iPhone 7 Explodes Inside Man’s Car In Australia

iPhone 7 Explodes Inside Man’s Car In Australia
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It looks like Apple doesn’t mind copying a feature or two from Samsung’s flagship devices. The Korean company has discontinued its Galaxy Note 7 after having to recall the device twice due to battery explosions. High-end smartphones are still exploding out in the wild, causing severe damages to their owners. But this time it’s the iPhone 7 rather than Galaxy Note 7.

The iPhone 7 was purchased only a week ago

According to 7 News, a surfing instructor in the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia reported that his iPhone 7 caught fire and burnt out the interior of his car. Mat Jones told 7 News that the fire was caused by his brand new iPhone, which he purchased only a week ago. He said he had not damaged the device or used a dodgy charger since purchasing it. “Here’s the phone. Total burnout,” he says in the video he captured.

Jones told media that the device ignited after he left it covered under a pair of pants in his car. The car was parked at the beach when he went out for a surfing session. When he got back to his car, Jones was shocked to see that the car’s windows had turned completely black. Upon opening the door, he found that the inside of the car was on fire. The video of the burning car shows that the fire started where he had left the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 was ‘melting’ inside his clothes

Jones told 7 News that the handset was “just melting inside it” and ash was falling out when he unwrapped the pants. It is too early to conclude whether the iPhone 7 was the cause of the fire. Apple confirmed to Mashable that it was aware of the incident, and had launched an investigation to determine whether the fire was caused by a defective iPhone 7.

This is not the first incident of an iPhone 7 catching fire. In a previous case, the phone exploded after being damaged by an impact. Last month, Reddit user Kroopthesnoop posted images of a burnt iPhone 7, saying that the phone was damaged while in transit. If a few more cases popup, Apple may find itself in the same trouble that is haunting its rival Samsung.

Are these isolated cases?

There have been far fewer reports of iPhone 7 overheating than Galaxy Note 7. Samsung had sold about 2.5 million Note 7 units before announcing an official recall after about a hundred reports of Note 7 explosions. In contrast, Apple has sold tens of millions of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus units since launch, and there have been only two cases of fire. Numbers indicate that these could be isolated cases.

Samsung had to discontinue Galaxy Note 7 production after recalling the device twice. So many airlines and aviation regulators have banned its phablet that Samsung is setting up temporary stalls at airports where Note 7 users can exchange their phones or get a refund before boarding a flight.

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