This Is The Man Behind The Xbox One S’ Awe-Inspiring Design

This Is The Man Behind The Xbox One S’ Awe-Inspiring Design
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The Xbox One S is arguably the most beautiful gaming console from Microsoft ever. Its sleek design and powerful performance have been praised by gamers and critics alike. How did Microsoft come up with such an awe-inspiring design? Much of the credit goes to a designer called Andrew Kim. Back in 2012, Kim created and uploaded several of his design concepts for Microsoft’s rebranding, dubbed “The Next Microsoft.”

Microsoft hired Andrew Kim in 2012

Impressed by Andrew Kim’s designs, the Redmond-based company hired him as a “visual and product” designer within its design department in 2012. Kim said in a new post on his Minimally Minimal blog that the Xbox One S was his first project after joining Microsoft. A big part of their team’s goal was to reduce the cost. Following the launch of the Xbox One, the design team started investigating a new approach to console design.

Kim says in his blog post that their team was tasked with making “a more friendly and universal product that doesn’t evoke traditional gaming cues.” They had to simplify the hardware while maintaining the Windows 10 design language within the new console. Kim and his colleagues ended up reducing the external shell count to just three parts. They also removed the external power supply and reduced the size of the device.

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After Xbox One S, Kim working on Hololens

The final product turned out to be a masterpiece. The Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One, and its design is minimal. Though some people may not like its white color, its sets the Xbox One S apart from its predecessor. The new console also highlights Microsoft’s ability to create stunning hardware products. Andrew Kim is currently working on the Hololens project.

The 2TB version – which was a limited edition – of Xbox One S has been sold out. Microsoft has announced that it will be launching the 500GB and 1TB FIFA 17 bundles of the console on September 22.


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