World War 3: U.S. Messing Up Again In The Middle-East [REPORT]

Last month, the Pentagon confirmed that a US Marine was killed in northern Iraq in a rocket attack by the Islamic State. And then Ashton Carter acknowledged that the Pentagon had misrepresented the number of US troops in Iraq by more than 2,000. The United States has set up a new fire base in the western Anbar provide of Iraq. America is messing it all up again, and it could lead to World War 3. Worse, the third World War might already have started in the Middle-East.

World War 3: US responsible for the birth of ISIS

The US is planning to send more troops to Iraq, adding more boots on the ground in the turmoil-hit country. The American military and intelligence agencies have little control over the groups they train, fund and arm. In Syria, the militias trained and armed by the CIA are fighting those trained, armed and funded by the Pentagon. Washington has no idea what it wants to achieve there.

According to Reuters columnist Peter Van Buren, Iraq remains the center of what could be World War 3. The US is gearing up for a long haul in the country. The US has already wreaked havoc in Iraq. Its invasion of Baghdad acted as a precursor to the current turmoil in the Middle-East, including the birth of the Islamic State. America’s clueless post-invasion strategy led to the formation of an Iran-supported, Shiite-dominated government in Iraq where the Sunnis had little say.

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US supporting Iran-backed Shia militias in Iraq

An ISIS commander said last year that the US-operated prison in Camp Bucca was directly responsible for the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq. America’s re-entry into Iraq could further worsen things. In Iraq, the US is supporting Shiite militias to attack the Islamic State militants. Iran and its allies are apparently supporting the same Shiite militias, and they see it as a war against the Sunnis.

America once had more than 150,000 troops in Iraq. If they couldn’t bring peace in the country in almost a decade, how could Washington imagine to accomplish it with fewer resources and tighter timetable this time?