How To Get Out Of iPhone Grayscale Mode

If you are new to the iPhone and iOS, then there have probably been and will be in the future times when you tap on a button and wonder what’s going on! I was once new to iOS and would often do just that, I’d choose an option I should not of and end up finding myself Googling for answers. One common issue that is commonly searched for by new users is to “how to get out of iPhone Grayscale Mode?” so in this guide I’m going to show you how to do it.

iPhone Grayscale Mode

If you’re new to this feature of your iPhone, it comes as part of the iOS accessibility features and has been developed for people who have various degrees of color blindness and other vision problems. So if you’ve mistakenly enabled it on your iPhone or are just curious about it read on…

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Get out of iPhone GrayScale Mode

  1. The first thing you need to do is head over to settings on your iPhone and tap on general.
  2. Next look for accessibility and tap on that.
  3. Next and don’t be surprised at how easy this is, but simply tap turn off and the will do just that, turn of the iPhone Grayscale mode.

iPhone Grayscale Zoom Filters

Just before you think that’s it, there is the possibility that you may have enabled something called zoom filter, which comes as part of iPhone Grayscale mode. If unchecked this could cause you some issues in the future, so it’s best that they are disabled.

Here’s how to disable Grayscale Zoom filter…

  1. Go to the settings app again and tap on general and then accessibility.
  2. Now tap on Zoom.
  3. Next you need to scroll down and select zoom filter.
  4. And then finally select none.

Turn Off Zoom Filters on iPhone Grayscale

And that’s it you’ve successfully turned off iPhone Grayscale mode and any associated Zoom filters. This will prevent your iPhone from switching to Grayscale and should you make the mistake of switching it on again, have taught you how to switch it off.