U.S. Building Russian Cruise Missile Defense System

U.S. Building Russian Cruise Missile Defense System
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As tension between the United States and Russia continues, the US is apparently looking to upgrade its cruise missile defense systems. The plan which is apparently being worked on by military personnel in the United States would provide a missile shield for the nation against cruise missile attacks from Russia.

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US updates cruise missile defense

According to reports, the plan in question involves purchasing radars which would enable National Guard F-16 fighter jets to spot and shoot down fast and low-flying cruise missiles. Top personnel in the United States military reportedly intend to network radars with a collection of sensor-laden aerostat balloons, which would then be stationed over major United States cities.

The final piece in this particular defense jigsaw would be a raft of coastal warships, which would be equipped with sensors and interceptor missiles. The overall picture is one of a sophisticated and innovative missile shield, intended to both protect the United States against any incoming missiles from Russia, as well as providing an obvious deterrent to any such action.

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Military top brass clues

Although these cruise missile plans remain very much covert at present, and are obviously classified to prevent public consumption, clues have been spotted in comments made by senior military officials. During a May 19 speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, in Washington, Adm. Sandy Winnefeld, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, indicated that the United States military was currently ensuring that a good deal of attention was being at directed towards preventing a cruise missile attack against US soil.

The intention to shore up United States cruise missile defenses, and the particular focus on Russia, is indicative of the geopolitical situation between the two nations at present. With the United States very much representing the old world order that has dominated the planet over the last few decades, Russia is an obvious rival for the country. Russia forms part of the powerful BRICS entity with China, India, Brazil and South Africa, and the two nuclear powers, Russia and China, occupy a particularly prominent position in this power bloc.

Tension between the nations may be a natural geopolitical phenomenon, but it has also been exacerbated by recent incidents. The United States has strongly opposed what it has characterized as being aggressive actions by Russia in the Ukraine, with the Russian establishment dismissing the public proclamations of the Obama administration on the subject.

And tension has been further ramped up over the recent headline news at FIFA. The United States has waded into this controversy, perhaps seeing an opportunity to damage Russia, and certainly this is the perception of Vladimir Putin. With Russia having been selected for the 2018 World Cup, Putin evidently believes that the US wishes to diminish the international position of Russia by attempting to encourage the international community to hold this tournament elsewhere.

In an indication of how serious this situation has already become, it was only reported last week that the United States was actually considering utilizing nuclear weapons as one possible option in this continuing conflict. While this remains an unlikely proposition, the historical relationship between the two nations, and the context of this nearly having occurred during the Cuban missile crisis, brings this chilling prospect into sharper focus.

Thus, it is perhaps not surprising that the United States is concentrating on improving its defensive mechanisms. While a pre-emptive strike from Russia would seem to be extremely unlikely considering the military and nuclear capabilities of the United States, any measures against this option would seemingly make practical sense for the US government and nation as a whole.

Many people might wonder why intercepting cruise missiles would necessitate a new defense shield and attendant system. The reason for this is quite simply that intercepting cruise missiles is completely different from shooting down a ballistic weapon. Cruise missiles are launched by ships, submarines, and occasionally from trailers, and are powered throughout their entire flightpath. This enables them to fly much closer to the ground than conventional weapons, while manoeuvring them throughout flightpaths is also possible. This means that cruise missiles can be difficult for conventional radar to identify, meaning that failsafe systems need to put in place to guard against the threat.

Russia develops cruise missile threat

It seems that the internal concern at the Pentagon is based on Russia’s recent development of the Kh-101; an air-launched cruise missile with a reported range of more than 1,200 miles. William Evans Gortney, the United States Navy admiral who currently serves as the sixth commander of U.S. Northern Command and the 23rd commander of NORAD, claimed at a March 19 House Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee hearing that Russia is the only country on the planet with an effective cruise missile capability.

Gortney stated that it is possible for Russia to fire cruise missiles from both ships and submarines. It is also reported by Pentagon intelligence that Moscow has the capabilities to fire cruise missiles from developed containers within a cargo ship, indicating that it would not require a trained military in order to strike American shores with the technology.

Another consideration which is motivating this new cruise missile system is the fact that shooting missiles down is rather costly. During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, both American and Kuwaiti Patriot missiles intercepted a number of Iraqi ballistic missiles. But this process is reportedly extremely expensive, and this has motivated the US military to develop this new, affordable delivery platform as a defense shield.

