BlackBerry World Offering 21 Apps At Discounted Prices

BlackBerry World Offering 21 Apps At Discounted Prices
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BlackBerry 10 powered handsets are still being used by some of the customers. And, for such users, the Canadian firm is offering 21 apps at reduced prices in BlackBerry World. These might not be big name apps, but despite that they could be useful.

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A chance to get desired apps at discount

This is a good opportunity for the BlackBerry customers to pick some of the desired apps at cheap rates from the BlackBerry World. Of the 21 apps available on discount, a report from Phone Arena details on the Four of those apps.

First of those wonderful apps is PanoRIMio that works with the GPS on BB 10 devices and sends stunning, artistic photographs to the users. There are more than 70 million pictures in app’s library, and if the users GPS is enabled, they get to see photos taken from their area. The sale price of the app is 99 cents.

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‘Taxi 10-Private Car and Taxi’ is yet another amazing app that helps users with a quick way to reach location B from location A. Using this app, the users will be able to arrange for a taxi or a private car, and also share a ride. The fare of the trip is revealed in advance on the app, and payments can be made using PayPal or credit card. This app makes it possible for the users to go on the journey without carrying cash along. This app is available for $1.99 under sale.

Something for all BlackBerry users

The third app is PenzusMMT, which is priced at $2.99. It provides BlackBerry users with more than ten multimedia processing related features. It also help users perform several activities such as converting audio and visual files, cutting video files into separate pieces, merging two to three files into one and removing audio/visual from files. It also allow users to create animated GIFs from video files or separate images.

NextAction! is the fourth good app on sale, and is available for $2.99. It is a color-coded task manager that assists the users in doing things. It is a great solution for both procrastinators and workaholics.

Apart from these 4 great apps, there are many more apps available in BlackBerry World at a discount. Some of those include Penzus MMT ($2.99), Penzus MMX ($1.99), Call Recordr ($1.99), Call Blockr ($1.99), ReadItNow ($0.99), App Bundle ($1.99), Headless Cuckoo and Dream Remote ($0.99) among others. The selection will change based on user’s device and region.

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