Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile Allows China To Threaten U.S. Navy

Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile Allows China To Threaten U.S. Navy
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As China and the U.S. engage in increasingly frequent contact in the South China Sea, missile technology looks set to play a role in complicating the situation.

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According to a new report delivered to the U.S. Congress, Chinese submarines are now carrying advanced missiles which are incredibly dangerous for U.S. ships operating in the region, writes David Tweed for Bloomberg.

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Supersonic anti-ship missile presents problems for U.S. Navy

Researchers claim that the YJ-18 submarine-launched missile accelerates to supersonic speed immediately before striking its target, which makes it more difficult for sailors to defend their ship. At the same time defense officials from countries throughout Southeast Asia have warned of the increase in “clutter” in the contested waters of the South China Sea as various nations build more submarines.

The U.S. has taken it upon itself to challenge China’s claim to large areas of the South China Sea, and a U.S. warship recently made a patrol inside the 12-nautical mile buffer zone that China claims as sovereign territory around the artificial islands that it has been constructing. The USS Lassen was followed closely by two Chinese ships as it passed by the island.

With a cruising speed of around 600 miles per hour, the YJ-18 moves at just below the speed of sound, skimming a few meters above the waves. According to a report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission at around 20 nautical miles from its target it accelerates to as much as three times the speed of sound.

“The supersonic speed makes it harder to hit with on-board guns,” according to Larry Wortzel, a member of the commission. “It also makes it a faster target for radars.”

Freedom of movement could be restricted in South China Sea

The report claims that its speed, range and wide deployment “could have serious implications for the ability of U.S. Navy surface ships to operate freely in the Western Pacific” should there be a conflict with China. The Obama administration showed its lack of respect for Chinese territorial claims by sending the warship so close to the island, which may soon house an airstrip capable of handling every plane in the Chinese military.

Wortzel went on to add that the YJ-18 would be incredibly useful in implementing China’s strategy of keeping enemy forces far away from the coast of the mainland, as well as from waters inside the first island chain. Continued U.S. Navy activity in those waters could lead to increased tensions and could result in skirmishes, said Chinese navy commander Wu Shengli during a conference call with U.S. Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson on Thursday.

The U.S. wants to maintain freedom of navigation in the vital shipping lanes, which handle $5 trillion of international shipping each year. However China believes that over 80% of the sea is its maritime territory, a claim which is disputed by 5 other nations including Vietnam and the Philippines.

Chinese area denial strategy boosted by missile

According to the Office of Naval Intelligence April report, China had started deploying its latest missile. No details were given on its range in that report, but the Commission has now claimed that the YJ-18 can hit a target around 290 nautical miles away. Its predecessor, the YJ-82, had 14 times less range.

“One goal of the Chinese counter-intervention strategy, which we call anti-access/area denial, is to keep opposing forces away from China’s coast and from the waters inside the First Island Chain,” said Wortzel. The missiles would be “particularly helpful in implementing the naval strategy of keeping an opponent outside the range of Tomahawk cruise missiles and carrier-based fighters and away from the Chinese coast.”

Chinese analysts define the First Island Chain as the series of archipelagos that reach from Russia, past Japan and Taiwan, towards the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia.

China developing dangerous missiles

Despite worries over the YJ-18 missile, the report claims that Chinese command and control infrastructure may not be sufficient to allow Beijing to make full use of its capabilities. In fact Chinese navy forces may not be able to generate enough targeting information to make full use of the missile, while China’s command and control systems could be vulnerable to electromagnetic warfare operations.

Alongside the YJ-18, China has also been developing the so-called DF-21 “carrier killer” ballistic missile. The latter was seen during the huge military parades commemorating victory over Japan during World War 2. The DF-21 would be fired from land-based mobile launchers and target aircraft carriers, while the YJ-18 could slow the progress of a carrier group towards China, said the report.

China appears to be creating the necessary conditions in order to restrict foreign access to waters near to its coast, a scenario that the U.S. cannot abide.

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  1. Walmart is making money selling their goods, but so are the Chinese corporations and government. China has a import and export tax. The US has helped their economy a lot. It would be foolish to risk that going away. What does Russia do for them, compared to us? If i were them I would want to keep my relationship with the US friendly.

  2. I think you misunderstand: this is not an awakening. These are views I have held for many years. I have been, and still am, called an America-hater, Communist, Socialist, and all the other insults right-wing idiots can think of for simply pointing out that – for instance – Iran has no reason to like us and plenty of reason to hate us. The fact that I do not like many US actions does not mean that those of the other rogue states are A-OK with me. I tend to criticize – often extremely harshly – anyone I see as a shill for any actions of which I do not approve.
    I understand that the Chinese throughout much of their 18th, 19th, and 20th century history were exploited and humiliated by more powerful nations; it just galls the hell out of me that they have chosen to be just as bad or worse now that they are powerful, yet still point to US actions in defense of their own evil. To my knowledge, Vietnam and the Philippines were not among those nations which abused them, but are targeted in preference to the guilty parties as some sick sort of revenge because those other nations are – like China in its years of weakness – unable to respond.
    I appreciate your own views; it’s just that I seem to be a good deal angrier than you, or at least more willing to show it. The article we are commenting on here is not really about illegitimate US actions: it’s about China’s, which is why my anger focuses on them here.