While the continuing tension between the United States and Russia is certainly a cause for concern, it seems a much more preferable prospect for the United States to be developing defensive capabilities. As much as the rivalry between the US-NATO power structure and the emerging Russia / China collaboration will continue to be a geopolitical theme of the 21st century, one hopes that it can be resolved without significant physical conflict.

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  1. Everybody knows that USA spent 5 bilion dollars to make the coup in Kyev and put their puppets in place which imediatly prohibitef the russian language in the country what prompted the esstern ukrainians to rebel against the ilegitimste goverment in Kyev and undergo a due referendum where more than 80% of the people decided to become a independent republic. Moscow, since the begininf advised Kyev to solve the problem by diplomatic means, but the US pushed Kyev to attack them militarly, because the real interest of Washington is not promote democracy there but assure it’s military presence at the doorstep of Russia so that Washington can attack Syria and Iran and avoid a response from Russia. Sorry my fried, but not only the USA is the real culprit of all this but it also bit more than it can chew, and will lead the world to a world war and will lose it. The Bible says that the kings of the east will rule the Earth. Why? Because they are more in conformity with God’s will. They are not so moraly degraded as western countries, specially USA. If you want a advise, you better sell everything you have and come to South America or go to South Africa! Time is almost finished.

  2. Wow…..
    Western Mind Set; When someone makes a threat or commits agression upon its former Brother, we question their motives! Of course we prepare a defense.
    This same person starts dictating what this country will not do and this country! If you join NATO I will do this.
    You justify use of NUKES!
    NATO has only said stop your war in Ukraine, You know that war in which you Russia was not involved in!
    The fact is how could anyone trust
    Your motives now? You lied for months.
    Be that as it may.
    It’s clear the people of Russia want to invade whatever country they see fit and you better not question us! If you do we will NUKE , WE HAVE NO CHOICE….. So you say

  3. Yes America have being doing this for years claiming due to Iran’s threat and can continue to improve it but it will prove to be ineffective and the result will be the total destruction of America, Europe and most of Asia. All this because America is incapable to be Christianly humble enough to respect all others as equals.

  4. I think you are missing the main point. If Russia get in a war with NATO it means that ALL NATO countries are Russia’s target, so all of them will be nuked. Russia knows they can’t win a conventional war against NATO, so they have no choice other than nuke all of them. Russia is not attacking any one. They are only protecting the russian speaking people that is being attacked by Kyev. You talk of democracy but this is only hipocrisy, otherwise you would back the right of self determination of the people of Dombass who decided in a referendum to become independent.

  5. ask the people in Ukraine if they think the truth is promoting fear. There is something to be said about our meddling in Russian border States affairs, but Putin–he IS VERY wealthy–all stolen–and full of pride–and as a former KGB–really hates the west. Don’t blame them from wanting us out of the politics of their border states,, but this situation could go out of hand very quickly—weakness ALWAYS bring War–and in Washington–is severe weakness and lawlessness–not a positive combination with our allies wondering “what are the Americans Thinking”? Dig your hole if your family is to survive–read how to survive a Nuclear attack @ http://www.ki4u.com/goodnews.htm

  6. Bro I’m not sure? I have many Russian friends and business people I deal with. Most of them want Russia to regain their former status.
    All say one thing: Putin is considered to the most Ruthless & Cunning since Stalin. As you know he is a former Intelligence Officer of some Repute.
    By trade they access the situation by many different angles. And now the sale of the SU-35’s to the PRC. We knew they needed many things for their so called 5th generation aircraft.
    This has not only given Putin $ but leverage within. He is a worthy adversary.
    And where saddled with Obama.
    We need another cowboy for our next president. I fear for our safety if we don’t

  7. Putin said he would nuke Denmark!
    Now tell me? Is Russia afraid Denmark will invade Russia?
    Russia has made threats to at least 3 countries recently! I haven’t read it yet but now I hear Sweden was told by Russia not to join NATO?
    WTF…………… Are you serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Russia decides if Sweden can do this or that. No, this behavior is unacceptable. And if you Russians think this is acceptable, then we have no common ground. Don’t tell me Sweden might invade Russia?

