Are Electric Cars a Threat to the Oil Industry (Video)

Are Electric Cars a Threat to the Oil Industry (Video)
electric vehicles

electric vehicles – Paradigm Shifts happen throughout human evolution, are we experiencing just such a case in the automobile marketplace and Energy space? Additional Technological Breakthroughs necessary for knock out punch against the Oil Market.

0:28Bloomberg talks about a shift is underway about wheat widespread adoption
0:33of these in the next decade they talk about it that’s our goal but this is
0:42sort of an interesting topic and when you look at real vs nominal and where
0:47the price of oil and natural gas is all fundamental sort of like a license fee
0:53the simplest ideas after the best if you can get energy this cheap working this
1:01well there’s something pretty damn good about that little about 97 million
1:07barrels per day of oil around the globe 9625 297 demand input is
1:19getting at that cheaply this many years there’s something pretty fundamentally
1:24sound about this market and my thoughts are there’s gonna be a spike in a long
1:34we need both forms and all forms of energy and there’s room enough for both
1:40new energy electric vehicles were gonna need all the energy we can get that can
1:46help diversify just like wind helps to herself
1:52coal and nuclear and natural gas powered Jan
1:58think there’s definitely room for electric vehicles and do actually
2:06near-term threat just click the scale is so big that we’re talking about and you
2:13can already see it so this is Delicia ETF ETF sir general scam so they come
2:19out they lose value conscious of what’s going on with Mari so as soon as details
2:25come out they just short these things and this is probably the actual market
2:32moving right here and when they come out with a futures contract for lithium will
2:37get a better price discovery mechanism
2:40right now we’re left with sort of their sources stock prices and so there’s
2:54this is Tesla’s factory

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