Forbes 10 Under 10 Influencers in Tech – Parody

Forbes 10 Under 10 Influencers in Tech – Parody
Published on Jan 6, 2016
The first annual Forbes 10 Under 10 Influencers in Tech. The brightest young minds in tech, in conversation with Forbes reporter Aly Mawji.

Writer/Director: Ankush Jindal
Producer: Alexis Pappas
Cinematographer: Nate Gold
Production Designer: Nimi Lkhagva

Forbes Reporter: Aly Mawji
Binky Meets Cradle: Macie Tucker, Lexee Davis
Duck Duck Duck: Liam Markus
NapChat: Bradley Bundlie

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0:03what inspired you to create banking needs cradle well I was tired they’re
0:09playing I kept asking me where I want it to mean they’re all the things we went
0:18to this bar pair women to that she’s like it got boring you played it in like
0:22this was to be fun social and private Google Ventures just invested a hundred
0:28and twenty million dollars in your company their second largest investment
0:31since hoover what value did they see in tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk is like uber
0:38before we disrupt the best part of industry thought leaders in rubber ducks
0:44tell us about your company not chat messages at the kids to map the global
0:57what advice would you have for a year younger self drop out of school I wish
1:06that is cool younger I mean it’s just stay relevant in a valley past a certain
1:10age and what’s your vision for the future of dr. well we’re innovating our
1:19really pivot disruptive big data I’ve got a hard stop at 1 p.m. I’m actually
1:27looking to start my own company what advice would you have for new founder
1:30like myself how old are you
1:37we just got bought for seven billion dollars