Russia Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons: Pentagon’s Top Russia Expert

Russia Ready To Use Nuclear Weapons: Pentagon’s Top Russia Expert
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With Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering his security council to develop defensive nuclear equipment, the Pentagon says Moscow is poised to use nuclear weapons to “bring a speedy peace.”

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Evelyn Farkas, who quit the position of Pentagon’s top policy expert on Russia just hours ago, urged the Obama administration to consider sending lethal weapons to Ukraine, deploying permanent contingent of ground troops in Eastern Europe, making the European Reassurance Initiative permanent, and supplying more military equipment to countries neighboring with Russia.

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Farkas’ comments come amid news that NATO will station some 4,000 combat troops in countries bordering Russia. Both American and Russia experts say the move has a high chance to escalate the risk of a war in Europe and a military confrontation between the world’s two largest nuclear powers: the U.S. and Russia.

A war involving NATO, the U.S. and Russia “would probably spell, if not the end of humanity, the end of any possibility of a comfortable future for humanity,” as reported by ValueWalk, citing Press TV’s interview with Don DeBar, U.S. political analyst.

Russia is much more reckless with nuclear weapons than Soviet Union

“We have to continue reassuring, but we have to do one better, we actually have to deter,” Farkas told reporters at a Defense Writers’ Group breakfast today, as reported by Breaking Defense.

Farkas dismisses claims that say we are back in the Cold War, because first of all, Russia is not the Soviet Union, the Russian economy is not strong enough and the Russians are “brittle politically,” Farkas said. However, she added that it “doesn’t mean they’re not a danger.”

Compared to the Soviet Union, modern Russia is smaller in its size but it’s much more sophisticated technologically and militarily. “They are our peers when it comes to cyber,” Farkas said. She added that today’s Russia is also much more reckless and dangerous than Leonid Brezhnev’s Politburo when it comes to “nuclear saber-rattling.”

In the Cold War era, both Russia and the U.S. had a “healthy” respect for the horrific and destructive power of nuclear weapons, and viewed them as means of the last resort. But Putin’s Russian military follows a paradoxical doctrine of “escalate to deescalate,” which means Moscow would easily use nuclear weapons to “bring a speedy peace.” A mere thought about it is “highly alarming,” according to the Pentagon’s top expert on Russia.

Russia is the only country in the world with the nuclear capability to destroy the U.S., according to Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley, as reported by ValueWalk on Tuesday.

The General also views Russia as “aggressive” and “adversarial to the interests of the United States,” which is why Moscow’s nuclear weapons are capable of destroying the U.S.

Milley warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent behavior suggests Moscow would be willing to use nuclear weapons. The General also noted that Russia has been violating “the Westphalian order” ever since it started invading “sovereign nations” in 2008.

Putin broke NATO-Russia agreement

The reason Farkas quit the Pentagon was “personal reasons,” which is understandable for someone who has spent three intense years working in an administration that becomes weaker day by day.

Farkas recently went beyond the current party line by proposing a policy on Russia that is much more rough than what the Obama administration publicly endorses. Over the three years working with the Obama administration, Farkas has grown frustrated over a number of things.

“Here I’ll go out on a limb beyond what [the] administration would say: The NATO-Russia framework agreement is broken. The Russians broke it,” she said. The NATO-Russia agreement, signed in 1997, obliged all parties to respect the “sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity” of European states, such as Georgia and Ukraine.

Russia has broken the agreement two times over the past 7 years: first in Georgia in 2008 and then in Ukraine in 2014 by annexing Crimea and sending its troops in eastern Ukraine.

“Russia’s broken it but somehow we are and our allies have decided that we’re going to keep up with the letter of it even, although maybe not the spirit,” she said.

Under the NATO-Russia agreement, the Alliance foreswore “additional permanent stationing of substantial combat forces.” Farkas said US European Command has to consider the possibility of U.S. forces stationed permanently in eastern allies like Poland and the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

U.S. has to encircle Russia to reassure Europe

But Farkas noted that it’s not only European allies Washington has to reassure to prevent Russia’s aggression. Former nations of the Soviet empire require U.S. military assistance against Putin’s increasing pressure, too, according to the Pentagon expert.

“I was very excited to see this past week Secretary [of State] Kerry go through Central Asia,” Farkas said. “We need more high-level attention being paid to the countries that feel directly threatened by Russia…. not just Ukraine but Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan… The countries around the periphery of Russia, they need our political attention. They also need our economic assistance and they need our military assistance [to] deter Russia.”

The Kremlin has repeatedly warned the U.S. against encircling the country by stationing its troops all around Russia’s periphery.

Farkas also commented on the Pentagon’s investments to counter Russian capability. “I want to actually commend Deputy Secretary [Robert] Work because he really took on the challenge of how do we better deter Russia, very seriously and I would say aggressively,” she said and added that Work does his best to direct funding to deterring Russia in FY16 and FY17.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. we agree on much it seems, too bad getting these criminals to the hague they just point at everyone else, they say l had to do it, no choice….but its about money, saudi, bush, clinton, etc, etc. they all stink of the money. Not even saying anything about other countries, and thier scams, you probably know whats up in yours, I know that my goverment has been investing in some f up stuff, like 10,000 guilotines for what? thats wierd…. trains with shackles…. Um, what the hell…. theres some messed up plans for average folks my friend, so get some extra shoe laces, put the ammo under the shed, armor the cat, and get your best inssurection clothing out….. I hope I am kidding, but its not good what I see going on out there. I believe in god, not so religious, but lately been praying a little more, cant hurt. Peace be with you, happy holidays, merry christmas!!!

  2. Putin only plays chess.
    If you think your opponent might sacrifice his queen to take a castle, then you will play scared.
    Thus it is useful to have a website that pretends to worry for the safety of the west, because Russia is so crazy and out of control, and no one knows what Putin might do! Hah, it’s a very nice trick. But no, Putin is not going to nuclear war with America, no way. That guy likes to ride his bears too much.

  3. History is about to repeat itself, except with nukes. Sad but your opinion, my opinion, soon dead in the past, some jerk will decide our future.

  4. Did anyone Notice how hot the writer of this article is?. That’s what I can use to cool off the hot tension.

    Just pray neculear capsules Dont fly in the skies soon…still sipping on my juice, Dont wanna leave earth in a hurry.

  5. Obama is trying to stop Bush policy, but I dont think it is easy….there are too many powerfull criminals in US……
    Every time Obama say no to get involved in new war they start calling him a weak president……
    I dont understand that democratic organisations dont get organised in US and inpeach Bush and his people and send them to International Court in Haag. They are criminals

  6. Is nobody in US willing to start some protests, like when crazy thinhswere happened in 1960 and american people stood up and protested over criminal policy in Vietnam and criminal threatment of black citisens of US in some states…. ?

  7. Of course…..would anybody accept that a group of people in US started military actions in UAS with an aim to overthrow american goverment. NO.
    But is seems that it is OK when that is dojne by american payed groups in other countries.
    That is not a way to bring democracy to anybody…only to secure power. And it ussually doesnt last long….. with terrible consecuances and civil wars as aftermath…..

  8. As Americans we are a true democracy and not guided by one guy Obama’s stupid weekness doesn’t mean that The American People Wont Act to Russian Aggression! see every state in our union have congressman and and senators who speek for the American people and have the ability to demand and declare war…so that lil Bastard pootin better put on some high heels and back up or he will fall down in a big heap of ash oh im sorry a little small heap of ash…lol

  9. Ivan listen you russian scumbags better be AFRAID OF THE U.S.A You russian people are not just ugly fat and poor by reading your comments your fuckin stupid too ! can you say ….BOOM?

  10. What it shows that that destroying a country’s government, without a plan to replace it, is a really bad idea, whether that is accomplished through an invasion, or by supporting internal rebels with guns and money is irrelevant. Putin is smart enough to see that Assad falling would lead to the spread of IS or some similar group. If Assad is replaced, it has to be done through elections, leaving the systems of government intact. Just toppling the regime didn’t work in Iraq, didn’t work in Afghanistan, and won’t work in Syria.

    You can expect, even if Russia wins, they will have to maintain a presence in Syria long enough for the Syrian military to be rebuilt, the equipment to be replaced, and if leadership transitions, for the elections that are needed for a transition that is accepted.

  11. Yes, you are right. But Bushes fault was to finance criminals (like in South America) to fight his political enemies. He could have done many other things…… that are not criminal….. . Russians on the other side started having problem with muslim terorist and, instead of trying to enter into dialog with them, they went in Afghanistan. We all know how it ended. Another proof, like many others…. that this kind of policy, war-policy never works. They had to pull out, as US had to pull out of Vietnam, Irak and now also Afghanistan……. after using billions, loosing young soldeiers, spending 10-15 years….for what? My querstion is: How many times do you have to bang your head into a concreat wall before you understand that the only result you are getting is hurting yourself?

  12. Re-read what I said. Putin might have been one of the individuals being paid. I don’t know for sure, but I know that by paying Russian military officers, the west saved Russia from what would probably have been a massive calamity.

  13. A good dialog is not trying to change the meaning of words another party is sending…. Agree?
    Bush is criminal, like Reagan, like Nixon, l….. ike some other american presidents. They have been persuading criminal policy. Gangsters.
    Obama is trying to negotiate, to be sensible…this is what I mean. OK?
    It is not Obama who invaded Afghanistan, Irak, he was not bombing Lybia like Bush…OK.
    The fact is that Obama did not start one single new war.
    That is great.
    We need such american leader on the international scene.
    Not gangsters and cowboys like Bush, Reagan and Nixon.

  14. UN is US, that is the problem.
    US is God.
    When people in other countries commit war crimes, they are brought to Haag. When US makes war crimes,…… nothing happens.
    In such a world we will get a lot of angry people who think this is unfair…a lot of conflicts and lot of terrorism.

  15. It is generally a disaster that modern states use mafia liake methods, no matter who does it…..
    I am quite sure Obama is not doing it.

  16. Yes and US also creates Bin Laden by believing that it is ok to use criminals against it enemy Soviet Union..
    It is mafia like way of thinking…
    US has been doung this all the time … Obama is the first president NOT using mafia strategy

  17. Well… It shows one more time that invading other countries is a very bad idea….
    Historical evidente shows that it doesnt work… On the contrary it creates huge problems…
    So it is the time for US to learn that lesson and stop playing global policemen…. And Obama is intelligent enough to know thar…
    It is not Obamas fault…. It is Bushs fault
    You can see that situation in Afghanistan is the same….
    All those trillions could have been for the benefit of american people nor on wars and weapons that never ever in human history solved anything…. Just increased the missery…

  18. ISIS became what it is now when the US left Iraq, creating a power vacuum. The Iraq army was not ready to defend themselves on their own, so when a small and weak element of Al Qaeda went after the Iraqi army, they abandoned billions of dollars worth of heavy weaponry to militants attacking them with hunting rifles and worn out AK 47s. The Iraqi army abandoned M1 Abrams tanks, armored Humvees, artillary and thousands of M4 rifles and millions of rounds of ammo. 25k American troops would have stiffened their resolve, kept them from running, and left ISIS as a fringe lunatic group with some AK 47s, or wiped them out entirely. But we left, they ran and now ISIS has a caliphate.

  19. There are ISIS terrorists in the US as I type this. Make no mistake. They are here and mean us ill will.

    Nobody, even the rest of the Muslim world, like ISIS. ISIS will be destroyed. They already would be if we didn’t currently have the jackass in the White House that we do.

  20. It’s going to take a while before ISIS (or anything like it) has a presence in America – there are others who would fill that role first.

    Done right ISIS can and will cut America, and Americans off from the rest of the world – or at least the Moslem part. Needing a security detail 24/7 to eat, sleep and do business is conducive to no good business, or mental health.

  21. On paper Stalin was beaten in 1941. Everybody though the surrender would take place in January. Then something happened, and it wasn’t lend lease. From somewhere the USSR summoned up the strength to create the industry that defeated Hitler. It was never as great ads the industry in America – but America had had that for years. It’s 80 percent gone now, too.

    Russia has changed? So has America.

  22. The Russia NATO framework was broken when the ‘not one inch east’ guarantee made to Gorbachev, in return for withdrawing Russian forces from East Germany, was abrogated to allow the former WARSAW Pact nations to join NATO. After that it only got worse with the building of US logistics bases in Khazakstan and Uzbekistan and to to ‘revolutionize’ Georgia and Ukraine – both of which went out of their ways to pick fights with Putin.

  23. Respectfully……. you think US will pay for UN if UN didnt have important rolle for US?
    Using UN, US is trying to lergalise its own interests and make them to look like they are international interests.
    Simbolically UN has also high value for US, everybody is going to New York to solve international problems…..US is center of the world for well payed anonymous well payed persons from strange countries who never solve anything. For me it is some kind of Vatican, they all look like some priests taking about world problems but not really doing anything about it .And who cares,…that is not what UN is all about,
    UN is about power and show off.

    Doesnt matter what american people think about it. It didnt matter during the cold war when US produced…300.000 nucler war heads, when it was butchering Vietnamese people and using chemical weapons in Vientam and Korea….., oveerthrowing democratically elected presidents in South America, when it used trillions to come to the Moon before soviets, ..instead of bulding houses, hospitals, public transport, social system…..schools…..nobody asked american people how they feel when US military slaughtered around 300.000 irakis in first Irak war and 150.000 in second……who cares what american people feel and think. US politicains are financed by private capital, persons and companies, and they do not work for american people…only for american bussines….whatever that means.

    UN is working for super powers, among them especially for one. US

  24. Really, Putin got salary from US…. whats wrong with you?
    And Obama was getting money from his family in Congo to destroy US?
    Putin was very cooperative until he realised that US is not respecting russian interests….and now you have this situation. I I guaranty you it will not change until US has backed down.

  25. After the fall of the USSR, the U.S. paid the salaries of the various military officers in Russia. The purpose was to make sure the country’s nuclear weapons were secure. We also gained a rather lot of spies out of the deal. I would not doubt that Putin himself was one of those paid, but I am sure he would deny it. He has, however, joined with us in several joint peacekeeping efforts in the Middle East. Is that not interesting? Keep in mind that when you think you know something, you are probably wrong.

  26. You are dreaming…….
    If Obama created ISIS I promise I will never ever put my fit on US soil. Then US mentality is simply too rotten….

  27. I agree.
    I hope also that SS and Hitlerjugend are also monitoring this site and will remove any element that does not fit into your world view and all persons with skee, stein, vic, and other jewish, slavic and gypsy names.access this site.
    Furthermore I will suggest new rulles, that persons who comment should have their webcam turned on, so we can see if they are black or yellow. We dont want those persons either to
    What is your last name, coward, why are you hidding behind this stupid name mr. FBI?

  28. And US as is humanitarian organisation….. helping the world.
    You wrote ” We have bases surrounding Russia and Syria that have been their for years.”
    Why is US surrounding Russia?
    Go home yankees!!!

  29. Russiand are not westerners. They dont care about the money.
    While US goverment made state bonds to finance the war, Russians defeated Hitler without any bonds.
    You can not fight russians with economy. The only way americans can get friends with russians is to stop being arrogant and aggressiv. Russians are not afraid of americans. This is extremly important to understand.

  30. When I say our, I mean the American people collectively. The mistake was electing Obama. I know this isn’t your native language, so i understand that you would have difficulties understanding.

  31. The worst president we’ve ever had is the current one. ISIS is his creation. The mess in Libya is his creation, the mess in Egypt, also his creation. Tunisia, another Obama mess. His strategy of replacing dictators with Jihadis has failed, over and over.

    By the way, the moose and squirrel reference is to a cartoon show called Bullwinkle and Rocky. Your broken English reminds me of their rival Boris.

  32. UN is US. That is the problem.
    If US is so fantastic, why did it allow more then 130 resolutions on Israel…that have not been realized…. because of US veto.
    Do you know how UN works?
    And can you explain that countries like India, Pakstan, Congo, BRasil and coupler of others are not permanent members of UN Security Council in spite of the fact thta, for example India has more inhabitants then Chijna, and more inhabitants then US,Europe and Russia together+
    UN is a joke, reminiscence of Second World War.
    But they have good salaries…. that is the best way to make them not to complain.

