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Your iPhone Knows Where You’ve Been – How To Disable It

If you take privacy seriously, then there are always some ways to improve it. When it comes to the iPhone and if you have enabled location services, then you might be surprised to know that your device tracks your location. Your iPhone knows where you’ve been, and that is displayed clearly on a map along with the complete address. So if this freaks you out and if you are really concerned, then here’s how you can disable this feature.

This feature is known as “Frequent Locations,” and it basically logs each place you’ve been. The good thing is that it can be disabled through Settings. In this short tutorial, you will learn exactly how to view all these locations on your iPhone and then disable the feature.

Disabling Tracking on iPhone

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to do it:

1. Launch the Settings app. “Tap on Privacy” and then on “Location Services.”

2. On this screen at the bottom you will find “System Services.” Tap on it.

3. Here, you will find every service that uses your location. From the bottom, tap on “Frequent Locations.”

4. Voila. You will now be able to see all the places that you’ve been to. This list is pretty detailed, and tapping on a location will open a map.

5. To clear out all these locations, go back one step if you are in any location and then tap on “Clear History.” This will clear out the current history.

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6. To disable this feature and get rid of this location tracking, toggle “Frequent Locations” to off.