Russia Can Beat The U.S. In An Armed Conflict [REPORT]

Russia Can Beat The U.S. In An Armed Conflict [REPORT]
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Is the world heading toward another Cold War? Or should we call it “Cold War 2.0”? Some scholars have used this term to mark the rise of Russia or rather the resurgence of the former Soviet Republic under the shrewd leadership of Vladimir Putin.

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Russia’s rise to the top once more has been remarkable considering the fact that the country was torn to shreds following its heavy defeat in the Afghan war and the subsequent disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. The poor economy, broken alliances and the rude awakening to the fact that the United States was then the sole super power of the world mean things have not been easy.

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Russia has reached the military level of the U.S.

Under Putin, Russia has once against leapt to a position that the country dearly craves: at the pinnacle of world politics. Russia wants to be involved in global politics once more, and its recent moves have indicated what course of action Moscow is taking. The annexation of Crimea and ongoing revolt against the Ukrainian government was just the start. Russia has now entered the Middle East to help out its ally, Bashar al Assad, in Syria.

The Russian Air Force has been carrying out attacks against the infamous terrorist group ISIS in Syria, and that has put Moscow in direct confrontation with the United States to some extent. Washington wants Assad gone for good and has been aiding the rebel group in Syria in order to oust the monarch from his position. Russia, however, has other plans and has backed Assad, and Moscow has remained true to its words, to a great extent, until now.

The question that arises now is whether the Russian army is strong enough to challenge the United States. And can Russian forces defeat the U.S. Army? There was a general consensus among the leading nations of the world that Russia is past its best times. The disintegration of the Soviet Union has broken the back of the Russian military, and the country cannot achieve the status of having one of the best military forces in the world. But the events in recent months have proven that wrong.

U.S. predictions proven wrong by Russia

Scholars were of the view that the failing economy, coupled with the high level of corruption in the government, will lead to Russia’s collapse in the 21st Century. Not only that, Russia’s over-reliance on its oil resources will not help it in the long term as oil resources will dry out at some point and Russia will come crushing down as a result. However, the reality is contrary to what was being predicted.

Recent military reforms made by the Putin administration have seen Russia rise to a level which otherwise was considered impossible by the West. Russia can now openly boast of having a military force that, if not better than that of the United States, can rival it in terms of modernization and its lethal attributes. Not so long ago, such claims of Russians having an army as good as that of the United States would have been laughed off. But things have changed now. Expert opinions have changed regarding Moscow’s military capabilities. As things stand, only Russia has increased its military capability to a record high, Moscow is now on par with the United States’ army, and what more, the Russian army can very well defeat the U.S. army in combat if the two nations ever come to blows, according to some experts.

Politico magazine, one of the most respected and authentic military magazines in the world, recently reported that if there comes a head-to-head confrontation between the U.S. military and Russian forces, there are huge chances that the Russian army will inflict heavy losses on the U.S.

The word is out in the open. Even Pentagon officials are now admitting that Russian forces have achieved a level where they can now challenge and even defeat the U.S. army in the battlefield. The Russian force is now a major threat to U.S. hegemony in the world as no other force in the world can boast to be on par with the capabilities of NATO.

The surprising factor in this scenario is that Russian military spending is nowhere near to what Washington spends on its military. In the last decade or so, for every $10 the United States has spent on a soldier, Russia, in contrast, has spent just $1 in that time frame.

Russia ready to challenge U.S. military might?

This is not a small gap, and Russia has only started to increase its military spending a little more than it used to do in the last two or three years. How on Earth Russia managed to achieve that feat is surprising and incredible. One answer to that question could be that Putin, who was once again named the most powerful individual in the world by Forbes, has a tight grip on Russian authorities and has cut down the corruption that has been infesting the country for years. If that is true, Russia will only go higher from here, and there is no looking back for the former Soviet Union.

To sum it up, it would not be wrong to assume that Russia has reached a level where it can not only challenge the U.S. army but defeat it as well. Is America still the sole super power in the world? Yes, it is, but for how long remains to be seen.

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  1. Russia’s lame-ass economy isn’t even as big as California’s. Unless a war goes nuclear, it is PRODUCTION that wins wars. And the US economy ALONE (not to mention NATO), is 15 times larger than Russia’s. Have you been smoking wacky tobaccy?

  2. John, you are spot on. These idiots these ridiculous remarks don’t know their a$ses from first base. Even with US aid, Russia almost collapsed, and had Stalingrad fallen, as Khrushchev warned his troops, all of Russia would have fallen.

  3. The US controls most of the world’s money supply. Most trade is denominated in US dollars. The US can always do another round of quantitative easing.

  4. No it’s not funny…the US DID NOT LOSE IN IRAQ. BIggest crock of crap ever. The US won EVERY SINGLE major battle and inflicted millions upon millions of casualties on North Vietnam, with a loss of about 55,000 US servicement. The US withdrew from Vietnam WHEN IT WAS WINNING. Losing to ISIS? Better update your post. ISIS is defeated? Lost in Iraq? Saddam was defeated in 3 days; his troops were shivering wrecks. The “Mother of All Wars” was the “Joke of All Wars”. Saddam lost, and lost very bad, beaten to a pulp. What then happened was an insurgency.

  5. It’s didn’t, but it certainly helped a lot. The US supplied Russia with trucks, jeeps, food, clothing, boots and much more. And Hitler could NEVER have taken the whole world anyway.

  6. Russia was taught a lesson it NEVER forget when President Reagan gave the USSR a REAL ARMS race, burying the USSR in production. The US had to supply Russia in WW2 and without US help, Russia would have probably fallen to the Nazi invasion. Khrushchev even admitted that had Stalingrad fallen, the whole of Russian have fallen as the oil fields of the Caucasus would have fallen to Nazi Germany. In the Reagan area, the USSR’s loss of the cold war caused its economy to collapse under its own weight. Today, Russia has an economy smaller than the state of California and only slightly larger than Texas!!! And, unless a war goes nuclear, in which case everybody loses, Russia would lose, and LOSE BIG, because the US alone has an economy 15 times bigger than Russia’s, not to mention the 27 other countries of NATO, of which two, the UK and Germany, each have a larger economy than Russia. You don’t know squat.

  7. BULL $HIT. Besides, as Churchill said, once you’ve destroyed a country, all the other nukes do is make the rubble bounce. The US nuclear arsenal has more operational nukes that Russia by far.

  8. Russia does not need beat America, only to make it bleed.

    America is a nation more polarised and riven with inequality and despair than at anytime in its brief history. Its elites amass wealth beyond the dreams of avarice while ordinary working people struggle to pay bills and feed their children. The American law enforcements have become parodies of a Judge Dredd comic book, randomly executing members of the public for being the wrong sex, the wrong colour or for being a child.
    Scratch a few millimetres below America’s cultural skin and you reveal a Nation simmering with anger.

    Russia does not need to beat America, only to make it bleed, after that its own citizens will drag their leaders into the streets and hang them.

  9. They are talking about Head to Head war ‘ man to man fight russian vs US Not talking about NATO dump ass ” Nato is nothing without US ‘

  10. So you believe my theory about Putin controlling Obama is incorrect? If Obama hands over the keys to the White House to someone else next year, I will concur.

  11. Typical American response. You to ignore history, and start anew. When history explains the decisions made to bring us to the point of today. To ignore that, only permits repeating the same mistakes. I am American and I believe every on this planet has a say so on how they should live and not be dictated to by the U.S., which has double standards.
    I understand the point you’re trying to make, but you’re WRONG

  12. I do not think surgeons sleep in a park.\


    hahaha!!!….now you are a surgeon?..a surgeon from under the bench in public park, lol !!!…I think last year you was Napoleon in your mental facility,lol…

  13. 1st of all, It is 78 degrees here in Texas right now maggot. @ndly, I do not think surgeons sleep in a park. 3rdly, They are not called municipal parks here. And If you are a paid russian troll living in a country with only a 1.6 trillion GDP (before oil crashed) and you make 800 rubles a month doing so—I think you would be cold in Russia and in a park. LMFAO You are subservient to me and always will be maggot. Your broke country with only 240 ships out of a thousand that do not need a tug! LMFAO Your military plans for equipment is massive, but no money! LMFAO So enjoy everything you use that was invented by the west! Your country invents nothing except for that great vodka. BUT, I do not drink. So trash maggot, enjoy your position in society! I laugh at your situation maggot! iLL RAISE MY big GLASS TO YOU IN mIAMI THIS WEEKEND ON THE BEACH! eNJOY YOUR GRAY GLOOMY FREEZING TRASHY TROPICAL PARADISE! lmfao lmfao lmfao lololololol

  14. It is not. That is my point in the author does not describe the scenario. In absence of one the discussion is silly. The better question is what is the situation the author believes where a force with Russian equipment would have the upper hand?

    One plausible case is a conflict in the Black Sea. The author just has to state the case.

  15. Peace is better than war :USA and RUSSIA are the teachers of the world. what are students(small countries)learning from them?..this is what i would do if i could ..BUILD A HUGE COLLISEUM FOR BATTLES AND BRING ALL SOPHISTICATED WEAPONRY FROM RUSSIA USA CHINA .THEN FORCE GENERALS AND PRESIDENTS FROM THIS COUNTRIES TO ENTER THE FIGHT ,PRESIDENTS ON THE FRONT LINE AND GENERALS BACKING .. SOLDIERS OR COVILIANS WILL GIVE THE ORDERS TO FIGHT FROM FAR AWAY in that way i think there will be way less casualties and wars will last less time maybe minutes. ,at the end the medals and credit will be given to the “real heroes” .the ones giving orders,the ones who never shoot a bullet .? will be safer in that way …it s clear as water that politicians,presidents and hight rank military are the one trouble makers ,while the rest of people working hard to feed their family

  16. George, you sound like a very proud Russian. My heritage is also Russian but I am not as emotional about it as you. You are very correct…..Russia might teach America a lesson they will never forget…..and I believe this will happen very soon. But this lesson is misguided….because in case you don’t know it…most American people admire and like the Russian people very much. If you ever lived in the USA you would realize this. Whatever you may have heard wherever you are from…..we simply do not hate Russians or think you are inferior to us. In fact, I believe most Russians are much smarter than the average American. If we are educated, we understand the sacrifices Russia made during World War II to protect all of us, and as an American, I am truly grateful to Russia for having done this. Americans are exceptional in many ways, but so are Russians. Putin’s harping about American’s belief that they are “exceptional” misunderstands the general notion of tribal nationalistic thinking all nations engage in, and have since the beginning of nations thousands of years ago. Russia is exceptional. China is exceptional. And so is the good old USA. But right now, we have a sinister plot afoot…..crafted by some old, angry men, blinded by hatred, inspired by years of KGB training….created in the bowels of the surviving remnants of old KGB offices. This was started in 1989….and it led to Vladimir Putin’s rise to power. It also led to Barack Obama’s as well. These two partners in crime, have taken over both of our nations and are leading it over the precipice. They work in tandem to bring about global conquest for Mother Russia and as you say….more than likely….the destruction of America (a lesson we won’t survive to remember). I don’t know if you are part of this or simply a Russian citizen marking his territory. But the bottom line is….playing with Nuclear Armageddon is not a good idea, even if it seems you are in control of everything. Putin should be smart enough to realize this. His agent Obama should also be smart enough to realize this. Regardless of how clever their plot against America is, EVENTS WILL SPIRAL OUT OF CONTROL AND BRING ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF ALL HUMANITY. You George, and I, will both be dead as a result.

    I don’t want you to die George. I don’t want my family to die. I don’t give a whose government is better or more exceptional. The human race is quite exceptional and that is what needs to be protected from Mr. Putin and Mr. Obama. If you wish to visit my website indicated below, I invite you to read more about my “THEORY”.

    I think it is actually too late to do anything to prevent it right now, so I wish you and all the people you know, good luck in the coming year.

  17. David, I don’t think you understand my point. I am sorry you think I blew you off but I didn’t mean too. My point is far fetched, but in my opinion, highly probable. I believe Obama is WORKING WITH PUTIN in secret. I thought I was clear about this….but perhaps not. I am not criticizing Obama for failing to take action against Putin……I am offering an explanation to the American public as to why he might appear feckless and weak. Your rundown of American stupidity (including Bush of course) during the past 40 years is not the issue. I don’t care about the past right now. I am trying to sound the alarm bells about the future. If you are an American citizen, you should be more concerned about your survival than re-hashing history in an attempt to show that America is a bad actor on the world stage. If you are not an American, then I congratulate you on defending Mother Russia. Your side is winning.

