BlackBerry Ltd Offering Big Discount On Passport And Accessories

BlackBerry Ltd Offering Big Discount On Passport And Accessories
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BlackBerry is offering its popular Passport device at a discount this Spring. The offer that started yesterday will run until April 12. Users can buy the device at a 20% discount and then choose from black, white or silver editions.

Big discounts on Passport and accessories

BlackBerry is offering a price break of $99.80 on the black and white models of the Passport, after which they will be available for $399.20, while the silver edition is available at a discounted price of $439.20. The earlier price was $549. All the Passport devices are unlocked and are compatible with the T-Mobile and AT&T networks.

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The Canadian firm is offering a 30% discount on accessories as well. The hard shell case, which had an original price of $34.99, is available for $24.49, while the Classic Sync Pad previously sold at $29.99 but is available for just $20.99.

BlackBerry is offering discounts on accessories for other devices as well. Earlier, the Priv’s Leather Smart Flip Case was priced at $59.99, and now it is available at a discounted price of $41.99. The company has put a number of headsets on sale as well.

The BlackBerry Passport has a 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1440X1440. It is powered by a Snapdragon 801 chipset and runs on a powerful quad-core 2.2GHz CPU and the Adreno 430 GPU. The device has 3GB of RAM and comes with built-in storage of 32GB, of which 25GB is available. The device sports a 13MP rear-facing camera, while the front camera is 2MP. The device comes with a powerful 3450mAh battery and has BB10.3 pre-installed on it.

End of BlackBerry OS near

Last week, Facebook decided to drop support for BlackBerry’s mobile OS. The app will soon disappear from BlackBerry World, and users will then need to visit the social network’s website to access it. BlackBerry’s platform is expected to come to an end eventually, and this is the latest in a series of developments that point towards that development.

WhatsApp also shared its plans to discontinue its BlackBerry 10 and BBOS apps by the end of the year. With this, two of the most popular apps in the world will go off the company’s roster. BlackBerry’s platform is too weak when compared to rival mobile operating systems. The company knows this, and that’s why it has shifted its focus to Android.

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  1. I believe the FBI third party said they could hack into any phone whether it be Iphone or BlackBerry and Samsung. It wasn’t the encryption that pose the problem it was the Password for getting into the phone as Apple had a feature just like BlackBerry that only allowed 10 tries figuring out the password.

  2. BBRY is getting away from the phone and investing more in security software. That is where they are concentrating now. After Apple’s fiasco with encryption where the FBI got a 3rd party to hack into the terrorist phone and with the latest iOS update freezing iPhones and iPads, Apple is looking very, very vulnerable. Personal users won’t care about the encryption hack, but corporate users will definitely take note.

  3. Lazaridis and Bassille only succeeded due to a one hit wonder “the birth of a smartphone” after that it all went down hill. BlackBerry requires new ideas to win, not by competing with what is all ready present in the market place. Innovation is the key to survival, BlackBerry needs something that is NOT in the market place, as that is what I would offer.

  4. You disliked how Thursten was running it and how Lazaridis was running it as well. Apparently no one seems to know how to anything except you.

  5. Bad week for Apple. Their latest upgrade to their iOS freezes iPhones and iPads, and the FBI dropped the court proceedings because some 3rd party tech group in Israel cracked the iPhone encryption Cook said he wouldn’t or couldn’t hand over to the Feds. Heh

  6. I have three provisional patents just about ready to file HBB. I love BlackBerry HBB just not the way Chen is destroying its value.

  7. Hbb, if Chen’s in the laying off somebody mood, he should get rid of marketing guy that thought of the sale price of $41.99 the non sale price being at $59.99. $39.99

  8. Apparently it is you that made your bed and now having to sleep in it. It wasn’t at all BB10 was not working it was BlackBerry’s device design that wasn’t. Chen did the wrong thing.

  9. I don’t care, to be honest. Like any good phone vendor that couldn’t make their os work, they switched to one that is intrenched. Android isn’t that bad, and BlackBerry made a better “edge” phone than Samsung did. No one cares about what one anti-BlackBerry idiot says. I use a Priv every day, and it puts the S6 and S7 to shame in just about every way. You are a Samsung suckup who’s been paid to add spam to the BlackBerry articles on Google News. You’re wasting your life using a scumsung phone. It’s a fisher price toy compared to the BlackBerry Priv, and you know it. You’re just compensating for the idiotic choice you made. You made your bed, lay in it, idiot.

  10. Sorry you are completely wrong, as I don’t hate BlackBerry at all. I only dislike how Chen is running it. Reviews on CNN claim the S7 as the best in the market. You supporting what every Chen does is only harming BlackBerry even further, you are not doing yourself any favours whatsoever. I hope you are aware that BlackBerry intends on abandoning BB10 including the maintaining of the OS.

  11. You obviously have never tried it. I’ve been using one for 2 months almost, and I’d have to say it destroys the Galaxy S7 Edge easily. It doesn’t have to have an SD820 to do so either. Your profile is a known BlackBerry hater, and therefore your babbling means nothing to anyone.

  12. Notice in the picture above the Passport is illustrated on a angle, as not to show the squareness of the device. Notice how the third Passport in the back of the picture has part of it cut off with the angled front right Passport? Investors John Chen approved the Passport for sale upon his entry to the company, why do you support him? If that don’t beat all he envisioned the Priv which, not only the device but the name given to it is absolutely horrible.

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