  8. @Trace: I was talking about a geosynchronous orbit when I mentioned satellites are moved out of their operational orbital positions. Satellites can be moved from one orbital position to another, especially if the satellite gets sold to a new operator. There is a British magazine sold in stores like Barnes & Noble that gives a detailed account of satellites. The magazine includes information on satellites, their launches, and the orbital positions they will be in. Some satellites are put in one location for testing then moved to their permanent position when they are put into service. When satellites malfunction, they are moved and another one takes it’s place. Communication satellites are placed around the equator originally in four degree orbital positions. I believe that has been reduced to two degree orbital positions. This means there are a predetermined number of orbital positions for satellites. The orbital position for the satellite is determined before launch so as not to interfere with other satellites. The satellite needs to be placed in orbit to service a certain geographical area. There are a number of satellites still in orbit that are either only partially working or completely dead. A number of plans have been devised to bring those satellites out of orbit. One plan is launching a rocket that attaches itself to the defective satellite then reignites it’s engine bringing the satellite to Earth. The space shuttle once rescued two satellites that were not functioning and brought them back to Earth. The satellites were refurbished and resold for launch back into orbit.

  9. Nope! They just tell half-truths! Like, Hong Kong can elect their own government officials…as long as they are pro Beijing….

  10. LOL Yes…very smart. It’s just a matter of years until China collapses. When Putin is finally assassinated and Russia is free to vote for whomever they’d like, China will be next!

  11. Recently Mr Putin announced that Russia will add more than 40 intercontinental ballistic missiles to its nuclear arsenal in 2015. I think it is more part of media war than some real actions. On the other hand, Russia is trying to check in to EU and to play its muscle in a view of whole world, placing it’s own heavy weapon near EU borders.By now we can speak about the returning to the Cold War. This bloodshed in the Eastern of Ukraine which lasts more then a year allows us to realize that the era of the Cold War has been reconstructed up to the limit

  12. Thank you tim for bring sanity to this stupid conversation. The Russians are not going to attack us any more than we are going to attack them, we both have too much to lose. Need to look at the crazy dictators smuggling in small nukes. Anyway, a lot of these “new outlets” love to sell fear.

  13. Sure let’s keep blaming Bush for everything wrong with America. You girlfriend Hillary will just bring along another reset button and make everything better – dimwits.

  14. Tim I really apreciate your kindness and in essence is my feeling too, but unfortunately it is not possible that this civilization may continue it’s material development for this is not the purpose of human life. Human life is ment for self realization and above that, God realization. But in a sinfull society like we see everywhere nowadays, specially cow slaugther, homosexuality and warmongering, God will mercifully destroy this civilization to give place to other with higher spiritual values. Even if this insane leaders of todays world refrain from a major war the human society is not much prone to make a turn from gross materialistic way of life to a realy spiritualistic one which is real aim of human form of life.

  15. Sure thing. Give me Mr Putin’s phone number and I’ll give him a call. You don’t understand. More fire power isn’t the answer. Piece on earth is. If we can;t achieve
    that then get ready to meet your maker. Hope your ready – I am.

  16. Nanda No agressors. Just defenders. Hopefully never needed but there if necassary. Let’s all just hope everyone plays well together.

  17. Let;s cut off Chinese imports and see what happens. I’d say your middle
    class would fall tremedously but since I know that will never happen just
    increase the tariff. Slower but serves the same purpose.

  18. Bush was too stupid to “take crap” hell he was the real life Yosimite Sam !
    Cry me a river – and I doubt you were a marine as you are nowhere close to the marines I know.
    Fact is we had no business going into Iraq – we are not in the business of nation building – and quite frankly we suck at it anyway. We went there because baby Bush was still po’d that ol Saddam wanted to kill his daddy when he was prez. And ol tricky Dick Cheney made a fortune off the war.
    Biggest crooks in history…..
    Luckily a majority of America also sees this and we wont see another republican president until the lunatic fringe right is disposed of.
    And I am a republican – a moderate what wants my party back. You want to be the tea baggers ? fine go start your own party.

  19. Sure let me know when it is launched. Gonna take one before arrival. On the
    bright side China owns probably half of us. They ain;t gonna blow up thier own property. We are the only stupid nation that buys all of thier junk. Check out the
    made in China stickers old bud.

  20. You sure do write funny. Already know Mr. Pukin is not going to disrupt the world.
    He ain’t the one I’m worried about. Don’t draw your response as long if you can’t get to the point.