  3. I think you are beginning to see the light even though you are way too brainwashed to realize or recognize the truth. Bu at east it’s a first step.

  4. For all of the abuses in the US, I don’t think it has quite gotten to China’s level, nor do I think that pollution anywhere near the Chinese level is the price of modernization. I realize the Chinese do appear to be working hard to correct this, if they can be believed, much more than the US. I am well aware that the US has the highest prison population per capita in the world, and much of what you say is true, but the combination of a government that doesn’t have to answer to its people at all with corruption still makes China a place I wouldn’t want to live.
    I am also acutely aware of the extent to which male insecurity and an excess of testosterone influence our foreign policy, how any one not ready to dive into war – using others as the actual cannon fodder, of course – is called a “girly man” and similar infantile names.

    All of that being said, the Chinese government offends me. The fact that they let millions starve (I relize many here seem to have the same goal), and they presumably took a big bite out of the world’s diminishing biodiversity by burying reefs in their scheme to lay claim to the whole South China Sea are only two of their less-than admirable actions.

  5. “…politics doesn’t seem to work that way” because of our “gung-ho” mentality, and “our way or no way” attitude toward others. Bullying/intimidation, humiliation of others seem to be our biggest assets. You can see it on comments here.

    “most of “our” products other than weapons seem to be made in China these days”.

    That only means they can do it better and cheaper than we can. We are all smart enough to know that a product used once and throw away is no good and expensive in a long run.

    Pollution is the price a nation must pay for modernization. We had it once in LA. I remember back in the 1960s, tears streaming down your face as you drive around in Los Angeles. We’ve got it clean up. China will, too.

    These businesses that caused the pollution in China belong to individuals and hired workers just like anywhere in the U.S. The workers are NOT prisoners or criminals as you or the American propaganda say they are. America has a much bigger prison population than China even though China has 4 times our population. They underpay their workers the same as we underpay our workers.

    Yes, stop interfering into other nations’ internal affairs. Stop bullying/intimidating /humiliating other countries. stop killing /bombing/destroying in other nations just because they want to do things their ways. Stop regime change just because we don’t like their government. Stop being the world’s policeman. We don’t own them, and they don’t own us, so leave them alone.

  6. Al len:
    What part of the world, specifically? I count three: Vietnam and the Philippines, and Japan the only one with significant power.

  7. Regrettably, modern politics doesn’t seem to work that way. I would very much like to see a peaceful settlement that requires humiliation of no one, but that seems unlikely.

    In response to your other suggestion, most of “our” products other than weapons seem to be made in China these days. China is doing “better” because they are free to ignore the millions who suffer from the pollution their economy produces, use prison labor for jobs normally paid in other countries, and do a host of other things I hope the US never gets to, though we’re trying hard to catch up.

    Don’t know the solution here, but – even if I did – too many people have too much money invested and hope to make too much in short-term benefits for serious change – other than that brought by a REAL war – to happen. I don’t want that war, and I sympathize but if you’ve got any solutions likely to work, I’m ready to hear them.

  8. “…I’d like to see them forced to back down here”.

    That IS what the problem of the world today, forcing others to back down. We are all competing for the same natural resources, competing for national power, competing for the same customers,…

    When we trying to force them to back down, they are fighting back. And we’re going to end up in WWIII.

    The thing to do is “be better than they are” so others will listen to us, follow us, and buy our products.

    China seems to be doing better than we are. Even our best friend and ally, England, is changing ways, and going toward them instead of listening to us, and we consider England our “Mother country”.

  9. My apologies, then. I am none too fond of that other Peoples Republic, but we as a nation have given them our jobs and our souls, and I’d like to see them forced to back down here, but they may be just crazy enough to do this.
    And yes, I’m confident they are also capable of mass destruction.
    I feel highly ambivalent about this.

  10. True, true,… I am on your side. I am only trying to warn people China is NOT a weakling as they think. And I am no Chinese patriot. I live in the People’s Republic of California.

  11. Jon—Hypersonic missiles are capable of Mach 5 and above. The US has tested several. The Chinese have just built a 5.6 wind tunnel. No one has one that’s operational. The Chinese missile the conversation is about can speed burst to Mach 3 once it aquirs a taget..

  12. Quite true. So why do your Chinese masters threaten it? They are the ones attempting to “get away with something.” I was just pointing out that a ballistic missile cannot easily hit a small (yes, an aircraft carrier is small in this context), moving target unless it carries a nuclear warhead, which would be unwise in the extreme. Maybe you should calm down your hotheaded comrade, who appears to be ignorant of this simple fact, and eager for war.
    So far as the other things I said, the US may not be good at fighting to “liberate” people who don’t want or need it, but it – and its navy – are still likely to prove quite capable of inflicting massive destruction on the Chinese navy and – if they choose – on the Chinese mainland.
    Idiot American “patriots” that correspond to you Chinese trolls have the same stupid attitudes, and have condemned me on several occasions for warning they should not underestimate China. I see that Chinese “patriots” such as you seem little brighter than they.
    You both deserve each other, but those of us with some sanity and sense of right and wrong deserve not to be blown up in your infantile quarrel.

