Pokémon Go: Now Know The Best Time To Catch A Specific Pokemon

Pokémon Go players will now have a fun time catching Pokémon as it will now be possible for them to predict when and where certain Pokemon will appear. This has been made possible by players who have analyzed and compiled thousands of Pokémon encounters, reports iTech Post.

Best time to capture a Pokemon

A third-party Pokemon Go developer has a huge collection of Pokémon spawn points, Pokestops, encounters and gyms, and he posted his database on Reddit. The list is very impressive as it covers more than half a million Pokemon encounters and includes more than 50,000 battle gyms and around 400,000 Pokestops, notes iTech Post.

It appears from the data that the Pokémon spawning time occurs at the same time all over the world, regardless of time zones. It has been discovered that at 21:00 hours, more Pokémon appear, while at 00:00 hours, the fewest Pokémon encounters start. Pokémon Go Hub states that during the evening or early morning, more Pokémon spawn.

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The Pokémon spawn spike during the last two minutes of the hour, suggests the database. A significant drop was noticed in Pokémon encounters during the 40- and 41-minute range. Players will need to study the list before they are able to zero in the Pokémon they are interested in catching, says iTech Post.

To capture a particular Pokémon, players will first need to locate its spawn point, and the database list can provide them a good idea as to where they can find them. Players will be able to choose the ideal time to capture the Pokémon once the potential Pokémon encounter is pinpointed.

Pokemon Go update soon

Developer Niantic is reported to be planning an update to the game called 0.37.0, which is scheduled to hit the titular mobile game this month. Expectations are that some hefty features will be introduced, including a couple of added kilometer requirements meant specifically for Ditto and Legendary Pokémon, reports iTech Post in a separate report.

Forget catching legendary creatures. Even catching Ditto is like a shot to the moon, and most Pokémon Go players are aware of this. It has a spawn rate close to zero, which makes it the rarest species to own. But Otakukart claims that Redditors may have found these (and also Ditto) in the game’s source from the original 151 Pokemon.