Thomas Russo: “Global Value Investing” | Talks at Google

Thomas Russo: “Global Value Investing” | Talks at Google

Published on Oct 7, 2015
“I consider myself to be a farmer—not a hunter. And I think most people on Wall Street are hunters. They like to fell big beasts and I’m very comfortable planting a few rows and just tending to them carefully.” – Thomas Russo

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About the Talk
Mr. Russo looks forward to describing how that in his pursuit of long-term tax-deferred investment returns that he has favored investments in businesses whose global brands are well-position companies for reinvestment of mature market free cash flow into developing and emerging markets. Mr. Russo’s businesses accordingly possess the “capacity to reinvest” and managements who have the “capacity to suffer” when investments properly intended for longest term increase in intrinsic value on a per share basis burden as they often do, reported earnings in the near term.

This tradeoff between near-term pain and long-term gain is at the heart of his investments when properly executed, the benefit for taxable investors is the ability to build portfolio companies whose return are long term and tax deferred.

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About the Speaker
Mr. Thomas A. Russo is the Managing Member of Gardner Russo & Gardner LLC, where he oversees $10 billion of “global value” equity investments invested through Semper Vic Partnerships as well as separately managed accounts. Mr. Russo is a Graduate of Dartmouth College (BA, 1977), and a Graduate of Stanford Business and Law Schools (MBA/JD, 1984). Memberships include Dean’s Advisory Council for Stanford Law School, Dartmouth College’s President’s Leadership Council, Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing (Columbia), Facing History and Ourselves, Winston Churchill Foundation of the United States, Storm King Art Center.



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