Monkeys Crossed 100 Miles Of Open Sea 21 Million Years Ago

Monkeys Crossed 100 Miles Of Open Sea 21 Million Years Ago

The Isthmus of Panama that connects South America with North America formed only about 3.5 million years ago. But latest fossil evidence suggests that monkeys had managed to migrate from the South to North America about 21 million years ago. It means they traveled across 100 miles of water that divided the two continents at the time. Findings of the study were published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

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They looked like modern capuchins

Researchers excavated fossils during the Panama Canal expansion project. Panama is the southernmost point of North America. Fossil records suggest that the monkeys would have looked like modern capuchins. Previously, scientists had assumed that New World monkeys evolved in isolation, cut off from the other continent by a wide expanse