2016 Prediction: World War 3 Starting Point

2016 Prediction: World War 3 Starting Point
Comfreak / Pixabay

The predictions for 2016 are not joyful, with numerous world leaders and political experts warning of the imminent World War 3 that will most likely erupt in the Middle East next year.

It is yet unknown whether it will be in the first half of 2016, or in the second one. The ongoing civil war in Syria, the monstrous spread of ISIS as well as confrontations and muscle flexing between NATO, particularly the U.S., and Russia has prompted many experts to believe that we are standing at the brink of World War 3, according to Inquisitr.

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With recent World War 3 fears after Turkey – a NATO member state – shot down a Russian fighter jet over its airspace, while Russia is claiming that the warplane never violated Turkish airspace, the whole world saw that the tensions in the geopolitics of our time can go from ‘moderately clam’ to ‘extremely dangerous’ in just a matter of seconds.

But that’s not the only reason why Syria is the starting point at which World War 3 could erupt. With many believing that Russia is using its military involvement in the alleged war against ISIS targets to protect its own interests in Syria – Moscow protects President Bashar al-Assad and is believed to have been targeting Syrian rebels – and the U.S. backing the Syrian rebels, many experts predict that the Syrian conflict could become a proxy war between Moscow and Washington.

But that’s only part of concerns that could lead to a global military confrontation involving millions of victims. After the terrorist attacks in Paris this November, Jordan’s King Abdullah said that “we are facing a Third World War against humanity” and that world leaders would have to coo