  33. No you are right. I am with squirrel……
    I like americans…I dont like american politicans…. I think it is really time that you good americans take a fight with those few bad ones and stop them……

  34. And what about US? Remember Kennedy (both of them) Marthin Luther King….shall I keep on…
    You still have 3 million (mostly black) inmates in US prisons, and 15.000 persons, mostly black are killed in US every year,
    Weapons weapons weapons…cowboys… if you just kept it in your country, but now we have global problem with you cowboys …and your weapons.
    Vodka is not a global problem.

  35. It also included the cost for the 26 cruise missiles they fired, which were very expensive and which they have since not used.

  36. No it is correct. Nobody killed so many innocent people in Irak as he and his fathe did. He is a genuine post-modern war criminal.

  37. I read just fine. However, I have no idea what you mean by a physical investment that is not monetary. If you mean troops, the US has around 1600 in Iraq and 400 or so that we admit to in Syria. That is fewer than Russia’s 4000 but not that big a difference, especially since we are now sending more to Syria. The US has flown over 4000 air sorties since August, compared to Russia’s 3000 or so since September. That suggests a similar number of assets in the region, although for some reason, Google cannot find me the number of US aircraft in the theater.

  38. Replacing dictators with Jihadis is not a good plan. The most successful outcome so far has been to replace a corrupt ally of ours with Jihadis so bad that the military had to take over in a junta. We almost succeeded in Iraq, but just when things were calming down, we yanked our troops, created a power vacuum and got ISIS.

  39. You dont read very well. I said PHYSICALLY invested not monetarily. The US has far far more resources and money available than Russia. Its not even close. We have bases surrounding Russia and Syria that have been their for years. Putin is all alone, with one port. Putin holds a weak hand and he knows it. He will be forced to negotiate. Russia is already considering negotiations, it even angered Iran. Time is on the US side. Putin is an evil oppressive KGB agent that no one wants or respects.

  40. We have rid the world of ruthless dictators. We dont stand by when innocents suffer. If it wasnt for Nukes, we would have already replaced Putin for you. You would have a much fuller and richer life with freedom. Instead, you are oppressed and controlled. Putin picks on his small neighboring countries, slaughtering innocents in Chechnya and Georgia.

  41. You have that backward. Russia has spent $4 million per day for two months. The US has spent $244 BILLION since 2014 fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

    Also, I suspect Putin has no plans to negotiate to replace Putin. I suspect you might have meant Assad.

  42. Google who owns V@luewalk. Every owners last name ends in an -sky (skee). This site is created for degenerates and serve as Putin’s mouthpiece. Im sure the FBI monitors these lying scumb@gs

  43. Its far more than 4 million a day. They have invested quite a bit into Syria, physically with equipment. It can’t handle that spending for too long. The US doesn’t physically have much invested there, and can wait forever. Time is not on Putins side. He will have to negotiate. They are already seriously considering it

  44. The GDP of California is indeed greater than the GDP of Russia, however, California’s GDP comprises about 1/8th of the GDP of the entire US. Russia has a $2 trillion economy and is the 6th largest economy in the world by purchasing power parity. Russia can easily afford the $4 million per day that they are spending in Syria. Russia and the US are not going to go to war. That kind of rhetoric is just silly. This whole article is a joke.

  45. Ivan the Terrible, must be on drugs or drunk, babbling incoherent garbage all over this forum..Name calling ,on and on…
    Oppose the government in Russia , be arrested or disappear , ..Ivan should be banned from this forum, for drunk post abuse..
    Vodka is a national problem in Russia…..

  46. The US has invested very little in Syria physically, and can wait forever for favorable results. Russia has invested a lot in Syria, and has little time to act. The clock is ticking, Putin has little choice other than negotiate with the US and replace Putin. Time is against the evil Putin empire.

  47. The US has been encircling Russia since WWII. Russia is in worst shape now, than during the cold war. Their economy is smaller than the size of California. Russia can not afford a war and they know this. All of their reserves would quickly dry up. Putin should end his rhetoric and negotiate with the US to replace Assad. He has little choice

  48. 5 seconds on google tells us : Philology is the study of language in written historical sources; it is a combination of literary criticism, history, and linguistics.[

  49. You really think ISIS will leave us alone? So far, we’ve managed to catch their plans before they were carried out, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying.

  50. One is known by the fruit that comes from ones heart–from your very first words, it is obvious you don’t now God– and shouldn’t speak for him.

  51. The Germans destroyed every factory the Russians had,they would never have beat the Germans without our Military supplies we sent them DAU !

  52. Hey, didn’t USA sign a UN chapter no to attack other countries and… ?? Didn’t NATO agree no to move to Russians border and….? And in Ukraine – a legit goverment were… and neo nazi junta came to power…! And last, you write “Putin that and Putin other”, it is not Putin it is Russia!!!! Putin just a president and a damn good president!

  53. I agree with your overall message but I still believe that the US, Russia, and China’s missile defense systems might be better than what we expect which will stop most missiles from impacting. I also do not think 1000 nukes will be used in the event of war, maybe closer to 50-100. Either way, we are only arguing over hypothetical technicalities. I agree with your point that it is something that could affect the entire world as we know it.

  54. jerry, drunk, finally you hit it “if it goes nuclear, we are all dead”. Putin has already said if Russia is attacked, it will immediately go nuclear, China would probably try to defuse the situation, but if pushed hard, they will go nuclear also, so you better hope it doesn’t even start. To even talk about starting such a war is total insanity, & no one should ever reach a high position in government that thinks that way. Ps. your 1st. Gulf war was 25 years ago, lots has happened in the world since then, or have you stayed in a time warp, or was that “mind warp”.

  55. ISIS, the Russians and the terrorist know Hillary got the four people killed in Benghazzi. The idiots and welfare crowd will put her in office and wait how fast we are attacked with their knowing she is vastly incompetent.

  56. Brother, I could not agree more but do not worry..once Syria is sorted out Russia will return to is going to be a final battle and one Russia will win and the end of USA fascist hegemony..Russia will be undeniable world power…I am sure of it.

  57. And didnt sign under most of international treates……..against child abuse, different kinds of mass destruction weapons etc.
    From that point of view US is really completely criminal state….not to mention how many inmates, mostly black, are in US prisons….., no social security……. every idiot has a weapon……
    Do we want such a system in our country….no thank you
    So dear americans please help us, tell your politicans that we dont want your military bases.and your weapons in our countries, in Europe, Africa, Asia…… and we do not want that you are deciding what is good or bad for us.
    Please, would you be kind to go home !!!!!!!

  58. I understand that. Criticism is mounted toward criminal and corrupted american politicians who do not care about there own people but creating profit for us coorporation. This is in the core of US problem. Anything for business….

    Americans are not bad people at all, lets remember how much heroic fight you guys did regarding Vietnam, human right etc…..
    Obama is a good guy, the problem is that criminal Bush did so much damage during his 8 years, that it will take at least 16 years to change the course….
    Obama is a sign that many americans have understood that they have been betrayed and decived by that Bush mafioso. Perosonally I really think he should be taken to Court in Haag…..

  59. You blame Americans when the truth is it’s Soros, Obama, and the bildebergs, and the warmongers on top, like Russia, the people cannot change much from our perspective except to vote. I don’t blame average folks for the loonies who kill innocents, but do blame the bastard climate carriers, the war mongers, the Islamist creed- for stealing the innocence of millions in the name of population control.

  60. F*king american freaks. YOU are the warmongers, NOT Russia. For the last 70 years YOU have started dozens of wars all over the world. YOU have killed MILLIONS of innocent people. YOU have created terrorism. YOU are now supporting ukrainian nazis. YOU are the most disgusting country in the whole history of mankind. But God is not blind. You’ll get what you deserved.

  61. This “expert” Farkas sounds as mentally deranged as that trouble maker Nuland. The world will be a much peaceful place without them.

  62. US was the only country which did not declare the nuclear non-1st-aggression for decades. NOW they are surprised that some else is doing the same?
    Wait 10 years for China to have double the US’s GDP & you’ll have even more surprises, moronic occupiers of the world.

  63. This manic, pointless obsession with russia is distracting the west from the true cancer of muslim extremism, which is eating up europe as we speak. The US should swallow its pride and work with russia to put down this evil before it consumes the whole world. Never mind nuclear weapons (russia is a completely rational actor), sharia law has already reached our shores and will destroy western civilisation before we realise it.

  64. you dont know what youre talkin about the real hitler is CIA their the ones create ISIS, obama that scum of the earth is supporting isis not the russians ,the russians are against terrorist

  65. Uh, neither the U.S. nor NATO has promised to restrict its membership. If a country qualifies for membership and requests it, that request will be considered. Russia has no right to interfere, and again, you might recall that Russia promised to abide by the borders of all eastern European nations, including Ukraine. Poland became part of NATO quite some time ago.

  66. The nuclear weapons agreement was negotiated between numerous nations, all of the western European nations, as well as Russia and China. That is virtually the entire world when you add in the United Nations approval. Obama did not cave in. He led the program from start to finish and the agreement was and remains a good one. If you have been paying attention, you will note that Russia as well as Iran are now in the fight against Isis. It remains a mess in Syria, but it is less of a mess now than it was before the agreement was reached. Iran is now attempting a rapprochement with the west, one step at a time. First, it took credit for achieving the agreement and has now changed its view and is no longer chanting “death to America.” Now, it says it uses that phrase only with regard to prior U.S. policies. The situation with Iran will one day soon return to normal because it is in both our interests and the Iranian interest for it to do so.

  67. If you think there is a difference, you are a danger to yourself and others. Yes, strategic weapons would be much larger and destroy the world quicker. A tactical weapon would be fairly limited, but by the time you counted them all up from different nations involved, the effect would be the same as that produced by a strategic weapon. Using any kind of nuclear weapon would be be a disaster to the world.

  68. After all Putrid Putin is the second coming of Stalin/Hitler and the world had better prepare for the International outlaws next few moves.

  69. Your hypothetical “they didn’t use them because they didn’t have them” IS NOT reality! It is of your overworked imagination.
    US ACTUAL use of nasty nukes IS reality!

    And so, there is no comparison between your hypothetical and the REAL USE of nukes by US warmongers.

    And ‘what would I do to get the japanese to surrender?’

    There was absolutely no need to use nukes on japanese ALL THE WAY IN JAPAN!

    Right now, the US warmongers can’t get the Taliban to surrender; and so, Afghanistan is to be nuked?

    Evil minds (yours) WILL ALWAYS invent excuses to do evil. And that is the reason that the US warmongers drop nukes on japanese.
    And it is the same reason that the maniac muslims, the suicidal sunnis, do 911 and do cut American throats like they are farm animals: Evil begets evil from fellow evil.

  70. Freak show Farkas! Another loser and warmonger who quitted like a little child because nobody was paying any attention to her. Farkas the Jackass or Jackass the Farkas!

    Russians love their country and their land much more than most people I have seen. They will never have a nuclear war unless and until they are attacked first.

    Remember the US and NATO attacked a sovereign country such as Iraq under false pretenses and caused the death of millions. They did the same thing to Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, and so on. Remember what the Europeans and Americans did to the Native Americans, Africans, Mayas, Incas, Azteks, Vietnamese, and so on?
    The US and NATO are the ones to watch, as these countries need the resources of other countries to expand their businesses and the economic systems. It is not the other way around. Russia is self-sustained, they do not need many outside resources. It is the other way around.

    Frakas the Jackass raises the specter of Russia, while at the same time Europe is invaded by millions of Muslims. This is a fiasco Farkas the Jackass.

  71. To too many countries prevents to live the USA… Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. Now speak to people – Russia wants war with the USA. Who else? China? Whether not many the countries prevent to live the USA here in Asia?

    If to go to a den to a bear and to stick him with a stick, the bear can forget that his food of berry and backs and to be engaged in your meat.

    Amerikancrjt the government are too excentric, business even if it doesn’t concern you is it to everything. You are ridiculous and you think that all want to live as you, but it not so.(?)

  72. And that proves what, Idealist? You’re either stupid or arrogant. You neither know the situation in former Soviet republics, nor have the ability to think critically and independently about thing you write about. Thank you!

  73. yes, but take Syria as an example. The Russians move in and the USA starts increasing weapons delivery to the terrorist rebels in Syria. Russia might just nuke the rebels for a quick end to the war and revenge for the passenger jet crash.

  74. I disagree. I think former Soviet countries hoped for prosperity joining NATO and the EU. Moldova and Hungary see little improvement and may soon go back to Russian control.

  75. You cannot destroy Russia when Russia has superior nukes to the USA. NATO is toothless without the USA. Finland and Sweden joining NATO is dangerous. Probably will not happen.

  76. correct, The Russian military is only an equal to an armed Germany or Japan. If Russia starts to lose, nukes will be used. Currently Russian nukes are superior to USA nukes.

  77. USA rule is worse. Artificial higher standard of living based on credit. Hungary and Moldova may soon go back to Russian rule. Watch Moldova in the next few months.

  78. not true, there is a unofficial 2 tier NATO. Former Soviet countries are not worth fighting for. If Russia annexed the Baltics, it would be risky, but not worth a war. If Russia tried to annex Germany, we have a war. As far as Crimea, the USA annexed Ukraine. Russia countered by annexing Crimea. All the fighting is caused by the USA.

  79. Blah blah blah. BE SCARED! BE SCARED! BE SCARED! Not. Even if Russia decided to launch every nuke theyhave and we launched every nuke we have and China launches every nuke they have and everybody else with nukes decided to join the parade, There is still no reason to panic because it would all be over before you could say “OH SHI”

  80. Yes and the terrorist aré ….la kosher nostra….mossad cía..fbi… nustra front,,FSA…beheaders…blog sukers like jews…all over the world..

  81. There is a sense that behind the air tragedy in Egypt is the same mastermind that was behind downing of the MH-17 flight in Ukraine. ISIS was not behind the MH-17. Can’t be the pro-Russian rebels from East Ukraine either. Putin? The U.S.? Just think about who ripped off more political benefits of the incidents then and now!

  82. @TIPU Russia – Soviets had a piece of that “zone” YOU sob and people living in that “zone” Czechs -Slovaks – Hungarians – Latvians -Estonians – East Germans didn’t like it to be under Kremlin thump!!
    You lost that “zone” fair and square!!!! No more REDS or someone like Putin is welcome back! Stay away and play games on your own backyard!!!

  83. You do not understand what Putin in Russia. The death of two hundred people is just a breeze for him. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in Russia was “wild west.” Dismantling and executions were on the streets. In Chechnya, the Chechen teenagers amused by the fact that Russian women put on all fours and threw knives in their ass. The winner is the one whose stick a knife into the vagina.
    It killed about 500,000 people. In Chechnya, there was not a Russian.
    Those who could not flee, they killed.
    But it was under Yeltsin in 1991 and in the West were silent about this.
    Yeltsin depended on the United States in all.
    Putin abolished the Chechen problem.
    He conquered Chechnya in 1999-2000.
    Now the Chechens loyal soldiers Putin.
    This Chechen battalion defeated Georgia in 2008.
    The people support Putin, even though he will start a nuclear war against the United States.
    He returned to Russia’s self-esteem.
    In Russia they say – that to get up from his knees, need someone to bring to their knees.
    And is it the essence of Tsar Putin.

  84. Yes, we are so “none stupid”! In todays world there is the only one threat to the world peace is USA. Only USA attackes others! The problem with trying to portray Russia’s actions as being a “problem” is that it is all too clear where the actual problem originated from. If Washington is trying to claim that interfering in the processes of another sovereign country is in any way
    “illegal”, then they’re going to have to realize that their own
    involvement in doing FAR WORSE is very clear for everyone to see. Just take a look what they done in Ukraine in organizing a “regime change” there and then blaming it on Russia.