  13. hey imbecile, did u moron pay attention in school when history and economic was taught? Go back to the industrial period of your country and study about the pollution idiot. The industrial period of china began when manufacturing jobs were transferred to china. We may have f4ck’d with pollution for less than 50yrs. So imbred, how long have you morons f$ck’d the environment?

    I rather you imbecile not troll since you lack nothing upstairs. I suggest you use that rambo’s bow/arrow and shoot one in betwen your eyes and get rid of your fam too. I’m sure they are as dumb as you.

  14. As I heard from other media sources from Britain and US, when US war ship passed the water within 12 nautical miles from one of the Chinese man made islets built on the China’s shoals at SCS, US ship shut off the fire control radars and stop flying the helicopter on the ship to show it is a friendly / non-harmful passing. Just like Chinese war ships passed US water within 12 nautical milies at Bering Sea not too long ago. This kind of passing is allowed by international law. So impicitly US acknowledged that within 12 nautical miles from Chinese man made islet is Chinese territory.

  15. Well, hunt and peck has never been the best way to type. The fingers have a mind of their own, you know. Anyway, as long as people know what it means, that is what counts. Besides, this is NOT an English class. Just express yourself freely and meaningfully. That is the main idea of freedom of expression.

  16. Funny, I didn’t see any broken English or grammar or spelling mistakes in MY posts. You Chinese plants are all the same. Did you get your $3 this week?

  17. Any worse than what Vietnam did to us?????
    How long did China fight in Vietnam?? a month??? two months at the most???
    How long did we fight in Vietnam???? 8 long years!!!!

  18. China is holding both balls of the US with one hand each and it can crush them anytime it wants. Plus Russia also has a middle finger sticking into the US back hole already.

  19. challenging China is a dangerous game, the whole world will be affected if war breaks out and escalates into a nuclear exchange.

  20. “uniting against China”???
    Our allies joining AIIB against our advise???
    England is contracting China to build nuclear power plants in England and France is a partner with China on this project???? Germany was in Beijing signing contract with China on commercial plane purchases???

    Who is uniting what????

  21. This “freedom of navigation” and international law arguments will be us destroyed. You people are completely brainwashed by Uncle Sam’s/Ashton Carter’s irrelevant logic and hard-liner bullheadedness. We don’t have the military might to defeat China or Russia.

  22. Well, that’s what most Americans do, “empty rants” and empty threats from a defanged toothless tiger. We left us fangs in Vietnam and we didn’t even realize it.

  23. Nuclear war will be a no-win for everybody. China has ICBM, China has nuke. What make you think you can get away with anything????

  24. The U.S. tiger had been defanged time after time,…
    in Vietnam, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Syria, and by ISIS,…
    The toothless Uncle Sam tiger can only roar, but can not bite. It has no teeth…

  25. Or a Rail Gun for that matter, Phoc Que. The DF-21 was obsolete before its first flight. It, as with any other Ballistic Missile, is tracked from it’s initial launch. Chances of it making it into the area of it’s target in one piece is not good.
    No rational individual, Soldier, Seaman, or Airman wants to get into a shooting war. However if it comes down to it, someone is going to walk away with a bloody nose. The US Navy has trained for this sort of thing for a long time. A long time.

  26. Majority outsourced. Do you know what that means? The profits of those products go to US corporations not China. So China gets little meaning they feel little if that’s gone. No golden egg at all. Think about this. If China I so dependent on the US and gives nothing back to the US, why don’t you cut off trade. China’s a troublemaker, right? Don’t you want to eliminate a threat?

  27. Maybe one of the reasons China and Russia have chosen to push Obama is that it’s been clear from before he even took office that he could expect zero support from people like you and the idiots you voted for, and it’s clear now that not only can he expect no support, but can count on downright sabotage and disloyalty to the nation on the part of his opposition, so twisted are they.

  28. When operating close to their homeland and within range of land-based aircraft and weapons, the carrier disparity is completely irrelevant.

  29. Unless the missile carries a nuclear warhead, those carriers move more than fast enough if it can’t hit moving targets. Use of a nuclear warhead would likely prove fatal to most of the Chinese navy, and possibly to civilization on the Chinese mainland. Destroying a US carrier would likely precipitate the first at least. Perhaps you should speak to your Chinese masters about it.