  21. Totally agree. No one could win in a nuclear war. If the blast itself
    don’t fry ya the leftover radiation will eat ya down to the bone. Only
    animal left alive would be our congress in the under ground bunker
    for probably about 10 years ’till the radiation subsided. Wouldn’t
    that me be a sweet mess to repopulate the world. I’d rather be fried.

  22. I’m from the Bay Area Tim, and we are hurting. You go east towards Sacramento and the
    agriculture is gone. It was a bread basket. Your all right Bro, I like your style.

  23. Hey Real Wisdom. Off the subject. Hope you all got some rain.
    If not, worrying about missles is the least of your problem right now.

  24. Agree. Just takes 1 nuclear country to pull trigger and we will all be roasting
    marshmellows on our butts. I bet on N Korea. 100-1. Really a no lose situation
    to me.

  25. Normally don’t get involved in all the stupidity but REAL WISDOM you are way off. Don;t believe everything you read. No worries from Russia. They ain’t that stupid. Better worry about the rag heads getting a nuke. They will
    sit right with it in a pickup truck and be praying as they set it off and blow up
    half a city. Figure Iran or N Korea will soon sell them one at a discount. Better pay very close attention to the Mexican border.

  26. Jake, that’s an unfair assessment. The author has been a “passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders,” so clearly he knows his stuff.

  27. Right with ya. Let’s bring all our military, equipment, billions of dollars in aid, shut down the Embassy’s and anything else we
    are spending a penney on home. Lock the gates. Get our defense systems in operation. Blow the dust off the nuke’s just in case. Let t happen.

  28. Pretty certain the bomb shelters are already there but pretty well gauratee you
    we ain’t rich enough or a member of congress to get a map.

  29. to answer your question. u need to get off Facebook since it is not a real book. go to library and read real books and understand how the satellites work. Stop the selfies and get to reading.

  30. Here we are dodging cruise missles and possibly a nuclear ICBM and Obama is focused
    on taking my firearms. Having a very hard time making sense out of this one.

  31. The best defense is a good offense – quit already with anti-missle defenses – kill the archer and threaten the king and there’s no need to pour billions into missile defense.

  32. I think you are not reading the knewspappers wich mostly says Russia is winning the propaganda war against US and EU. You know why? Because they are telling the truth and US and EU are lying. And if you think 90°• of the world think like you, make some reserch and you will see tha USA is the most hated country in the world. Why???

  33. Thanks, Trace. I think some people on here just don’t understand how orbit is achieved and maintained. No point arguing with them.

  34. What I see is and the rest of the world sees Is Russia making nuclear threats
    We see China violating the UN

    I see 2 countries so desperate they are acting like Hitler!

    I see 90% of the world against you!

  35. also these are closed loop systems via fiber and can not be hacked, as they do the job of satellites they also back up satellites

  36. Who gave them the window was Bush by destroying whole countries in middle east and north Africa with the eyes on their oil. So Russia and China woke up to the threat the jweish-american-european alliance is to the rightfull interests of the rest of the world. Obama is only trying to continue this criminal forein policy but he inherited a country with no credibility abroad specially their fake money robbing the whole world. Be prepared to civil war and total caos in América very soon. You will have to pay the bill of all crimes you commited around the world and after all your flag of democracy and liberty will prove to be false and totalitarism will take over América. And after the nuclear war the kings of the east will rule the world, exactly like the Bible says.

  37. Time to start practicing civil defense drills.. and reestablish national network of bomb shelters.. maps to where they are and who gets to use them..

  38. You say “WESTERN MINDSET”
    We do have the right and ability. We fought for it, and defeated these nations that where winning until
    we “AMERICA” gave the death blow. And the world is lucky its not china because they do not value
    individual liberty and they do not respect any law but there own.

  39. Jake what we are seeing now is Russia and China with their lackeys Iran and N Korea trying to change
    their position in this global economy by destroying AMERICA. Obama gave them a window and that’s all it took.
    We have held the line since WW II and now they want our position

  40. Your telling me that China by Building those man made islands within 200 miles of the Philippines and Vietnam coast is defending their rights?

  41. My Brother, Semper Fi Bush was a cowboy gunfighter.
    Your words are heard and felt.
    My Brother they do not understand, how long have you been home?