  85. “Attacked” Ukraine? Now, not even “free” media buy that! If they would do that… . There not a shred of evidence on that cleim, none!

  86. Rand Paul is most profound candidate from ’em all but it’s not gonna happen. In early 60s in the USSR my friends used to drink to the success of our hopeless endeavor. Needless to say even in nightmare I couldn’t anticipate the unexpected and catastrophic way of collapse of the Soviet Union. However, 25 years later there are signs of regeneration. Another example is Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986. 30 years later life is thriving there. All mutants were sorted out by natural selection and still radioactive land is buzzing with life. If you agree with me that areas within Beltway and Wall Street is occupied with mutants then you should also agree that outcome of current situation will be much better than it seems.

  87. LoL Somebody throw the Pentagon a cookie. Both sides have been ready to use them since we got them.

    Either the Pentagon employee is enjoying a job they shouldn’t have (and this little info is actually news to them) or they are trying to spook the populations with a not so shocking fact – they embarrass us.

    These are not War Masters, they are accountants.

  88. And ISIS the terrorist’s has smuggled a bomb iside a Russian plane.Putin has now cancelled all Russian flights to Egypt…What a coward Putin!sending 93 planes to fly back home russians stranded in Egypt!!!!Now there is your world power!losing to terrorist’s..

  89. And we will destroy RUSSIA!Greetings from NATO here,in Brussels…..We have encircled Russia from the BALTICS to the Red Sea…we are now courting Finland&Sweden to join NATO!they want to join NATO..then the circle is beyond ROUND!Although Finland&Sweden are more WEST allies than Russia…

  90. ISIS has smuggled a bomb inside the Russian plane!And Putin cancels all Russian flights …Putin is a LOSER!93 Russian planes are flying to Egypt to take home the thousands of thousands of Russian stranded in Egypt!

  91. Point ours right back at them. We can play their game all day. Low life SOB’s . This countries leaders have always been scum. Stalin was pure dog feces. The world should have destroyed the Russian military years ago and put all the countries leaders in their own gulags for the citizens to throw stones at daily. I believe Russian people want a good productive country that contributes to a better world. But until Putin and his evil followers are killed off. Nothing will change. If I had a nuke. I would roll it out in the front yard and point it at Moscow this morning. lol

  92. NATO has encircled Russia from the Baltics to the Red sea,a FACT!mister..after Russia stole crimea.If Putin does try Crimea in the Baltics????we at NATO will strike him….he knows that!

  93. Same as when the dismantled former SUnion,threatening us here in Europe to send their nuclears ,we are still waiting!Then the Berlin wall collapsed!where this man Putin yeah,was working as a small time clerk from the KGB,her ein berlin!!!calling Russia to send more Russian troops to Berlin because the wall is falling apart!!!!! to no avail!!!!LOL!This is true facts…We just laugh at Putin..Now he cancelled all Russian flights to Egypt after seeing the evidence of schrapnel marks from a BOMB!inside the Russian plane door!Putin yeah the great President from republicans is truly a coward LOSER!

  94. Keep on dreaming!Another republican putting down America..ISIS have smuggled a bomb inside teh Russian plane,evidence showed,& Putin cancelled all Russian planes flight to Egypt!What a LOSER!

  95. Putin’s a LOSER!he canceleld all flights from Egypt today,sending 93 Russian planes to bring home the 45,000 Russian tourist’s home.He finally saw the evidence of the marks of schrapnels from a BOMB inside the Russian plane door!Coward loser is this so called shirtless Putin.

  96. Oh TY she’s doing great!She is one of the USNAVY’s doctor!She serves & we’ll give her LIFE for Uncle Sam!She is one fearless American-Asian-European genes!of a dame!

  97. All this is well known. It is impossible to hide. You can hide weapons development. But the deployment of missiles and their technical characteristics can not be concealed.

  98. Russia’s nuisance behavior is keeping Europe hostile, and this is no NATO fault but Putin’s aggression with Georgia including annexing Crimea and stirring rebellion over East Ukraine isolating Russia in the process. Imagine even the Nordic states are much concerned stepping up military activities preparing for conflict. But I’m sure Russia will suffer the worse if war escalates with the West. I’m telling Russia is the most scared to step that red line.

  99. Russia is merely making cheap thin-can noise. There are 14 Ohio Class nuclear ballistic submarines stationed over the Pacific waiting for the command to empty its load (24 trident II SLBM with 7-10 nuclear warheads each). That’s 2352 (24x14x7) nuclear warheads from 6,000 miles away. And add FIRST STRIKE capable stealth bomber born nuclear cruise strategic missiles. Russia is much rattled more than the West, what awaits them at the end of a nuclear exchange or a rather US FIRST STRIKE scenario. The title of this article should be US ready to unleash nuclear apocalypse over Russia anytime or a first strike option on Pentagon’s table.

  100. Folks do you know who the author of this article is??? Written by Polina Tikhonova. Another Russian Propaganda “reporter” who knows nothing. LOL.. Putin thinks he know how to manipulate Syria. Now ISIS going after Putin. IDIOTS!!! Nice going Rusky!!

  101. If is necessary I hope that Russian military will Nuke koran followers ( ), & if Pentagon & NATO like to stop that like they stop Soviets to nuke taliban’s after which US get 9/11 from Taliban’s, all US citizen will stand with Russian ..
    I don’t new anymore who own’s NATO,is look like Saudis, maybe Qatar etc. NATO generals always like to show Russia as a Enemy’s country & in same time tray to protect Muslim’s lead countries, but in reality Russians are not are Enemy. We don’t have any single case when some Russian to kill American or other EU citizen ,because is American etc, but we have many case’s when Muslim’s kill American’s because there are American’s.

  102. Previously, there were no ambiguities. Nuclear war is the complete destruction of all civilization.
    In the Soviet Union said that it is enough to blow up all the Soviet nuclear missiles on its territory,

    the Soviet Union died instantly, while the US and the rest of the world will die painfully from radiation.
    Already are not present the nuclear immunity.
    Even the journalist writes – “would probably spell, if not the end of humanity, the end of any possibility of a comfortable future for humanity.”
    That is, it will only be slight discomfort (!!!!!!).
    The US wants to win a nuclear war and prepared for this US population.
    Missile defense, lack of desire to ban weapons in space, just talking about the US intention to win a nuclear war.
    This is a terrible misconception.

  103. Folks do you know who the author of this article is??? Written by Polina Tikhonova. Another Russian Propaganda “reporter” who knows nothing. LOL.. Putin thinks he know how to manipulate Syria. Now ISIS going after Putin. IDIOTS!!! Nice going Rusky!!

  104. Written by Polina Tikhonova. Another Russian Propaganda “reporter” who knows nothing. LOL.. Putin thinks he know how to manipulate Syria. Now ISIS going after Putin. IDIOTS!!! Nice going Rusky!!

  105. you my friend have no idea the destructive force of nuclear weapons. It takes 500 nuclear weapons at 100 megatons each to destroy all life on earth; and that’s only if they are not loaded with 1 ton of dueterium isotope…the US has over 3000 warheads…Russia has over 8000 warheads; not to mention NATO’s and China’s arsenal. The US has thermo-tactical warheads explosive yields at 100-350 megatons…Russia has stategic warheads with explosive yields up to 300-800 megatons, designed for nuclear fireball blast radius of 40-70 miles, these are what they call city killers…It doesnt matter where they detonate, on cities or in the desert; the radioactive fallout alone will kill every living thing on earth..plant life, animal life, microscopic life..the radioactive plume will cover the earth for 1000’s of years. As we all know radiation has a very long half-life. That crap you see in the movies and in the school books about radioactive fallout going away after a few years is bullshit and we all know it. What did you think both sides will use clean bombs…no such thing my friend…In a full scale nuclear exchange with Russia, NATO will launch their nukes…China will do the same as with every nuclear power on earth will do…This will be only the first day of nuclear exchange…After 24 hours everything becomes automated…The US nuclear arsenal will launch in 3 stages as with Russia’s. Day 1: US and Russia will launch the first batch of nukes at around 1000 warheads each, after that all humanity will be gone or remnants of it still walking around half dead and radioactive…Day 2: The nuclear launch system becomes independant of human control because simply there are no humans left to operate it; both countries launch systems will then fire another 1000 warheads at the remaining cities…Day 3: all remaining warheads are then fired at each countries enemy nuclear states. After all is said and done the atomsphere will be so polluted with ash, smoke, sun blacked out, radioactive fallout beyond imagination, nothing will survive. It is a nightmare that only hell can think of and a day we all will face in time! Yes Yes not to mention nuclear winters, and for those who believe bomb shelters will save them are only prolonging the inevitable. Sooner or later when the air, food, and water run out they will have to come out from underground; and when they do they will only come out to death, a barren dead planet with very little oxygen left because of the nuclear blasts and fires all over the planet, no plants to eat, no animals to eat. they will turn on each other and cannibalize each other, perhaps they will be lucky enough and perish in the radioactive hell they will walk into. All I can say is this; our leaders have failed us; common sense has eluded them. The Illuminati have taken over and they will ensure this will come to pass. How they will survive this is unknown; they probably dont even care if they survive at all, either way, we are screwed! Good luck to all!!!

  106. Idiotic writings,-‘encircle Russia’ – like Russians will just seat down and watch the ‘encircling’ – or maybe when the Hussein shows Russians will just faint out,

  107. Wishful thinking. Just watch the space and lets see how America will take the war to the Russian doorstep or the Chinese or the North Korean doorstep. Truth is , all the American ‘ military successes’ have been against generally weaker ‘nobodies’. Now lets see whether America has the balls to take on the bigger boys.

  108. In this century, America can only be safer if it withdraws from the domineering stance against the world. That automatically breeds enemies. Unfortunately, if America withdraws from that stance, it will cease to be the America we know and it will take the back seat , maybe for good. So, way forward is to fight and fight and fight and fight…to stay head ! But for how long ? Russia is not sleeping, China is awake, North Korea is only waiting for the right time to swallow up the South ( America’s foothold in the region), South America is quietly giving the node to Russia, Europe’s UK, France and Germany are being very very careful not to be drawn into another ‘coalition’ war against a formidable Russia and her allies….in America itself , another war at this time is the last thing people will want to hear about…when you hear America’s top military brains conceding that Russia can annihilate the US Army, get it clear that perhaps the country is exhausted and not in war mood at all ..unfortunately, the threat to America is real. America is living dangerously and understandably so.

  109. What a stupid headline. It could also read……………”America ready to use nuclear weapons: Kremlin’s top America expert”

  110. It isn’t the US who has turned those former Soviet republics against Russia. It is Russia itself who has done so due to the way it treated them all when they were sequestered behind the Iron Curtain. Haven’t you ever noticed that the countries which ended-up as allies of the US are nearly all wealthy now, while the ones controlled by Russia suffered severely for it?

  111. Sort of like the article by an insurance agency that totes increasing retirement income. How to do this. Buy a life insurance policy. Make a huge (to the extent allowed by law) upfront payment and continue to pay annual premiums. then when you reach retirement age start drawing on the policy’s cash value. That is if there is any cash value. The policy probably will be of the type where the insured selects the investment vehicle (usually one of the insurance company’s mutual funds). How well the selected investment vehicle does determines the cash value. Select the wrong fund and the annual charges by the insurance company for the insurance risk could completely deplete the cash value before you retire. In other words the policy lapses (becomes worthless) Great for the insurance company. Great for the agent. Really not great for the insured.

  112. they didn’t use them because they didn’t have them at the time. Do you really think that if the USSR had nukes early enough in WW2 it wouldn’t have used them? Certainly the Germans and Japs, despite their bogus protest, would have used them. What would you have done to get the Japs to surrender?

  113. have you considered the effect of nukes hitting nuclear power plants and their stored highly radioactive fuel rods. How much radioactive fallout carried by the winds to all parts of the globe including the land near the equator? what would the billions of tons of debris carried to the upper atmosphere due to temperatures even at the equator?

  114. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is just that…MAD. In a conventional war, I would anticipate the use of chemical and/or biological weapons to decimate a strong enemy. We won’t just blow up each others tanks.

  115. One small problem: he didn’t say he was born in Kenya, but even if he was, he was still an American Citizen, so it doesn’t matter. Except, of course, that it further shows how your stupidity and partisanship have blinded you to reality. Yes, sorry that he and his cabinet didn’t circulate his wording in talking about Benghazi for your approval in advance, but then he probably figured you couldn’t read. The only evidence visible for it is that somehow your “thoughts” – if we can dignify them with that label – appear here.

    Whether or not it applied in this specific case, the members of a certain other party in Congress voted to cut embassy security, but now they – and you? – whine about how the State Department supposedly refused requests for greater security. Maybe they couldn’t afford it.

    And of course every POS like you can’t wait to impugn the president’s courage and intelligence, but it’s likely he has a great deal more of both than you. So keep up the lies and the idiotic macho version of foreign policy; people deserve to know they’re dealing with an idiot, so they can avoid wasting the time to try to talk about things that actually are and actually happened with you. I’ve spent far too much time already, and won’t make the mistake again.

    Since you can (allegedly) read, you could look up Felis margarita, aka the sand cat if you’re really interested.

  116. OK, obviously I am not in favor of a nuclear weapon being used, by anyone, anywhere, anytime. However, as someone with a background in physics and chemistry let me just say that a nuclear exchange between Russia and the US would definitely NOT be the end of the world. True, major cities in the US and Russia would be destroyed. True, global temperatures would decrease due to the nuclear winter effect, but people living closer to the equator would be almost unaffected by it. There would definitely be more wars as new powers rise. But my point is, life would go on. Life always finds a way to go on no matter what.

  117. Right now it is Russia, and it’s allies North Korea, and Venezuela, against the world. If Russia goes nuclear it will be the last thing on this earth that Russia does. So whenever your ready to die Putin just make the wrong move.

  118. Leave Russia alone. U.S. Is encircling Russia by bribing poor and greedy ex Soviet satellite countries which infuriating Russia which is a natural response for any countries. NATO’s reckless behavior will cost a dirty war with Russia and Russia will never hesitate to use Neuclear weapons for quick end to the war. Experts agree on this.

  119. Russkia is a weak and failed state as well. No democracy, no freedom of speech (ask the Pussy Riots) and it took almost nothing but a few sanctions to bring their economy to the knees. As for their military we’ve seem bite the dust in Afghanistan (just the other side of their border) and those nations that had military equipment got humilliated again and again by Israel and by the US… remember that Saddam Hussein had to fly his MiG-29 to Iran before the US arrived because he knew that he would lose them all in a day?

  120. I just think that the author made up the whole article just to serve her master putin (he doesn’t even deserve a capital p in his name)..

  121. These articles about “russian nukes” and their intention of using them are just pathetic pro putin propaganda. Putin doesn’t even has a chance of launching a first strike without being blow off the earth’s surface.

  122. Ugh Polina, here you go again with the pro russian crap. Why don’t you rename your site to something along the ValueskiWalkirov line?…The US has nukes too, more than russkia and more accurate…all that along with with a defense umbrella which russkies don’t. The US is ready to use them too and would surely win so there’s no reason for letting a criminal like putin have his way.

  123. Well thank you for suggesting a book title that does sound very interesting. I can not follow all the comments here too well. Scary stuff indeed. I sure hope the predictions of any use of nuclear weapons are wrong of course but some of the comments seem plausible. Ive read Sun Tzu, some Clausewitz, Grandmaison, JFC Fuller, Liddell Hart, Mahan, Moltke, Schlieffen, gone back to Jomini, Vauban, Machiavelli and others from the past. I can make no sense of modern nuclear thought and hesitate to call any of it a strategy. It seems more like the ravings of madmen and you guys are way ahead of me and I can add basically nothing here. Its just a cyclone ofmadness to me talking of effective and viable use of nuclear weapons. It seems that control of forces would evaporate in various mushrooms and cartwheel into the very end of us all. I hope it does not go this way. It is interesting reading the posts though. Thank you for reminding me of Smedley Butler, one of the great ones.

  124. dropping a nuke anywhere will hurt all life on earth not just a country’s enemy. not to sound so liberal but it’s true.