  30. I would like to make a point here about the Chinese missiles that can travel at three times the speed of sound,—— against the Phalnx anti missile systems ships have carried since the 1980’s.
    The Phalnx system can track identify and fire on a target in less than three seconds. It has a range of between one to five kilometers. The feared Chinese anti-ship missile that can travel three times the speed of sound is well isn’t that big a deal. The speed of sound is 786 Miles-per-hour. That works out to .65 miles per second. The horizon is fifteen miles away. To travel that distance (15 miles), at three times the speed of sound, will take a little less than ten seconds. Well within the capability of any close in anti-missile system—-SO WHY ARE WE READING ABOUT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE???—-IT MADE A GOOD STORY—-ITS ALL BULL —BUT IT’S INTENSION IS TO SCARE THE HELL OUT OF THE PEOPLE READING IT—THE SOVIET UNION HAD MORE EFFICIENT ANTI-SHIP MISSILES IN THE 1980’S—–RELAX

  31. China+Russia would be effective enough to wipe US out of the map, leave the Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, pretty much half of the nuclear bomb owners in the world

  32. omar,
    Avoid pretending to be other than Chinese please. Are so you ashamed of being Chinese that you have to take on a foreign avatar to mask your true identity?

  33. Avoid skirmishes in the South China sea please.The US should stop pretending that it`s might still holds in the face of a rising Super Power like China.Let the US call on the two rival Super Powers who are China & Russia to engage them as partners in world order to settle the fuming tensions.Respect to each other is paramount considering the level at which each of them is armed.No muscle flexing,because it is not a mere game to be contested for championship.

  34. That Seersucker hit Kuwait City. I remember the breaking news story on it. Patriots, AWACS, and Aegis were there to protect the city. None of them saw a Seersucker coming and who cares if it was blind. It still hit the city.

  35. Please send every carriers and ships all you got, lets see which one is tougher, Aircraft Carrier or Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile ~ :)

  36. The so-called world’s warmonger, aggressor and terrorist( the honorable one ) of the shrinking U.S. could simply take on any militarily; weak, hapless and defenseless adversary, anytime and anywhere, on this planet just like it did in the past against the likes of Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq. In all of these examples, the U.S. military could have only defeated an adversary incapable of competing( retaliating forcefully and fighting back ) with the superiority of the American land, naval, and air forces as a whole.

    Instead when it comes to the other world’s major powers( or possibly the world’s superpowers ) such as CHINA and/or RUSSIA, a much softer different way of approach has to be used against the alleged nations military powers which are almost as powerful as the U.S. itself.

    It’s all none other than as a pretext to avoid any tension or misunderstanding even at a very least of it which can lead into a confrontation or a large scale of war between the U.S. and CHINA, or and RUSSIA. The U.S. knows the consequences of messing with either of these powerful nations of the east will be a very catastrophic one.

    Like it or not one has to admit that there are lots of things have changed rapidly in this age of Millennium. It will only look stupid enough for CHINA and/or RUSSIA to reveal all of its advanced and sophisticated military cards to the world especially the well-known U.S

  37. The so-called world’s warmonger, aggressor and terrorist( the honorable one ) of the shrinking U.S. could simply take on any militarily; weak, hapless and defenseless adversary, anytime and anywhere, on this planet just like it did in the past against the likes of Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq. In all of these examples, the U.S. military could have only defeated an adversary incapable of competing( retaliating forcefully and fighting back ) with the superiority of the American land, naval, and air forces as a whole.

    Instead when it comes to the other world’s major powers( or possibly the world’s superpowers ) such as CHINA and/or RUSSIA, a much softer different way of approach has to be used against the nation which is almost as powerful as the U.S. itself.

    It’s all none other than as a pretext to avoid any tension or misunderstanding even at a very least of it which can lead into a confrontation or a large scale of war between the U.S. and CHINA, or and RUSSIA. The U.S. knows the consequences of messing with either of these powerful nations of the east will be a very catastrophic one.

    Like it or not one has to admit that there are lots of things have changed rapidly in this age of Millennium. It will only look stupid enough for CHINA and/or RUSSIA to reveal all of its advanced and sophisticated military cards to the world especially the well-known U.S.

  38. China’s right on South China Sea is not based on name which can be changed in any other country’s map, the right is based on history facts, until you invent a time machine, you can do nothing about it, right?

  39. imbecile, read your moronic reply!!

    “the Spratlys were under US control since the fall of Japan from US Subic Naval base reach, the very reason China could not make a naval move to claim them until US forces left Philippine soil”

    You meant the theives/warmongers stole/occupoed the islands and would not relinquish the islands to its rightful owner after the surrender, brainwashed moron!! You shot yourself in that stupid pie hole. Do us a favor shoot one up there and get rid of your idiot clans as well.

  40. its f!@k3n carriers moron. how fast can those death beds move? think you moronic troll before you open that stupid trap. Go back and ask your CIA fmaster or better brainwashed message.

  41. still troling imbecile!!! Bullet 3 moron and tell those thugs in the UN to enforce the rule of law. Otherwise that organization should be nuked to ash!!

    “China 14, 15Declaration:
    1. In accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the People’s Republic of China shall enjoy sovereign rights and jurisdiction over an exclusive economic zone of 200 nautical miles and the continental shelf.
    2. The People’s Republic of China will effect, through consultations, the delimitation of boundary of the maritime jurisdiction with the states with coasts opposite or adjacent to China respectively on the basis of international law and in accordance with the equitable principle.
    3. The People’s Republic of China reaffirms its sovereignty over all its archipelagoes and islands as listed in article 2 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone which was promulgated on 25 February 1992.
    4. The People’s Republic of China reaffirms that the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea concerning innocent passage through the territorial sea shall not prejudice the right of a coastal state to request, in accordance with its laws and regulations, a foreign state to obtain advance approval from or give prior notification to the coastal state for the passage of its warships through the territorial sea of the coastal state.