  42. This is to detect low altitude, high speed cruise missiles. If the Russians were to launch an ICBM, we would know due to satellites in orbit searching for the large, telltale heat signature caused by an ICBM launch. These are meant to spot cruise missiles coming in off the coasts from air or sea, either from bombers, or subs or like it said, cargo ships, and help form an early warning defense system for the cruise missiles.

  43. Actually, the only reason they remain in orbit is because a rocket boosts them up to a speed at which they’re effectively moving around the earth fast enough to counteract the gravitational pull against it. Just like when you swing a yoyo around and it’s pulled away. Slower it goes, the more it droops, the more drag it creates, and it eventually reenters the atmosphere.

    Satellites tend to be deorbited safely rather than parked in a “retirement orbit,” as you called it. Since otherwise, we will run out of room. It’s simpler to have them crash into the pacific ocean at the end of their life span (if they are in a low Earth orbit like the ISS) than it is to park them farther away.

    Now if they’re in geosynchronous orbit, then they are very difficult to deorbit due to how much energy is required to alter their orbit. But unlike how you said it is “forced out of orbit” or “suffers a rocket malfunction during launch” it will not stay in orbit, due to constant drag from the atmosphere.

  44. Chris you are actually correct, since a satellite can easily find ships and stationary targets below its flight path, but they can’t just sit in one place.

  45. You are talking nonsense. The freedom you are talking about is for Anglo-Saxons alone and not for what westerners derogatorily refer to as other “inferior races” of the world. If there was freedom and democracy in your country as claimed in western propaganda media, African Americans would not have genocide committed on them everyday. They would have education, housing, medical services, and dignity like any other Anglo-Saxon in your country.

  46. That is the paternalistic western mindset whereby, they have the legitimacy to policy and enforce rules made by western dictation

  47. I agree with your remark.
    Our Trident II ICBM’s have a range of 7,000 miles.
    The SM-3 missile you mention is that our Ballistic Missile Defense?

  48. Russia has made so many threats, beginning to sound like N Korea.
    Any country who makes nuclear threats and any who support that regime
    should be classified a Rogue Nation by the world. And then deal with this
    in such a way that there is no doubt that this will never be tolerated….

  49. Chris Wagner must not understand much about satellites. Most satellites will remain in orbit from 30 years to 100 years or more. When a communication satellite nears the end of its useful life, it is simply shifted into a retirement orbit and a new satellite is launched to replace it. When a spacecraft leaves the International Space Station, it fires a rocket to force it out of orbit. Unless a satellite suffers a rocket malfunction during launch, it will remain in orbit for a very long time.


  51. Only 25% of China export now goes to US, internal demand is rising fast.
    While US citizens middle income is falling in real terms, chinesse is growing.
    So this ban want affect them much and more hurts USA.

  52. This is all BS! I have read a few articles from this Valuewalk site now. They do NOT promote news, facts, truths, or even real journalism. The repeating theme throughout ALL of their articles is to PROMOTE FEAR! Shame on the author! Shame on Valuewalk. Each and everytime I click on one of yahoo’s articels and it is produced by Valuewalk, I will NOT read them. This is the last article from them I will read.

    I suggest to all of you to notice the sites that ONLY promote fear, tension, and strife and boycott them.

  53. Satellites need to move at high speeds to keep from crashing back down to the Earth (orbit), so you cannot continuously rely on them for something like this.

  54. Want to throw away your iphone and other i-what-not?
    Remember made in Taiwan and made in Japan days? relax, soon you will see less and less such items on the shelves.

  55. I don’t think most of you understand what the balloons are for. They aren’t weapons. They are monitoring devices. How are we going to know if a missile is launched or find said launched missile, we’d use the sensors on the balloons. The reason that we will utilize balloons instead of satellites is that there is less interference using a balloon sitting within Earth’s Atmosphere than there is trying to monitor something from outside Earth’s atmosphere.

  56. Any quantum particles without mass has a speed of light. THIS IS NOT AN ANSWER!!!

    You need a tracking system – fast and powerful radar (super mega ultra very fast).

    You need hypersonic weapon that works on long distance.

    You need a multi-channel tracking system at the North Pole, Europe, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

    This is physics, baby;)

  57. This balloon is actually cheaper and safer, easier to deploy and recycle, unlike putting up satellites and expensive UAs flying up there 24/7! Balloons can simply stay afloat for days or weeks without needing refueling. Makes sense, right? I have a friend that operates one of this in Afghanistan 6 years ago and he said this type of monitoring system is way efficient and cheap to operate. Can you guess why there is a growing need of this tools?

