Trump vs. Clinton: Who’s The Winner Of The Second Presidential Debate?


It would be quite easy to say that Sec. Hillary Clinton won last night’s debate in that she was the only adult in the room. Unfortunately for her, she is one of the most reviled adults in the history of United States’ politics. That said, Donald Trump needed a blowout performance and most would agree he didn’t achieve that as he simply continued to appeal to his base which will not win him the election.

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Donald Trump needed a miracle, but doesn’t really believe in anything but himself…debate

Firstly, let me point out that what’s to follow is not necessarily representative of the views of ValueWalk, it is simply one man’s opinion. That said, I feel confident saying that I work for a company, that is not full of idiots and believe that no one I work with has any interest in Donald Trump. I, myself, used to be a pro-choice Republican born in 1973. I’ve seen all sorts of things but what I miss the most was bipartisanship. My earliest understanding of politics saw Ronald Reagan and then Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill working together despite their differences for the “betterment” of a nation. We can argue why that is long gone and the reasoning behind why it ended, but I don’t think we’ll argue when I say that ship sailed well over a decade ago.

What we are left with is nothing short of a shit show with two representatives of our two major parties facing off with the only person they, respectively, could possibly beat.

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Hillary Clinton is easy to dislike, and I can’t stand her. On the other hand, you have an absolute monkey dressed as a Cheeto without the style sense of long dead mascot and marketing animation Chester that was almost as cool as Joe Camel. Trump, who displays a level of ignorance never before seen in a presidential hopeful represents, well, it depends what rally, champion or Twitter feed you follow.  Clinton makes Nixon likable and charismatic while on the other side you have a need for profanity to get your point across.

While I know I am meant to discern the “winners and losers” from last night’s debate in order to get paid…..why even bother? Why are we even at this point as a nation? I could point out last night’s zingers and representations of something presidential but I don’t believe anyone can provide that. I’m getting paid for 750-800 words, why not just use quotes (it fills the word count)? I would love to, but these two make that impossible.

It would be easy to call a single winner and reinforce that belief with things said; that would be the logical approach as a writer with an opinion. Unfortunately, I’m not granted that luxury with last night. Does anyone really win in a debate between P.T. Barnum and Cruella de Vil?

To choose a winner would be to choose pant suits that most people couldn’t afford without credit cards (they probably never should have been approved for) and an all healing elixir sold by the huckster from Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon” before ultimately being run out of town.

Hillary Clinton won if only because she showed up and got home safely. She looked like a woman in a movie that you want killed by the man following her in the last blocks of her walk home because she’s a bad person. But then you realize that you would be rooting for a murderer lurking in the shadows and acting like a pacing predator in a figurative zoo enclosure meant to keep your kids safe.

Donald Trump is a monkey canary in a coal mine on a good day

I’ve not lived in the United States for nearing 15 years. But I was raised there, and not this United States roughly approximating it at best right now.

Donald Trump won last night’s debates if shoring up his base of “deplorables” was the goal. However, you can’t win an election with everyone in a shuttered coal mine town’s vote counted. If not for an electoral college, this wouldn’t be close.

This isn’t reality TV, this is reality, and Clinton did herself few favors suggesting that Donald Trump lives in his own reality.

He does, we don’t need to be told. Don’t f*cking pander to me Madam Secretary.

This muppet live-streamed a victim’s meeting of women allegedly accosted by your husband, quite possibly assaulted, but he lost with that already as it’s no more than a stunt. Surely, it’s not a position. The sins of the father (husband) aren’t relevant any more than me feeling ashamed that it’s gotten this far.

Those that will decide the presidency were unimpressed. Neither of you represent what a great nation wants. You’re both disgraceful.


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