location-based app in comparison with the past few months. Currently, players are waiting patiently for the announcement about the winter event.

It is believed that Pokemon Go’s winter event will work similarly to the Halloween event. This time, it will apparently have an increased spawn rate for Ice Type Pokemon. To catch these rare creatures, fans might need a lot of PokeBalls. A notable ice type is Lapras, which is considered to be among the best defenders and gym attackers. Fans might be given frequent opportunities to catch this creature in the wild, notes itechpost.

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Many players live in rural areas with a lower density of PokeStops, which means collecting and stocking more PokeBalls might not be easy for them. It is suggested to look for local cafes which offer Wi-Fi services. In addition, there could be some players who might be paying for bag extensions to stock more PokeBalls, although others consider this to be a waste of money.

You can effectively collect and store PokeBalls in a number of ways without spending too much money on PokeCoins. One wise way is to catch Pokemon in the wild.

Pokemon Go “coming soon” to the Apple Watch

In September, the gaming giant Niantic announced that it was working on putting its Pokemon egg-hatching and Pokemon catching ways on your wristwatch, but until now, Apple Watch support had still not materialized. However, there are reports that Apple Watch support for the location-based application might come soon, and developer Niantic seems to have confirmed this.

In a tweet on Sunday, the gaming giant announced, “Pokémon Go for Apple Watch is coming soon. Stay tuned.”

In September during Apple’s iPhone 7 launch event, John Hanke, chief executive of Niantic, announced that support would be introduced before the end of the year. Less than two weeks are left before the year’s end, and if the CEO was serious, smartwatch support could come anytime.

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