Netflix’s New Job Posting Appears More Of A Paid Vacation

Netflix’s New Job Posting Appears More Of A Paid Vacation
NFLX Photo by Matt Perreault

Netflix is offering a job to all TV fans out there, but you will have to apply for it on Instagram. To apply for this cool job, you just have to follow the Netflix Instagram Account (@Netflix) and hashtag your best three original photos with #grammasters3 by March 6.

Netflix offering a lucrative salary

Netflix is searching for four “Grammasters” who can come take photos on its sets in Europe and the Middle East for two weeks. The company will select 25 finalists by March 11 and notify them. The people who are lucky and get selected will have to fill out some paperwork. They will also be contacted via Skype to check their identities and other important details.

Basically, this job from Netflix is all about going on a massive adventure and getting paid weekly for uploading pictures on Instagram. All you will be expected to do is travel to the various beautiful European and Middle Eastern locations of some of the biggest shows on Netflix so that you can click some photographs to share on Instagram.

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Winners will receive $2,000 a week, plus the streaming firm will also handle all travel arrangements from food to stay.

Not a job but an all-paid trip

It has been widely seen that less than 10% of the population actually enjoys their job. Without any doubt, whoever bags this Netflix job will be part of that small statistic. If anyone likes watching films or TV shows, free holidays, and meeting actors, then they might want to apply for this awesome vacancy of a Grammaster.

Now the question that arises is what kinds of photos should we pick? The video streaming giant is not particularly specific and has not given any details on what kind of pictures should be taken, but it does say that they should “show off your interests or passions.”

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