iPhone 7 Owners Are Drilling Holes In Their Phone For Headphone Jack

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Back in 2014, pranksters fooled hundreds of iPhone owners into destroying their devices when they claimed that you could charge your iPhone by microwaving it. Well, Apple users have learned nothing in the last two years. Apple has famously removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The company shipped the new iPhones with an adapter that lets you plug in tethered headphones through the Lightning Port. You can also buy wireless AirPods.

This ‘secret hack’ is a prank

Some iPhone 7 users were so desperate for the headphone jack that they fell for a prank and drilled a hole on their devices. A viral YouTube video by TechRax shows YouTuber Taras Maksimuk drilling a headphone jack into the iPhone 7’s speaker grille. The video has received more than 11 million views. In his video description, Maksimuk wrote: “This video is for those who don’t want to get $159 wireless AirPods or have to insert your headphones into an adapter every time you listen to music.”

The tongue-in-cheek video demonstrates a “secret hack” to bring back the headphone jack. The video is nothing more than a prank, but some iPhone 7 users who watched it failed to capture the true nature of the video. They thought it really works. Only after drilling the hole did they realize that their brand new phone was dead and the hole they drilled didn’t work.

Angry comments from people who drilled their iPhone 7

It’s difficult to say how many people have drilled their iPhones. But the video’s comments section is filled with comments from panicked and angry people who fell for the prank. TechRax’s YouTube channel description says “Smashing technology since 2011.” Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack had received mixed reactions from consumers.


Image Source: TechRax / YouTube Comments Section

Don’t fall for the prank, or you’ll be left with an expensive brick that isn’t covered under warranty. And don’t forget to check the source of information before believing a new hack. If you have already drilled a hole in your iPhone 7, I’m pretty sure you’ll have an interesting story to tell your grandchildren.


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