  18. Recently Russian engineers have openly stated that Su35 will have some sorft off EW cloak making it effectively stealthy on par and beyond F-35 capability at no expense to aerodynamics… Anyways I got two words for you to learn – CAPABILITY SURPRISE

  19. Fun little facts – Soviets left 2,000,000 dead mujaheddin tangos behind them. Many of them as always CIA trained and supplied from all over Sunni wahhabist ME. Afghan government installed by Soviets actually outlasted USSR by about a year until primo CIA assets like bin Laden took over. Hope you are prepared for all the blowback that will come from propoing up islamist terror again

  20. And that was because we decided to call Bin Laden a freedom fighter and armed him with stinger missiles. Them for some reason, we decided to call Bin Laden a terrorist, after the Russians left. Hmmm, I wonder why?

  21. Middle Eastern people are well known for their BAD odors on their bodies! They stink like a bunch of non-deodorant wearing simians and make people gag and eyes water if you are anywhere near them. Especially in a cramped plane. Do you know anyone that wants to sit by that? GROSS unclean people.

  22. Funny, you keep harping about Obama not doing anything to stop Putin. What should he do? You blew me off with your weak response, regarding when Bush was sitting next to Putin watching the Olympics and when Putin actually invaded Georgia. What should Bush had done, besides your response “Bush was fooling Putin into thinking he was his friend.” Really????

    Your point to Putin wanting to kill millions for world conquest seems far fetched and and I believe isn’t world conquest, but rather equal footing on the world stage and keeping the U.S. out of Russia’s backyard.

    However, you want to talk about millions dying for world conquest at the hands of the U.S.? The U.S. has over 750 military bases around the world, has launched unprovoked attacks and invasions in many nations like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos “3.1 million Asians died”, Panama, Granada, Korea, Iraq One & Iraq Two, Afghanistan, etc. And, not only has the U.S. killed millions with it’s military, but with it’s policies of sanctions and backing dictators like Libya, Iraq and Iran, all for access to their lands for bases, access to their markets for U.S. products, etc.

  23. WTF are you talking about? Bush fooling Putin into thinking he liked him!!! Obama working with Putin for the destruction on the U.S.!!! Man, what the hell are you smoking? For you, it is a Republican/Democrat issue…

  24. Territory is irrelevant, russia has like 150 million people and they are mostly bunched together in cities


    wikipedia: urban population by country:

    35. United States 82.4 %

    53. Russia 73.8 %

    so as you see more rural population (as compared to USA) + twice bigger territory + proximity of western Russian territories to NATO countries that makes it impossible to target those regions with nukes without harming US allies in the region- all that gives Russia a lot of adventages in nuclear strickes exchange with USA – not that I am saying that this kind of “nuclear exchange” should be tried, haha! – but take note, russians are not stup.d to engage NATO and USA with tanks and conventional weapons as NATO has 5 time more population (mobilisation resource) and resources and equipment etc- the only weapon russia will use are NUKES – and whatever is the age of 90% of russians tanks etc (as you say), Russian nuclear subs with nukes are in exelent shape and they are all around USA coast – so you better don’t mess with Russians, leave them alone…

  25. Most American Presidents handle foreign affairs with a little bit too much arrogance. Your point is well taken. However, that is a far cry from what Putin is doing and what he plans to do. He is not merely going to be arrogant; he is going to attempt global conquest with the deaths of millions. He will manage to succeed where Hitler failed….and he will do this with the help and assistance of Barack Obama, simply as a result of his doing nothing to stop it.

  26. This issue is not a Bush vs Obama issue. Nor is it a Democrat vs Republican issue. Bush was trying to fool Putin into thinking that he liked him. I am sure it didn’t work. Putin is lots smarter than Bush was. On the other hand, Obama is likely working with Putin to bring about the destruction of America and enable Putin to take over the world. That is not a similar situation.

  27. What about your embarrassing defeat by a bunch of scantly armed bearded pígs in Afghanistan? The U.S. crushed Saddam’s military (the 5th largest in the world) in 2 weeks. Don’t fvck with the USA alco-Ivan, you will get your mongoloid ásses kicked!

  28. Dont even think of fighting Russia . it is a 10000 pound beast. Heck even china is shit scared of them. It is the only country in the world to possess over 8000 nuclear weapons, most in megaton range. In destructive potential, its nuke arsenal is more than the entire world combined.

  29. of course Russia hasn’t lost a war :). what? the Russia lost to japan in the russo-japanese war and got knocked out ww1? nonono that was the Russian empire, not Russia :). LOL

  30. yeah Russia did make it to Berlin and eastern Europe had to pay for it for 50 years. thanks god the soviet union collapsed :)

  31. well damn, I had no idea it was contest to see who would get the most casualties. Apparently nobody bothered to warn America about this, our bad :/

  32. Territory is irrelevant, russia has like 150 million people and they are mostly bunched together in cities, rural areas do not matter at all, russia would only strike cities here also. u want max dmg u dont nuke miles and miles of emptyness to kill a few families. The article doesnt show that the russian military is on par with us, also every other article out there military experts alike all say 90% of there stuff is so old lucky if half of it even works.

  33. The landing in Italy occurred in 1943. The date of the actual landings is inconsequential as the impact on the German forces was felt long before the invasion took place. Hitler knew the landings were coming and had to pull forces from the eastern front to prepare defenses in he west and south. Also the Soviets conveniently signed a non-aggression treaty with the Japanese so they only had to focus on one front, while the US had to fight in two theaters….. What would have happened if the Japanese decided to invade the Soviets from the east? Could the Soviets have been able to handle a two front war like the US?

  34. Let’s see here. The siege started in 1941 and ended Jan 1944. What happened just a couple of months prior to that? Oh, I know! The Allies led by the US landed in Italy Sep 1943. The reason the siege ended is because Hitler now had to pull troops away from the eastern front to defend against the Americans. If the allies didn’t invade then, the siege would have continued…..

  35. Who fed the Bear and gave it trucks, Sherman tanks, small arms, artillery, ammunition in all calibres, locomotives, clothing, Lucky Strike cigarettes and all the food that prevented more Leningrads. Where do you think all those Thompson sub-machine guns came from? Mama Russia would have gotten her ass kicked once again were it not for US Lend-Lease Aid.

  36. 1. Politico is a political rather than military publication, hence the name. I know of no actual military publication which espouses this view.
    2. The author seems to be confusing “being able to inflict heavy losses” with the notion that means the Russian force is equal or superior. This is a dumb assumption misquoted from non-military experts.
    3. If we conceded Russia can beat the US, what about the rest of NATO? Does the author really believe that in three years the Russian army has reformed enough to challenge two continents? America has other allies as well. Where are Russia’s allies? I doubt Iran and China will rush to their aid unless they believed it would advance key interests, and even then they would only help so much.
    4. I don’t want to imply that Russian advances in Missile, aircraft, tank, and signal ops tech has not been incredibly impressive. Their main weakness is not some arbitrary “corruption” but rather conscription. This is one of the main reasons for the disparity in spending and will cause problems for the Russians in any sustained conflict, in fact it already has.

  37. Yeah, we do remember that before “saving the world from Hitler”, Uncle Joe trained Nazi pilots and tank crew members on training grounds near the Volga, held joint military parades with Hitler in Poland in 1939 and supplied Nazi Germany with raw materials and grain for years – the last cargo ship loaded with wheat left Leningrad on the night of June 22, 1941, and in 1942 its people were dying from starvation! Nothing is forgotten!

  38. Steve Parker tearfully said :”you are a stink maggot who will NEVER have what I have


    what are you talking about?… are you on drugs or just an id.ot?..are you talking to yourself or what?…Steve Parker from under the second bench in municipal Park, lol !!!

  39. Russia has 2 big advantages, dear exceptional nation… Your arrogance and your ignorance. Just like Napoleon, just like Hitler, you think you are “different”, smarter and unbeatable.

    You are only destroying nations and countries to promote “democracy and freedom”… Loool! If you don’t see what you have allowed yourselves to become then Russia might teach you a lesson you will never forget..

    Remember that the Nazis also believed that their “cause” was right and saw other nations as subhumans or animals with no right to live or dream as they liked. You think you have a right to decide who lives and who dies,

    You still use drones to kill people from above ’cause they are terrorists. Who are the REAL terrorists?? For Christ’s sake, take a look in the mirror and if you are not 21st century nazis then I ‘ll apologize and remove my comment. Have a nice day

  40. I personally believe that multiple countries are destined to clash in the Middle East spearheaded by the Kremlin. Russia rapid entrance into Syria and its showcasing of deadly weapons are no easy site for the Pentagon and Nato Generals. From now onwards the US cannot pretend that Russia is a regional power and that its economy will be its undoing. Big War is inevitable and Russia may well be ahead in its preparation for such a scenario.

  41. The only reason US, UK opened 2nd front was not to let USSR to take all the glory for beating Hitler. They were afraid that USSR will occupy Europe and replace Hitler. USSR started counter attack and was taking the land back from 1942 after Stalingrad. Normandy landing was mid 1944, 2 years after the Stalingrad.

  42. I stand by my posts. You are all maggots and stink and the poorest people on the planet. So unless you are a sheik, (which you are not—they have better English) you are a stink maggot who will NEVER have what I have. Go chop some heads maggot.

  43. Avoiding a war between world nuclear Superpowers as Russia with China versus the NATO alliance is to the best interest of mankind.It is real cold war emerging,but this time more care should be taken by the world leading Powers to avoid an ignition or a starter.God save the Planet Earth. Ameen!

  44. I beg to differ, talking at any level doesn’t give anybody the right to distort the facts, the truth.

    You might call it conventional level, I call it liar’s autopilot. Let’s use religion as an example.

    Christ said: “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” and then an author, do you think, would be right to say that homosexuals can also marry? That is the general belief by them, ergo, do you feel he/she has the right to distort Christ’s message? You might call it conventional, I call it propaganda at the worst level. Now, if the author does it for lack of knowledge-my taking away-, then he is an ignoramus and shouldn’t be given a venue where to spew that ignorance.

  45. Pro-Russia Militia took over key government buildings & were relieved by invading Russian troops.


    good for them….hahahahahahaha!

  46. Since you are blinder than the three blind men trying to describe the elephant, let me have some others describe it to you, blind, deaf and not so mute.

    First of all, Mr. propaganda man, if you could Google once, just like I did, but in my case, I had already known who the victor was for the reason explained.

    Since this subject is one of my favorites, ergo, I do know a lot about it, let me give the many sources I have found, but these sources were not found in Google, but the media and not just an impartial media, but embedded media and that makes the truth shine best.

    Now, I don’t know what your lever of comprehension is, for and by your article you sound, look like the tea partier, republican that loves to peddle lost causes, fight the truth tooth and nail, but here I deal in facts, yeah those same you are having a war with.

    The sources are many and long, but you asked for and you got them.

    Here they go: “Don’t forget how the Soviet Union saved the world from Hitler

    In the Western popular imagination — particularly the American one — World War II is a conflict we won. It was fought on the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima, through the rubble of recaptured French towns and capped by sepia-toned scenes of joy and young love in New York. It was a victory shaped by the steeliness of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the moral fiber of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and the awesome power of an atomic bomb.

    [What V-E Day was like in London for a U.S. airman on leave from the war]

    But that narrative shifts dramatically when you go to Russia, where World War II is called the Great Patriotic War and is remembered in a vastly different light.

    On May 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin will play host to one of Moscow’s

    largest ever military parades to mark the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany. More than 16,000 troops will participate, as well 140 aircraft and 190 armored vehicles, including the debut of Russia’s brand new next-generation tank.

    It’s a grand moment, but few of the world’s major leaders will be in attendance. The heads of state of India and China will look on, but not many among their Western counterparts. That is a reflection of the tense geopolitical present, with Putin’s relations with the West having turned frosty after a year of Russian meddling in Ukraine. When Russia’s T-14 Armata tank broke down at a parade rehearsal on Thursday, the snickering could be heard across Western media.

