How To Enable 2 Step Verification On Amazon

How To Enable 2 Step Verification On Amazon

Amazon, the world’s largest retailer and the favorite shopping destination of many, now allows you to set up two-step verification for your account. In an online world where security matters a lot, it only makes sense to enable it even if you are not usually security conscious. This process will help protect your account and provides an additional layer of security, which is very essential in this online world. In this short guide, you will learn how to enable two-step verification for your Amazon account, and it will only take a few of your precious minutes to do so.

Enabling two step verification on Amazon

Step 1: Visit from a desktop, sign in and then click on “Your Account” at the top-right (direct link) corner of the screen.

Step 2: On this page, scroll down to the Settings section and click on “Change Account Settings.”

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Step 3: On this Account Settings page, from Advanced Security Settings, click on the “Edit” button.


Step 4: On this page, Amazon will explain a little about the two-step verification process and the benefits associated with it. Click on the “Get Started” button to get started with the actual process.


Step 5: Amazon will now guide you through the process of enabling two-step verification. You will need to enter the mobile number where you wish to receive the two-step verification code. Or you can also use the Authenticator app if that’s what you prefer. Just follow this process, and you will be up and running with two-step verification in no time.

Amazon 2 step 3

So go ahead. Secure your Amazon account by enabling two-step verification. Many companies are adding this new level of security which ultimately is for the benefit of users, and enabling it only makes sense. Complete 100% security is not possible, but this is the least we can do.

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