Psarra, 18 Smart Ways to Improve Your Trading

Maria Psarra, who worked on one of London’s biggest prop trade desks and is now a wealth manager, sketches out 18 Smart Ways to Improve Your Trading (ADVFN Books, 2016). These lessons, each between three and four pages in length, were originally published as articles in Master Investor magazine.


Most of the advice isn’t new, although two of the lessons deal with trading the highly leveraged contracts for difference (CFDs). Among other things, Psarra writes about stop losses, protecting profits, position sizing, overtrading, being afraid to pull the trigger, arrogance, and staying flexible.

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Psarra’s book won’t replace standard works in the field, but traders looking for nugget-size advice won’t go wrong with 18 Smart Ways to Improve Your Trading.

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Any trader or investor that says they have never lost money in the markets is too young, too stupid, too inexperienced, or just plain lying to you. Everyone makes mistakes, particularly when starting out as a trader. It’s part of the learning curve.

What matters is that you learn from your mistakes. Even better, learn from the mistakes others have made to avoid making them yourself.

18 Smart Ways to Improve Your Trading explains some of the common mistakes traders make, and the routines that winning traders use to avoid those errors. The author draws on her many years’ experience of trading, both on institutional proprietary trading desks and for herself, and the knowledge she has gained advising professional clients.

In this book she shares her expertise with you. The 18 Smart Ways include the habits that separate winning traders from losing ones, the secrets to profitable trading, and how to deal with the emotional hiccups that cause you to lose in the markets.

If you absorb these lessons then they should make you a better investor or trader.

Originally published as articles in Master Investor magazine