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    David Rubenstein on Private Equity, Success and Public Service

    David Rubenstein on Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Success and Public Service


    Published on Sep 15, 2016

    An interview and brief Q&A with the Co-Founder of the Carlyle group, David Rubenstein. David first speaks about his early life and describes the characteristics of the young David Rubenstein. The next part of the interview deals with Davids time in public office and working with President Jimmy Carter. The middle section of the interview discusses Private Equity and Davids role in it and finally the interview ends with philanthropy and a outro speech on why you should give back to your university.

    Video Segments:
    0:01 Introduction
    3:10 If we looked at your yearbook picture, would it say most likely to succeed?
    11:12 Do you and Jimmy Carter ever reminisce on your time in office?
    15:09 Jimmy Carter was cut out to be a saint not a president?
    16:33 Do you ever think about going back into public service?
    24:25 How did you develop your sense of humour?
    28:15 What lead you to Private Equity?
    34:36 Threats to your business?
    36:35 Building culture? (Life is about selling)
    40:12 Does your culture set you apart from the New York firms?
    43:26 Work ethic
    49:44 What caused you to start thinking about philanthropy?
    55:00 Start of Q&A
    55:13 What do you look for in a leader?
    58:34 Do you see the same vigour of JFKs Rice Uni speech in todays society?
    1:01:09 Social impact investing in Private Equity
    1:03:17 Unique cultural ideas at Carlyle
    1:08:01 What did you feel was impossible until you did it?
    1:10:50 Giving back to university ending speech

    Interview Date: 26th April, 2014
    Location:Duke University Medical Center, 100 Fuqua Drive, Durham
    Event:The Fuqua School of Business Distinguished Speaker Series
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