Professor Galloway’s Winners & Losers in a Digital Age – 4/14/2016

Professor Galloway’s Winners & Losers in a Digital Age – 4/14/2016

Professor Galloway’s Winners & Losers in a Digital Age – 4/14/2016

Published on Apr 15, 2016

In this week’s installment of Winners & Losers, Professor Scott Galloway discusses: Vans, Korean Beauty brands, mobile game app developers and Excedrin.

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0:03a winner fans the surf and skate brand is giving activewear Giants are run for
0:07their money on social media vance’s nearly 50 million in surinam likes and
0:12trailing only adidas for engagement in February vans received additional
0:16attention from the internet meme damn Daniel Daniel Daniel
0:23in exchange for a surfboard and lifetime supply of shoes and receive significant
0:30PR and a quarter of a million Instagram followers a winner in China Korean
0:36beauty brands who are getting major buzz from endorsements by Korean celebrities
0:40Baidu users search more for Korean brand industry than any other beauty brand and
0:45China’s imports of Korean cosmetics surged two hundred and fifty percent
0:50last year
0:51Korean brands have also made savvy digital investments including on-site
0:54sampling and video critical in China where 15% of beauty sales take place on
0:59an e-commerce platform including team all another winner to most parent
1:04company Alibaba the registered almost a half a trillion dollars in 2015 a winner
1:10mobile game developers just point 19 percent or one in five hundred gamers
1:15drive half the revenue from mobile games that use in-app purchases the freemium
1:19model three games with in-app purchases works because there’s a small cohort of
1:23people willing to fork over cash for extra lies and resources to make the
1:28game easier this is the ultimate winner take all ecosystems and as a model for
1:33our entire economy is headed a winner excedrin advil has five times the
1:39revenue of excitement I love that little tales from heaven the branding the
1:43packaging excedrin generates 80 percent more unbranded search roughly half of
1:48the exceptions paid traffic and a third of its organic traffic from search terms
1:53containing the word migraine aware that reinforces the brand’s identity on the
1:57other hand advil fails to close loop they’re not doing the yin yang here
2:02which SEO and SEM should do I don’t mind hanging over some people get up in the
2:07morning and work out I threw up in the shower will see you next week

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