Raoul Pal: “The Era Of Doing Nothing And Getting Paid For It Is Over”

Raoul Pal: “The Era Of Doing Nothing And Getting Paid For It Is Over”

Raoul Pal: “The Era Of Doing Nothing And Getting Paid For It Is Over

Today’s podcast is a little different. I speak with Raoul Pal and we cover a number of topics, running form one to another as they crop up. I hope you’ll enjoy it as I always enjoy speaking with Raoul.

For those of you who’ve never heard of Raoul – he is first and foremost one of the most congenial, open minded, and thoughtful guys you could ever have the pleasure of discussing the truly mind boggling and fascinating world of global macroeconomics with.

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He’s also a world renowned global macro investor, an investment strategist, economic historian, traveler, rum drinker, and co-founder of Real Vision TV, together with Grant Williams who I spoke with some time ago.

Here’s some of the topics Raoul and I cover in the podcast:

  • The end of financialization of the economy. The era of doing nothing and get paid for it is over. Why Raoul thinks that’s a good thing (especially if you’re an entrepreneur) and he also lays out the way to profit from it.
  • Why markets around the world are so fragile today and why the investment environment is so dangerous, especially for less liquid investments.
  • Helicopter money – as Raoul said, “We’re getting there, it just depends which format we’re going to get.”
  • Why debt is like 700 beers (plus Raoul’s take on the possibility of a debt jubilee).
  • Which chart is showing one of the biggest head and shoulders tops in history.
  • How Raoul looks at Bitcoin and why he thinks Bitcoin has a huge runway (but with one important caveat)… and why – on the other side – he doesn’t see a lot more runway left in startup investing, or as Raoul calls it, “lottery ticket investing”.
  • Why venture capital is, in fact, in a “terrifying situation”.
  • And much more.

Like 6 other investing superstars, Raoul is also bullish on gold. I think it’s one of the easiest and safest bets in today’s macro environment.

I hope you enjoy it. Please share this with all your friends and enemies alike and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

– Chris

“What I do know is that we’re talking about the end of the financialisation of the economy, and that’s a good thing.” – Raoul Pal

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