    25 August 2006

    Declaration under article 298:

    The Government of the People’s Republic of China does not accept any of the procedures provided for in Section 2 of Part XV of the Convention with respect to all the categories of disputes referred to in paragraph 1 (a) (b) and (c) of Article 298 of the Convention.”

  42. On the other hand US also has more weapons not yet disclosed to the public. DF-21 was never proven to hit a moving target. It was only tested to hit a mock aircraft carrier in the middle of the desert. Sea skimming missile can do a better job getting pass the carrier strike group’s defensive counter measures.

  43. Yes, we are. We did exactly that, spent 600 billion dollars a year and looked very stupid indeed. We can’t beat Afgfhanistan. We can’t beat Iraq, we can’t Syria, We can’t beat ISIS,… And you stupid trolls continue to brag how we will beat China!!!! What a shame!!!! We lost our fangs in Vietnam.

  44. US 3rd and 7th fleet are bound to join forces for this crisis in South China Sea. That is 5 Aircraft Carrier and 50 more Naval vessels from Helicopter carriers, amphibious docks, Aegis destroyers and cruisers. You want to feel US shear force? Wait till this two massive fleet combine to enter South China Sea. China is all big mouth bullying weak ones yet crumbles in the presence of powerful nations. But UN’s recent move claiming this conflict in South China Sea is under their jurisdiction is already poised to grant US and its coalition forces in Asia Pacific the authority to impose rule of law to that region, specifically China’s coveting of a body of water that no International Law ever allow.

  45. Military vehicles carrying DF-15B short-range ballistic missiles drive past the Tiananmen Gate during a military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two, in Beijing, China, September 3, 2015.

    China recently conducted a flight test of a new missile capable of knocking out U.S. satellites as part of Beijing’s growing space warfare arsenal.

    The test of a Dong Neng-3 exoatmospheric vehicle was carried out Oct. 30 from China’s Korla Missile Test Complex in western China, said two defense officials familiar with reports of the test.

    A Chinese press report also provided details of what was said to be a missile defense interceptor flight test carried out Nov. 1. Photos of the missile’s contrails were posted online.

    However, the defense officials said the DN-3 is primarily a direct-ascent missile designed to ram into satellites and destroy them, even if intelligence assessments hold that the weapon has some missile defense capabilities.

    The DN-3 flight test was the eighth time China carried out an anti-satellite missile test. An earlier test occurred in July 2014, which China also asserted was a missile defense test.

    State Department and Pentagon officials declined to comment on the anti-satellite test.

    A Chinese Embassy spokesman said: “I don’t have detailed information about the missile test you mentioned.”

    “China advocates for the peaceful use of outer space, and opposes space weaponization or arms race in space,” the spokesman said in an email.

    A State official referred to a speech from February by Frank Rose, assistant secretary of State for arms control, verification and compliance, who commented on the 2014 test.

    “Despite China’s claims that this was not an ASAT [anti-satellite] test; let me assure you the United States has high confidence in its assessment, that the event was indeed an ASAT test,” Rose said.

    “The continued development and testing of destructive ASAT systems is both destabilizing and threatens the long-term security and sustainability of the outer space environment,” he added.

    China has more weapon not yet disclosed to the public.

    US big mouth watering can try make a wrong move of the Large Steel Ducky (US Aircraft Carrier) to test PLA DF21D OR DF FAMILY

    DF-21 “carrier killer” ballistic missile AND MORE.

  46. Have you seen the labels on Walmart?? A lot of them don’t have “made-in-China” anymore. China has risen to compete with the big boys around the world now.

  47. Mdesyeticamat
    And why should America fear this two? lol

    Don’t misrepresent Obama with US military force. Obama is a chicken-out leader but US military might hasn’t. He maybe scared to take on Xi or Putin face to face. but wait until 2016 US presidential election is over, there you will know US real superior military force. Now go back and clear the toilet bowl.

  48. jealousy
    You maggot brain. Japan handed over nothing to China! US took over what is Japan that day. Japan surrendered to US forces, not the Chinese! The Spratlys were under US control since the fall of Japan from US Subic Naval base reach, the very reason China could not make a naval move to claim them until US forces left Philippine soil.

    Your DUMB trolling is significantly Chinese made propaganda plots to fool you and your Commie comrades. Stupid idiot, Spratly is never China’s and no one ever recognizes your greedy claims legitimate. Keep pushing your luck cos when the time comes you will burn along with it.

  49. Brian
    “It cruisers at 600 mph”… Still that is a subsonic speed. When you say “3 times the speed of sound that meant to say Mach 3. I’m just not sure if you understand anything here.