    Unfairly or not, the current tensions obscure the scale of what’s being commemorated: Starting in 1941, the Soviet Union bore the brunt of the Nazi war machine and played perhaps the most important role in the Allies’ defeat of Hitler. By one calculation, for every single American soldier killed fighting the Germans, 80 Soviet soldiers died doing the same.

    Of course, the start of the war had been shaped by a Nazi-Soviet pact to carve up the lands in between their borders. Then Hitler turned against the U.S.S.R.

    The Red Army was “the main engine of Nazism’s destruction,” writes British historian and journalist Max Hastings in “Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945.” The Soviet Union paid the harshest price: though the numbers are not exact, an estimated 26 million Soviet citizens died during World War II, including as many as 11 million soldiers. At the same time, the Germans suffered three-quarters of their wartime losses fighting the Red Army.

    “It was the Western Allies’ extreme good fortune that the Russians, and not themselves, paid almost the entire ‘butcher’s bill’ for [defeating Nazi Germany], accepting 95 per cent of the military casualties of the three major powers of the Grand Alliance,” writes Hastings.

    The epic battles that eventually rolled back the Nazi advance — the brutal winter siege of Stalingrad, the clash of thousands of armored vehicles at Kursk (the biggest tank battle in history) — had no parallel on the Western Front, where the Nazis committed fewer military assets. The savagery on display was also of a different degree than that experienced farther west.

    Hitler viewed much of what’s now Eastern Europe as a site for “lebensraum” — living space for an expanding German empire and race. What that entailed was the horrifying, systematic attempt to depopulate whole swaths of the continent. This included the wholesale massacre of millions of European Jews, the majority of whom lived outside Germany’s pre-war borders to the east. But millions of others were also killed, abused, dispossessed of their lands and left to starve.

    “The Holocaust overshadows German plans that envisioned even more killing. Hitler wanted not only to eradicate the Jews; he wanted also to destroy Poland and the Soviet Union as states, exterminate their ruling classes, and kill tens of millions of Slavs,” writes historian Timothy Snyder in “Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin.”

    By 1943, the Soviet Union had already lost some 5 million soldiers and two-thirds of its industrial capacity to the Nazi advance. That it was yet able to turn back the German invasion is testament to the courage of the Soviet war effort. But it came at a shocking price.

    In his memoirs, Eisenhower was appalled by the extent of the carnage:

    When we flew into Russia, in 1945, I did not see a house standing between the western borders of the country and the area around Moscow. Through this overrun region, Marshal Zhukov told me, so many numbers of women, children and old men had been killed that the Russian Government would never be able to estimate the total.

    To be sure, as Snyder documents, the Soviet Union under Stalin also had the blood of millions on its hands. In the years preceding World War II, Stalinist purges led to the death and starvation of millions. The horrors were compounded by the Nazi invasion.

    In Soviet Ukraine, Soviet Belarus, and the Leningrad district, lands where the Stalinist regime had starved and shot some four million people in the previous eight years, German forces managed to starve and shoot even more in half the time,” Snyder writes. He says that between 1933 and 1945 in the “bloodlands” — the broad sweep of territory on the periphery of the Soviet and Nazi realms — some 14 million civilians were killed.

    “” frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”border: 0px currentColor; border-image: none; vertical-align: bottom;”

    By some accounts, 60 percent of Soviet households lost a member of their nuclear family.

    For Russia’s neighbors, it’s hard to separate the Soviet triumph from the decades of Cold War domination that followed. One can also lament the way the sacrifices of the past inform the muscular Russian nationalism now peddled by Putin and his Kremlin allies. But we shouldn’t forget how the Soviets won World War II in Europe.

    Taken from The Washington Post 5/8/2015.


    Taken from

    The United States has experienced its share of military successes over the years. But its armed forces have also suffered some terrible setbacks. Here are eight of the very worst.

    Compared to many other countries, the United States has never really suffered a cataclysmic military disaster. The continental U.S. has never faced a significant invasion force, its government has never been supplanted by that of a rival nation’s, nor has its armies ever experienced a colossal collapse on a scale similar to what happened to the German Sixth Army at Stalingrad. Since its inception as a nation, however, the U.S. has involved itself in a number of foreign campaigns, both near and far. And, as such, it has not been immune to military defeats, misfortune, and humiliation.” Now truth slayer, although the better term is punk, do you feel lucky?
    BTW, those are not the only sources, but I got many more where those came from. You’re welcome!

  47. If you are pakistani–you stink! no deodorant onion smelling maggots—
    wear funny clothes, have GROSS teeth, and live in poverty! etc


    he is US citisen and lives in USA – his name is pakistani because of his ethnic roots…also he works for the National which is English language magazine published in Emirates – that means he is way richer then you, bum – also you sound like junkie, lol…gym on every street? – indeed, but not for you – can you even pay for your daily food?, lol

  48. No Its written in the bible that Russia will come heavy weight and as they will try to attack israel the lord will intervene not America and they will have many casualities as israel will win the war, So guys dont worry coz thats the plan of God. (Power comes before a fall. The Armagedon war Ezekiel 39:17-20;Revelation 19:17-20

  49. How did the great Red Army do in Afghanistan? The US has about 1/10 the casualties as they had over the same time frame.

    The US has lost to ISIS? I believe it was a Russian airliner that was bombed by ISIS. The US has been bombing them for months and has lost one SOF soldier. Russia has flown a couple of missions against ISIS in the past 3 weeks and Russia has already felt the wrath of ISIS. If the US is losing, Russia has already lost……

  50. Until the US, Britain, and France landed in Italy and Normandy, drawing German forces away from the Eastern front, the Soviets were getting their rear end kicked daily by the Germans. The Soviets fought a war of attrition where they traded Soviet lives and land for German lives. It does not take a military genius or capable army to fight that type a war, just a ruthless dictator. The US and its allies on the other had used something called military tactics to defeat the Germans quickly in battle without sacrificing millions of lives on both sides….

  51. Georgia “war” was in 2008, and now it’s 2015. And it lasted only 5 days. Russia stopped as soon as it achieved the objectives – to defend Ossetia and Abhasia people, who didn’t want to stay with Georgia and who were harassed by Georgia’s army. Don’t trust Western media only, check the history.

  52. I’m not going to even address the European theater of the World War Two as NOW THE COLD WAR IS PAST EVERY HISTORIAN ADMITS THE SOVIET/RUSSIANS DEFEATED THE SUBHUMAN VERMIN NAZIS……

    HOWEVER, on the “Soviets/Russians defeated japan”…… is an all together different story.

    Even after the Hiroshima atomic bombing the Japanese did NOT consider capitulation. Then the Soviets/Russian went into “Manchuria”.

    This still did NOT push the japanese to consider accepting the Potsdam Declaraion even as Nagasaki was a-bombed.


    Historians looking at japanese wartime documents in that fateful August of 1945 know NOW that the japanese were terrified of the “Bolsheviks” and that “a thousand loss of face to surrender to the yankees” WAS MUCH MORE ACCEPTABLE THAN A “BOLSHEVIK” INVASION OF jAPAN………

  53. This is beyond silly. What is the nature of the conflict? If it is WWIII than certainly no winners. If it is Russia trying to invade California, I don’t think they would do very well. The author would have to quantify the nature of the conflict. If the definition is an attempt by a carrier group to force its way into the Black Sea without land based support from Turkey, that would be pretty hairy. But likewise a Russian attempt to retake Berlin would end in Poland.

  54. US never suffer tens of million of her citizens in their own soil like China and Russia, that is why war crazy US generals like Carter create havoc wherever they can for their selfish end, because they think they are always safe.

  55. Yes yes, we know, and we also do not want to fight you. Look around you, look at the other people here. This garbage media article is not convincing everyone. It is for people who already think like that against Russia. It can’t convince anyone otherwise. The spin in the media is to create enemies. Don’t make yourself into everyone’s random enemy because of b.s. media manipulation.

  56. This is silly. Attempting to make Russia look more threatening? Outright obvious attempt at making us fear Russia and convince us that armed conflict is inevitable and even necessary.

  57. The Red Army was “the main engine of Nazism’s destruction,” writes British historian and journalist Max Hastings in “Inferno: The World at War, 1939-1945.” The Soviet Union paid the harshest price: though the numbers are not exact, an estimated 26 million Soviet citizens died during World War II, including as many as 11 million soldiers. At the same time, the Germanssuffered three-quarters of their wartime losses fighting the Red Army.

  58. Lingban Tobo
    If not for allied bombings over Germany that crippled much of its logistics and support Russia would fall. The trouble with Germany at that time is that their forces is overstretched up from Europe down to Africa, facing Russians from east Europe and Patton with Montgomery in Africa. If only Hitler concentrated his entire 25million troops to take Russia with no allied bombings nothing will stop Hitler from capturing Stalin. To say Russia won WWII is a delusional trolling, a self inflicted deception played in by egotistical morons like you.

    The funniest point you made is Japan surrendering to Russia! Lol Russia does not have the naval forces to enter and fight the Japanese in their homeland. The nuclear bomb ended the Pacific war because Japan was ready to die in a suicidal form of fighting. And even if Russia succeeds to enter to Japanese soil they will still be slaughtered. US brought an end to Japan’s might after dropping the bomb because they know Kamekasi is Japan’s last resort to fight and survive, something Russia cannot handle.

    Fool yourself over and over yet what you are is but a stupid delusional freak in our mids.

  59. Correction: Soviet Union lost 15K troops in Afganistan versus America’s 60K in Vietnam. Learn to check wikipedia (at least) before going on full rage mode.

  60. This article should change its subject from Russia vs US military force to Putin vs Obama leadership in the international arena and who’s foreign policy is better.

    Obama I must confess falls short on all levels of leadership while Putin has his countrymen behind him. Obama is a delusional sociopath with a big L on his forehead and only those that look at him reads that letter, and this clueless fool thought he is a great leader.

    Putin on the other hand is playing the exact type of leader Russia has always need to lead his people, feeding them of fascism. Putin understands where they come from and where they can go. But Putin bringing back the paranoia of the old Soviet era is a dangerous path that would repeat pasts mistake.

    But militarily US stands way ahead. Its forces is the most powerful military existing today. What Russia can pose as a threat is its nuclear arsenal but on a conventional battle Russia does not stand a chance.

    This argument comes down to leadership, not military might. A competition between Obama and Putin, nothing more.

  61. Hey Nick you are already broke. All Americans are doing is putting it on the Bank of China credit card. Wake up America is dead everyone knows it.

  62. No Russia cannot sustain a long fight without resorting to nuclear weapons, so no USA would win. However the USA budget for the military is so high it will take only ten or twenty years to make us broke, unless the wealthy Europen coutries of NATO start to pay their fair share of expenses.

  63. “Russia has reached the military level of the U.S”

    This is one big lie. Analyzing how Russia handled the conflict in Georgia prove time and time again that Russia has not been to the level of US might.

    Crimea is not a sign of Russia’s might but outright show of treachery after Ukraine allowed Russia to have a base inside their territory betraying the Budapest Memorandum. Putin’s move in annexing Crimea was unprecedented caught the world by surprise, even unsuspecting Kiev could not do anything to stop the take over. Yet this article pretends this was a sign of Russia’s might. Sick joke by Kremlin trolls bragging on a treacherous act and deceit. Sick to the bones I must say.

    Russia must have modernized its forces but this does not mean it is now in the same level with US military. This writer is feeding Putin’s ego and fool the readers to fear Russia once more, A pure propaganda gimmick devised and played by paid Kremlin trolls. This kind of news comes from RT news, Russia’s one and only news source run by their government for brainwashing and disinformation. Expect more of this kind of garbage article from Putin puppets.

  64. author has to be a russian wanna be. There is no way russia ever could take on the USA in a conventional form, that is why they have such an extensive nuclear deterrent, as their conventional forces would get destroyed. The only thing they have going for them is that they are aggressive compared to most other nations of similar power, but what else do you expect from a country run by ex KGB and thugs.

  65. Oh man, I’m scared now. Have you ever heard of the term metaphor? Look it up during your break from studying for your GED exam. BTW, my post is still posted so valuewalk basically told you to fuck off.

