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Personal Note

I’ll be in New York on Monday, October 24, for several interviews — The, WSJ and Fox Business news.  Nervous?  Yes.  I’ll be sharing a few stock ideas with The Street’s Gregg Greenberg.  I’ll provide you with a link next week, if you are interested.  They are a collection of my best ideas from various conferences and fund managers I know.

I’ve put together what I personally call my “stock shopping list.”  I don’t own them yet nor do any of our clients.  Just my personal plan to allocate a defined portion of my money when the next recession makes the hamburgers really cheap again (as I see a coming 40% to 60% off sale).  I’m thinking 10 years out in regards to the opportunities and believe the next dislocation will offer me a better entry than today.  I want to be prepared to take action.

I’ll then be on Fox Business’ Closing Bell with Liz Claman.  Tune in around 3:55 pm on Monday if you have some down time.  I’m not sure what we will discuss but I know it has to be “punchy.”  Not sure my kids think I’m punchy.  Ugh.  My fingers are crossed.

Finally, Tom Lydon from ETF Trends hosted a webinar this past week.  I presented on valuations and probable 10-year forward returns.  You can watch it here or click on the invite below.  (Registration required.  Once you register, you will be able to view on demand.  You may qualify for one hour CE credit.)  I start around the 25 minute mark.


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