  50. Who cares what CHINA can shoot in the end they only have one aging carrier so U.S. suppose to get frightened with that wow!! Enough talk it’s time to get it on

  51. Alan Smithee
    That obsolete Chinese Seersucker flew in blind sight going nowhere where no Patriot missile is required to protect and that the missile hit nothing but a closed down shopping mall in Kuwait, opposite of where allied forces is? The Iraqis that fired the missile shot off its radar to avoid detection, so this China made Seersucker (smaller than Scud and is no significant threat) flew blindly heading to God knows where! And there were only 3 of these in Iraqis hands the allied forces knew and need not even cared. Rofl!

    Remember, China at that time doesn’t have any significant technological edge to counter the West, not even this cruise missile Seersucker, not until Clinton gave them their economy and hacked on Pentagon’s secret weapons. And to play your bogus presumption that the missile is so stealthy and invisible to radar? You maggot brain, go shove your propaganda lines to your face, idiot!

  52. THINK ABOUT IT: The best solution to this South China Sea feud between neighboring countries is this:
    1. The United Nations must revoke and remove the name of China from the “South China Sea”.
    2. The U.N. must impose a universal name for that sea with no name of any neighboring nation implied.
    3. The U.N. must partition equal portions of that sea and assign equal portions to those feuding nations.
    1. If China chooses to refer to its portion as the “South China Sea”, that’s fine, but not on the world map.
    2. If Vietnam chooses to refer to its portion as the “East Vietnam Sea”, fine too, but not on the world map.
    3. If the Philippines chooses to refer to its portion as “West Philippines Sea”, fine too, but not on the map.
    4. If Malaysia chooses to refer to its portion as the “North Malaysian Sea”, no problem, but not on the map.

  53. they have much more than that. Only a few years ago it was revealed they had a completely modern, underground nuclear arsenal with much more than 300.

  54. When it comes to initiate a war against either CHINA or RUSSIA, the U.S.( the no longer world’s leading superpower on earth as of now ) will have to think twice and wise. The U.S. knows well of the consequences of messing with these two’s.

  55. yah you did and do look stupid!! now russia is showing you cowards how sh!ts are handled. Be coward little b!tches and pack your belongings and leave because ISIS are coming after you.

  56. The best offense against China is to stop their ships with Chinese products from unloading in any US port. It will shut down their factories and cause civil war in China without costing any American lives. By some estimates, there is a trillion dollar wealth transfer to China from US every year due to Chinese imports and any stoppage of this revenue flow will destabilize the country faster than US land invasion.

  57. how was the smart bomb missed and leveled the hospital in afganistan recently? Common idiot, a hospital is not even a moving target!! Testing results differ from live action!! troll along imbecile!!

  58. pho you moron!! 70’s?

    “The Spratlys and the Paracels were conquered by Japan in 1939. Japan administered the Spratlys via Taiwan’s jurisdiction and the Paracels via Hainan’s jurisdiction.[34] The Paracels and Spratlys were handed over to Republic of China control from Japan after the 1945 surrender of Japan,[38] since the Allied powers assigned the Republic of China to receive Japanese surrenders in that area.[37]”

  59. you and all your family of morons should be on that carrier once we DF your family with our DF21. The peaceful world can live without your kinds.

  60. this missile will hit it target —- if the target are all sleeping and partying with their eyes blinded! Problem is: its target has the same supersonic missile to hit them back! Besides, the US already have supersonic countermeasures to destroy these so-called Deng Fang-less (DFs) in flight! they’ve been in the US arsenal before commy chinks made their DFs.. commy Chinese are all bark, bark, yak, yak, like stooped yellow Chinese dogs and pigs! If they wanna hit us, g ahead make our day, yellow commy chinks! The thing is commy chinks are all words and saliva and no action! let the missile war begin and let’s see who goes back to the ice age, yellow, coward commy chinks!!!

  61. this missile will hit it target —- if the target are all sleeping and partying with their eyes blinded! Problem is: its target has the same supersonic missile to hit them back! Besides, the US already have supersonic countermeasures to destroy these so-called Deng Fang-less (DFs) in flight! commy Chinese are are bark, bark, yak, yak, like stooped yellow Chinese dogs and pigs! If they wanna hit us, g ahead make our day, yellow commy chinks! The thing is commy chinks are all works and saliva and no substance! let the missile war begin and let’s see who goes back to the ice age, yellow, coward commy chinks!!!

  62. They said when it got to within 20 nautical miles of it’s target, it accelerates to as much as 3 times the speed of sound. It cruises at 600 mph.

  63. You mean like that obsolete Chinese designed Seersucker that hit Kuwait City during the first Gulf War? Patriot, AWACS, and Aegis didn’t even detect it to knock it down.

  64. The Chinese missile is a pipe dream. There are too many ways to list here that the process can be defeated. Destroying or blinding the targeting platforms (drones satellites), jamming the communication link from the platform to the missiles, energy weapons can do well with fast missiles as they are visually line of sight. If the Chinese feel invincible with this new missile they will be in for a shock when a bunch of LRASM’s will sink their ships with no warning.

