Xbox One S vs. Xbox Project Scorpio – specs, price, release date

Xbox One S vs. Xbox Project Scorpio – specs, price, release date
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Microsoft shocked the gaming world yesterday at E3 with not one, but the announcement of two new Xbox One variants. These variants are the Xbox One S and Xbox Scorpio. The first is expected to be either on the shelves in August, but the latter won’t be here until late next year, probably in time for the Christmas holidays.

Should you Wait for Xbox Scorpio?

For many in the gaming industry, it seems a little confusing as to why Microsoft would announce both consoles at the same time. It is already known that other than a reduction in size and some improvements to 4K compatibility the Xbox One S will not provide any actual improvements in speed and graphics over the original Xbox One. So why would anyone want to buy it, why not wait for the Xbox Scorpio and have something that we already know will be even more powerful than the PlayStation Neo?

I know it’s not an easy question to answer, so I’m going to take a look at what is known about each device and try and answer it.

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An Affordable Xbox One S

With a starting price of $299 the Xbox One S 500GB variant, this console will surely get off to a good start. As its predecessor started out at $499, but that was bundled with a Kinect. As for the Xbox Scorpio, no one yet knows what its storage capacities will be. But, you can bet that it will offer a much higher starting capacity than the One S and as such come at a much more premium price probably $600 or higher.

Full Ultra High Def 4K

Whilst the Xbox One S gets an upgrade over the previous Xbox One in terms of its support for 4K streaming and output at 60HZ. It will not be capable of 4K gaming, for that you will have to wait for the Xbox Scorpio.

Basically, if you’re a hard-core gamer and want the latest high-def gaming machine that also supports the new world of gaming that is VR. Then the Xbox Scorpio is the console you need to be waiting for. Project Scorpio is basically a high-end games PC with a Xbox interface and Live services. Finally, it is a console experience that Microsoft hopes that PC gamers won’t mind owning.

Upgradeable Hardware

Microsoft at its E3 event yesterday made a point of mentioning “Beyond Generations” and it did this for a reason. Now I don’t know this for sure but Xbox Scorpio could have the ability to allow a user to upgrade its hardware. This is something that neither the Xbox One or the Xbox One S will have, meaning that with the Xbox Scorpio a user would have a device that could last a very long time.

The idea behind this is to completely remove the need for hardware generations and allow the user to decide, just like owning a PC. However, would that feature be a huge selling point? I’m not sure, because even though a PC is upgradable, technology moves on and eventually even its motherboard becomes old technology and nothing new eventually supports it.

Who are These Consoles For?

Starting with the Xbox One S, this console will bring some unique features with it like 4K streaming and a much needed 4K Blu-ray players. However, as it stands those features are pretty new and as I write this not mainstream. And making use of those 4K abilities depends on your internet bandwidth.

For example, if your are a Netflix user and want to make use of 4K Ultra High-Def streaming. Netflix recommends that you have at least a 25mbps connection. In my opinion, the Xbox One S is not aimed at Xbox One owners instead, I think Microsoft is targeting those who still own a Xbox 360. Those who have held off, waiting for what comes next!

So who is the Xbox Scorpio for? Well, it’s for anyone that can afford it, but Microsoft is more than likely looking to target the lucrative and high-end hardcore PC gaming sector. Generally, these are people who think it’s normal to spend $1000’s on high-end gaming laptops and PCs. People who routinely upgrade the components of their PC’s with devices like $1000+ graphics cards and the latest High-Speed RAM.

Because of this, I would not be surprised if Microsoft offered the Xbox Scorpio in different configurations similar to the way, in which it will with the Xbox One S. And because of this and the possible variations that could be available the $349 for the top end One S could look like money lost down the sofa to someone who could afford a Scorpio.

Which Console Should You Buy?

If you are happy to spend your money on the Xbox One S, just to get the smaller form factor and some extra 4K support, then the One S would be a great buy. However, if you want something new and out of the ordinary, something that will undoubtedly offer you the power and a couple of different gaming options. Like 4K and VR via Oculus Rift, then there’s only one console to choose / wait for!

The only problem with that is, you better start saving now, as whilst there are no official price has been leaked you can bet your last Dollar that it is going to be expensive!

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