  66. This is nothing but a “feel good” story published for consumption by the Russian media and commented on by Russian trolls. There are no real facts and no real sources. Using Politico as a source for military comparisons is like using Rush Limbaugh to comment on world affairs. The biggest flaw in the “analysis” is that there are probably no scenario where the US and Russia would go to war with each other. Russia would have to engage the entirety of NATO, not just the US. With Putin’s troops ineffective in Ukraine, and after a poor showing in Georgia its not likely that Russia’s conscript military would fare well for the long term. If nuclear weapons are considered then the reality is that the mutual destruction would be inevitable. The fact that this is even considered demonstrates that Russia hasn’t rationally evolved beyond the old Cold War.

  67. Crimea was the only coup in Ukraine. Pro-Russia Militia took over key government buildings & were relieved by invading Russian troops. They then staged a bogus vote. They bankrolled the revolt in East to tie up UA, so they wouldn’t try to take back Crimea. You trolls are dishonest & liars. The people over-through corrupt hand picked Putin government in Kiev, not the Military.

  68. Great job with that assignment. The guy who commented on mine has no clue about anything. He thinks if a Russian was driving the tank it would be different. Lol

  69. In Iraq & Syria, the T-90’s are called ronsons (they light first time, every time). The Saudi supplied TOWs took out 30-40 Assad T-90’s & APC’s. There are only 14 Armada’s in Russian inventory. American engineers say they are not a threat to the A1B Abrams. The auto loader has been rejected by western powers as to prone to break down. The turret with concave slots in the sides look vulnerable to ant-tank & artillery hits. Russians admitted that the turrets haven’t had ceramic tiles added yet. Whats up with the rivet looking bubbles on top of the turret? What happened to the first Armada design published 2 years ago, that looked a lot like the Jewish Merkeva? Poland released video of a new tank that is far advanced of all tank designs.

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  72. The only reason the US would admit that it was “far” behind in the field of electronic warfare would be to convince congress for more money… none of us know the capability of US jammers or ; for lack of a better term, antijammers. Keep drinking the Russian coolaid.. # team putin

  73. Putin is a moron for believing that seizing lands from neighbors and threatening other countries with nukes make Russia respected and you are a moron or worse an American traitor for siding with him. At least Obama has not threatened to attack Russia. We have been holding military exercises outside Russia’s borders to counter the military exercises Russia has been having near the borders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia just to let Putin know that any attempt to attack and invade them will be met by the full force of NATO. You are a moron for faithfully following Putin like a drooling puppy.

  74. You missed T-50 catching fire on takeoff. Russians claimed the plane was salvageable. Only from the about half way, to the front end. 27 Indian Mig-29’s crashed killing most of the pilots. Of the 12 cruse missiles launched in Gulf, 4 crashed in Iran. Farmers complained of dead Camels, later resended. Payoff? Russian equipment is long on Hype, but short on performance. Russia can only afford to buy in blocks of 12-14, because of lack of funds.

  75. Lol you are replying to your fellow troll maks39 who is sitting next to you in that troll factory in St. Petersburg. Are you stupid or just following your boss’ order?

  76. Plenty of American made goods in supermarket plus many ethnic foods too. Obviously you haven’t been to one here so you must be in Moscow or more likely St. Petersburg and you assumed that shortages in your supermarkets also mean shortage in the US.

  77. Katrina showed us how bad the Bush Administration was. Don’t EVER tell a Vietnam Vet we fled from Vietnam, you little troll puke.

  78. Stealthiness not a concern for the Russians. Electronic warfare defeats all the crazy stealth war planes, radar, communications etc. USA admitted it is far behind in this field. Your F-15, F-16, F-22, F-35 will all be blinded when in confrontation with Russia. USA likes to talk much but at the moment being chickened out by Russia in Syria.

  79. Exactly and most Americans are too dumb to realize it yet. Russia will defeat America overnight. Russia is way more stealth than Americans think. Russia was the country that put the Sputnik into space before America.

  80. You forgot what happened in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.Just remember that my friend.And how Americans fled from Vietnam

  81. Correction. Russia won WW2, not America. Russia marched all the way to Berlin. Russia made Japan surrender, not the atomic bombs by USA.

  82. Of course ,after great victory in Vietnam the USA certainly will won the war with China and Russia, because they certainly will fight as allies.
    It is American lies that the USSR lost war in Afghanistan.Gorbachev just finished this war and took Soviet army back in the country.Soviet regime hag existed in Afganistan for 3 years and was destroyed by created by the USA Taliban and lack of money in government of Elcin.

  83. Russia is infested with Putin Mafia. They had a hold of Ukraine government until they got kicked out. They infested Crimea & took away all businesses from Ukraine’s. They started a war with Mafia thugs in East.

  84. The thing is what Americans don’t realize it is not conventional war. Americans are failing in cyber capabilities. If you want to defeat America hack there computer systems and satellites and make them useless and then the troops are sitting ducks.

  85. I’m an Asian farmer not a military man but reading the imputations herein that Russia can beat USA as some exerts say that this hallucinating writer used to amplify his dark motive to uplift the integrity of Putin in his country is pure horseshit. Simple to analyze that one doesn’t have to graduate in any defense academy, The first question is in what area of military prowess can Russia best USA like land sea and air none because as explicated herein yahoo USA has more and better Jet Planes and carriers than Russia, In ballistic missiles both are at par but USA as illustrated has the edge. In combat, Russian soldiers lost in the Afghan war so they withdrew, In Ukraine, Russian soldiers aided the pro Russians using their modern guns and tanks against a ragtag Ukrainian soldiers with crude armaments but it was a standstill. While these Americans invaded Iraq and in a couple of weeks it surrendered. Weird writer this Taimoor Khan writing an article that is baseless and merely lip service story to use as basis

  86. Neither were superior in number of troops. The lack of resupply over to long supply lines beat them more than Russia. You trolls are the most dishonest brain washed people I’ve ever seen.

  87. Hey guest you fools don’t want to admit it America lost Afghanistan that is why you are keeping 10,000 troops over there.

  88. Okay how is your high tech military doing in Iraq. America is a losing nation America has not won a war since WW2. America military is a joke it seems you people have the smart bombs but yet can’t defeat a bunch of goat herders without a airforce or a navy.

  89. US didn’t lose, VA lost troll. Not to unlike Korea. The country’s were left as we found them. Russia got pushed out of Afghanistan. A failure that collapsed the USSR. The same thing will happen to Putin led Russia.

  90. Russia’s rise to the top? Putin reduced corruption? Are you on drugs? Russia is a dysfunctional nation with a conscript army and corrupt also. They may have modern warplanes but very few and the US Air Force has counter measures to all the Russian aviation weaponry. The Russian navy is not a factor, lacking aircraft carriers and poor maintenance ensures defeat if they want to try the US Fleet. The Russian Air Force can’t afford smart bombs in Syria and so is content to use ‘dumb’ bombs which guarantee a high civilian body count. The bombing hasn’t stopped the rebels who are dealing heavy casualties to the Syrian Army and its allies. Russia deploys old air frames on some warplanes. If the planes are new, they are not completely tested and ground crews are not familiar with all the technical quirks of these planes. Less than 60% of dive bombers are operational on any one day. Most of the planes sit on the ground. Russia can win a war as long as they stick to attacking nations like Georgia and Moldova.

  91. Western & US nukes are about even. More than enough to destroy earth as we know it. Only Russia & it’s trolls like you threaten nukes, out of weakness.

  92. The Russians lost WW1 and the Afgan war in the 80s, for your info. They were about to lose WW2 if it wasn’t for the war supplies the Allies sent to Russiaback then. The Germans got within 13 miles from the Kremlin. The Russians are not invincible. Check yor facts, pal.

  93. Only in Russian History, in the fiction section of the library. Which claims Russia single handedly beat Germany. Russia went from partner to Hitler in Poland. Threatening to sign a truce with Hitler if they don’t start D-Day. Freeing up Germans to move to the western front. After massive aid from US Russia finally turned the battle against Germany. Just a hundred miles from Moscow. US & Allied bombing of Germany cut off supplies to Russian front.

  94. Stalin killed 25 million of his own people


    you too genocided 14 million of first nations (AmerIndians) and killed 2 million slaves only en-route to your shores, nobody counted how much after they landed…though I always think that people who use Stalin as an argument to say something about Russia of today are the same as those who use slavery and genocide of Indians as an argument talking about USA of today – but you started it first ;-)

  95. More than it would need to make both countries & most of the world unlivable.


    exactly…thats why better don’t threaten Russia

  96. Russian killed 1 million, lost 65k troops. Doesn’t look like a sucess story to me? You Russkies love to sugar coat a worse defeat than Neapolitan had in Russian. You even lost more soldiers than the Germans. Stalin killed 25 million of his own people.

  97. Out numbered by NATO 4-1…Tanks are too vulnerable


    exactly…thats why Russians will not send tanks against you – they will simply nuke you and “finita la comedia”

  98. Because he threatens to all the time & he’s a midget bully.


    OK, then cry us a river… maybe somebody will feel sorry for you

  99. 4 landed in Iran.


    take note – this “fact” was not attested even by US – it was another story invented by journalists to bash russians as usual, lol…but anyways to finish you it would be enough even 50% of those launched to reach you…even 10% would be right to the core, lol

  100. Out numbered by NATO 4-1. US first in military strength. Only Russia buys into WW2 type warfare. Tanks are to vulnerable to ant-tank weapons & aircraft. Assad lost 30-40 tanks & APC’s last month to TOWs.

  101. This is one of the most delusional notions I’ve seen in a long time. Fortunately for Russia, the Russian military know it as well. Their equipment is poorly designed and poorly maintained, their conscripts poorly trained (those that even DO speak Russian – many don’t). Their officers are too busy plundering their operational funds, and farming their troops out to local farmers and factories, where the soldiers work and the commanders reap all the payment from their work. None of their capital ships can put to sea without an ocean-going tugboat and a repair vessel, to make sure it doesn’t sink or break down while enroute.

    In any toe-to-toe slugfest, Russian blood would run ankle deep – and it would accomplish nothing.

  102. The majority of Russia’s biggest city’s, military complex’s, are in the western part of Russia. US civilian & military assets are over US. American subs surround Russia. Russia threatens first strike, & would be suicide.

  103. Not better, just cheaper, 64 million a astronaut. US is taking bids for civilian Company’s or European, for future Rockets.

  104. USA can take care of itself and the nation is not even on war footing. The industries are on peaceful production, soldiering is a part-time occupation for many reservists. There is no rationing and no mobilization. USA is a sleeping giant that should be left alone, because the last petty dictators to test America on total war footing, the Japanese emperor and the Nazi chancellor, had a very poor outcome.

  105. Israel has tested them in real time, Russia hasn’t. Their cruise missile launch was a bust. 4 landed in Iran. US launched 800 in Iraq War, all landed in Iraq. Russian equipment always falls short of the hype. Hows the T-50 working out for you dreamers?

  106. Guest asked :”How many times have you been on the moon? How many robots have you sent to Mars? How many probes have you sent to Venus & other plants? I thought so.


    you mean Russians,not me obviously…lets see – first automatic vehicles that managed to get to the Moon, Venus and Mars were all Russian, not american… –

    Luna 2 – Luna 2 (E-1A series) was the second of the Soviet Union’s Luna programme spacecraft launched to the Moon. It was the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the Moon, and the first man-made object to land on another celestial body.[1] On September 14, 1959, it successfully impacted east of Mare Imbrium near the craters Aristides, Archimedes, and Autolycus.

    The Mars 2 – was an unmanned space probe of the Mars program, a series of unmanned Mars landers and orbiters launched by the Soviet Union in the early 1970s. The Mars 2 and Mars 3 missions consisted of identical spacecraft, each with an orbiter and an attached lander. The orbiter is identical to the Venera 9 bus or orbiter. They were launched by a Proton-K heavy launch vehicle with a Blok D upper stage. The lander of Mars 2 became the first man-made object to reach the surface of Mars. On May 19, 1971

    Venera 9 – (Russian: ??????-9 meaning Venus 9), manufacturer’s designation: 4V-1 No. 660,[2] was a USSR unmanned space mission to Venus. It consisted of an orbiter and a lander. It was launched on June 8, 1975 02:38:00 UTC and had a mass of 4,936 kg (10,884 lb).
    The orbiter was the first spacecraft to orbit Venus, while the lander
    was the first to return images from the surface of another planet


    those were first steps -after that there were a lot of probes- you may google it yourself

  107. Can Russia beat the US in a fight? Certainly, but the question itself is misleading because it makes no attempt to identify exactly what kind of fight.