  58. This is about monitoring activity over high altitude locations for incoming cruise missiles. This balloon isn’t a missile that will shoot down ICBMs. Can’t you figure the obvious?

  59. Canis Majoris
    Currently Russia only have 70 Topol-M ICBMs. The rest are Soviet old… And according to experts out of 8000 nuclear warheads only some 900+ are capable of reaching their targets. Soviet ICBMs are old and inaccurate. So don’t be too cocky boasting on Russia’s nuclear capabilities without really assessing its present condition.

    On the meantime US currently has 8100 Patriot missiles under 1,200 launch vehicle capable of covering the whole 51 states if nuclear attack is imminent. Plus US navy carries SM-3 anti-ballistic missile defense for Topol-M. There are about 130 SM-3 missiles in the US navy arsenal today.
    And for US nuclear capability, half of US nuclear warheads are SLBM (Submarine launched ballistic missile) under 14 Ohio Class ballistic missile submarines that are station in unknown locations. 1 Ohio class submarine caters 24 Trident II ballistic missile having 7-10 warheads with the range of 4,000 mile. In a nuclear attack scenario US would simply launch half of its nuclear arsenal in a shorter time from sea-based submarine launched ballistic barrages not giving Moscow much time to retaliate.

    You’re the fool to believe Russia can win against America on a nuclear battle.

    We’ve not discussed the first strike capability where in stealth bombers and fighters could drop nukes into Russia for a first strike strategy. Have you not given a thought of that idiot? Foolish Russians think their nukes are unstoppable. Stupid, try review your propaganda scheme and learn actual battle scenarios first.

  60. Yes dont forget Japan its no like Russia Russia have more Nuclear power than Japan also USA have The only two World power Houses is Russia and USA image what will happen when This two countries will start the war whole world will be wiped out Nuclear weapons will burn world to hell I bet America and Russia wont this to happen they know what in stake here still they never give up damn

  61. Its true but they wont use them they no complitly out they mind to jeopardize whole world by doing that so that wont be necessary upgrading missile system

  62. the last nation to attack the US head on was japan look what happened we beat them and Germany at the same time if Russia nukes the US its not going to be good for both countries both will be wiped from the planet neither would win both would lose you all have to realize that a war of the the two countries is a big mistake

  63. First of all Reyter, you need to do more research before making any assumptions on win or loss situation. At the moment USA has more nuclear missiles available.

  64. Actually, I have seen other – more reliable articles that do support the fact that lasers CAN shoot down ballistic missiles if that intercept them on their upward launch before they reach their top arch, after that their accuracy goes down. It sure beat balloons.

  65. hehehe another money spent for nothing Russia is no stupid to Attack USA USA Having ilusions about attack Dear American Government wake up of this nightmare there will be no war no one will attack no one Russin Pukin Confirmed that they wont attack anyone but will retaliate to defend Russian Borders no need upgrade any cruise missle defends it waste of money because it wont be necessary for now but America and Nato will be ready for anything

  66. This is a joke, right? The U.S. has had “balloons” like that stationed over Key West or there abouts for 20 or more years to monitor drug running from the Caribbean and South America. Now, this article expects the American public to feel ‘safer’ with a stationary balloon that could be shot down with one surface to air, or air to air missile? Oh, yeah, that’s going to stop a ICBM.
    Sure, I believe that.

  67. You are right, they wont. Why ? Because its cheaper to be made in China (and/or have customer service calls and IT done overseas) and short term profit is all that matters to them. A large portion of their compensation is tied to stock options, and Wall St. penalizes companies for not meeting earnings goals each quarter – all short term stuff.
    Meanwhile, the American people get screwed and nobody cares. The politicians are bought and paid for by these corporations and are like little puppets on a string.

  68. HAhaha you are so right. And its really sad… our stupid media, falling all over themselves to throw stuff out there so people will click their websites… whether the info is true or not is totally irrelevant. Also the whole blustering/war mongering between US and Russia – 90% of it is nothing but media hype to get people all upset and clicking on every stupid article they write.
    And yes, I know…. I clicked it too…. mostly because these articles are amusing – knowing there is little truth in any of them.