  125. did Russia used nuclear weapon or not ???????????????? just yes or no and than who used already nucks against another human being then judge who is responsible stewart this deadly weapon and who’s not

  126. “Russia is much more reckless with nuclear weapons than Soviet Union”

    Intelligent minds would conclude that those most ‘reckless with nuclear weapons’ would be those who ACTUALLY DUMP NUKES ON HUMANS! lol

    The US warmongers have not only used nukes in the form of so-called ‘depleted uranium’ to poison people with cancer; the US warmongers HAVE ACTUALLY DROP NUKES ON PEOPLE!

    The Soviets on the other hand NEVER EVER used nukes on people.
    And so, if the Russians are supposed to be ‘more reckless’ with nukes than the Soviets, then the world has nothing to worry about Russians and their nukes, which are intended to defend Mother Russia AT HOME!

    If Russia can destroy Western warmongers with nukes, isn’t the correct approach to NOT poke and provoke the Russian Bear in its home space?
    Yes, it is suicidal for the Western warmongers to invade and expand eastward into Mother Russia, which HAS ALWAYS INCLUDE Belarus & Ukraine!

  127. Our submarine force alone is more than capable of handing Russia a most awesome counterattack and Putin knows this. He’s a smart man and knows destroying the USA will only result in the destruction of Russia and most likely most of the world. But it is kinda fun reading these articles written by the fear-mongers!

  128. Chernobyl does not easily equate to dropping a bomb. The physics and math are too dissimilar. While there is no human inhabitants, well supposedly no human inhabitants, the flora and fauna are thriving. To be sure one can expect some unusual isolated cellular deformation but not as a general condition. In a nuclear bomb burst the effects are not so specifically concentrated. I agree emphatically with you that the idea of nuclear war in itself is an absurd notion with no value as a victory tool. The complexity of the human will to compete, win, blame, and effect revenge is a far more dangerous weapon.

  129. The Korean war is not yet finished. Maybe call it a tie? Technically we are still in a state of war.

    We lost the Vietnamese war.

    It’s recently decided we lost the Iraq war. No functioning government, Iran or ISIS is chopping up what’s left.

    Probably no chance to end up looking like we did well with the Afghanistan war.

    We did well in WWII. Maybe the difference is we do well when a country attacks us directly. We will go to the mattresses. Otherwise, we just wimp out.

    So, your statement: “THE US TAKES THE FIGHT ALL THE WAY TO THE BULLY’S DOORSTEP” is kinda weak when talking about stepping in for others anyway.
    Just my take.

  130. From the article: “The General also views Russia as “aggressive” and “adversarial to the interests of the United States,” which is why Moscow’s nuclear weapons are capable of destroying the U.S.”
    Something is missing logically here. Being “aggressive” and “adversarial” does not make a country’s weapons more capable.
    Not sure if it is the author or the general that messed this up. If it was the general, then the author would have done well to add an “sic” after the statement to indicate that that what was said and meant though it defies their perception of reality.
    Just my take.
    Best of luck,

  131. How many click bait scare articles on Russia vs USA will Value Walk have this Russian reject write to build herself a name and make them some bucks?

  132. A large part of the American citizenry refuse to consider that they don’t know everything that goes on outside of mainstream news coverage, nor do they attempt to elicit answers to the questions that remain unasked. The clandestine operations that are undertaken by the alphabet agencies are never accurately conveyed to the American citizens, and that group of American citizens who refuse to accept that the clandestine operations are even taking place are the ones who will side with whatever military actions the government proposes because they refuse to accept that there is any nefarious elements occupying positions of power and control who would condone, let alone undertake these actions. This is a direct byproduct of the never ending lies that our leadership foists upon its citizens at every turn. Without a strict policy that is heavily enforced, to maintain a truth at all costs policy between the government and ALL its working parts and the American citizens, corruption is the least of the damage that results, as war mongers will ALWAYS find ways to wage wars as it is a huge profit maker as a RESULT of the corruption that already has existed since the start of the industrial revolution. Every Earthling WILL be effected by a nuclear war, it matters NOT where they live as this planet is a self contained eco-system, damage from nuclear war will NEVER be contained to ANY region. While the impact zone will be rendered lifeless quite quickly, the effects will be raining down all over the planet to some degree, and the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the ground that we grow our food in and allow our livestock to graze on will ALL be effected. War is never the answer for the many, and only serves to line to pockets and provide power and control to the few who could care less about the generations to come. We know so little about the origins of life on this planet, let alone the rest of the universes, and for us to refuse to think critically about EVERYTHING nature shows us in order to truly understand our symbiotic relationship with each and every living thing, is truly reprehensible considering how quickly we decide to kill ANYTHING. Every citizen of this entire planet should be ashamed of themselves for thinking that their personal space and desire for STUFF is more important than the whole of all the parts to make this living, breathing planet survive to the BEST of ALL of our abilities. Greed for selfish interests, personal gains, MANMADE INSANITY should NOT be our destiny.

  133. Iraq was the 3rd largest army in the world during Desert Storm. The Medina Division of the Elite Republican Guard was the best equipped, best trained, fiercest and most feared division in the entire middle east. They lasted a paltry 2 hours. The Iraqi’s tried hiding tanks between buildings so close together that the turret couldn’t be turned. We hit the tanks but left the building untouched. They tried hiding tanks under overpasses. We hit the tanks under the overpass yet the overpass was undamaged. Russia armed the Iraqi’s with GPS jammers to jam our smart bombs. We took out the GPS jammers with GPS guided bombs. Russia or China would take longer and be much tougher and we would take quite a few losses, but in the end, we could eventually render their military’s combat ineffective. However, if it goes nuclear, we are ALL dead.

  134. With Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering his security council to develop defensive nuclear equipment, the Pentagon says Moscow is poised to use nuclear weapons to “bring a speedy peace.” _ Lol, that “peace” would be speedy as hell if they use them on the wrong people. Any nuclear state will IMMEDIATLY retaliate and if they use them on a non-nuclear country, they’ll have quite literally every country on the planet on their ass. Go for it Pukin, bring on the peace :)

  135. ruSSia is a Fascist state!!!

    Putin is a Hitler of 21 century!

    FSB is a Gestapo!

    ruSSian trolls here – Goebbels propaganda!

    All together its called “Russian World” or Russism!

    The fight with Fascism,

    Communism and Russism must never stop until they all completely destroyed!!!

  136. Quote: “U.S. has been flexing its muscles only with those weak and failed states, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc.”

    Really? I don’t think so. FYI, US is waiting for them to start the war either to any of them. They are ready to any treat from 3 countries such as: Russia, China & North Korea.
    I think you need to convince those countries to start the war maybe they are the one who doesn’t have ballz.

  137. True story, I said its not going to bode well every time, and didnt support them going in to iraq, felt that Iran needed boots on the ground far more than Iraq. After all, whos saying death to america and britain, and australia, etc etc. anyway, better to not attack anyone unless its unavoidable, and perhaps it is.

  138. to tell you the truth, we are no longer electing the president or most anyone any more, I am positive that they lie and put thier own crap down as the winner, whoever the bildebergs or those evil soros and his cronies, we need to turn this country into a real DEMOCRACY- we vote for all officials, outlaw all lobbying as its being used to turn elections, and take back our country, which as far as I can tell is being hijacked by islamic and socialist factions. I am voting for Rand Paul, period. Hope he sticks to his word and backs a constitutional america!

  139. I am sure your are certified as a psych and can vouch for who is nuts and who isnt. My statement is just that most bullies who push thier weight around need a show of force to stop thier aggression and if its not done, then they push a little more, and a little more. I am very versed in that as I was the one folks made the mistake of pushing…once. I do not think any of the actors involved should stick thier nose in a local conflict and the only aid should be food and emergency aid. not weapons. Unfortunately, thats not how it worked out there, and will be a blood bath for a few more years I imagine, if it isnt a world war in the making.

  140. There are no nuclear and other weapons installed by USA or NATO in Ukraine and Georgia. What you talk about is pure Speculation or should I say Lies that Trolls spread to try and give reasoning and recognition or permission for Putin to do what he has done. Keep up the lies and people see how desperate Putin’s collaborators are.They seek enemies where there were none.Sending out lies to divide people in East Ukraine has only brought about destruction of peoples homes there and hate from locals there for their Russian Occupiers,no matter how many people Russia pays from Russia and Ukraine to march in Pro Russian Rallies there. You are just as ignorant as Putin the Liar that seeks to kill all that oppose him in Russia as well. Stand up for the idiot that was bullied when young and learned nothing from it other than to become the bully and liar himself. If you don’t like someone doing something bad to you,why would you do the same to other people ? The only reason is that the person never learned from other people’s mistakes. People that can not learn from mistakes become irrelevant ,if not now later.

  141. Without Nukes,all other military’s worldwide are very far behind USA and NATO. They have limited capability to do much beyond their borders to make much change. Anyone can drop bombs from the air ,but winning wars takes ground troops and Real intelligence of whom you are fighting and where they are. Anyone can bomb civilian areas hoping that some so called terrorists get killed too.

  142. JungleJoe, whatever you said about America’s role has yet to be battle-proved. So far, if I remember correctly, the U.S. has been flexing its muscles only with those weak and failed states, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. I would very much like to see that the U.S. has the guts to start a war with Russia or China, or even that secluded North Korea.

  143. If Vladimir Putin’s Russia maintains a peaceful co-existence with its neighbor, they won’t need military and economic help from the United States, the most powerful nation on the Planet. When ever Vladimir Putin and the Russians stop threatening, invading and bullying its neighbors on its borders, the neighbors won’t need the USA. THEY NEED AMERICAN PROTECTION BECAUSE THE US TAKES THE FIGHT ALL THE WAY TO THE BULLY’S DOORSTEP, NO BLOODY FEARS. THAT’S THE REASON AMERICA IS HERE ON EARTH.

  144. We should care about Israel launching 200+ nuclear warheads if they feel they are under nuclear attack. They would end up vaporizing most Muslim capitals plus Mecca and still have enough to settle some old scores with Germany. Of course even if we don’t care about which cities Israel decides to vaporize, the effects on the environment will be devastating.

  145. No that is not higly likely, it is speculation….. . But letme ask, what would US goverment do if Cuba became memeber of Russian Federation and russia started installing nuclear weapons. Will US Goverment make decission to make pre-emptive nuclear strikes?
    This is american arrogant way of thinking……. let me remind you of US policy of pre-amptive wars adopted under Bush. And let me remind you of one of the basic psychological phenomenon, every thief belives all other people are thiefs……

    Wakeup Dummies, just remember that be it Russia, or the US or any other country (and its people) who’s stupid enough to use nuclear weapons on another country (and its people) in today’s world, WILL NEVER LIVE TO SEE THE END OF THAT DAY. Go find out the meaning of M.A.D and end your foolish fantasy.

  147. Jim, yours is an insightful and informative comments. If the warmongers of this country, backed by the military-industrial complex, attempt to start a war for profits, they may very well be faced with something which they don’t even have time to regret, nor any chances to control.

  148. And got the devil out of Saudi Arabia. Arrogance, arrogance, arrogance. All we could think was, “yippee, a defeat for Russia”.

  149. What destroyed Germany in Russia was the cold! And the distance Germans had to go to deliver fuel. So, it was a ground war. We gave the Russians a $1 billion loan and some jeeps, trucks, some aircraft, mainly the B-25. At the end of the war Russia had to give them back or destroy them. The favorite was the Willis Jeep.

  150. if Russia ever decides to launch pre-emptive first nuclear strikes again NATO member countries and the U.S., it is because the eastward expansion of NATO since 2000 has been constricting the geopolitical space that Russia needs to survive. All the policies under Putin now have been Russia’s response to NATO’s eastward expansion. Any other country would have done the same. So, it is highly likely, just as the author stated in this article, that Russia made have already made its political decision to launch preemptively attacks to guard its national security, no matter how ugly the consequences of such attacks may look.

    Wakeup Dumb Russian, just remember that be it Russia, or the US or any other country (and its people) who’s stupid enough to use nuclear weapons on another country (and its people) in today’s world, WILL NEVER LIVE TO SEE THE END OF THAT DAY. Go find the meaning of M.A.D.

  152. Because, Roger. Have you ever ha given thought how many people around the world hate reckless idiots whom you supported in every election even as people whom you voted for destroyed American Republic beyond any recognition? Ignorance is very costly Roger.

  153. Worry not fellas. Polina just working hard o make noise to scare you. So do all other dividers and deciders. Because they are scared. They badly want to postpone the final meeting with their Maker! So, they try to scare everybody around. Just think for a second if couple Calibers the kind of those used in Syria will be launched from container on the deck any of merchant marine ship and one or two aircraft carriers go under. Would not it raise hell to find out who pocketed trillions dollars only to leave the USA totally defenseless? This what they really affraid of.

  154. We can read a lot about Russia’s military threats but if you analyze the political situation on the ground in the various conflict zones, you’ll see that the local population of ethnic Russians were not integrated well in the respective countries at all. In the only case where the West had to deal with such situations the outcome was very similar to what Russia ended up doing, take e.g. Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Kosovo. After years of saying that Kosovo will not be granted independence, the US changed its mind, simply because if 90% of the population don’t want to live in the country they actually live in things won’t work out well.

    Similarly, in South Ossetia and Abkhazia there was a frozen conflict that would never be resolved unless the local majority of ethnic Russians would get their way. Ukraine moving toward the Western camp broke the stalemate political consensus between the pro Russian side and the pro-Western side, leading to a divorce. So, this is just a natural outcome of a deep unresolvable social conflict, the military aspect of the conflict is a side show.

    Framing these sorts of conflicts as purely military conflicts is misleading and causes us to focus on the wrong issues. E.g. to prevent problems in the Baltic States it is not good enough to just send F-16s. We must also make sure the ethnic Russians feel more at home in the Baltic States. E.g. the use of the language police by Latvia to check if ethnic Russians in towns that are 90% Russian stick to speaking Latvian may not be very helpful. F-16s are not going to fix problems caused by such polices, at most they may make it a bit more difficult for Putin to exploit any fallout from big ethnic conflicts.

  155. In fact it was not military defeat, as pro-Russian government remained in power for another 3 years after Soviet withdrawal. But you are right US should have cooperated with Russia to stabilize Afghanistan.

  156. It all went wrong when the US rejected Gorbachov’s plan for his forces to withdraw from Afghanistan in exchange for the US stopping to supply the Jihadis there (so-called “freedom fighters”). Reagan did not reject this out of hand, it was Richard Perle who convinced Reagan to take a hard line against the Soviet proposals. Not only did Afghanistan go down the drain, the defeat of the Soviet military there had the effect of weakening Gorbachov’s leadership. The conservative political agenda in Russia after the end of the Cold War became far more anti-Western as a result of this than it otherwise would have been. The public support for that agenda grew due to the bad economic situation in the 1990s.

  157. interestingly enough the Pentagon budget has been shrinking recently. But now when the Americans alarmed by Putin’s reckless games, it will surely go up

  158. US foreign policy is based on the 1991 Wolfowitz Doctrine, which says that we need to control Eurasia & prevent any country from being powerful enough that it might be a threat to the US. NATO has had a policy for years that allows NATO to make the 1st use of nuclear weapons in a conflict. Yet this article says that it is Russia that is being irresponsible.

    The US supported the overthrow of the government of Ukraine & used our tax money to do it.
    US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland said: “…the United States supported the Ukrainians in the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society and a good form of government…” & “We have invested more than 5 BILLION dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals.” The current government that we support in Ukraine came to power in a violent coup d’état.

    The main reason the US gets into wars is to make rich people richer. In 1933 two time Medal of Honor recipient, Maj. General Smedley Butler said of his 33 yr. military career, “I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.”

    Medal of Honor recipient, Marine Corps Commandant, & member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General David Shoup served in the Marine Corps from 1926 to 1963. He was in on the planning for the initial stages of the Viet Nam War at the highest level of the US military. Here is what he had to say about the Viet Nam War after he retired in 1966.

