Belgrade Bakery Targeted By Suicide Bomber

Belgrade Bakery Targeted By Suicide Bomber
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A Belgrade bakery exploded this morning after a suicide bomber ran inside and detonated a hand grenade. No injuries or deaths other than the death of the suicide bomber were reported as he chased all the people who were inside the bakery out before detonating the bomb, reports Belgrade media outlet B92, according to reports.

Suicide bomber destroys Belgrade bakery

Former Culture Minister Bratislav Petkovic, who is the current president of the Community Museum of Science and Technology, owns the bakery that was targeted by the suicide bomber. He reportedly lives nearby. Emergency personnel were dispatched to the scene, and police closed the street where the incident occurred.

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B92 reports that a high school sits on the same street where the bakery is located, but the media outlet also reports that the students were never threatened during the incident. Another bakery, a bank, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, a butcher, and a market are also located near the bakery where the explosion.

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