    There are so many variables to be taken into account that it is almost impossible to determine the outcome of any conflict scenario. For example any conflict has to have the economic, manufacturing and resource availability to back it up. This is what led to the downfall of Germany and Japan in WW2. In terms of economy Russia is certainly the weaker, though the US economy is also in decline. In terms of manufacturing capacity Russia probably holds a slight edge due to much of the US capacity being moved offshore, however capacity does not necessarily reflect capability in which the US holds a large advantage with its modern industrial base. In terms of resource potential Russia wins, but that potential is largely unavailable as the resources are undeveloped. Where as, while the US still has substantial resources available to it, the US has largely developed those resources over the last 100 years and has relatively easy access to much of them.

    So while Russia may well be able to stand toe to toe in many scenarios (as a number of highly placed US officials have suggested recently), long term its ability to wage a prolonged conflict is relatively weak. Russia appears to be well aware of this, hence its move into asymmetric warfare.

  108. Why would anyone want to invade that crap hole called Russia? Stalin threatened Churchill & FDR, that if they didn’t start D-Day. He was going to sign a peace treaty with Hitler, freeing up German troops to redeploy to western front. Yah right, Russia won WW2 al by themselves.

  109. You got me.. you’re right they would never sell their most advanced fighter they have ever created the t-50.. and many countries are wary of the possibility that it is not as stealthy or capable as Russia says it is..

  110. This is as debatable as religion is. O.K. Russia is twice the size of the US and they have 20% of the worlds fresh water in one lake alone, and more elsewhere; they have farms aplenty and fish,fowl,cows, pigs just like we do. Plenty of oil, gas, and mineral resources, the largest diamond field and plenty of uranium. The claim that they are slaves to oil revenue is convoluted by the fact that oil is a depleting energy resource; but for sanctions they will/and/or have changed direction to bring in allies. Russia isn’t locked down to the UN or NATO in all matters and appears to have sold a nuclear water desalinization plant to Egypt recently. America would have never sold any Muslim county anything nuclear, at least not in this era. Will Egypt get their nukes? And will Russia get anything back from Egypt other than cheap resorts on a seaside resort? Who really knows?

  111. Maybe because Putin actually reads defence assessments and briefings. Obama ignores them, plays golf and focusses all his energy on climate change.

  112. How many times have you been on the moon? How many robots have you sent to Mars? How many probes have you sent to Venus & other plants? I thought so.

  113. Of course Russia can beat the U.S. in armed conflict. Take a look at Putin and take a look at Obama. Putin is highly intelligent former KGB colonel, the real president, the real leader of his people, not to mention that in its long history, Russia never lost even a single war. On the contrary Obama, former black community organizer, junior senator, not to bright and grossly incompetent, selected fake president and a liar. In its short history, US never won even a single war. According to official US statistics, four out of ten Americans are mentally ill in one way or another, not to mention ignorant, stupid and idiotic. God forbids if there ever will be any nuclear war between Russia and US. Russia is capable to destroy the US in less than 30 minutes.

  114. Ummm i’ll disagree with you. A lot of Arabian countries are signing military deals with Russia including most resent 4 Billion Dollar deal with Algeria and those are the SU-30’s. Keep in mind that Russia’s S-300 air defense system is a hot sale in Arab countries right now which Russia sold only to few countries. Russia poses S-400 air defense system that is not for sale until S-500 is up and running. Don’t think that Russians are stupid, worst mistake you can ever make.

  115. Eric you failed miserably. Russian Veit Cong coalition was beaten. US should have leveled NV & sunk the Russian ships in the harbors. Johnson pulled the plug. No troll knows American History as well as any American. Another unintelligent remark, Taliban & Al Qaeda were enemy’s of Afghans & Russians. US bombed Al Qaeda training camps often barely missing Osama. Obama did what Bush failed to do in 2 terms, kill Osama. In Afghanistan US lost 2,358 military, Russia 65k. We were asked to remain & have 15k trainers in partnership with AA. Who got the drubbing troll?

  116. Afghanistan was sponsored and trained by Washington all those years, on top of that the US supplied Taliban with newer weapons that caught the Russians by surprise (heat seeking rocket launcher). Another factor that played big role in that war was Russian corruption. Russian high up generals been selling Russian weapons to CIA and CIA agents later supplied the Taliban. They were dragging that war to make more money of it. Talking about war criminals.

  117. Russian technology is definitely on the “radar” they have to sell some of their most advanced weapons just to fund the research and still can’t afford the number it wants in its own military.. You don’t know who I am or where I’ve been, and I don’t care who you are, obviously you are no expert. 99.9 percent of people commenting on these articles aren’t experts… guess I should have shown my credentials before commenting.

  118. If anything, looks like Russia gets more bang for its buck and the folks at pentagon/white house are taking US tax payers for a ride.

  119. US in Vietnam & Russia failure in Afghanistan have nothing in commonality. Veitnam & Korea is more similar. Fought to a draw, but SVA collapsed were SKA didn’t. Russia got a real butt kicking & left in disgrace. Afghan Army is strong but Taliban is a suborn formidable opponent. I’s helpful that Pakistan no longer a shelter but a battle ground.

  120. I think your parrot have more brain and common sense than you are. I’d like to see your ass on front line against Russia with that hunting rifle you mentioned above.

  121. Joe: And you know this about Russia because you are the military expert? Any credibility in the world arena? I’d like to read your earlier piece on Russia. Any country that you know US army attacked successfully without firing a single shot? Russia have that on their belt, that should tell us we should never underestimate capability of another army that been under radar for such a long time.

  122. Are we talking about the same Russia whose main battle tanks couldn’t even drive the Moscow parade route without stalling out? They might have some flashy hardware but none of it is battle proven nor do their soldiers have any experience. The only thing they have over the US is a leader who loves his country and does whatever he can to put it in a position of power, not handicap it as Obama has done.

  123. and when they are ready in a year or two, it will be “Hasta la vista, baby” to you Russians!


    yet we are talking about today, not about events in a year or two….as for in a year or two – russians are also not sleeping , they are developing new spacecraft and it is a big question wether american one will be better or worse then a russian one…

  124. They got s300 s 400 which is anti aircraft


    they got EVERYTHING, not only anti-aircraft systems

    The A-135 (NATO: ABM-3) anti-ballistic missile system is a Russian military complex deployed around Moscow to counter enemy missiles targeting the city or its surrounding areas. It became operational during 1995, being a successor to the previous A-35, and compliant with the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty from which the US unilaterally withdrew in 2002.

    also S-500 will be put in service in 2017 – The S-500 “Samoderzhets (??????????)” (“Autocrat”) is a Russian surface-to-air missile (mainly Anti-ballistic missile) system. It is also known as 55R6M “Triumfator-M.” The S-500 is a new generation surface-to-air missile system and is not an upgraded S-400 or S-300 system. It is designed for intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles and for air defense against Airborne Early Warning and Control, Airborne Warning and Control System, and jamming aircraft. With a planned range of 600 km (373 mi) Anti Ballistic Missile (ABM) and 400 km for the air defense,[2]
    the S-500 would be able to detect and simultaneously engage up to 10 ballistic supersonic targets flying at a speed of 5 kilometres per second (18,000 km/h)

    Also s-400 is not only anti-aircraft – it intercepts short-range ballistic missiles as well, same about Tor (SA-15 “Gauntlet”)

  125. This is a Russian military puff piece…. Russia is not advanced or as strong as the US.. they are making strides in modernizing and implementing new technology into their military.. but the technology isn’t as integrated as the US militarys. Training and skill level isn’t quite there yet either.. but soon if Russia’s economy holds up in the next ten years and if the US doesn’t grow it’s military(which it will), Russia may be an equal or even exceed the US. Technically the only way Russia could even possibly “win” would be with nuclear weapons. That is why Russian propaganda keeps on bringing up nukes.. no one will win if the US or Russia go to war, you can count on that!

  126. The US was not ALLOWED to win Viet Nam. For instance: Our pilots saw the NV building air strips and deploying military hardware but were not allowed to take them out. Instead they were ordered to bomb a pile of coal. You don’t win wars that way, you lose them. LBJ and Lady Bird owned stock in Belle Helicopters and Brown and Root as well as several munitions manufacturers. Every bomb dropped, every bullet fired and every helo downed was a cha ching in their worthless pockets. They WANTED the war to last as long as possible. Russia on the other hand COULDN’T defeat Afghanistan, even though they had every intention to do so. So yes, you’re right, it is a foolish comparison.

  127. Did a computer write this? This computer should be destroyed. The BBC and Reuters and RT all confirmed there was no annexation of Crimea. It was a legal Russian – Ukrainian pact.

  128. Defeating a guerrilla force is difficult. You need numbers and the willingness to accept causalities and dish them out. It could take decades. After the Vietnam experience getting involved in guerrilla warfare is something we need to avoid. You can win, but you have to send in a half million to 750 thousand men and tear up the “rules of engagement.”

  129. Exactly right. Like the up and comers who like to say we lost the war in Iraq. Iraq signed a SURRENDER to us in Desert Storm. And they think that’s a loss??? Then in Iraqi Freedom, we decimated their military. The last tank battle was in 03 but they think we lost b/c it’s become a political conflict. Our military is designed to fight other military’s, not insurgents. And military vs military there is none on earth that could go head to head with the US. Like Lt Gen Michael Mosley said of Saddam’s Elite Republican Guard: “I think it’s interesting when people say we are softening them up. We’re not softening them up, we’re killing them.”

  130. I wonder what this guy is smoking? Russia’s economy is at best the size of California’s. It’s heavily dependent on Oil sales which are easily choked off. The Use of Nukes by Russia would kill a billion people. and leave them devastated. The Russians don’t have a viable blue water navy. Nor do they have a port where they can build the Super Carrier they are boasting of. Let alone the experience it takes to handle carriers. The Black Sea ships can be stopped by two old men with hunting rifles at the Dardanelles. In spite of their new tanks it will take years to deploy them to all units, meanwhile they have to rely on stuff that’s not all that good.

  131. However when we protect our allies and our interests, you will say we’re being provocative. But Russia protecting it’s allies and it’s interest is perfectly ok and by no means provocative. And Russia threatening us with nuclear annihilation is just small talk right?

  132. Russia couldn’t take Afghanistan either, and Russia took 3 times more casualties than the US did in 9 years than the US did in 14 years.

  133. usa couldn’t defeat Taliban, ! china would also defeat usa in a war. US always needs help en fighting foreign wars. its no wonder UK, Germany and France decided to join china lead world bank(including Russia). they know who will control world politics for the next 100 yrs

  134. If the USA had not sent the Soviets Millions of tons of Military Aid when the Germans were at Moscow’s Door, Russia would be fertilizer on German Farms today!

  135. I do not know or care who writes this Bulshyt, but Russia is in no way ready for a head to head military confrontation with the West. We forget that Russia was taking lessons for warfighting one year before from Germany. Yes, Putin has improved the totally dilapidated state of his Military. But he knows that only under the Kenyan Fraud’s chronic hesitation could his forces even begin to hurt us. We should ship this Fraud out on a rail back to Kenya nd begin the repair process.

  136. That moron Putin couldn’t understand that in order to be respected by the rest of the world, being a militaristic bully doesn’t cut it! He should look to countries like China, although still undemocratic, that decided to earn respect by becoming an economic powerhouse. What does Russia export nowadays other than oil, gas and arms? Nothing worth buying or that can’t be bought elsewhere!

  137. We America asks if Russia will fight back, asking if there is a Cold War is stupid. The alternative press better turn this show around. Your losing the Dollar and you could lose NATO.

  138. We have to use Russian rockets to get to and from the ISS because that idiot Bush and decided to phase out the Space Shuttle before a replacement was available and the lesser idiot Obama and dumb and dumber Republicans didn’t make the space program a priority. But make no mistake; we have private companies testing new manned spacecraft that are better and less expensive than the Shuttle and when they are ready in a year or two, it will be “Hasta la vista, baby” to you Russians!