    “I believe that if we had and would keep our dirty, bloody, dollar-soaked fingers out of the business of these nations so full of depressed, exploited people, they will arrive at a solution of their own—and if unfortunately their revolution must be of the violent type because the ‘haves’ refuse to share with the ‘have-nots’ by any peaceful method, at least what they get will be their own, and not the American style, which they don’t want and above all don’t want crammed down their throats by Americans.”

    Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson flew 1100 combat hours as a helicopter pilot during his 1st year in Viet Nam. Later in his career he was the deputy director of the Marine Corps War College & chief of staff for Gen. Colin Powell when Powell was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff & also when Powell was the Secretary of State. Col. Wilkerson has stated that our foreign policy is really run by, “The people who own the wealth, the people who therefore have the power and who more or less (and I’m not being too facetious here) buy the president and thus buy American foreign policy.” He also points out that, “big American defense contractors are largely responsible for our current dispute with Russia.”

    The mainstream media have been working hard to promote a confrontation with Russia. “The people who own the wealth” & the defense contractors will no doubt continue to make big money from our tax dollars from this confrontation. The time of military service of Butler, Shoup, & Wilkerson covers an almost continuous period of about 100 yrs. Nothing has changed since the days of Generals Butler & Shoup. Get ready to pay for another multi-trillion dollar defense buildup or war. “The people who own the wealth” & the defense contractors won’t pay for it. They get the profits; we pay the bill.

  159. Putin has had like Brezhnev before him the luxury of high oil prices to hide an economy built on a weak foundation. He sold the idea of Putin the all wise and knowing in 1999 to an exhausted Russian public and was able to do it because high energy prices made a lot of money available to him and also the West’s blunders in dealing with Russia. I am afraid he is now for the first time in deep trouble. The Saudi Royal Family wants his scalp and they will in the end get it, Russia is now living off mostly savings accumulated during the time of high oil prices which may last a couple of years then Russia will be in dire straights and this time facing these hardships largely friendless among the world major powers. The operative word being FRIEND not partner.

  160. Hiroshima* and Nagasaki are not a comparison to what we have today. It may not be the end of civilization, but I can guarantee, the way the world is going today being all Eco-friendly… The next country to drop a nuke will get economically sanctioned into a depression. They’ll be frowned upon world wide, not feared. If it’s us he in the US, or Russia, or India etc.. The blast will leave the areas uninhabitable for decades… Look at Chernobyl , is anyone back to living there? They’re not a joke, and not something to throw around in a matter of use.

    To quote you, “One that does not include a retaliatory strike” who are they going to use them on who won’t retaliate with the same if not more devastation other than a country that doesn’t own them? If nukes fly between US and Russia there will be hundreds shot off, each country will look to completely destroy the other. Aside from that, they going to use them on the Free Syrian Army? No, because they’ll destroy half of Syria for decades. Are they going to use them against a NATO country? I would assume they’re smarter than that, visa-versa. I honestly don’t think we’ll ever see another nuke dropped, and it really is a propaganda deterrence against one country trying to invade the other. Example, Ukraine had nukes. Got rid of them. Russia invaded them and annexed Crimea. Would they have done that if they thought Ukraine would fire a nuke at them? Not a chance. Would they use them on Ukraine if they sent troops in to take it back? Maybe.. Russia does now have them stationed in the Crimea. I believe if anyone will drop one or attempt too, it’ll be, Russia, doubtfully though because even know they throw it around like they would use it I just don’t see it and give their intelligence more credit than that. Or North Korea, which I honestly believe wants to drop one on us real bad. Time will tell.

  161. Pentagon, NATO, Russia, and China you need realize there are more than
    human differences at stake. We humans are buying into nationalism, when
    we actually should be putting more effort into growing consciously. It
    is very sad that we focus on our differences, increasing risk for
    ourselves and other humans, and it could effect others beyond what we
    know. One problem is we have our scientist saying there is a possibility
    of other dimensions. CERN is currently readying to have some major
    testing of particles, and it has been stated they will be looking for
    gravitational leaks. Leaking into where you might ask? Other dimensions
    is where they are speaking of. Currently many scientist like the String
    Theory, which has ten or eleven dimensions to describe physical reality.
    It is not fully accepted, there are some problems with the theory.
    However there is a good possibility it is correct. Ok, we humans would
    be very upset if we were to have some disaster happen to a large group
    of people, like the twin towers, and nothing was done about it, like
    what happened in Afghanistan. This is the game we are playing with
    nuclear weapons, and the possibility of other dimensions. A nuclear bomb
    could very well effect other dimensions. The question arises is there
    life in other dimensions? We simply at this point do not know. So should
    we be maintaining nuclear weapons, and posturing, like many leaders are
    doing across the world, along with their military? We should look at
    ourselves, our behaviours, and start a change, moving away from such
    choices that effect us all, as humans, and possibly others in a very
    negative way. Ok, repeated offences by humans, would be taken care of
    rapidly, no questions asked. What if another advanced civilization has
    had enough?

    If the below offends you, please contact the Federal Bureau of
    investigation, or the California Highway Patrol, the CIA may be a
    possibility? I really would like to see who has the guts to be honest
    here. The photo mentioned below is very real, I am willing to take a
    polygraph as to the authenticity. However, some high level officials in
    our government are not honest IMO. If nothing is done about this I will
    keep posting here!

    The following is very true, it is not made up. I would have already been
    taken away if it were not true. Initially, I was harassed for a lot
    less than this by the Department of Homeland Security, who together with
    law enforcement have ruined my life. Now they do not know what to do.
    Please read completely, and look at the final link at the end of the
    next paragraph, which is safe, and you can contact me if you have
    questions. The other links are for reference and additional information.
    By the way, I have sent a message to the Department of Homeland
    Security, and they have not even checked me out, the message stated what
    I am stating here, and to get it to the top DHS official, his title is
    of no consequence to me. I do not really buy into titles, so another big
    red flag right? This photo mentioned below, and my negative comment
    posted on the CHP website have been there a while, no one has checked me
    out! Pretty insane is it not? Apparently they should be checking out
    individuals making these types of statements but it is not happening.
    So, are there some truths in what I am saying? Or, is it because they
    simply are not doing a good job? The reader really needs to think about

    Actually all militarism, and their corporate contractors, need to stop.
    We need to move on to a more peaceful existence. The United States
    government is far from the most powerful on Earth, maybe you can say
    they are the most powerful group of humans on Earth if we consider
    nationalism, then nation. The US government is not informing the
    citizens of the existence of extraterrestrials, well no government is,
    although it is very true. The Pentagon made some agreements with a group
    of extraterrestrials, before we were consciously ready. Other ETs have
    intervened, both of these facts are what the United States government
    does not want you to know. Do not stop here, this is very real. Check
    out the ETs on the California Highway Patrol helicopter. It has been
    posted for a while and they have not done anything with it, despite my
    disparaging remarks. They should have me evaluated, they will not.
    Although I do wish they take me to court for the harassment I received
    related to cutting entitlements to California law enforcement, which are
    exorbitant. I am not worried, as I am being protected, and they know
    it. There are people making contact with benevolent ETs all across the
    world it is very organized. There are many military whistle blowers
    coming out about some of it. Also, they will make these ETs the enemy,
    be on the watch for that, simply they did not get their way! What kind
    of ETs would allow a group of humans to keep them secret? I mean
    something like that should never be kept from the people. Would humans
    keep such a secret? You bet they would, which just shows where many are
    at consciously. And many humans believe and accept the government should
    do that, when it is actually all about us growing consciously, and not
    needing this type of over protective government, almost authoritarian
    and totalitarian. Regards the following, do you actually think I would
    post this if I were not being protected? Do you really think the CHP
    would allow this to remain on their site? Don’t you think they should
    have me evaluated, and taken away via the NDAA ruling? It will not
    happen. And if it were to happen, it would have already been done. Here
    is the link to the California Highway Patrol Google+ site look at the
    comment by “Saturn’s Moon Andromedia” which is mine.. :-) Peace and Love
    is what it is all about, not war dear Friends… :-) On the link just
    below, be sure to click on the link in the comment, which will take you
    the the photograph of the CHP helicopter.

    Paul Hellyer, Defence Minister of Canada, retired speaking on the ET subject:

    Here is a link to the witness testimonies:

    Here is a link to David Adair who has actually been in contact with an ET craft and still works in the space industry:

    Here is a link to Charles Hall and his extraterrestrial experiences while in the military:

    Steven Basset of Paradigm Research Group speaking on Obama and ETs:

    Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth – petition

  162. she is absolutely correct. Those of you who doubt just look to history, and count the many times this has happened before and the results, I mean immediate results.

  163. To suggest that the use of nuclear weapons will be the end of civilization is ridiculous and based on unreliable, worst case scenario, data not currently supported by supercomputer modeling. To follow such rhetoric one would have to conclude that Heroshima and Nagasaki still have another 9,980 years before it can once again become habitable. The alpha and beta waves are nearly immediately gone while the gamma, or more penetrating wave might take longer but not nearly in the postulated half-life time-table. The propaganda is meant to quell nations into believing that nuclear war spells the end of all things. The nation that has digested this and accepted it as factual fodder will be the one to quickly raise the white flag. This is what Putin is counting on. A quick peace. One that does not include a retaliatory strike. The current administration is more likely to follow that line of thinking than a more hawkish administration.

  164. Who are these idiots that write this rubbish. Learn the facts before blaming everything on Russia. It was Bill Clinton who cast aside the solemn pledges to “freeze NATO” at its existing borders that had been made by President Bush and Secretary Baker. The NATO-Russia agreement was long broken before Putin came into power.

  165. I’m more worried about ISIS et al than Putin/Russia. And Putin seems worried about them too! It’s too bad the US can’t acknowledge who the real threat is.

  166. With all the military moves being made on land and sea by the major world powers it seems to me that world war 3 has began. Yet there’s virtually no U.S TV news broadcasts on the subject. Talk about souring ratings. Focus Your programming about subjects like this article on TV news broadcasts and ratings will skyrocket.

    Where’s CNN and Fox News when folks need them? More people need to know in depth what’s really happening.

  167. My Russian friends seem quite comfortable: a job, roof over their head, warm bed, food in their bellies … lots of ’em even have dogs that they cherish.

  168. Russia’s economy is probably better than ours (US).
    And Putin has no reason to attack the US… he probably wishes we’d just get the h#ll out of the middle east and stop stirring things up!

  169. Putin is a person who wants attention and power. Hey Putin, do not try to wipe out your country (big and beautiful) by your stupid behaviors (just a reminder to Putin and Russians) !!!!! :(

  170. Stop blaming Obama.
    Israel is on its own (Israelis are God’s children, why do they need the US???), and they
    200+ nuclear weapons. And why should WE care about Israel?????

  171. Farkas is one of bunch of Pentagon so-called experts who has no idea how Russians thinking.Point is if US/NATO will follow such !d!ot!c advise then chance of nuclear war increases for sure.One more point:Russians have much less to loose than Westerners in the war.And national character is be decisive and never give up.So wanna play game with Russia?

  172. I am getting tired of all this. I am going to say ” LET THE PARTY BEGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” lol

  173. ?????? ???????? ?????- ?? ??????? ??????? – ??????????, ??? ? ????????. ??? ????????? ?????????? ?? ????????? ????????? ? ???, ????? ????????? ?????????? ??????? ??? ?????? ??????? ?? ????????? ??????? ??????. ??? ??????? ??????. ? ??, ??? ???? ?? ??? ??????????? ??? ?? ???????? ??????, ??? ?????, ? ?? ? ????? ?????? ??????????? ??? ???? ???????????? ?????.

  174. This Russian troll continues to pass on Putin’s propaganda. Not defying these threats and reminding Putin of how quickly he will be incinerated, personally, may lead Putin to make the same mistake as Imperial Japan, who also thought the US was weak and unwilling to fight back. Putin’s legacy maybe the creation of a glass lake where the cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow once stood.

    The world will lose all of the cultural treasures that the Russian people have created.
    Since intelligence agencies monitor social media and make reports on the trends, I will pass on my suggestion. The best hope for Russia is that some Russian hero will execute Putin, just as Beria ended Stalin’s reign of terror. Executing Putin would save the lives of tens of millions of innocent Russian citizens that will be lost in Putin’s coming nuclear war.

  175. Every time Obama sits down Putin looks up his skirt and remembers that Obama does not have a sack. Putin will try to gain as much ground as possible over the next year while Obama is the pres. Putin knows that the next pres might actually have a pair and stand up to him.

  176. not sure how long ago u did but with the railgun and new laser systems they have developed that fry electronics el al they have the ability to eliminate the missiles in the air before detonation. Rezd up n it. They work better than the pats

  177. “Top Russia expert” lol ok, during the height of the cold war the pentagon had dozens of real experts, pouring over intel day and night to try and foresee the Soviets next movement, when the USSR fell most of these experts were fired/retired, todays “experts” are just a bunch of do nothings (as with most other branches in gov. now) that love to make things up, the whole “incompetent Russian army” stereotype was brought about in the 90’s when Russia really could do nothing right, it was bloated with corrupt generals, undertrained soldiers, etc.

    That is not todays Russia, the reason that the West was “shocked and awed” during Russias Syria intervention was because there are no experts today, most of the weapons Russia is using are at least 4+ years old, yet not one of the “experts” knew of their capabilities, imagine what theyre keeping under wraps?

    All this is now is fearmongering so that they can keep their jobs, the US needs real experts, and not more conmen.

  178. The article is not about whether we want a nuclear war with russia, it’s showing how stup1d some individuals like Evelyn Farkas can be. The good news is Pentagon fired her 4ss.

  179. I doubt he was actually born in Hawaii as he claims….I mean he said himself he was born in Kenya….So did he lie when he said he was an American Citizen born in Hawaii, or did he lie when he said he was born in and a citizen of Kenya?

    As far as Benghazi goes, I have no opinion about his direct involvement, but there was a considerable amount of deception and misinformation being transmitted by Hillary and others in the Obama cabinet….The odds are he knew about it….

    Sand_Cat is an interesting moniker….I am sure there is an interesting meaning behind it…

  180. Why should the U.S. “encircle” them? We stupidly spend $.58 of every $1.00 on our military and they spend $.12 – Let WESTERN EUROPE pony up the SAME proportion of their GNP towards military if they want stuff in their own backyard. We are NOT the world’s parents and it’s time we started to realize that ALL our neighbors, both the ones we hang out with AND the ones we can’t stand ALL ABUSE OUR GENEROSITY. Charity starts at HOME people, at HOME with a BIG GIANT FENCE around the yard….

  181. Let’s see “pheasant under glass”, OK….Moscow under glass, not a good idea, Mr. Puking…”Cause you get us, you goose is cooked, with no way to stop our payback”….What an idiot article, esp. when they can’t shoot down what they can’t see, but we have rail guns, and laser / energy weapons, you nimrods…

  182. Russia has 10000 plus nukes, Their has never been a weapon invented that was not used.
    Put your head back in the sand. I’m sure you are smarter than a pentagon insider

  183. Hi all,
    Instead of arguing, we should do everything possible as people to privet the nuclear war. While the politicians are playing their games, we – the normal people are suffering. Either you are Russian or American, we all are going to be in a big sh…t if the WWIII starts! Think of your kids! If we all are as smart as we claim here, why not to start the Peace movement!!!

  184. Seems like Polina Tikhonova has apocalypse fever judging from many of her recent articles.
    That and the U.S. seems to be screaming “Wolf!” every chance it gets.

  185. What country did Russia invade may i ask? Do you even know what you’re talking about?
    Name the country Russia “invaded”

  186. They are ready to nuke us..We are ready to nuke them..What’s the news here?..This whole (so called) article sounds like it was wrote by a “Russian propaganda spreading piece of communist fecal matter” to me..The Russians know if they launch a nuclear attack on any UN member.They will be totally destroyed.Therefor what is to gain by such an action.What scares me the most is to think there are Russian’s dumb/scared enough who will/would carry out such an attack on the orders of somebody like Putin..

