Top Pakistani Journalist Hamid Mir’s Twitter Account Hacked

Top Pakistani Journalist Hamid Mir’s Twitter Account Hacked

The hits keep coming for Pakistani TV host Hamid Mir twitter. People who’ve heard about the hack of his Twitter and email accounts have been wondering who it is, and he claims to just be a regular guy who prefers watching Geo TV’s competitor ARY:

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He also is polling Twitter users to find out if they appreciate his work:

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And he made this more ominous comment:


Further, Hamid Mir’s hacker alleges that PTI leader Imran Khan has a cocaine addiction, which could have come from Mir’s emails.


It should be noted that the veracity of any one of these tweets (particularly the ones that come without an email image attached) is in question as the comments could be taken out of context and actually be nothing more than an inside joke among journalists.


Hamid Mir, one of Pakistan’s most well-known and respected journalists, is dealing with a serious security threat right now as hackers have compromised his Twitter account and possibly his email accounts as well. Twitter doesn’t appear to be seeing to the matter very quickly as some of the tweets from the hackers are more than an hour old.

Note: Instead of embedding tweets that will likely be deleted when Hamid Mir recovers his account, we have taken screen shots of them.

Hamid Mir warns of breach

Earlier today, Mir warned his Twitter followers that someone was attempting to breach his account:

Hamid Mir Tweet Leak

The Geo TV host thought at first that he had gotten control of his account back, but not long after that warning, hackers began having a field day with it, promising “original” content.

Hamid Mir Tweet revealed

Hamid Mir’s emails allegedly released

The hackers are posting screen shots of what appear to be some of the journalist’s emails on various topics. In one tweet, they mentioned Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI.


They also released what looks like an email suggesting that the ISI has been threatening Hamid Mir and his family—even his children.


Apparently security is a real problem for the journalist, particularly as security guards just let random people into his home:


In another tweet, they suggested that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is having an affair with Indian External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj:


Editing at Geo TV?

Another tweeted image of what is purportedly from Hamid Mir’s emails suggests significant editing in the comments made by Mir and some of his guests on his show on Geo TV regarding comments about Pakistan’s security agencies, the ISI, the MI, and the IB.


Referencing Benazir Bhutto’s assassination

Also it seems the United Nations questioned Hamid Mir about the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in 2010:


One of Mir’s colleagues at Geo TV, Rana Jawad, tweeted a confirmation that his Twitter account has been hacked and that his mobile phones have been blocked, leaving him without control over the account.

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