Radiate Podcast: Mario Gabelli – Legendary Value Investor With Betty Liu

Radiate Podcast: Mario Gabelli – Legendary Value Investor With Betty Liu
Photo of Mario Gabelli via Insider Monkey (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Published on May 30, 2016

Legendary Value Investor and GAMCO CEO Mario Gabelli joins us on Radiate this week to talk about his lifetime of experience on Wall Street. His investment firm has just under $40 billion in assets under management and when he talks, Wall Street listens. Now while we’ve recently featured a lot of entrepreneurs on our show, we wanted to make sure we brought something different for the thousands of college grads and MBA’s who are about to join a Wall Street firm. So here’s a valuable lesson in what it’s like to work for a guy who has worked his way up from practically nothing to become one of the top finance leaders in the world and some of the ways you can emulate his success.

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2:44down the street because it was extraordinarily safe
2:47you walked out and you we were dealing with an area in the bronx between
2:52Bathgate Avenue 174 street and clairmont parkway
2:57that was the same as orchard street in manhattan lots of little shopkeepers and
3:02you would watch them buy stuff and you’d watch how they negotiated price and so
3:07on the very entrepreneurial setting and so because you’re young you can go do
3:13that in that environment and that was a
3:18a sense of Independence that you can’t do today because your parents would be
3:23put in jail for child abandonment
3:25all right you’d be right exactly be child abuse
3:29I guess you could I don’t I mean you want to get into the child what people
3:32would say oh my goodness like how did you get older you know I actually
3:35disagree with you it was nobody even thought about that right
3:40it was not even in the mindset the only the world of the last 50 years has
3:44changed that mindset or 60 70 years but you think it was the environment that
3:49created your entrepreneurial spirit or did you already have that in you
3:53oh I can answer that I think was the environment we do I don’t think it was
3:58genetics DNA that my parents having left for Italy to come to the united states
4:02that clearly they were adventuresome and they were either frontier seekers but I
4:08don’t know the answer to that so let’s call it a blending of the both
4:11mmm did you always know that you want to start your own firm

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