  187. ‘ The General also noted that Russia has been violating “the Westphalian
    order” ever since it started invading “sovereign nations” in 2008. ‘

    The U.S. has never felt the need (or slightest inclination) to adhere to the Westphalian order of nations. We have invaded dozens of sovereign nations from Canada and Mexico to Asia.

  188. Farkas? and Polina? hahahahhahaha two madams mentally retarded what will try to push USA to attack Russia? Why? no one knows ……

  189. Yes, Obamas way can insure that synagoge is there also tomorrow. With Bush policy there will not be any synagoge left, neither in US or Russia….

  190. All of us who do not agree with US policy of global policeman are commies, dictators and east european racists……. stupid cowboy

  191. Th Pentagon knows that a nuclear war with Russia is not winnable. This is why we are doing nothing to stop Russia in the Ukraine or Syria.

  192. Agree. And rememeber, US came to Europe first after it was attcked by Japan. Hitler, who was also financially supported by large US corporates, got a freedom to invade in 1939-40, Austria, Check Republic, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and France,….most of Europe and then in JUne 1941 Russia, without US intervining. First after Pearl Harbour, when Hitler declared the war to US, US got involved because it had to.

  193. Why is Russia & US cooperating with the space station? Both countries are conducting research together in a friendly manner.Scientist do not care about earthly politics because they know mankind is just a dirt spot in the vastness of the universe. Also, Russia knows the US has gained technological advantage from secret projects involving extra terrestial intelligence. Look up former director of lockheed skunkworks Ben Rich in your search engine for more details.

  194. Many of us here are not americans so we dont do it for money ….. as your democratically elected politicians are doing…..

  195. The only way to deal with Russia is to overpower it. And never ever let go. Otherwise they will keep trying. Trying to do what, you might ask? Trying to do what they’ve always done: feed the greedy Mother Russia by invading other countries.

  196. I couldnt agree more on that, we europeans are racists, tiefs and have been waging war on each other for centuries. But remember neither First nor Second World War nor other wars were started neither by east euroepans or Russia, always by France, Germany and UK. Those countres are also among the largest colonial powers in history.
    How would you feel if EU had military bases in US and was telling you what to do and on top of it made problems with your neighbors.
    3 million refuges from Afghanistan, Irak and Syria are on the way to us….10.000 per day are now entering into Europe because of US/Bush policy there. Why dont you take at least 1 million and shelter them in Texas, nerbuy Bushes farm…….
    And now you are also making problems for us with Russia.
    Take your weapons and cowboy philosophy and go home …. and let us menage our own problems, stupidity and racism ourselves.

  197. It’s not Russian nuclear weapons we should be worrying about. Thanks to Obama caving in to Iran, there is now a situation in which Israel has about two minutes to decide whether to launch a massive retaliatory strike at the Muslim world. Good work Obama!

  198. It’s always amusing to see belligerent ignoramuses pronounce someone else to be “a weakling and a fool.” It’s even funnier to see them further prove it by claiming Obama is a Muslim. You forgot to suggest that he’s a foreigner who should have been disqualified for that reason, and you didn’t mention Benghazi. Come on, you may be an idiot, but at least you should be able to make the obvious jokes.

  199. And morons like you want lie about people better and far more intelligent than yourselves, and to destroy civilization to prove your manhood. Either way, you lose. It’s obvious your “manhood” isn’t worth much because it’s powered by a spoiled child’s mind.

  200. I am personally not excessively worried about Russian nuclear use threats or capacity as long as I believe the western powers and Israel have enough ready and protected nuclear capacity to blast away the whole Russia if they attack anybody with nuclear weapon of any kind.

  201. W. started it in Iraq and passed the torch to Obama. The problem lies in the neoconservatives in Obama’s administration, left over from previous administrations. They actually believe that there could be a winner in a nuclear confrontation and are willing to sacrifice the lives of millions to prove their point.

  202. Correct. Through all of the wars the U.S. has been involved in, if not started, the U.S. has come out unscathed. Twice Europe has been in shambles. Russia took a hit in WWII. It is doubtful that WWII would have had the result it did , were it not for Russia.
    The stupidity now is that Europe is behaving as though it is a vassal of the U.S. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  203. When everyone has Nuclear Weapons it is unwise to use them. One danger is the fallout cloud will spread contamination over a large area. With smaller countries, like say North Korea or Israel, to use Nuclear Weapons is just stupid because the fallout could contaminate 5 or more nearby countries.

  204. “Peaceful” – ??? As in using nerve gas on the Kurds? Virtually EVEYONE connected to opposing Iraq had a political reason for opposing it.
    Saddam had already proven his desire to control “his piece of the Middle-Eastern pie. ’91 proved that. Had the world not united to stop him – he would not have stopped until he had taken the fields of Saudi Arabia, and surrounding countries.
    Intelligence reports (supported by several allies) showed him as working very hard at building a large arsenal centered around WMD. Satellite photo taken over the SIX of so months the Democrats used to stall stated actions allowed Saddam to move, secret, exchange, bury his WMD in various locations – Tikrit was uncovered in the recent past.
    Like I said – once the shooting started – we needed to allow the commanders on the ground to run the war – and win it. Without a doubt – Obama’s whining, and the removal of troops created a vacuum which has been filled by even worse people than Saddam. As in Viet Nam – when the politicians set the ROE, and attempt to run a war – from the comfortable confines of DC; we lose.
    Had we finished the job, in Iraq, and Afghanistan – Iran AND Russia would surely not be acting the way they are now. But then again – we have a coward in the WH. and sheep who will follow him.

  205. And we are not ready to use nuclear weapons? Oh wait, we have already done so, twice. We have been provoking Russia since 1990, even though there was an agreement that NATO (U.S.) made that missiles would not be placed “on inch East”. Well, missiles have been placed in the Czech Republic, Poland, and in other countries, and the plan is to place them in Ukraine too. Right on Russia’s border. Neoconservatives in the Obama administration and previous administrations, want a confrontation. It is about empire. A gigantic game of Risk. Only without colonies, but military bases spread all over the world. Russia is wide awake now.

  206. Russia and China both know Obama is a weakling and a fool….They would not hesitate to take us on knowing Obama will cower in his bunker and do nothing to save America…..They also know our allies are no longer willing to stand with America…..My guess is this Muslim POS will probably have us in a nuclear war before he leaves office….

  207. I knew once that lowlife psycho Putin elected himself President there was going to be trouble. This is most likely the anti christ. His own people should destroy this virus, he’s ripping the country apart.

  208. Sources? Thought so, troll. Or if your referring to the billions we promised, over decades, over a decade + ago, that isn’t proof of a USA coup.

  209. I think so too that Polina Tikhonova is crazy and she needs help. She has a wicked agenda and she wants to see or hear about holocaust or a genocide. One day, she wrote: “US General says Russia can destroy the US” … The next day she stated: “USA is more lethal than Russia”. She keeps “flip floping” faster than an old cell phone.

  210. Who started the war in Iraq ? Obozo is no better than Bush. He started the mess in Ukraine. That country was peaceful until they helped overthrow the government there.

  211. I think Russia must use nuke against any neighbor country who harbor the NATO. That could be a solution if not come to the direct confrontation of NATO.

  212. Let me guess . . . it was George Bush??? The shame of the matter is the current commander in chief – who ranted all about “getting out of Iraq” – and closing Gitmo – then changed his mind once he had become “privy” to presidential security briefings – AFTER his election. I would suggest you check ALL of the news before you scream liar re: WMD as it has been found – near Tikrit. Not all WMD is nuclear.

  213. You been reading too much American articles, Russia formed a Financial Alliance with China last year pay attension google it Putin’s Russia is not stupid, he is ahead of the game

  214. I wouldn’t rule a out tactical nuclear weapon being used by the Russians, however a mistake or a bad judgment could lead to an all out Nuclear assault. Which is why the US and Russia must remain in contact on some level always.

  215. Of coarse Russia is ready to use Nukes why do you think they made them for Museum exhibit? These American articles make me laugh

  216. I see this author has a Master’s Degree in Philology and a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism. Frankly, neither of these educational credentials qualifies her to talk of military capability. She knows languages and how they work together with others, but in order to understand what is going on in Eastern Europe, or anywhere else for that matter, she would need an in depth education in history, political science, and most of all, making war. She should start now reading Sun Tsu, Clausewitz on War, and the Roots of Strategy by General T.R. Phillips. War is not a game, and every leader of every country knows it as well as all of these treatises on the subject. On the other hand, although not a game in the broadest sense, it is important for everyone to study “The Games People Play,” which is a psychological study of how people see themselves and interact with others. Knowledge is more important than knowing how to write a story.

  217. Go away toll. You are nothing but a state dept. paid stooge. Russia didn’t get over 4500 of our best and brightest killed in Iraq over lies.

  218. You may want to hold you praise for this JOKE of a president. IF the US is TRULY the #1 economy in the world – it is because of the strength of the American people – and our system of doing business – NOT because of our “shovel-ready”, divide and conquer by race, color, religious belief, Islam supporting, line-drawing coward who bows down before everyone he visits. He is disgusting to say the least.

  219. That is how people become experts. They share ideas and opinions and come to a reasonable conclusion. A lot of these comments are valid. Too bad you don’t understand that.

  220. This women is crazy and is nothing but a warmonger. Obama’s State Dept. started the mess in Ukraine, Libya and Syria. Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to surround Russia with hostile governments and is surprised to see them react is a fool.

  221. Russia will use nuclear weapons IF attacked.The USA and flunkies fancied that their provocations will remain without an answer.They were wrong.

  222. Man, am I glad I am not standing next to you!!! It is to laugh!
    Russia has been the aggressor in many a post WWII altercation. Their leadership (Putin) is former KGB – a stinking Communist.
    Without a doubt, we have made our mistakes – particularly during the current idiot’s administration. However – with a nation as large as Russia – I would think they could keep themselves busy within their own borders. They have ALWAYS been interlopers – once a Soviet/Russian soldier sets foot within a country’s borders – Russian military follows. PLEASE name me ONE country we have TAKEN OVER to govern – populate, and consider a satellite of the US.

  223. John – sources please re: 100’s of nuclear weapons being deployed. Not challenging your figures – just wondering as to your sources for the information. I would think such information would be less than public in nature.

  224. And so my friends, the game of deadly chicken continues so the MIC can hold humanity hostage to their paranoia, greed of the Wall St. and abuse of power. Stop poking the bear in the eyes. Spend money on clothing, feeding, educating your people and improve your own infrastructure. Use the military contractors to do most of the construction so their big men will continue piling wealth/power but in a much more peaceful world….Sever the ties between the military and the industry….IMHO.

  225. I agree that we need to start sending troops to Ukraine and Poland. Even a few more in the Baltic states. But nuclear weapons? That is really stupid. Russia in unlikely to start moving nukes around because it would do them no good. We have nukes on submarines all over the world that could counter any such move. And saying that the Russians could not launch one is the height of absurdity. They have mobile rocket launchers all over their country. They don’t need to threaten us with those things.

  226. Maybe the poster CRAIG F can read this?BTW the F is for fuktard. Just a thought it must be a cable news report befor he believes it

  227. I never knew there where so many experts to the worlds nuclear issues. And, to have them all assembled here on this one web page is extraordinary! Hopefully the world powers are listening in so they know what to do next.

  228. I use caps to penetrate your FLUORIDE filled scull. People like you are the reason we are in endless wars. FOX has breaking news get back to the boob tube slick

  229. The Russian economy is in
    dire straits and is only going to get worse. Putin would have made a
    wonderful Soviet Leader but his ideology is contrary to the interests of Modern
    Russia. I am worried he may try
    to create an incident with NATO or the U.S.
    to try and rally the country behind him.

  230. Oh spare us your Putinesque posturing, tough guy. Sheesh! And it has been more like over 50 years, caused by US, Soviet, and Arab intransigence. Your mindless analysis in blaming one protagonist only is tiresome, and as with all pro-Russian posts, is juvenile in its ignorance.

  231. putin as a military leader is a horrible leader. his poll numbers are high only because people do not speak against him and expect to live.

  232. fu i come to your house rip you stinking russian ass apart commie bastard fu putin and his wanna be thugs USA will will encircle russia and then you be crying for no begging for the USA to stop kicking your ass …then will see who opens their dam mouth

  233. Like hillary and obama with their so called arab spring and support for the muslim brotherhood that has set the middle east on fire?

  234. A plan is not a policy, “dumbass “, it is prudent planning. Your psychotic use of all-caps suggests you have psychological deficiencies, I do, think, however, that you’ve hit on a truth, however inadvertently; yes, only God can help you. Go back to the HuffPost or whatever trash you slavishly coddle and leave your prattle to the kindergartners there. Good bye.

  235. whY Europe is being dragged into the war, the Europeans NOT need usA to protect itself, stop your war games and the world will be in peace…but I believe that the game is another, behind the curtain: the people will be iliminated and LIDERS has a hole under graund to protect themselves.

  236. We know Polina this Russian paid troll here,in Europe.We just shrug her off…She gets her salary from Putin.Ask her to show us evidence about her so called interview with Merkel!!!!EUnion and America are beyond ALLIES!

  237. Putin will never use nukes. He may be a dictator, but in reality, he’s controlled by the oligarchy that owns Russia and even he can meet some unfortunate “accident,” in the world’s most corrupt nation. War (except for selling weapons of course) is very bad for business.

  238. go fu your self pal ohbuma is a weak ass president that couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag .Hes a pussy whimp no not gay well i think he’s not gay lol
    but you can go kiss him if you want see where that gets ya

  239. Polina , is a tool used by the people the warmongers with defined objectives. Her writings are not worth the piece of paper they are written on, just think that she gets paid for this trash, my God I can probably make some money too. From the tone of her writings, she is from the east or even Russian from the 10% who do not support Putin and the Russian people. Any countries that is foolish enough to grant a threatning foothold to the Americans on Eastern Europe will be wrecked.

  240. Brilliant! We’ll just start all over again, by nuking the planet, that’ll fix everything! It’ll work too-in about a hundred million years with another dominant species.

  241. Massived ABILITIES!Putin knows that.The destroyed Soviet Union is the same with this weak Russia”they both threatens when they LOSE!ISIS has smuggled a bomb inside the Russian plane and Russia is now encircled!by NATO! from the Baltics to the Red sea….I wish my daughter the very best in the Baltics working for NATO!

  242. In your dreams,then we will strike Putin the way ISIS smuggling that bomb inside the Syrian plane…One attack to one NATO member is an attack to all the members!Putin si now cowering in FEARS,we at NATO has encircled Russia from the Baltics to the Red sea….We are now urging Sweden&Finland to join this week….Then is the circle ROUND!Sweden&Finalnd are moving closer to join NATO..

  243. Americans have been the Agressors since I was in Nam – they go all over the World starting fights , overthrow Govs., invade soverereign nations and/but Russia’s Nukes are their Missle Defense System . America’s – MDS is an Offensive weapon on Russia’s borders – No defense about it – I don’t know where Americans get off on blamming the Russians for much – because after every little intrusion that Russia makes in the World — America was in there — Starting It . Wake up or join the Army



  245. If YOU read the article MORON DUMBASS you would understand the reason. We have a first strike tactile nuke plan for years in effect with nato in europe. What a total IDIOT you are! go back to cnbc and listen to cramer he is on your level. God help us with these low information Flouride babies

  246. do not forget that there are more countries with nuclear weapons capable of destroying the world and you do not mention, uk for example, is a country with such power and interested in a nuclear atack on a world scale, I do not believe that there is still some nations in the world to suportuar this race, for whom they will be vain to destroy the world and other nation will be blamed.

  247. So let me get this straight….Obama would rather come in lose Iraq and Afghanistan. Then, let ISIS grow larger and more powerful all on the premise of not using American troops and that Americans don’t want war and their kids fighting…He however has absolutely no problem apparently going to War with Russia and sending troops! Interesting! Do you Liberals still think he’s intelligent and that he is about peace???

