How To Turn On Facebook Secret Conversations Or Chat

How To Turn On Facebook Secret Conversations Or Chat

The latest update for the Messenger app allows you and everyone you chat with to have Facebook Secret Conversations. In July, the social media giant began testing end-to-end encryption for the app and has now given it to the world. This means that if you so choose, no one, including Facebook, can see your messages–not even the NSA.

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Facebook Secret Conversations: how secret?

Now before you go off and start having conversations that you think are secret, unlike the secretive WhatsApp, the Facebook Secret Conversations feature is not automatically turned on. Right now your messages may not as secret as they could be, so you’re going to have to learn how to switch the feature on. However, before we jump to that part, let’s have a look at what you can do with Secret Conversations.

To start with, you can choose with whom you have Facebook Secret Conversations. meaning you may want to tell a friend something inflammatory without it being mistakenly seen by others. You can choose just that person for a secret message, and if you’re sending a message which is time dependent, you can set it to disappear from a friend’s Facebook after a period of time, between 5 seconds and 24 hours. Recipients can only view the messages on one device.

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According to Facebook, it uses a technology called Signal Protocol to make Facebook Secret Conversations possible.

How To Turn On Facebook Secret Conversations

Before you follow the tutorial below, make sure that you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed.

Step 1: Find Facebook Messenger on your phone and tap it to run the app.

Step 2: When the app loads, tap the compose message button in the top-right of the screen. This will now take you to a new message screen.

Step 3: Now in the top right of the screen, you will see the word secret, meaning Facebook Secret Conversations; tap it.

Step 4: Next, you need to select a contact to whom you want to message secretly. However, you should be aware that right now these conversations don’t come with the same features as regular ones. You won’t be able to use locations, third-party apps, or payments, and you can’t send GIFs or videos.

Step 5: Now that you’ve chosen a message recipient, you can feel safe in the knowledge that no one else can see it. In fact, there’s a rumor that Facebook Secret Conversations are so secure that the social media giant couldn’t read them if it wanted to. Additionally, they supposedly cannot be subjected to a subpoena by any law enforcement body.

Step 6: Now you have the option to make the messages you sent expire after a period of time. If you want to do this, tap the Timer Icon to the left of your text and then set a time for it to disappear, anywhere from 5 seconds to 1 day.

And that’s it. You now know how to send Facebook Secret Conversations; however, you should remember that this is only available via the Messenger app for iOS and Android. It won’t appear on Facebook chat on a Windows PC, Mac or Also remember that the device you use to send a secret message from is the only one you will be able to see it on.

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