  139. We’re also in planes for 1.5 years in Syria and Iraq and arming “Moderate Rebels, whatever that means and Kurds”. While as the same time, allowing Turkey to bomb those same Kurds. Nothing has changed

  140. Don’t forget President Bush, as he was sitting next to Putin when the Russians invaded Georgia. What did Bush do? Oh, looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul…

  141. So our President should have control over other Presidents? I see Putin as saying to our President current and former, you can’t dictate world policy anymore. Other countries have interests as well.

  142. Well if they could beat US then we need to send a lot of crooks in US military to jail then? After all we spend 42% of WORLD’s entire military spending and Russia just 6%. Clearly US leads in technology in the country too.

  143. Taimoor Khan, by the way, when the two are “coming to blows.”
    It appears, like in the past, ultimately they will agree on to share the world’s hegemony between the two of them.

  144. You’re both wrong. Russia(USSR rather) was very successful in Afghanistan for a time–Afghanistan became the DRA(Democractic Republic of Afghanistan), a very prosperous country with a high standard of living. It was secular, women were getting higher education. All that didn’t sit well with the US. Why? Because Afghanistan was the USSR’s sphere of influence, i.e “the evil commies were stifling the freedoms of democracy-starved mujaheddin”. So, the US armed and trained them along with Bin Laden, gave them the stinger missiles and other arms, and destabilized Afghanistan(eventually taking it back to the stone age).

  145. Well, it doesn’t, but the West has tools to adjust it. Secondly, there were no sanctions against USSR. It went down in 1991 because they ran out of money, and their collapse began in mid-1970s when the oil crisis broke out. Today’s Russia isn’t half as powerful as the SU was, so it won’t stand that long, two years tops. And then it’ll be curtains, no matter if you want to surrender or not.

    As to the people sufferering, well, it’s their choice, they elect their leaders and they should pay the price if the choice is wrong. History knows many such examples, the most telling one being Germans in 1945.

    And one more thing: the past form of “hurt” is “hurt”, not “hurted”. Learn English, my friend!

  146. What? They got s300 s 400 which is anti aircraft, did you imagine from us land base nuke, sub and long range bomber by the hundreds think about that and with nato nukes got it? Still it depends in accuracy with obsolete equipment and poor budget haizzst

  147. can be intercepted if it goes all the way from Russia and if there are few of those launched …much more difficult to intercept if it is launched from under the water from nuclear sub in proximity to US shores…but absolutelly impossible to intercept ALL of those that Russia can launch at once…as for defence missiles, Russia has those same as USA

  148. Just as they have an agenda in the Ukraine, in the Balkans, in the Med, and in the Arctic. To think Russia simply wants to rid the world of terrorists and be friends with everyone is preposterous.

  149. That’s really the difference between a conventional military fight and COIN. As you said, if the goal was total annihilation, Afghanistan would have fallen to the Russians. The same with the US. If the US had the goal of simply wiping out Vietnam, Afghanistan, or Iraq, it wouldn’t have taken ten years.

  150. more nukes okay can it hit that target? it will be intercepted by thaads and other blanket defense missiles. does russia has this?

  151. You should just go to Moscow or Aleppo and give them all your support.
    While I do think we should have stayed out of Syria, stating Assad is a better man is preposterous. You obviously have no recollection of his actions during the Arab Spring, when civilians were being run over in the street by tanks or simply gunned down by snipers. And what about his use of mustard and chlorine gases on civilians? Yeah, real swell fellow.

  152. Of Course they have an Agenda – Russia is Syria’s Ally and they are protecting their Interests. The Saudis, et al, want Assad out because he won’t let them put a gas pipeline through Syria, thereby cutting Russia’s trade with Europe. And Israel wants Assad and iIran out, because their plan has been to take over the Middle East, all along.

  153. So many things wrong with this article that I don’t even know where to begin.

    The first thing that comes to mind is the header, talking about the proverbial my dad can beat your dad. Talking about being childish. I’m not a rocket scientist, but I do know than one nuclear attack, started by them, us doesn’t really matter who started it or who finished it, because there will not be a place to live. Now, if anybody believes that a pyrrhic victory is a victory, call me I have several bridges for sale. I’m sure that those who “manage” to survive will envy those gone first.

    Now about the statements about the demise of the USSR, there are those people, including the author, so stupid to think that because Gorbachov was a good man, a Stalin wannabe couldn’t have kept the Soviet Union together? We all know that if communist China is still very much the third wheel in this race to annihilate the world, why couldn’t have Russia that was, depending on point of view, 2nd or first. Dismantling the USSR was not due to military considerations, nor political implications. It was due to Gorbachov wanting to have a democracy, which BTW looking at actions and not words, Russia is more democratic than America. Go figure!

    Now for the most stupid, within many, statement, this: “Not so long ago, such claims of Russians having an army as good as that of the United States would have been laughed off.” has to take the cake.

    I have said it before many times and people, ahem the author here, see what he wants to see and nothing else. Impartiality, necessary to picture a true picture of a world where good is evil and bad is good is more necessary than agendas. I can’t pinpoint what the author’s agenda is, but if Russia was the laughing stock of the powers to be, including the Nazis and Americans, does the author knows what ever happened in The Battle Of Stalingrad?

    Is, the author, a la Cheney, wanting to re-write history when history doesn’t fit his agenda?

    There are numerous military and civilian experts in military matters and specifically in Russia’s affairs and they all agreed that hadn’t been for the Russians, the world would be sprechen sie Deustch.

    And obviously, the Russians didn’t have the expertise to make better weapons then than the ones they now have. Now, it’s logical, that if Russia defeated the best army the Nazis had with David’s slingshot, what does this indicate about the certain agenda by the author?

    If America was laughing at the USSR then and they defeated the most powerful army ever assembled, doesn’t that imply that all those who tried before and got burned, are, were underestimating Russia and his military capabilities? Hitler thought that he could take Russia with his “Blitzkrieg ” campaign and look it here, it was his downfall. In other words, he went to look for wool and came back sheared and in that process of taking over Russia he lost, in one battle, not only the battle of Stalingrad, but his life also.

    The other baloney this “author” is peddling is his view of the-here we go again, trying to re-write history and failing miserably-“annexation of Crimea.” Crimea has been conquered by many invaders, but Russia took it in the 18th century and that is as legal as America, although maybe not morally correct, taken over Guantanamo. Although there is a big difference, Crimea is next to Russia and the whole world knows that it was a GIFT by Nikita Kruschev to Ukraine, obviously because he thought Ukraine was going to be communist forever. Since America, NATO, Europe saw the need to overthrowing Yanucovich by making the CIA sponsored mercenaries an offer they couldn’t refuse, that to me means that the deal is off. Ergo, no annexation here. If the British can populated an island thousands of miles away and call it British because the population knows, as the monkey, which side to choose, why Russia can’t claim Crimea its territory when the democracies of the West gambled and lost?

    If people could see with impartiality what the fourth power doesn’t dare to touch with a 10′ pole, doesn’t it mean that others w/o an agenda can’t see things as they are.? 97% of the citizens of Crimea chose to remain as part of Russia, ergo, what ever happened to the freedom of the citizens to choose what kind of government to have. Democracy doesn’t imply a certain government, no, siree Bob, it means the people choose their own form of government, be socialist, communist, a theocracy or none of the cited. Actually, to call this democracy of ours a democracy is to give democracy a bad name. Whatever happened to minorities, women, native Americans since the inception, foundation of this “Christian” nation? It proclaimed to the four corners of the Earth that “All men are created equal” but refused to include those three groups. By minority I mean black slaves. Even today, America is well known around the world for being a plutocracy, not a democracy. Since this “rant”, as some who don’t agree might call it, is going a bit long, let me cut this a tad short, because I still have more things to say.

  154. Little nations like Georgia or Ukraine? If Russia is so awesome, why aren’t there troops on the ground? You know, the flaw in the Syria plan is choosing to stay safe in your airplanes while hoping the Iranians and Syrians could achieve some success on the ground. That plan is proven to be a failure up til now. But you wont’ see Russian troops on the ground fighting ISIL, because they know it would be a complete disaster.

  155. Russia was torn to shreds in Afghanistan? The Russians attempted to bring Afghanistan into the Soviet sphere, but were unsuccessful due to a lack of resolve. However, only an idiot would consider it a defeat of Russia. Russia could render Afghanistan or practically any continental region lifeless within 24 hours. It was the same for the US in Viet Nam. The US was not defeated; it was unable to bring the necessary power to the region due to politics at home.

  156. Beware of the enemy from within. Regardless of how strong Putin’s military becomes, his having control over our President, is far more potent a challenge for America. I have made the prediction that there will soon be an event on our soil, most likely in Washington D.C., blamed on ISIS, but engineered by Putin with Mr. Obama’s knowledge and consent. This event will be the trigger for Martial Law in America, and will occur PRIOR to our November elections, so that no other challenger could reverse Obama’s Coup. Once this occurs, Obama will suspend elections indefinitely and of course, put our Constitution on the back seat burner. He will remain in power aiding Putin, mostly through inaction, holding back American retaliation and our military while Russia gobbles up most of the world (just as it is starting to do now in Eastern Europe and the Middle East). Americans will be led to believe that Mr. Obama is our savior and protector during this period, and his control over all our media will cement this lie in the minds of our citizens. My prediction can be proven inaccurate. If Mr. Obama actually hands over the keys to the White House to someone else on January 20th, 2017, I will owe him an apology for thinking he is a traitor. I will be proven wrong, and will resign myself to the fact that instead of being a KGB Mole, Mr. Obama is merely the most incompetent President this nation has ever had. Either way, I doubt we’ll all survive his tenure.

  157. Of Course, Russia has an Agenda – They are protecting their Interests. They want Assad out, so they can put an Oil and gas pipeline through Syria, so they can cut Russia out of their gas business.

  158. Russia fought in Afghanistan with no rules of engagement or motivation to nation build and still lost. The fact is, conventional militaries are meant to fight conventional militaries, not root out insurgencies while nation building.

  159. Only way Russia took out the nazi’s was with the help of the allies economic war aid and opening the second front in Europe that diverted Germany’s military resources. If this did not happen, the result’s on the eastern front would have been different. A probable outcome would have been a stalemate when both sides exhausted themselves in the fighting. WW1 was a disaster for Russia, lost the Cold War, Afghanistan was their Vietnam. Your analysis is somewhat flawed.

  160. Real difference between conventional fighting and COIN. And what country has “won” a counter insurgency? Russia had zero rules of engagement in Afghanistan and still turned tale after 9 years.

  161. Sounds like you’ve gladly bought into the Russian information campaign. Only a fool thinks the US is the only country with an agenda.

  162. I find it laughable when people look at how the US handled COIN operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and think the military is no longer effective. It’s way too easy to confuse conventional military might with a country’s ability to nation build with extreme rules of engagement. The two are not remotely the same. And the only reason you aren’t seeing Russians being sent home in body bags out in Syria is they’ve chosen (smartly) to remain in airplanes while letting the Iranians and Syrians (poorly) handle the ground game.

  163. Another BS story to Scare people into accepting our politicians throwing more money at the Military Industrial Complex. Russia isn’t the World’s Bogeyman. We Are.

  164. Stating the US has a history of losing wars shows your ignorance to war itself. I think you’re confusing COIN operations and conventional fighting. Which conventional military has the US lost to? The last one we fought was the Iraqi military, which at the time was the fourth largest military in the world and didn’t last long at all. I’ll give you the US didn’t do so well in Afghanistan (neither did Russia, mind you), Vietnam, or Iraq (post invasion). But when has a conventional military faired well against an insurgency? Colombia, one of the best trained militaries in South America, has been fighting the FARC since the 1950’s. And they have home turf. Militaries are made to destroy militaries, not nation build while rooting out a county’s insurgency with severely restrictive rules of engagement.
    And which wars is Russia winning? Georgia? Ukraine? How did they do in Afghanistan? Russia lost anywhere between 8 and 10 MILLION in WW2. Did they win that as well? How do you think they’d fare by putting troops on the ground in Syria? Exactly, which is why they’re hanging out in airplanes while the Iranians and Syrians peter out on the ground.

  165. Why can’t people understand that our economy is fu When we talk about military spending it is a bogus value. Russia gets vastly more for it’s spending than the US gets. Especially because the Russians have been able to remove a lot of their government corruption by reforming their country. The United States desperately needs such reform but is not capable of sustaining it because it’s entire economy is built upon an empire that must fall during the necessary reforms. We have to let go of our provinces and rebuild our nation!!