  65. CIWS aka Sea Wiz uses 20mm tungsten rounds. 3,000 RPM SM-3 can handle missiles and the new rail guns and LASERs that have already been tested. Also Sea Sparrows on carriers and 5″ gun mount rounds.

  66. What golden egg? You mean all those imports from China that say Made in China but are really US corporations that outsource to China? Why do you think your corporations outsource? Because it keeps their costs down. Meaning China doesn’t make a lot of money from outsourcing and that’s why it cheap. Meaning the US isn’t a golden egg for China. Did you know that the US only accounts for 20% of China’s exports? Now add to that the majority of those exports are US corporations that outsourced. Can you name an actual Chinese product sold on US store shelves? I bet you only need the fingers on one hand to count them all. And they’re responsible for the trade deficit?

  67. Do you know recent history? The US has managed to start the wars under the guise of imminent threat. China doesn’t need to start the war and the missiles will fly. The US is afraid of North Korea with one nuke and somehow you think you can take on China? Why do you think you see all these news stories about how China is a threat to everyone but the US? It’s because the US needs others to fight the war with China because Americans can’t stomach a war just like how Obama doesn’t take care of ISIS. Too afraid of having Americans get killed.

  68. Sure I understand. They added a whole paragraph on the DF-21, so I threw the SM-3 in there. Either way, to attack a carrier battle group from the air will have little or no success unless they can successfully jam the Aegis system. With the Standard Missile’s home on jam capabilities, makes that unlikely.

  69. I like to see China shoot at the ships of the people who lay the golden egg for them. They are already taking our money what else could they want? If they shoot at us that is all gone.

  70. The USA’s most potent weapon against China’s miltary operates at nearly the speed of light. The President calls Federal Reserve Chairperson Yellen, and instructs her to suspend payment on the entire portfolio of U.S.Treasury Bonds and Notes held by the China government ($1,267,000,000,000 USD, as of August 2015). And, then the President orders the Bonds/Notes forfeit to the U.S Treasury as the “instrumentality of a crime.” And in the wink of an eye, China’s economy is destroyed, and the U.S. National Debt is repaired.

    China knows this as well as the USA does. So, there will be no war between the USA and China in the South China Sea.

    Game, set, match.

  71. You are correct about the DF-21 missile. However, the missile discussed by the article is a multipurpose land attack/anti ship missile, which the SM3 is not designed to engage. SM-2BLK4/4A and SM-6 is designed for this type of threat though.

  72. China is just full of talks but really does not have any missiles that fast but I agree they have missiles propelled by black powder and Tofu ! ha ha ha ha

  73. I ask Yahoo and the World don’t use the term of “South China Sea” because that term make it sound you agreed that region of sea belong to China. For thousand of years it never belong to China, I don’t know what Philippine called it, but Vietnam always called it the East Sea and even for thousand of years China only called it South Sea, the evidence that they took Hainan island from Vietnam thousand of years ago and they named it Hainan that meant South Sea island, and they always call South Sea, back in early 70 they invaded and took some more small group of islands from Vietnam again then start to call that area South “China” Sea; Now please make a campaign for the world to name that region “SOUTH EAST ASIA SEA”.
    i don’t worry about China weaponry right now, but if US don’t stop them now we better be worry in next 10-15 years, the world stop pouring the money in to help them build up the technologies and power, US don’t just sail around those man made islands but must demand China stop using them as military base and free navigation rout for international commercial ships to go trough, and if needed with US Navy escort; As to yelled in their face:”THIS IS INTERNATIONAL WATER

  74. SM-2 and SM-3 air defense missiles would shoot these anti-ship missiles down with no problem. The real threat comes from below the waves.

  75. I read this article India recently developed a missile which can travel match five to 7 speed.
    compare to this one , that one is seven times faster. I am sure if India developed that, we have same or better than that one.

  76. By the time they launch a missile their country will be flattened and a shame it will be. Evidently they forgot what happened to their neighbors in WWII. For the sake of your people don’t do it.

  77. Foreign contribution is legal, thus controlling/influencing the head of snake is much cheaper and effective. Democracy isn’t so great when 99% of these politicians are for sale. In today’s age, economic wars are where the action is at, didn’t you just hear china is unloading their trillions of us debt. This domino effect will show up in a few years from now? I’m guessing whoever ends up holding dollar will end up with toilet paper/fiat money.

  78. The Phalanx system has a detect and destroy range of about 1800 yards. A missile traveling mach 3 can close that 1800 yard distance in less than 2 seconds. Now imagine a dozen missiles coming at you. These missiles are not ballistic, they’re maneuverable. Almost impossible to track in less than two seconds.

  79. Do the math, a missile traveling three times the speed of sound will close the gap from when it first appears over the horizon to when it strikes the ship in less than a second. Now, imagine a dozen missiles coming at you.

  80. Hahahahahaha! I’ve been hearing this news countless times already. Why do not you print here news like China’s total national debt or how would China feed it’s people of 1.5 billion population?News on missile technology on the U.S. has advantage right now.China did not INVEST ON ICBM MISSILE INTERCEPTOR and looks like it will take China 25 years to do that.

