2016 Prediction: World War 3 Starting Point

2016 Prediction: World War 3 Starting Point
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The predictions for 2016 are not joyful, with numerous world leaders and political experts warning of the imminent World War 3 that will most likely erupt in the Middle East next year.

It is yet unknown whether it will be in the first half of 2016, or in the second one. The ongoing civil war in Syria, the monstrous spread of ISIS as well as confrontations and muscle flexing between NATO, particularly the U.S., and Russia has prompted many experts to believe that we are standing at the brink of World War 3, according to Inquisitr.

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With recent World War 3 fears after Turkey – a NATO member state – shot down a Russian fighter jet over its airspace, while Russia is claiming that the warplane never violated Turkish airspace, the whole world saw that the tensions in the geopolitics of our time can go from ‘moderately clam’ to ‘extremely dangerous’ in just a matter of seconds.

But that’s not the only reason why Syria is the starting point at which World War 3 could erupt. With many believing that Russia is using its military involvement in the alleged war against ISIS targets to protect its own interests in Syria – Moscow protects President Bashar al-Assad and is believed to have been targeting Syrian rebels – and the U.S. backing the Syrian rebels, many experts predict that the Syrian conflict could become a proxy war between Moscow and Washington.

But that’s only part of concerns that could lead to a global military confrontation involving millions of victims. After the terrorist attacks in Paris this November, Jordan’s King Abdullah said that “we are facing a Third World War against humanity” and that world leaders would have to cooperate to fight “interconnected threats.”

“We are facing a Third World War against humanity and this is what brings us all altogether,” Abdullah said, as reported by the Jerusalem Post. “This is a war, as I said, repeatedly within Islam and unfortunately over 100,000 Muslims have been murdered by Daesh (Islamic State) alone over the past two years, and that doesn’t also count for the atrocities like-minded groups have also done in Africa and Asia.”

ISIS and devastating consequences for the whole planet

Pope Francis has warned of another kind of World War 3, saying that instead of a global conflict fought between the world’s largest nuclear nations, it will be fought through crimes, massacres and destruction.

And then there is North Korea with its constant upgrade of nuclear weapons and threats that it is ready to launch a large-scale nuclear war against the United States. ValueWalk reported on Monday that North Korea made nuclear missiles capable of reaching the West Coast.

However, ISIS is still the biggest threat that could unleash World War 3. According to Salon, there is something different about the conflict in Syria and Iraq compared to other large-scale military conflicts such as the Korean War or the Cold War. Neither of these two wars had one of the parties hell-bent on bringing devastating consequences for the whole planet.

In case with ISIS, however, there are apocalyptic views, with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi being obsessed with bringing the end to this world.

The article published in Salon also claims that a major battle involving bloody consequences between the Muslims and Western forces will soon become reality in the small Syrian town of Dabiq. In 2014, ISIS “fought ferociously” to hold control over the town.

However, it must be noted that World War 3 predictions at the end of the year is nothing new. In December last year, many news outlets and world leaders were predicting that the Ukrainian conflict and Russia’s aggressive moves around the Baltic states was coming to a global military conflict. But with tensions still present in Ukraine, Russia never engaged in military actions against NATO.

World War 3 – ISIS could detonate nuclear bomb in the U.S.

According to Salon, ISIS has secretly been looking into the possibility of weaponizing the bubonic plague, as well as infecting its own militants with Ebola and then sending them around the world by planes. “The possibility of a catastrophe is perhaps much greater today than in past wars,” as noted by the author of the article.

ISIS was also considering the possibility of purchasing a nuclear bomb from Pakistan, flying it over to South America and then sneaking it through “porous borders” into the U.S. And while this might seem like an impossible task for ISIS given the level of security in the U.S., ISIS notes in its propaganda magazine that such a scenario is “infinitely more possible today than it was just one year ago.”

If the Islamic State indeed manages to sneak a nuclear bomb into the U.S. and detonate it in New York City or Los Angeles, and Washington were to respond by “bombing the sh– out of them,” as said by Presidential candidate Donald Trump, ISIS would probably only strengthen its positions in the Middle East, according to the article.

Then the author of the article asks what is the solution to the war in Syria? “There isn’t a good one,” he immediately answers his own question. It was the United States and its “preemptive” invasion of Iraq that gave birth to this “mess” by destabilizing the Middle East and making a whole generation of Sunnis and Shi’ites to believe that the end is near.

And now we are dealing with the consequences of this “foreign policy blunder,” seeing no end on the horizon, according to the article.

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