Daily Quests Coming To Pokemon Go Soon [REPORT]

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Pokemon Go will apparently come loaded with Daily Quest features in the upcoming version. According to data-mined details on version 0.43.3, there will be features such as “First catch of the day” and “First PokeStop of the Day.”

Speculations about rewards on Pokemon Go

Pokemongohub reported that Niantic will be capable of activating or deactivating these features remotely. Reports also suggest that players will be entitled to several bonuses once they achieve the daily quest or streaks. Two codes — “Current Steak Count” and “Current Period Bucket” — might indicate some kind of bonus.

There have been several speculations about what the Pokemon reward that will given after achieving the daily quest could be like. Enthusiasts and experts believe that the rewards could be anything like Potions and Pokeballs. However, Razz Berries and items that cannot be bought at the Poke store can’t be ruled out, notes iTechPost.

Players and Pokemon fans want the makers to give Lucky Eggs, Incubators, Incense or Lure Modules as rewards. According to the data-mined codes, the reward feature is ready to be released, so an official announcement from Niantic is awaited.

Daily quests to slow exit of players?

With Daily Quests, the makers of Pokemon Go are looking to stem the exit of players, a problem faced for months now. Players are complaining about the lack of content in the game and feel that catching and transferring the same Pokemon over and over becomes exhausting and boring.

Daily Quests will be a fresh breath of air for players who are not excited about the game anymore. However, fear looms that just like other features, Daily Quests could also become tedious and repetitive after a couple of months.

Pokemon Go fans should take this news with a grain of salt as coding of the features does not guarantee that Niantic is going to bake this feature into the next version. Earlier, data related to trading was found, but the makers have still not added the features to the game.

Meanwhile Pokemon Go is set to launch its first-ever in-game event running from October 26 into November during Halloween week. During the event, players will be given special rewards. Niantic has said that it is going to reward players with the “spookiest Pokémon,” which will include ghosts such as Gastly, Gengar, and Haunter and also Drowzee and Zubat. Through Candy multipliers, players will get more candies for each activity-generated candy.

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