Thornton O’Glove: “Quality of Earnings” | Talks @Google

Thornton O’Glove: “Quality of Earnings” | Talks @Google
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Thornton O’Glove: “Quality of Earnings” | Talks @Google

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Published on Jul 8, 2016

In this talk, Thornton covers a wide range of investing topics, including the art of financial deviation analysis, the least complex and best way to invest in the stock market on a long-term basis, and an independent prediction about Berkshire Hathaway’s future and the bonanza that awaits its shareholders.

Thornton O’Glove is the author of “Quality of Earnings: The Investor’s Guide to How Much Money a Company Is Really Making.” His work is amongst the “must reads” by industry icons including Tom Gardener of the Motley Fool, and on Kuppy’s Book List as one of the top financial accounting books of all time. Thornton holds an MBA from Haas Business School at UC Berkeley. An investor from the age of 18, he went on to work as an analyst for some of the top investment firms in New York and became the President of the Reporting Research Corporation, who publish the Quality of Earnings Report. His work continues to influence students of finance and professionals around the world. Thornton is also an occasional commentator for the Motley Fool Blog Network and Barron’s Weekly.

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:15it would be great for more in Buffett to come out here and for me to debate
1:21warren buffett I’m what he’s not going to do
1:24we’re talking about this assembling all the company 190 operating companies will
1:29be spun all tax-free the shareholders the 360 billion dollar market cap here
1:35against like Midway magic want to go to a trillion dollars but i’ll go more into
1:40this in the mind of warren buffett and why he chooses this path of acquiring
1:47and continue the conglomerate’s Randy conglomerate and a little bit more about
1:53my background was born and raised in San Francisco
1:56got it ba from San Francisco State an MBA from university of california
2:01berkeley i was a stockbroker for a number of years when I was a stockbroker
2:05i used to read these perspectives is my especially with selling new offerings by
2:12the perspectives had about a hundred and twenty pages a dense content
2:16how was the only one in the office that bothered to read the prospectus
2:20so that gave me the idea to become a security analyst and I left the
2:27brokerage business to go two years university of california berkeley and
2:32that really helped me get more of a base and so on and then I went on to wall
2:40street at work for a couple of firms and I got the idea i’ll tell you where I got
2:45the idea of this quality of race report this book really changed my life in the
2:50the quality Maurice report was an institutional report frame professional
2:56investors banks mutual fund’s investment advisors
2:59now we’ll go on to what this presentation is about part 1 financial
3:07deviation analysis the quality of various book

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