  248. TY one sharp eye in here…Polina is the butt of jokes here in the EUnion offices where I work for EUCommission for aid&humanitarian works…Russia is bombing Syria while millions of Syrian refugees are being sheltered by us here in Europe…there goes POLINA!&PUTIN LOSERS.

  249. And then once N. America (because that includes Canada as well) and all the rest of European countries that border Russia (China and some others)…then what would you do? You just killed about 70% of the world’s population. Say good bye to life as you know it…food, crops, oil, electricity, your currency (economy), Russians around you (the non-survivor types) would fall all around you from starvation and disease. Maybe a “North-Eastern” wind carries a good bit of the fall-out into Russia and kills most of the country.
    The point is, your just a pathetic, uneducated moron full of hate and obviously didn’t give your post any thought whatsoever as your little hate-filled digits stamped each character and hit “submit”. Think about it jerk-wad….YOU NEED US :)

  250. I doubt it – I worked on the Miss. Def. and I think it is an Offensive weapon system — that is why America and their other Armies NATO and ISIS are at Russia’s borders. Americans are not real smart about how their Gov. Manipulates them to hate and belittle other countries — while they sell you a bill on how you need their Protection – if you have left other countries alone — there would be no Threats – None !

  251. Thank God for President Obama,America is still the NR.ONE ECONOMY in the world…while Russian citizens are scanvenging food in the bins of Moscow…

  252. America rubs the world as the financial center by printing dollars. That is the main reason for its prosperity. All countries are forced to hold their reserves in dollars for international trade. That is WHY America destibilizes the world and wants to control the world. MONEY is the reason behind everything. America is afraid of Russia, because Russia is against this system. America is financially dependant on its dollar and the whole financal system of rubbery

  253. can US and Russia just unleash all its nuclear missiles so we can reset the world order :) that is if there is human left after that. The thing is, if you are nuclear capable you can just bully anyone, so i guess its best if everything went to back nothingness. I just hope that China wont claim that they own earth because they are the oldest civilization LMAO.

  254. This is as anti-Russian as it gets – quoting this “expert” who has always been a puppet for a policy to create a world to justify a continuing arms race. Since the beginning of the Bush administration, the defense industry has been pushing the idea that the US can determine world order using the military. That included disempowering nuclear powers like China and Russia with the threat of 1st strike. After the first few steps of the dream, the US discovered that the project would be more difficult. So during the past ten years the US has deployed 100s of nuclear weapons in Europe, within 15 minutes flying time to Russia. The US has also deployed missile intercept bases in Poland, Romania and probably Estonia. It didn’t work. During the past 15 years, Russia has built new weapons. The dream of ruling the world with threat of 1st strike is farther away than ever.

  255. go back the communist states u love u worthless coward. Is life so sweet and peace so dear as to be bought with the price of chains and slavery. Obviously for you youd rather be a slave GTFO of our nation u worthless coward

  256. if russia launches and Obama did nothing there would be an immediate coup getting rid o the worthless cowardly dems and a secondary strike from our space planes and subs as well as land based and airborn nuclear cruise missiles would be launched. This while our railguns and lasers will be shooting down russian nukes

  257. And after 14 + continuous yrs. of war in the Mid-east – you are going to tell me Russia is the Agressor ?
    You are lucky you aren’t standing next to me !

  258. The US want to control and destibilize the world because they rub the world printing dollars. All countries rely on dollars for international trade, all hold their reserves in dollars.

  259. This lady is biased. Russia countered with annexing Crimea and creating mischief in Donbas after the USA overthrew the pro-Moscow Ukrainian government. It is the USA that broke the rules.

  260. Its is high time for the peoples of the West and the world at large to wake to a new phenomena that is taking precedent above the norms of expectations. Putin above all leaders have bolted out of the diplomacy centre
    and headed straight to his fortress of military might. The question is will the Western alliance be able to stop Vladimir Putin in his tracks?

  261. Ah, Eastern Europe, that bastion of racial hatred and paranoia that has fueled tension and war for over two centuries. Ever notice the biggest bigots in the USA are Eastern European in origin. Interesting, and it explains a lot. Good bye, sick, racist humanity hater.

  262. Well, the “Pentagon’s top expert” ain’t no “expert” by stating something any INFORMED person has known for decades. Russia has ALWAYS maintained that it WILL use nuclear weapons if an attack on Russia is about to defeat Russian forces.

  263. If you people can’t get a hint by now who the writer is and how Russia uses her for
    Propaganda .. Click on her name above… There’s no surprise she does not hide the fact she us from Russia … All her writings are ANTI AMERICAN

  264. Large but ineffectual. Strategy was laughably absent, and their tactics were a remnant of the nineteenth century. A lot of nukes, sure, but what did that do for them but bankrupt their nation and expose communism for the farce it is? Don’t try to rewrite history when you don’t even understand what you are trying to rewrite.

  265. I hear a lot of blame being tossed at nato, and the USA while you all play your blame game why is it that we don’t see nor hear about the trouble makers in the Baltics, and Ukraine, you know that country they call themselves the bear “Russia” this is not good at all you all know that lol. I have been following politics my whole life, like many of you have, and if we fail to put forces on the ground from the Baltics to Europe to counter Russia we might just as well bend over, and kiss our asses goodbye!!! because Putin is pushing the world around now it the time to shove back with some heavy power as that’s the only thing that Putin seems to listen to, and in this administration we have in the house right now are weak as well as playing Putin’s game right into his hands. early on when Russia told the United States not to bomb Syria Obama just said ok with his tail between his fucking legs, and I will admit to voting for him, and now that I see what he has done to our country we may have to have a war on the scale man as never saw, and we may not make it to far as we are talking about nuclear war here. even if the United States were to shoot down every last Russian nuke the fallout just from that alone would most likely kill off mankind as we know it, people say well encircle Russia if Obama tries to do that it’s over people he should have done so long ago if this was the plan if he made a move like that now it’s over!!! I am not religious by no means, but I do believe in “GOD” the creator of all things as well as his son Jesus Christ so when you double check your list of food, water, for your shelters make sure that “god” is the first thing on your list. thank you all, and lets all pray that this comes to and end peacefully.

  266. Click on her name above and you will soon be able to see that all her writings are not even worth the paper she writes on and not even good enough to wipe your behind with

  267. Follow this writers articles.. She us from Russia all her writings are ANTI AMERICAN
    she is a TOOL that the Russians use for propaganda…. The probably is a KGB agent

  268. …yes, but Truman knew the Japanese didn’t have a nuclear response. THE FEAR OF TOTAL ANNIHILATION SHOULD MAKE BOTH THE U.S. /RUSSIA “COME TO PEACE” BEFORE A MISSILE IS FIRED…kapish…

  269. This is a partisan story. The reason Farkas quit the Pentagon was “personal reasons,” which is understandable for someone who has spent three intense years working in an administration that becomes weaker day by day.
    Now ask Ben Carson who built the pyramids. You’ll get more of the same nonsense.

  270. You wanted to know why the US has encircled Russia, and I told you — Russia has violated the Memorandum they signed with the US and Ukraine… Like I said, Putin has proven himself to be untrustworthy. Incidentally, there was nothing in the Budapest Memorandum preventing Ukraine from becoming a member of NATO.

  271. No its not, because nobody in Europe is calling Putin Hitler Light, but we do call Bush for Hitler Light.
    Bush is still the worst criminal in newer history..,… Putin is nothing comparing to him……. an amateur :-)

  272. Will nuclear war destroy all of humanity, or only the nuclear powers?

    Do you think humanity will survive one way or another?

    Are we capable of learning from past mistakes?

    Canticle for Liebowitz.

  273. If I were Putin, I will start using nukes right now before America completed it psychopathic encirclement of Russia. I will Nuke every country that border Russia and hosting U.S missiles in the name of self defense.
    I will shoot all U.S military and civilian Satellites the next day, I will send 3000 nuclear missiles on all North American cities and relocate all Russian citizens
    to North pole .I won’t hesitate to Nuke the entire Europe and move Kremlin under north pole ice sheet.

    The Only language America speaks is the Force language and Russia does speak Force language too.

  274. The truth is, Russia, the US and China all have enough nuclear capability to kill every living thing on this planet. And each country has a healthy respect for each others capability…. The thing that worries me is that some crazy SOB might start a nuclear war and draw the major powers into it.. I’m talking about North Korea and Iran. The leader of North Korea is crazy (and has already threatened to use nukes on the US), and the leaders of Iran are fanatics (they have already threatened to wipe Israel, our ally, off the map with nukes). And the problem is, Russia is protecting and helping these two countries. I hope you people (especially you Russians) keep that in mind because it might be one of those two countries that draws Russia into a nuclear war with the US — and there will be no winners.

  275. Yeah…but they didnt sign that Ukraine will become member of NATO or that it is acceptable that democratic electrd president can be overthrown with street riots and killing police forces….. or that Ukraine will not pay its gas bills…….
    Russia has not invaded Ukraine, did they?


  277. US has contained itself in idiotic policy and price will be very high…….you can already feel that…… your own institutions are spying on you, your industry is crippled….lot of people without a job…… US infrastructure is falling appart…….
    Too much money has been used on weapons and military…too little on working people of America.

  278. Putin is just using Obama’s weakness to his advantage. So far every time someone has pushed Obama, he backs down like a little puppy.

  279. Mass Murder is SOP for the Putinazis! The only way to stop them is an overwhelming nuclear first strike followed by several Sub lunched strikes to decimate their cities and military enclaves like Kaliningrad. Obama would never do this because of the yellow sripe down his back. Moscow knows that they must strike before that Fraud is out of power.

  280. So far from reality ,I’m not Russian ,but each kid will understand mono poly what’s mean .Idea of New world order is a Internationalist ,dictatorism and mean invasion of the world and is very foolishness Idea to having one leader in the world and one currency and thinking of everybody will live in peace ,happily ever after.Thinking of British are playing both side is more understandable then what US ,Russia or China are doing .The only country that did not join the Europe was Britain ,which mean they use the Europe as guard shield front of the Russia ,however they got lucky by using the Gorbachev to claps the grate Russia to Pieces and this it make me worry that they have same plan for United state as well.By involving the US in to many war they will weak the US economy and then they will sneak or they will use some one like Gorbachev to Claps the US to small states .Is hard to believe for most the American that British do such thing ,but pretty sure they will do it without no mercy .

  281. You are an ignorant moron POS. No matter your infantile blather, it is not our policy to use nukes as a first strike weapon. They will. Hope you get it on first salvo.

  282. No problem…… by a trip to Tjernobyl, stay there for 2 months and you will die.
    I would like to enjoy the world a little bit longer…
    Safe trip

  283. People are nervous…… I am one of them. I can see that there is no justice and international cooperation……. .
    US is preaching democracy and justice, but is letitng Israel treat palestinians in the same way as Germany treated jews……, palestinians are closed in huge concentration camps and held like animals….and US is doing nothing.
    Huge amounts are used on wars and development of new weapons instead on bulding US up, roads/ infrastrucure, housing, new industries/jobs ………
    What a waste of resources…….
    People are nervous …… and when they are nervous they become agressive….. because they can not influence the political system……..

  284. What was that? Do I actually hear someone that stupid? You are a fool, Russia is without a doubt, he loosest cannon in the world, ruled by a megalomaniac dictator and needs to be contained and constrained by the rest of humanity, for the sake of humanity. Even the suggestion of ever be willing to use nukes as a “escalate to deescalate” tool is madness and must be stopped, even if it means assassinating the whole Russian high command . Idiot!

  285. The US does not humiliate or demean Russia. And if Russia feels threatened by the US, then it’s because of Russia’s actions… Yes, we have encircled them, but the only reason for that is to contain them. For example, look at what they just did to Ukraine… Russia, the US, and Ukraine signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994. This was a Memorandum assuring the Ukraine that Russia and the US would protect Ukraine if they gave up their nuclear weapons. (At the time Ukraine had the 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in the world). But about 20 years later Russia violated that Memorandum by invading Ukraine…. So, Putin has proven he is not worthy of being trusted. Therefore, we have encircled Russia.

  286. Fact: Every Nation that possesses Nuclear weapons is ready, willing, able and prepared to use them if they feel the need.
    No matter what is publicly said those weapons are live and plans and drills do go on to use them.
    It is classified and unless you are in a need to know position you will never know.
    The use of such weapons is a last resort and no one nation will use them frivolously.

  287. Don’t worry, you’ll soon have Trumpy. He will press the red button, and YOU and your family will be turn to ashes by his actions. Happy now? Great!

  288. @Realist…”Pull your head out of your posterior, the shize that’s covering your eyes is blinding you from Reality!!! “. It is good when someone can accept the advice they give to others !!!…that’s a hint pal !

  289. West (U.S) always blame someone, even if they are at fault. That’s sucks, too bad Putin has 10,000+ Nukes, enough to kill humanity.

  290. Putin and his predecessors saw Bush, Reagan and Nixon and saw strength and no weakness. Putin, like Brezhnev who saw weakness in Carter’s eyes, sees similar weakness in Obama. Basically, Putin can fire nukes, but Obama would be scared to fire ours and Obama gets what he always wanted. The total destruction of the U.S. The U.S. Democrats are such lemmings. Hey. pop culture, Oprah and the welfare checks stop when the nuke hits. Got it !! ?

  291. After the fall of the USSR the NATO, USA and European nations started drawing down troops and cutting back on military spending. NATO even had Russia start sending generals to join them in their meetings in an attempt to bring Russia into the larger world. By the end of the 90’s NATO had largely become a political organization as opposed to a military one. But as the Russian economy soured leading into Putin’s second term he needed to do something to turn Russian citizens attention away from his mismanagement of the economy and country. He chose to start invading sovereign countries and threatening to nuke any country that did not bow down to his wishes. The result is in a few short years he caused a total reversal of what the West was doing and gave them a legitimate reason to start rebuilding their military’s. Putin and Russia have nothing to complain about as they brought all of what is happening on themselves.

  292. IF WWIII WERE TO HAPPENED: rest assure that there will be one, and only one country fully responsible for this- the USA! Twenty years later, we keep Fking with Russia; we have convinced 27 nations (aka NATO), to go after Russia. I will tell you, keep pushing Russia and we will all be Fked-up once and for all.


  294. More wars will only benefit the likes of Dick Cheney and his friends in the military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about!!
    When, if ever, will we listen??

  295. Cliff, where did you learn to discuss by labelling people?
    Why you dont confront your Hitler want to be….because US is agressor, international agressor …….
    We could solve this if US packed their weapons and went home….. than you americans could start using 300 billion per year bulding some nice houses, creating jobs, roads, public transport network…. many good things for yourself.
    We really dont need you here, please go home ……

  296. Putin now got passed playing Obama has put up are shut up.and Obama much to weak put up. Yime for Obama crow-ell back under his rock.and high tail back to father land. be leaving mother land.

  297. So our government thinks confrontation with someone like Putin, who is alleged here to be willing to use nukes, is the way to avoid him using them? Let them have Ukraine, it won’t matter in the long run.

  298. Hey, Russia does the right things. How can you blame anybody if you (as US done) encircle them with bases all over the world, threaten them, try to humiliate and demean them. What do you expect? Just don’t mess with them and everything will be OK! At lease they don’t attack other countries as NATO and US do!

  299. Who here thought Russia hasn’t been ready to use nuclear weapons for DECADES? If you didn’t and you read this article and you bought into it’s buffoonery, your a buffoon. Get a job and a life.

  300. They have a hard time backing of the dinner table that’s why. NATO forces are FAT OLD and poorly trained except when instructed to use the FRENCH SALUTE. The US must always be their answer to any bully on the block. Meanwhile they spend all their money on social programs and pick up the lions share of their defense costs. Another example of why we cannot trust our government to do whats right for Americans

  301. Agree. Shall we say 70 years, so our children are also dead…. is it a deal?
    Afterwards can NATo expand to the Moon and bomb everybody……. to create new markets for expanding coorporations ……. . May they rest in peace !!