  69. You have to point your laser to an object before you can destroy it, right?
    How can you do that a missile at Mach 10?
    You are fool to believe Laser can destroy a ballistic missile.

  70. u are clueless, US has laser defense system to take out incoming missiles, it has been deployed on on a few ships for testing already and soon to be all over.

  71. Russia has enough and powerful missiles to hit American soil . Anti missiles cannot stop Russian Topol Intercontinental ABM, America knows this more than anyone, that’s why Cold war 1 ended without a fire.
    Once attacked by U.S., Russia will nuke the entire North America in just one hours, starting from Alaska. You fool to believe that you can win Nuclear war with Russia.

  72. This kind of project is long overdue. Not only should it be deployed to the U.S. but also to the eastern flank of NATO and perhaps even to friendly countries outside it in Europe when the opportunity arises. This would be the kind of signal the U.S. should have sent to Mr. Putin already.

  73. You are foolish to believe that we don’t already have what it takes! The world has not seen us open a whole-can-of-whoop-azz yet!!! Those bringing up 9/11 need to understand…it is a totally different animal regarding a hijacked domestic passenger plane vs. someone launching missiles at us. We have things that the average person has no clue about and that is how it should be. If we ever have to break the glass for emergencies ALL will know this is STILL the baddest country on this rock called earth!!!

  74. Defending against a domestic passenger aircraft and missiles launched from far off are two entirely different things. Any land-based missile launched is picked up…any aircraft approaching this country is picked up also!!! This country is prepared and some of our pieces are not known as it should be…the world has not seen us open a whole can of whoop-ass yet…I hope we never have to…but you better believe this IS the baddest mofo country on this planet!!!

  75. There is no such a thing as a perfect missile defense shield, if we can achieve 10%, that would already be great. The other side will use sophisticated countermeasure to defeat any system we put forward from hyperkinetic RV’s to EMP armed warheads. What we should do? is mind a little bit our business, and focus on R&D and JOBS here at home.

  76. On 9/11 they used civilian airlines not military assets. And we don’t need to defend the whole US onlt the east and west cost primarily. They cant go through Canada and we will see them immediately coming from the golf of Mexico. To me the defense of the homeland should be completed before any other program. Once you have a solid and verified missile defense the game is over. Everyone already knows we can hit any nations capital within 30 mins of any exchange. What they need to know now is that they can not do the same now matter how many missiles they build or who there friends are.

  77. The criminally incompetent morons who were on duty on 9-11-2001 when poorly funded amateurs attacked the USA believe they can successfully defend an area the size of America against Russia in an era of rapidly evolving radical technologies. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Probably the serious attention, in any case, isn’t to really defend America–it is to pretend to defend America and in so doing generate job security for top level brass and their acolytes in the offense industry. But this is a very dangerous game, and not just fiscally.

  78. Although these cruise missile plans remain very much covert at present”
    Not any more it isn’t thanks to this “Information” age of ours. The Normandy Invasion would have been impossible in this day and age.

  79. You got it right! The guys who’ll build it just want to get paid. How it will actually work in the real world–who cares? Cruise missiles would be launched only after ICBM’s and SLBM’s have done their work. A high-altitude nuclear explosion miles from the target will compromise any such systems to where they are marginally effective at best. The only real defense, unfortunately, is M.A.D.

  80. For decades these horrific offensive weapons have been built, until mankind actually stepped back and began to consider the madness of it. Then weapons manufacturers conjured the notion of ‘anti-missile missile technology’ which humans grasped on to like babies holding Momma’s skirt. A hope arose, especially in this country, that our missiles could destroy their missiles. With the many ways of making war, the horrific barrages, and the intrigue and treason which will accompany the next war, who could consider there will be a victor.

  81. Since Obama, Russia and China have stepped up their military and aggression. We have US riots and business being burned, and now have extremist responding.

    Obamacare is a one trillion dollar sink hole. Whats there not to like?

  82. Any cruise missile defense system is incorporated with a highly technical interactive computer guidance system. The guidance system is the most crucial and the most delicate aspect. In a war situation there is hardly a chance it would remain intact. The profits generated from building such missles far outweigh the consideration of their destructive power.

  83. I’ve got another already developed defense. Stop buying Made In China, and bring all our jobs and manufacturing back to America. Their junk is floating here and our cash that is building Chinese military, is floating back there on the empty ships.

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