How To Install Zestia The Cydia Alternative No Jailbreak Required

How To Install Zestia The Cydia Alternative No Jailbreak Required

If you have been a member of the iOS jailbreak community for any length of time. Then you probably understand that jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad comes with a set of issues that go beyond the seriousness that is security. As it currently stands, Apple is at war with Jailbreakers and is always trying to find ways to prevent it from happening. So depending on what version of iOS you find yourself on, it may be impossible for you to do so. However, there is a way for you to have a bit of jailbreak and Cydia experience, without having to fully jailbreak your device and you can do that with Zestia.

What is Zestia?

One thing that Zestia is not, is a full Jailbreak. Previously known as X-Cydia, some consider it to be the best alternative available to stock iOS. Yes, I know that without a jailbreak you are going to be limited. However, Zestia does offer some features that are worth you checking out. So if you want to give it a try, I am going to walk you through how to install it on your iPhone.

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Here’s what you have to do…

How to Install Zestia

To start with, you need to visit on your iPhone or iPad and then install the software.

How to install zestia

Next, you need to click install on the profile page and if requested to enter your PIN. At this point, you should press the Home Button on your iOS device and you should find the Zestia icon on your Home Screen. You should not tap it!

Once Zestia has loaded, pick an application that you would like to install and follow the instructions. Doing so is extremely easy, and is not so different from using the App Store.


What next? You should now, Launch the settings App on your iPhone or iPad and tap General–> Profile, and when able to click on the name of the application you installed earlier. Next, you need to open the trust option and then click it on the modal box, which will appear shortly afterward.

After the above, you should now be able to launch the application you just installed, and that is that. You can use this method to chose more applications via Zestia.

Final Thoughts

Whilst Zestia is not Cydia, like other pieces of software before it. It does offer a user without a jailbroken iPhone and iPad access to applications that will never be seen on the App Store. However, if what it offers is not for you. Then you the only way forward for you is with a full jailbreak!

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