Moon’s Internal Water Likely Arrived Via Asteroids

Moon’s Internal Water Likely Arrived Via Asteroids

While the Apollo missions little in suggesting there was any water on the surface of the moon, in the ten or so years scientists while study lunar samples from the same missions now believe that there is quite a bit of water in the interior of the Earth’s satellite.

How did water arrive to the moon?

While there are a few scientists that believe that the moon may have had water that could be as much as hundreds of parts per million in its interior, they are in the minority with most believing that it was brought to the moon by comets and satellites with a new study now claiming that there is surely where the water came from about 4.3 to 4.5 billion years ago.

While the Earth’s history is rife with mysteries given its constant changing “shape” largely owing to pate tectonics. This is not the case with the moon which hasn’t changed much since is formation about 4.5 billion years ago which came just after the Earth’s own formation. It’s for this reason that scientists hope to study the moon to learn more about Earth.

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The study published yesterday in the journal Nature Communications and the authors seem quite convinced that they have proven that water arrived from asteroids whe