  81. China can build all the missiles they want would not be able to launch against the United States warships. America will not just stand still to allow China use their missiles to hit their warship. United States will destroy China within a few hours. China is stupid if ever they try anything with the United States. America has at least 30 years of technologies over China. Many things the United States has that the world don’t know. So, China beware of America. We did not spend 601 billions to look stupid.

  82. I’m sure the new rail guns launched by way of “kinetic energy” on our newer battleships, as well as some of the older ships have been upgraded to this new deadly weapon it would have the speed and accuracy to take the supersonics missiles out. within the next five years or so we will see laser, and kinetic energy rail guns take over leaving the older missiles behind. the good thing about these weapons is they can be launched from space, land, and sea while moving.. witch gives us a great advantage over our enemy. not to mention the scale of power they pack, and when the hit you will know it LOL.LOL. when China fires one of them, and the US blast it out of the water they are going to go run for the nukes. lets hope we can counter them or at least a few using “THAAD” or our kinetic energy weapons from space. I have heard that when there launched from there space platform the enemy never even sees it coming it’s so fast. I guess we will have to see as s about to hit the fan here shortly…

  83. must be the cowardly pinos praying the US comes to the rescue again….please fight your own battles…Japan, Taiwan, South Korea can easily defend what they need.

  84. Launching missiles is little more than cavemen throwing rocks. A whole new era in weapons is about to be made known. What does China think would happen to their bases and cities if so much as one missile is fired at one of our ships. It would not even have to hit for the order to remove their assets to be given. China would then have to resort to the nukes they have hidden in American cities but we would not require proof to then wipe hundreds of millions off the map of Asia in response.

  85. Island areas are shallow. Nobody in their right mind would ship through those islands. Nobody in their right mind would do major explorations in there with the tensions therein. The number of Chinese fishermen and boats have overwhelmed fishermen from any other countries for centuries.

  86. What’s aggravating is we’ve spent a fortune on Planes and let the navy go to Poop, if they have a Missile and they’ve had it for a long time then shoot from a distance or use the Damn planes that cost so much.

  87. If they Fire that on a US carrier. That constitutes as an Act of War. Which result with using Nuclear Weaponry. AS many Nukes China have. They are still going to get effed up by US nuclear strikes

  88. Well the Armament was not the real issue here. Supersonic Missiles are hard to track and detect. However, there will be such an advancement in technology that it will put missiles to their deaths. Laser is faster than the sound. So Advancement on tracking is needed.

  89. Also, US is the only country with Multi Level Ballistic Missile Protection. Once those Lasers becomes operational. They can kiss those Dong-feng missiles goodbye.

  90. Clearly you are very naive and misinformed. That Island is in the middle of Vital Shipping Lanes. Vital to Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Philippines. Which all are US Allies. It is also rich in Hydro Carbons. With reserves equal or greater than that of the whole Middle East. So why do you think China wanted that islands so bad.

  91. Supersonic can only hit 1 missile…what if US send a huge number of missile? Do you think supersonic can intercept those missile? I don’t think so.

  92. Supersonic= 700 to 1100 MPH// Laser defense systems = light speed…once the next gen systems are up and running, and sooner than you think…who cares what china can shoot.

  93. I can’t understand how the US has any more taste for war or for threatening anybody. Robert Gates recently went to Iraq and paid the insurgents to stop sending American Troops home in pieces. Robert Gates went there with about a billion dollars of taxpayers money to BEG the insurgents to please stop fighting them….. a trillion dollar army. The deadly weapon of choice that the US army was so afraid of……LPG TANKS AND COPPER. This was the IED that cost just a few dollars and that was destroying 20 million dollar tanks. It was ingenious as National Geographic explained. A tin film of copper was placed alongside an lpg tank that was remotely detonated. The pressure from the blast wave turned the copper film to high speed plasma which perforated up to six inch thick steel like swiss cheese. The US army limped out of Iraq and Afghanistan after their so called “SHOCK AND AWE” campaign.

    Now they are talking about attacking the Chinese and the Russians. Robert Gates said…”Any Secretary of Defense that advises the President of the United States to put a land army anywhere in Africa, South America, Asia or the Middle East needs to get his head checked.”

    The US had better reopen all diplomatic channels for the solution of these problems. War is becoming less and less an option in this rapidly changing world.

  94. When 20 MM anti-missile Gatling Guns were being tested for navy ships—The were used to not only shoot down missiles, but also 5 inch cannon shells—–That was in the 1980’s.— In truth, while the Chinese have developed a more advanced anti ship missile, it can still be dealt with.

  95. I read an article the other day where they were talking about the rail gun and laser. They also stated wait till you see the newest weapons. I am sure they have weapons we have never seen yet.

  96. Fortunately, a Phalanx and likewise defense systems put out a nearly solid stream of shells, and a missile traveling triple-sonic speeds only requires a slight hit to suffer a lot of damage, due to immense closing speeds between target and projectile.

  97. the missile would not be enough to defend itself from what happens after they launch it. they would be making a bad mistake firing on one of our ships

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