Delayd: How To Schedule SMS On Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Ever wanted to schedule a text message from your iPhone to be sent automatically at a later time? The stock Messages app doesn’t let you do that. So, some users turn to jailbreak to enjoy the freedom of scheduling text messages. But most iPhone users do not want to violate Apple’s terms & conditions by jailbreaking their iPhones. Even third-party apps find it difficult to schedule messages, thanks to restrictions placed by Apple.

An app that bypasses Apple’s restrictions

Now there is an app called Delayd (link) that lets you schedule text messages. Delayd achieves the functionality by bypassing Apple’s app restrictions. Its workaround involves sending all your scheduled messages through its own servers. There are indeed a few other apps that let you schedule texts, but they prompt a confirmation notification before sending the message. That’s not exactly automatic.

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Delayd automatically sends the messages at the pre-set time. You simply have to type the message, set a time and date which is adjusted by 15 minutes, and hit the Schedule button. You’ll be notified about it only after the message is delivered. The app also lets you schedule text messages that can be set to recur at different intervals. It has a very clean layout with Scheduled, Sent, and Recurring on the main screen.


Delayd lets you schedule tweets, emails, Facebook status updates

Does Delayd schedule only text messages? No. It also supports scheduling of emails, Facebook status updates, and tweets on Twitter. However, the app is not without limitations. Since it uses its own servers to deliver your scheduled messages and emails, the recipient can’t reply back directly as they cannot see your real number. But the app allows you to add your number or email address so the recipient knows where the message is coming from and where to reply.

Using its own servers means Delayd would require you to pay for credits as in-app purchases. The first 50 credits are free after your have installed the app. If you want more credit, you have to shell out $0.99 for 50 credits or $3.99 for 500 credits.