  166. Citing Politico as “one of the most respected and authentic military magazines in the world” immediately takes away one’s credibility. Posting an article on “Valuewalk” does the same.

  167. Its not the RUSSIAN people anymore then its the American people you Dumb A Its the Russian Gov/PUTIN .. Pull your head out ..

  168. Valuewalk continues to impress as the outlet for wanna be journalists who are one step below writing obits in the newspaper. The only requirement to get your stuff posted here is write the most outlandish, idiotic thing you can think of in semi-coherent english.
    Yes, Russia can beat us in an armed conflict. Sounds lucid. Wait, what’s that? The US Air Force is the world’s largest in the world, following closely by the US Marine Corps and Navy’s? US military budget is 8 times the size of Russia’s? US Navy is twice as large and more modern that Russia’s? US has twice as many ground forces as that of Russia, including the fact Russia is majority conscript?
    Again, pure drivel.

  169. James M wrote :”Now how much technology is in them and how u deploy them does matter, US has means to launch all over the world, lets not forget the nuclear sub fleet.


    Russia too has nuclear sub fleet and can launch all over the world…and don’t forget that Russian territory is TWICE bigger then that of US – it means it is TWICE easier for Russia to “cover” all of US territory by nuclear strikes then for US to “cover” russian territory for “90% of Russian military is outdated” – I think this article exactly shows that it is not so anymore…

  170. You really think Russian Meth is better?
    I wonder then why Americans use drugs twice the rate Russians do? Now have another hit and inject urself or sniff that white crap u’ve been sniffing for years LOL

  171. the difference between Russians and American is: Russians can work for free.
    During USSR collapse Russians weren’t paid for MONTHS!
    but every morning they’d get up and go to work.
    Now ask Yourself: if You don’t get Your paycheck on time will You go to work?
    The other difference: Russians own homes, not mortgages.
    That’s right, all the housing sector was privatised in the 90th.
    One more: majority of Russians have kitchen gardens or suburban homes where they grow own food. pesticides and all chemical sh1t free.
    How do I know that? My wife is Russian and I’ve visited Russia a few times.
    Far East of Russia to be exact.
    PS. My neighbours older Canadian couple doing just that. I guess Canadians used to have the same life style but new generation is just plain lazy. no wonder North American population is so fat!.

  172. 90% of russian military is outdated. # of nukes is really irrelevant when u talking in the thousands, after that ur just building em to say u have this many. Now how much technology is in them and how u deploy them does matter, US has means to launch all over the world, lets not forget the nuclear sub fleet. in every category but tanks US out does russia, but again old technology, US tanks well the newer tanks can move 55mph over rough terrain and hit its targets with pin point accuracy. As for any other category US exceeds russia in # by far and also technology.

  173. A article from a media company you never heard of, by a author with a Russian sounding name,Taimoor Khan. Just the other day a almost identical article was posted on the same subject by a even more Russian sounding author. Planes, ships are inferier & troops lack modivation & experience. NATO is 4 times bigger & equally well equipped. They couldn’t push their volunteers & rebels to open up a land bridge to Crimea. This was against a under equipped but motivated Ukraine Army.

  174. Leaders of both the US and Russia understand that a real war between the two countries would be catastrophic. The only war the two would be engaged in is a war of words, publicity, and economics. Someone would have had to be dropped on their head to consider an armed conflict between the two superpowers as a real possibility.

  175. Jarrod I hate to ruin Your parade but in ANY country people can achieve prosperity if they work hard! Even in Africa let alone Russia.
    all the BS about Russians wanting to go to the States is nothing but BS!
    Check the facts: Russia is # 2 immigration heaven, right after the States. But then again US population is 2X of Russia’s.
    Now why so many ppl want to go there is it so bad on da first place?
    A for “”i know of no other nation in the world” again check the facts:
    US is on 11th place in the world in terms of prosperity. the article “prosperity index” just came out yesterday.
    Canada is # 5! yeah baby, I’m proud Canadian!

  176. Where would this hypothetical conflict occur? In Ukraine, Eastern Europe? American logistics capabilities are superior so anywhere outside of close proximity to Russia would tilt the balance in a conventional conflict.

  177. Stop talking crap!
    Inventory or money have nothing to do with it. with all the inventory and money available US wasn’t able to beat tiny Vietnam, Korea, and such. US is only capable of bullying little nations and bombing them from above. I remember Bush bragging: We dominate the skies in Iraq! WTF? Iraq didn’t even have air force! Well Bush is famous for talking nonsense lol
    Only in Grenada US did won.
    yep, huge country with a population of like 100 or 150 thousand people?
    Yeh baby, US FTW! LOL

  178. No, militarily, the N. Viets did not beat the U.S. In nearly every instance the combat forces met, the U.S. was the clear victor. But politically we did squander our advantage; stopping the bombing campaign and failing to reinstate it was fatal, as was failing to interdict the enemy supply lines in Laos and Cambodia. But you are correct, the enemies gov’t was more determined than ours. Our military won the battles and our politicians lost the war.

  179. The only reason the US “lost” previous engagements was because it had no clear mandate for its military and there was too much meddling by the administrations. I the US ever got into an all-out-no restrictions where the SU military is just told to win – there is no country that can defeat the US. Period.

  180. Suggesting that Russia is currently capable of defeating the U.S. and NATO in a land war on the European continent is preposterous. The Russians are outnumbered in every category. Now, I’m wondering why even a Russian troll would put out such nonsense. All they have to do is go to Google and research “order of battle,” for each nation and their allies.

  181. we landed a car size rover on Mars


    indeed but you can’t get your astronauts to International Space Station without Russian help anymore, right?

  182. before reporting this, you should do an inventory U.S. overall weapons versus Russia.


    I think it is enough to remember that Russia has more nukes then USA – so what for to calculate number of tanks?

  183. Vietnam beat the US fair and square. In a conventional war, if the enemy is determined to fight, you might lose no matter what kind of weapons you have. Both these so-called superpowers were defeated by smaller, more determined enemies before. Just remember Vietnam and Afghanistan.

  184. In my visits to Russia, the people dream of being able to escape Russia and study abroad in places like the United States


    I hear it again and again from Americans, but they can’t understand one simple thing – ordinary russians would not mingle and talk to US citisens in Russia – only those who indeed want to go to USA would make conversations with you and share with you their dreams – how many of those are there among russians? – 1% ? – well, 1% of 147 million population is nearly 1,5 million people – a lot…yet, QUOTE FROM WIKI :

    “There are an estimated 4 million illegal immigrants from the ex-Soviet states in Russia.[1]
    In 2012, the Russian Federal Security Service’s Border Service stated there had been an increase in illegal migration from the Middle East and South Asia.[2] Under legal changes made in 2012, illegal immigrants who are caught will be banned from reentering the country for 10 years”….AND THOSE ARE ILLEGALS ! – what about legal immigration to Russia? – here is some info from US press:

    The National Interest

    Mary Elizabeth Malinkin

    August 10, 2014

    Russia: The World’s Second-Largest Immigration Haven

    “Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity”—President Obama recently stated in an interview with The Economist, while making a larger point about Russia’s receding role in the world.
    While much of his commentary on the overall state of affairs in Russia
    was accurate, his comments on a lack of immigrants in Moscow revealed a
    blind spot in his view of global-migration movements—immigrants have been rushing to Moscow for the last twenty years, and not only to Moscow, but to cities all over Russia.
    According to UN Population Division estimates, as of 2013, the Russian Federation was second only to the United States in the sheer number of immigrants.
    This is a fact that continues to elude many Americans as, justifiably
    or not, Russia is commonly thought of as a place to leave rather than a
    place to which to move.

  185. Any attempt to compare the Afghan defeat to the Vietnam defeat is foolish and lacked any rational bases.
    Russia helped the vietnamese defeat the Americans, and Vietnam has ever since remained a stunch allie of the Russians. America helped the Islamists defeat the Russians, and what ? Did the Afghans become American allies, Nope. Was Russia attacked from a plan that was incubated in Vietnam? But the attack that was carried out in in 9/11 against America was planed and incubated in Aghanistan. So who was defeated in both Aghanistan and Vietnam? America. So stop comparing Russia and America, as regards foreign policies failures. American will never admit they failed in both countries, Russia did not completly in Afghanistan.

  186. February 11 2015: The entire fleet of Su-24 TACTICAL BOMBERS was grounded as a result of SECOND crash in as many weeks. Dont believe me? Im not a coRUpSIAN troll, i got facts:

    February 11 2015: coRUpSIAs ability to detect any potential ICBM’s launched their way was limited to only a few hours a day. Dont believe me? Im not a coRUpSIAN troll, i got facts:

    April 7 2015: coRUpSIAN submarine caught fire while on repairs. Dont believe me? Im not a coRUpSIAN troll, i got facts:

    April 23 2015: State of the art S-300 missile system, currently deployed in Syria to deter US planes, FAILED TO LAUNCH. Dont believe me? Im not a coRUpSIAN troll, i got facts:

    March 6 2015: Brand new state of the art “Armata” MBT stalled during the parade for the whole world to see. One can imagine midget Shytyns face in embarassement standing next to Xi. DOnt believe me? Im not a coRUpSIAN troll, i got facts:

    June 8th 2015: The entire fleet of Tu-95 “Bear” STRATEGIC BOMBERS was grounded as a result of one of its engines catching fire. Im talking about all 62 Tu-95 GROUNDED. Dont believe me? Im not a coRUpSIAN troll, i got facts:

    Jul. 3 2015: The entre fleet of MiG-29 fighter jets was grounded after one of them crashed during a routine training exercise. Dont believe me? Im not a coRUpSIAN troll, i got facts:

    July 12 2015: coRUpSIAN Army barracks collapses killing 23 subhuman radioactive MUTANTS. Dont believe me? Im not a coRUpSIAN troll, i got facts:

    Oh yeah, coRUpSIA is ready for war…

  187. Lets be somewhat honest: US will not send land armies to Europe to fight Russia nor to Asia to fight the Chinese….Use of nukes can only result in an unacceptable mutual destruction…SO ??? Diplomacy and realism to achieve Modus Vivendi between the Major Powers with a breathing space for ALL others…

  188. Hey mister, before reporting this, you should do an inventory U.S. overall weapons versus Russia. You should check how many standing army, air force , navy and marines versus Russia. The U.S. alone packs a devastating force in it’s 11 super carriers, Ohio Class Subs and Stealth Nuclear Bombers side from those in the SILOS all over U.S,. continent. You should check does Russia and China have ANTI ICBM Missiles? Russia DID NOT INVEST NOR BUILD MISSILES THAT INTERCEPT IN COMING LAUNCHED ICBM.It only has S-400 for targeting air crafts in the sky. so summing up do you think Russia has a chance? I surely bet a BIG NO. Not a chance.

  189. Driving a tank has nothing to do with being about to destroy it. It’s it’s old ass armor and the A12 wahog with its depleted urethane shells going right through the T72 armor and our tanks with chum armor which is the best armor that can take a direct hit from any other tank in the world that will take out even more T72s. But I guess you will come back and say the Russian tank drivers are better than Americans tank drivers. And the logic here is even if the Russians have built up there old ass military the US hasn’t just been still on there ass they too have been and always improving on there military too. So Russia may have improved but we have gotten better. And continue to advance with new technology every day.

  190. Anthony, interesting to hear your perspective. As hated as we may be, we are still a country where the average man can achieve prosperity if he is willing to work hard. And while race, religion and class divide people of all nations, I know of no other nation in the world where foreign people have prospered so greatly. In my visits to Russia, the people dream of being able to escape Russia and study abroad in places like the United States. So while you may be jealous of the US ability to exploit the market, there is no other place where so many live with such a high quality of life.

  191. You have no idea what happens in a confrontation with NATO. All those oil revenues you have now , well in a war with the west half of it disappears. All the lng that’s flowing out of Australia and heading to China will begin heading to Europe. The US will immediately lift the export ban and our shale producers will put a 1000 rigs back on line. Any business you have with Europe will dry up for at least a decade. You have obviously not played this scenario out very far. For every ship you sink two will be built. Look what happens to America when faced

    with global war , we put our industrial might to work. Russia couldn’t even begin to match that.