  302. NO NATO would not back off… that is why they financed illegal , anti-democratic and violent overtrow of political system in Ukraine, something that would never been accepted in any civilised country. But we know that US has long tradition of illegally overthrowing presidents they dont like and putting dictators and criminals in power……. and of course US has full right to, against all international laws, invade any country for whatever reason they may have…. God given right to a nation of God seeking people. Right?

  303. This illusion will end when a carrier is vaporized ending the 70 yr reign of US naval intimidation. We have been sold a bill of false security by the Congress and Presidents who work solely for the MIC and Wall Street. The Russian plane that flew over our state of the art destroyer off the Crimean coast months ago deployed a EMP device that totally disabled the famed AEGIS weapons system. Dead in the water. This system cost 100s of billions just to develop
    While we have been overthrowing dictators and imposing our markets on others with GUN BOAT diplomacy to satisfy Wall Street on “Borrowed money” others have been busy developing Carrier killer missiles and EMP projection as talked about above.
    Our time is passing fast as the world sole dictator. It wont end good for us because the Government has been living a illusion for to long.

    Neither Republican or Democrat can be trusted they are all compromised

  304. Conversing with you has become boring . In my opinion , the U S SHOULD have confronted your Stalin want a-be a long time ago .. I’m sure the next U S president will not be as passive as the current one ..War is in both our features ..

  305. just click the X next to the story. and select “never want to hear this garbage again, leave it for the politically brain dead”

  306. You are very mistaken…… all of us in Europe were celebrating Obamas innaguration….. he made world safer and showed us that there are americans with brain….
    Bush cowboy criminal policy was unpresident evil in US political history……. many eiropeans percive Bush as a criminal person who decieved not only americans but also the rest of the World and who broke all international laws and created a lot of enemies to US ….. not to talk how many innocent civilians he and his policy killed in Irak, Pakistan and Afghanistan…..

  307. This is going to happen one day for sure, but can we wait 20-25 years to I am dead. I want to enjoy my retirement. Then blow it all up.

  308. I dont blame Russia they are defending against the aggressors the US and EU. I hear we are always defending our “INTERESTS” what are they can you list them for me? Also no mention of the US invading sovereign nations why?

    This article is a NEOCON POS

  309. Seems as if we are creating a self fulling prophesy ,calling each other out on everything and no respect for each other will only lead to conflict ! I feel it’s something in the air creating tension between everyone ! Read an article where the major universities did research and found people,even families are aggressive toward each other ! They found 76% of neighbors don’t like each other and would harm the other if they knew they could get by with it(75 year old man next door(McClaren) calls police everyday and tells lies on his neighbors ,hoping police shoot them for him )THEY DID ! ! Mother nature may be creating conflict between it’s creatures to solve the global climate change problem ! Notice how people everywhere (police also)kill without hesitation or remorse .Carry that over to a national level ! I SEE WAR COMING SOON !

  310. John.. I have a feeling you are from Russia, and I want to thank you for your input.. But just remember, if the US had wanted to take over Russia, we would have done it right after WWII when Russia was weak and the US had nuclear capability. We (the US) don’t want to take over Russia, but we are not going to let Russia take over Europe either… Actually, Russia probably has far more to worry about from China than the US. Russia has oil, and China loves oil.

  311. More anti-Russia “articles” of how poor NATO has to threaten Russia for reasons no one can actually spell out, since there aren’t actually any.

  312. Actually the US broke a treaty it had signed with Russia by meddling in the politics of countries in its near back yard and orchestrating a 5.5 billion dollar overthrow of Ukraine. Americans, like the author like to minimize the role they play in the instability in the world. With a defense budget of 10 times that of the next highest, there is a direct correlation between defense spending and causing instability. FINALLY, someone has the guts to stand up to the largest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet. Putin only wants a seat at the table and would like to be partners with the west. But all this nonsense goes on because the United States can’t play nice. go Eff yourself. go Russia.

  313. Well taking one look at Puta, I mean Putin, he is one of those real men with a dick the size of a gherkin pickle. His wife has lied to him over the years that 4 inches really is the new 10. How else can he handle this, except to strike out with nukes, and that horse picture………… is true love

  314. Yes, and we europeans are terribly afraid that we will get war here because NATO can not find out to stop expanding…..
    Whoever is making decisions in NATO is obviously not intelligent enough to understand that russians have been invaded by the west5 several times during last 100 years: Napoleon, international forces during revolution in 1917 and Hitler in 1941. Always from the west…never from the east…….
    NATO is all the time pushing and pushing….. expanding and expanding…… Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Check Republic….. and now Ukraine, …. finally on boarder with Russia….. installing new weapons and offensive rocket systems. In spite of the fact that there is absolutely no sign of any threat from Russia …… not now…not historically……

  315. You can’t have it both ways no matter how much your PAID to comment .. PACK your weapons, military personnel and GET out OF Ukraine , Georgia and Crimea . STOP bulling the Baltics ,Sweden and Finland .. Try that

  316. If I was Putin — an egotistical, psychotic man who has the ability to utilize 8500+ nuclear warheads — and I found out that I had Lewy body dementia I would probably take the whole world out with me too.

  317. Don Debar is a source for this article. Take a look at his blog. What experience or knowledge about Russia and Russian does he have? His blog is talking about activist Dick Gregory being on a hunger strike.
    Farkas quit because the Obama administration is weak and passive towards Russia, instead of confronting Russia. Fortunately oil is likely to stay in the basement and even Russia is now admitting their reserves are running out. And the bomb in the plane shows Putin the huge costs of the Syria operation are just getting jacked up. more to come.

  318. Doesn’t take genius to figure out the obvious. The US & Russia have a combined total of over 16,000 nuclear warheads, and subs capable of launching between 200-288 each from a distance of over 6000 miles to their targets. Just a few thousand nuclear warheads detonated without even launching them would render this entire planet uninhabitable to humans due to the years of nuclear winter and massive amounts of radioactive fallout that would ensue. Add to that several dozen Chernobyl-style meltdowns from damaged and improperly-maintained nuclear reactors and we’re in for one hell of a mess. Mars will end up being a much more pleasant place for humans to live once either NATO or Russia is pushed too far over a barrel. Once NATO & Russia really have at it there will be no stopping the inevitable. We’re screwed.

  319. Oh yeah! given how psychopathic behaviors and reckless – putSHITin has done. Sorry Americans! we have a loser president – obamaLoser in the white-house!

  320. Come on Cliff, you can read my comment. Dont change what I wrote.
    When Soviet start installing nuclear rockets on Cuba, US reacted, and we almost has Third World War. Now NATO wants to expand in Ukraine, and Russia says NO. Difficult to understand?
    Furthermore, US does not have any right to interfere globaly in everything …. no right according to international law. OK?
    So again, please, pack you weapons and go home …….

  321. This news is lie and writer of the news is try to over look a manner that already was clear .Ukraine join the NATO,and US as member of NATO send the troop to the Ukraine and this mean only WAR for Russian president.Last year he clearly indicate if they feel danger will use the nuklear head with no second thought about it .Complication of the situation is in point that engage is start and both side are in alert ,sanction and pressurize the Kremlin is just to break the Russia ,the plan was start after claps of the soviet union ,which US and NATO start to invasion of the eastern europe countries till Ukraine.Since Ukraine enjoy the NATO ,then Russia completely discontinue any support and help to them and retake any facilities (Manufacture ,War heads and military equipments ) out of there .Russia understand that NATO is Surrounding the Russia by taking the Afghanistan,Ukraine ,Syria ,probably next move for Iran and that was time they react fast and re take the Syria,If pressure continues ,they will retake the ukraine ,now engagement in that point is real war cause is not like Syria allie of the Russia ,so NATO will open the Fire and they attach.At this part US and Russia in fact will war without playing games .That’s the moment that war heads will clear the war for one side ,If europe stand it ,then Russia will loose the war ,if no Europe will go to the dark ages in a very short period of the time .US will not have any option to help the Allies and will fire the war head too ,this is time when Russian Allies will fire messiles too and Def- Con countdown will start .Putin is waiting to Ukraine surrender to Russia without any deal or term of surrounding ,the reason he does not want to demolate the part of his old country because of western advantage .So far Ekrain did not get any answer from the NATO except 4000 troop and military equipment that mean war for them .Europe is struggle with financial problems and getting the help from reach Arab countries with long term promises .That mean Ukraine could not count on the Europe help very soon or they have to help the NATO to go war with Russia which is worse than what they are in right now .Obama is about end of his presidential and 100% sure he will not make any sudden move till republicans get the power (kind of just stand by) .Russia from other side is moving troops all around the possible engagement zones ,cause they know republican will go war and they go strong ,So they will make move first ,till see next president of the US what will decide.If Nato and US pull the troop back they will go back too ,but if they continue to pressure is like Russia will have just one option to get out of the pressure and that is nuclear war,Cause they will not go out without fight .

  322. I didn’t Know the U S was in RUSSIA ..Russia is its own worst enemy . Take your own advise , Let your smaller neighbors make up there own minds who they want to align with

  323. Putin doesn’t like NATO surrounding Russia, but he is too dumb to know he’s bringing it on to himself. If he’d back-off with his threats, I’m sure NATO would back-off.

  324. Lots of Commies and Ruskies on this board.
    Unfortunately they don’t see the evil in Vlad’s eyes and soul ( if he has one ).

  325. Cliff, the only reason why US is getting more and more enemies is because it seems that there is no end in US expansion policy. US is everywhere, it seems that Washington, )especially during Bush, whom we call here in Europe, HItler Light) has accepted policy that US interests are everywhere on this planet. I dont know if you can see that it is totally insane. The best thing US could do, is to pack things and go home, …just go home and leave the world in peace…… we dont want you to make decissions what is good and bead for us….. make decissions in your own country. Understand?

  326. They have already made a deal together back in 1998 against NATO and America’s global movments.. And just why do you think they are beginning to expand their reach as I write this . No they are readying for a sucker punch knowing the dems talk a lot as Obama disarms more being the world citizen he claims to be.

  327. That is a fact, Coyote. And, it’s easy to understand, really. The Community Organizer believes himself to be far smarter than everyone else, but he has no idea as to how to manage Foreign Policy. He takes everything personally….and is in way over his head. Putin is a very, VERY scary guy.

  328. No, Ukraine didnt pay the bill, that is the fact. And Crimea was russian until 1952, and many years before. Russia went into Crimea, which they leased from Ukraine, because they have biggest military naval base there, after rights forces backed up by the west undemocratically took over using violence…… so Putin told them: Is that the name of the game…fine….. I can play in that way too….

  329. In order to keep the land gifts and stay warm at winter you Ukrainans need to learn how to treat your neighbors nicely and how to pay your gas bills.

  330. “escalate to deescalate”

    Nothing more than College Campus (and detached) thinking. When you have a President who touts his feckless leadership style (Leading from Behind), it’s the US that ends up taking it in the Behind…

  331. Why did journalist forgot 2 important facts: That US has given promise in 1989 not to expand NATO to the east and that US is that country in the world that has invaded most other countries in the last decades. Who is constantly expanding: Russia or NATO? Who has military bases globally, Russia or USA? Who is waging wars and sending drones and killing people illegally in Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Serbia, Syria, Irak ….and God knows how many other countries, Russia or USA? Who is trying to be global policeman Russia or USA?
    When the Cold War ended, Russia packed there things and went home. Americans stayed and invaded further …….. .Is there anybody out there using common sense…….. Dear Americans, please pack your things and go home ……..

  332. “It is obvious that it is US/NATO that is aggressor not Russia…”

    Another clueless rube. Was it the US/NATO that annexed/invaded the Ukraine? Was it also the US/NATO that shot down that jetliner earlier this year?

    Pull your head out of your posterior, the shize that’s covering your eyes is blinding you from Reality!!!

  333. More Russian Troll trash talk. Polina the Propaganda Puppet is little more than an outlet for what Russians WISH were true, primarily their relevance in a world that is increasingly growing weary of Cold War mentality and tactics.

  334. “The General views Russia as “aggressive and adversarial to the interests of the United States”

    And for good reason too; we’ve got a President who’s waaaaaaaaaay in over his head. When Obama came into Office, he thought his “coolness” would make everyone respect and admire Him; it backfired in a big way.

    The World no longer respects the United States and we can thank Obama for that.

  335. The General views Russia as “aggressive and adversarial to the interests of the United States”!
    Gee, why don’t they tell us exactly what are the “interests” of the United States? Seems like it is to dominate every square inch of land and water on the planet both militarily and economically.
    Just look at the map of NATO post break-up of the Soviet Union, keeping in mind the US promised Russia that it would “never move NATO one inch future east after the unification of Germany. Did not the US State Department organize violent street protests in Kiev that triggered the current civil war in a country where Russia has maintained naval bases for more than 200 years? Has not the US been arming radical Islamic minority groups to topple the government of Syria, a sovereign country and Russian ally, and been bombing said sovereign country that never posed any direct or indirect threat to the security of the United States?
    I’m a loyal American citizen but I do not buy into the propaganda machine that says Russia is the aggressor when facts on the ground show just the opposite. We have been pushing Russia into a smaller and smaller corner by continuted expansion of NATO and Ukraine and Syria just turned out to be the line we should not have crossed because both of these countries are strategically important to Russia and their security.

  336. Absolutely right, Coyote..!!
    I get sick of hearing the loser left crying about the US bringing a crashing halt to a nation who invaded America.
    War is all about saving American lives. and the 2 A-Bombs did just that.
    It was also the day that we gained worldwide respect from those who would wish us harm,
    and that respect has lasted up to this current Administration…

  337. What facts? I am just trying to say that idea “escalate to deescalate” is not as new and not as paradoxical as it may seem.

  338. Russia invaded and annexed Crimea. Russia is the aggressor. Russia threatens their neighbors with shutting down gas pipelines in winter. Russia is the aggressor.

  339. While both house of congress are playing politics, inter- fighting .Russia and China are preparing for a real fight against the U S . Wake up D C !! I did not mention QBAMA coz we all know he’s GUTLESS .

  340. Any time US military and NATO sleeps and wake up the talk of the day will be how to deter or confront Russia. But Russia will be busy pursueing a different world agenda . US and NATO only keeps reminding us there us grudges towards Russia and danger is looming. You continue to hear NATO or US sending troops or weapons to the vicinity of Russia and any moment Russia decides to look towards that direction all you hear is loud noises everywhere that Russia has come again . It is all surprising scenarion and all funny.
    What US and NATO must understand is that their (US/NATO) actions of encroachment toward especially this time around is very suspicious for Russia and the public. It is right for Russia to interprete as intention to invade or militarily contront Russia and therefore they need to rise for defence before it is too late. No one should be surprised if such moves of US/NATO militaries towards Russia border makes it to take up the courage and strike first when the threat becomes too much. It is obvious that it is US/NATO that is aggressor not Russia , it is not a question of carrying propanga all over the media every minute of the day.It is what we see happening.

  341. Truman put an end to 4 years of bloody fighting and saved 100K american soldiers lives and 1million Japanese lives. Where do you get your facts from?

  342. Truman put an end to 4 years of bloody fighting against the Nazi’s and Japanese imperialists and saved 100K american soldiers lives and 1million Japanese lives. Where do you get your facts from?

  343. Barry’s regime spends more time trying to get boys and girls to change and shower in the same locker room than countering Russian and Chinese aggression.

  344. paradoxical doctrine of “escalate to deescalate,” which means Moscow would easily use nuclear weapons to “bring a speedy peace.”
    Isn’t it exactly what President Truman has done at the end of WWII by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

  345. During the years of the Cold War back in ’50s one high-ranking American General went mad and jumped out his window with a scream “Russians are coming!”. Too bad a case of delirium and a a hight time for crazy Mr. Farkas and the like of him to repeat the somersault rather than write reports that are mauvais-ton even for horror filns.

  346. This writer’s material reminds me of my childhood standing in line at the grocery store and reading the satire newspapers with headlines such as “My Dog is an Alien!” or “Cheese Saves Man’s Life.” Valuewalk holds the same level of esteem when it comes to reporting “news.”

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