Netflix Saves You From 160 Hours Of Ads Each Year

Netflix Saves You From 160 Hours Of Ads Each Year

Netflix refuses to show ads, and this is a key part of its identity. The company believes that subscribers will get a better experience if ads are killed, and it seems the company has no plans to change this policy.

Networks cutting back on ads

Netflix and users in general have benefited from this stance.

Howard Shimmel, a chief research officer at Time Warner, told Bloomberg last year, “We know one of the benefits of an ecosystem like Netflix is its lack of advertising. Consumers are being trained there are places they can go to avoid ads.”

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Shimmel said once a subscriber gets used to a no-ads experience, ads become more and more frustrating. For this reason, some networks are cutting back on the amount of ads they show to lure back the younger generation. For example, TruTV halved the amount of ads it showed last year.

An important question that arises here is exactly how many a