  192. maggot?…I can imagine who are you, lol….I did my research and posted results here…but even without research only a maggot like you can think that a person with pakistani name can be a russian, lol !!!

  193. This article is typical pro-Kremlin propaganda that is orchestrated by Kremlin itself. There are many sold-out journalists in Western mass-media who glorify evil regime in Russia and increase Kremlin political stakes to desired level. Indeed, Russian military forces are obsolete and non-competitive to US power. Should Russians undertake any attempt to confront US military they will be defeated with no chance to bite back. The article is crap and serves a purpose to influence readers in the course of oncoming election campaign in US.

  194. The article is wrong, but you are crazy if you think that Russia wants a war–typical perspective of someone who gets all his information from the distorted news. Travel there and meet some Russians, they have no interest in anything but a decent life for themselves and to be able to determine their own fate.

  195. We still have overwhelming air superiority


    not in space though, right?….do you include interContinental missiles in your notion of air superiority? – if YES, then I doubt US has any superiority in that compared to Russians.

  196. We do have overwhelming air superiority. Unfortunately our military has grown so strong that the urge to constantly use it is overwhelming.

  197. Love the pictures above. Putin was like, “You’re a big pussy, Obama. Why don’t you bend over so I can fuck you in the ass.” and then Obama replies, “wait now, hold on, before I allowed you last time you did it, you promised you would stop embarrassing my presidency when you had your forces in Ukraine for the whole world to see, now you’re doing it again in Syria; can you please stop it, Daddy!”

  198. What a truly stupid comment. What part is a lie? Or did you just stop at “I like Russia” and triggered your venom button?

  199. What moron wrote this article. The only way russia stands up to NATO is with their nuclear arsenal. In a conventional war there would be no contest. I’m not saying there wouldn’t be heavy losses. I’m saying that russia would not have the ability to hold off NATO for long. How would they pay for a protracted war. Without a doubt 50% of their foreign revenues would be shutoff. The writer of this article has not given his analysis much thought.

  200. The US tasted a heavy defeat in Vietnam. The Soviets tasted a heavy defeat in Afghanistan.


    what exactly do you mean by “Soviet defeat in Afganistan” if pro-Soviet regime in Afganistan lasted 3 years after Soviets left Afganistan in 1989 and it (pro-Soviet regime in Afganistan) even survived longer then Soviet Union itself !!!! – Soviet Union stopped to exist on December 25, 1991 while pro-Soviet regime in Afganistan collapsed on april 16, 1992 – and thus the regime established by Soviet Union in Afganistan OUTLASTED Soviet Union itself !!!……..where is Soviet defeat here????

    I think it is propaganda narrative that Soviets were defeated in Afganistan – it takes 3 minutes to google wikipedia to realise that Soviets in fact were pretty much succesfull in Afganistan and they left pro-Soviet regime behind (after Soviet Army left Afganistan in 1989)…

  201. This news article is completely bogus, as it puts Russia’s military capabilities on too high of a pedestal.

    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, Russia has not been able to keep pace with the United States military — especially the U.S. Navy and Air Force. Russia has built very few ships over the course of the past 25 years, as evidenced by the fact that most of its ships are left over from the Soviet Union days.
    That is why Russia so desperately needed to purchase the two French-built Mistral-Class big deck amphibious ships, which would have included transfer of the shipbuilding technologies of the ships to Russia, as additional ships would have been built in Russian shipyards. But with the cancellation of the program, Russia lost its chance on giving its shipbuilders a much-needed shot in the arm.

    And Russia may have produced a few modern fighter aircraft (some of which have recently fallen out of the sky), but they have not even come close to keeping pace with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Naval Air Forces.
    The United States rules the skies when it comes to UAVs / drones, and Russia has no aircraft as modern or capable as the fifth generation F-22 Raptor.

    And that does not even include our many allies’ military might, which cannot be overlooked. A Russian conflict with the United States would necessarily also be a conflict with our NATO partners, as well as many of our non-NATO allies, such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, even Singapore, New Zealand, and other small nations that possess modern ships and aircraft.

  202. ruSSia is a fascist state!!!

    Putin is a Hitler of 21 century!

    FSB is a Gestapo!

    ruSSian trolls here – Goebbels propaganda!

    All together its called “Russian fascist World” or RuSSism!

    The fight with Fascism, Communism and ruSSism must never stop until they all completely destroyed!!!

  203. The oil price doesn’t depend entirely on the wishes of the West.The sanctions on Russia will last.What else?Is anybody scared of if in Russia you think? The USSR lived in this regime of the sacntions for decades.Did it change its policy? It hurted its citizens,that’s true.But who is going to surrender?

  204. Russia does not need to defeat America, far from it, she only needs to make America ‘bleed’

    America is a nation more polarised by inequality, unfairness, greed and poverty than at anytime in its recent history. Its social and domestic infrastructure is collapsing, its roads, railways, housing and welfare and education is funded only by the simple act of printing money, there is money enough for Guns in America but not for eradicating poverty.
    Their police forces have become caricatures from a Judge Dredd comic book, randomly executing member of the public for having the wrong colour skin, being seen in the ‘wrong neighbourhood’ or driving the wrong type of car, all the while becoming, through their endless wars around the world, the most hated nation on Earth.

    if you scratch a few millimetres below America’s cultural skin you will find a nation simmering with anger.

    The sight of a U.S aircraft carrier blazing and sinking in the Med or the Black Sea or the South China sea with its crew burning alive and drowning, how will that play out on american TV screens?

    How will America’s heartlands of 300 million people likely react to the sight of their sons and daughters being sacrificed on the alter of geo politics?

    Russia does not need to defeat America, she just needs to make you bleed, after that you’ll consume yourselves.

  205. We still have overwhelming air superiority over any military in the world. And we don’t want to be the world police any longer. If Russia want to spend their money and lives policing the world good luck.

  206. Steve Parker wrote :”OK! Russian writer! Understand now why this idiot wrote this?


    who is a russian writer?…the author of this article is US correspondent for The National. NY/DC/(KHI) based in Abu-Dhabi (Emirates)

  207. There is no reason whatsoever for the US to invade or “liberate” Russia. We don’t want it. Never have, never will. If you truly believe that then you simply do not understand us Americans. Countries are joining, or wanting to join Nato, and Russia doesn’t like it. Just look at the list of countries that are in Nato or friendly to western nations, and then look at the list of losers that are aligned with Russia in their hatred of the west. That will tell you a lot right there. Russia is the big fish in the little pond. They want to be in the big pond but they can’t. It is just plain jealously and envy, along with misguided propaganda and paranoia. So calm down. America is not going to invade; it just isn’t going to happen.

    Russia cannot win another cold war. They still don’t have a government or an economy that can support it. We can spend them into the ground just like we did before. Natural gas and weapons are the only real reasons they even have an economy that can float. As technology advances the world will need less and less oil, and they are starting to feel that now.

    Russian youth love western culture. From music, free thinking and media, the internet, McDonalds and blue jeans, acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, etc.. Too many people from the old Soviet days are still around, running the government, and holding back the nation. It may be another generation before we see a big change in Russia, once these backwards thinking former Soviets are long gone, but one day it will happen and Russia will be a better place.

  208. Why waste time writing such an article. Russia can’t afford another Cold War, with the oil prices this low and the USA producing large quantity of oil the prices will not go back to $100 a barrel anytime soon and that the only money Russia make.

  209. The Ibos in Nigeria can have Biafra without firing a bullet, there are ways to do that now if that is what the majority of the Ibos truly wants. Secession is a crime under international law but right to self determination is a fundamental human right and the Ibos have that right. You must seek the consent and approval of the people you wish to form a state with.

  210. Another Russia-sponsored grandstand “article”. Typical street bully ways. The best thing for the West to do against all that hot air is to keep oil price down and sanctions up, and in a couple of years Russia will go the way the good old USSR has gone – to the dogs.

  211. I think many Americans can’t bear to think , they are no longer the only powerful country in the world. You can almost fill the hurt they fill , and often having to boast a little to fill better. The T72 that were taken out in Iraq were driven by Iraqis, not Russians, I don’t see the logic here at all. And the export version of the T72 can’t be the same as the ones operated by the Russian army, and the Americans had overwhelming air superiority which made the routing of the Iraqis tanks possible

  212. Don’t be too sure….change is constant….surprise starts one day….it hit Hitler like a surprise…and ever world power have an expiry date…..maybe its Russia or China’s turn to take over….The U.S. is messing up its world power privilege…..U.S. now have more haters than lovers unlike in the past

  213. Russia is really rising…..Russia should step into Nigeria and help Biafra secede from Nigeria and form an ally with the rising country called- Biafra. This will help expand Russian allies and military territory…..Britain and U.S. applied this tactics of grab and build. Russia should start involving in international politics and allying with conflict nations. I really wanna see Russia rise because the big daddy U.S. is now abusing their power….sponsoring terror groups…not helping Christian countries.

  214. Experience is bliss and the US has plenty of it. I can’t see the Russians getting the best od us when our troops are tried and tested against some Big Armies, Russians fought Georgia and Chechnia recently and in Afghanistan they didn’t look so good. Reason for Putin mentioning Nukes, he knows nobody can match up to a US soldier, Period!

  215. When the Bankers and corporations decide to hire a president. they make sure that the person is a psychopath and have no problem ordering the deaths of so many. They go through a list of people and when they find one, even someone that is marginalized, even someone you have never heard of, they are pick and then becomes the president. But the requirement is that that president be a psychopath.
    They attract large number of people
    They are smart
    They con the public
    They are charismatic
    They dont have feelings
    They can victimized anyone and the media hides the agenda
    They are great actors and performers
    They pretend to have feeling
    They see themselves above the law
    They lie and spin tales
    They are very persuasive
    They believe that they always right

    Please note Obama and Bush. Look at the wars in the middle east. They could order a carpet bomb for the bankers and have no problem with it

  216. OK! Russian writer! Understand now why this idiot wrote this? It must be nice to have forces and military equipment 25 years behind the USA and China, and you claim Russia wins wars! LMFAO LMFAO PUFF-PUFF! Have another hit of Russian Meth and a shot of Russian Vodka.

  217. I like Russia, but militarily they are not remotely on a par with the US. Even if they were technologically (and their best aircraft, tanks, submarines don’t quite reach the US equivalents) , the numbers vastly favor the US. Which is why Russia has emphasized that it will go nuclear if it has to, in order to defend its integrity.

  218. “fascades are tarneshed now, swords made from plows, the principals have been betrayed. the dreams gone stale, but let hope still prevail, hope that historys debt wont be repaid.. beneeth the nobel bird, between the proudest words, behind the beuty cracks apear. once with heads held high they sang out to the sky why do their shadows bow in fear?”” neil peart , rush, 1974 fly by night album..

  219. It is funny how you build up the Russian military and state the have build it up past Americas military, You make it look like we have been sitting around and not advancing our military it advanced technology.You forget to state that Russia doesn’t have air craft Carriers or a navy like the US. I haven’t herd any news on Rail Guns being built or in use in Russia but the US has many of them on navy destroyers. Oh what about the old tanks Russia has the T72 which we took out easy in the Irac war. Russia just barely started making a new tank that is up with the times. I don’t think they have enough to hold the lines. But i guess this writer has better insight that we don’t. I looked at his bio and i dont see any military experience just HR work for a company i never herd of.

  220. What a bunch of Sheet . If Russia/Putin thought there was any truth in this B S article , We would be FIGHTING NOW >>

  221. The US tasted a heavy defeat in Vietnam. The Soviets tasted a heavy defeat in Afghanistan. Conclusion? No one is superior to the other side unless one of the sides is the defending one. The defender always has a moral advantage over the invading one.
    Now about the direct confrontation… If a major all out war ever happens between the US and Russia, it will be on the russian borders (just like how NATO/US demonstrating their military strength on the russian borders now). That would make russians a defending side and americans an attacking side. That would lead two nations to two different perception of the war respectively. To russians it will be The Great Patriotic War version 2.0 with americans instead of germans. To americans? Establishing democracy through power? LIberating russian people from “who”? See? The motivations will be different. Russians will be fighting motivated by the thought of defending their land from “invaders”. Americans will be fighting for what? Exporting democracy and american values?

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