U.S. To Station Nuclear Weapons In Germany Against Russia [REPORT]

U.S. To Station Nuclear Weapons In Germany Against Russia [REPORT]
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With plans to go to war with Russia, the U.S. will station new atomic weapons and 20 new nuclear bombs in Germany, according to Tuesday reports from Germany’s ZDF public television network.

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Each of the 20 new American nuclear bombs are four times the destructive power of the one that was used on Hiroshima in 1945, according to the article.

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“With the new bombs the boundaries blur between tactical and strategic nuclear weapons,” Hans Kristensen, the Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, told ZDF.

In June, Russian Foreign Ministry warned the U.S. against stationing its nuclear weapons in Europe to avoid “dangerous consequences.”

These “new attack options against Russia” present “a conscious provocation of our Russian neighbors,” according to Willy Wimmer, a former Parliamentary State Secretary in Defense Ministry of German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own conservative party.

Back in March 2010, the Bundestag ruled by a large majority, expressing the will of most Germans, that the government should press for the withdrawal of U.S. nuclear weapons from Germany.

“But instead there will be these new bombs,” according to German Economic News, referring to 20 new nuclear bombs to be stationed in Germany.

The news have already sparked a great deal of outrage in Russia, with a spokeswoman of Russian Foreign Minister, Maria Zakharova, saying that “This is an infringement of Articles 1 and 2 of the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.”

The treaty Zakharova is referring to is something Russia has repeatedly been accused of violating. It’s the treaty that guarantees non-nuclear states that nuclear powers will not take advantage of their nuclear status to take over the world.

Putin: We will aim our forces at territories where threat comes

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to NATO’s expansion in Eastern Europe by saying flat out that Russia “will be forced to aim our armed forces … at those territories from where the threat comes.”

“It is NATO that is moving towards our border and we aren’t moving anywhere,” Putin then added, speaking to journalists in June.

How does Washington explain the policy to get closer to Russian borders with its weapons, hardware, military bases and nuclear bombs?

Over recent months, there have been numerous reports by leading U.S. media outlets – often citing U.S. military sources and officials of the U.S. administration – that the U.S. is getting closer to Russian borders only because it’s worried Russia might violate the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) signed in 1987.

However, many of such sources cannot certainly say whether there have been indications of Russia violating the INF treaty, so the U.S. implements ways to put pressure on Moscow and convince it in complying with the treaty.

Washington has repeatedly expressed its concerns over Russia’s P-500 missiles for Iskander-M, which have the range of 500 km (300 miles), while the treaty bans missiles with intermediate ranges between 500 – 5,500 km (300 – 3,400 miles).

However, it must be noted that the U.S. itself has been developing target-missiles for testing of anti-ballistic missile systems since the 1990s. Basically, such target-missiles are intermediate-range missiles without the warheads.

The U.S. has also been stationing in Europe its Standard SM-3 launching systems, which are capable of launching Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Russian FM warned the U.S. of “dangerous consequences”

In June, Russian Foreign Ministry warned the U.S. that deployment of new military weaponry anywhere near Russian borders would “entail dangerous consequences,” with some experts interpreting it as a ‘threat’.

“The United States is inciting tensions and carefully nurturing their European allies’ anti-Russian phobias in order to use the current difficult situation for further expanding its military presence and influence in Europe,” the Russian Foreign Ministry stated on its official website.

“We hope that reason will prevail and it will be possible to save the situation in Europe from sliding toward a military standoff which could entail dangerous consequences,” the Russian Foreign Ministry warned.

Russia’s nuclear arsenal currently includes military stockpile of nearly 4,500 nuclear warheads with about 1,800 strategic warheads deployed on missiles and at bomber bases. Another 700 strategic warheads are in reserves with roughly 2,700 non-strategic warheads. On top of that, about 3,500 of retired warheads await dismantlement.

Only Russia can destroy the U.S.

Earlier this year, the U.K. supported U.S. foreign policy aimed against Russia.

The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Britain could once again host U.S. nuclear missiles on its territory amid escalating tensions with Russia.

Hammond said the government ‘would look at the case’ for cruise missiles to be stationed in the U.K. and added that the West needed to send ‘clear signals’ to Putin amid ‘worrying signs’ of increased military activity by Russian forces.

In June, Putin denounced U.S. “scaremongering,” saying that the U.S. is a global empire of military bases, and adding that Russia has “virtually no bases abroad.”

The ones owned by Russia are outdated Soviet-era relics. “I think that only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO,” Putin told journalists.

ValueWalk reported earlier this month that Russia is the only country in the world capable of destroying the U.S., according to U.S. Ambassador Linton Brooks.

Russia’s actions in Syria earlier this month have significantly escalated tensions between the Kremlin and Washington. It must be noted that even before Russia’s threatening actions in Syria in September, the relations between the U.S. and Russia had already been at its worst since the end of the Cold War.

This month, Russia has been boosting its military presence in Syria, supporting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while the U.S. wants his government removed from power.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  11. Why don’t explain your point ”.you’ve been brainwashed”? You obviously have no experience of Russia do you? Why does Russia threaten its neighbouring countries? Why did ex-Warsaw Pact and Baltic countries apply to join NATO? To prevent being brutally re-occupied again (who wants to risk torture, murder and deportations to Siberia again?). Russia has nukes pointed at the west. You must read more widely, and with an open mind.

  12. Russia is right. The US needs to mind its own business. Let the Europeans defend themselves. They can afford it, their economy despite all their current woes is still larger than the US and they have a much bigger population. 500 million vs the US 320 million. They have substantially more manpower than Russia, which has a population of 140 million. We have our own problems, the Euros can foot the bill for their own defense.

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  14. The B61 is a tactical neuclear weapon, within NATO there are less than 200 deployed, while has thousands of similar tactical weapons deployed, for the Russians to bemoan the U.S. Upgrading 20 of these in Germany is funny indeed. First tactical neuclear weapons have escaped discussion within arms talks, so there isn’t any basis for Russia to complain, also plans by Russia to install islander missiles in Kalinggrad even funnier. This articles writer is apparently not very knowledgable about the current situation and disparity indeed of NATO and Russian in balance in this area …

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  22. We do what we do so that everyone including yourself and your children have the opportunity to experience the Freedoms and Liberties we do. So as long as you do not commit a violent criminal act. We do this to prevent a repeat of another Hitler as our Elderly barely remember from WII.

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  26. Maybe you forgot America funded/supported the illegal coup in Ukraine to establish that puppet oligarch who bends over for NATO. But hey America is an innocent lamb just look at how Russia wants war and by putting their country close to our military bases: http://www.globalresearch.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/russia-wants-war.jpg

    If Russia did the same thing in Mexico and Canada that America does in the Middle East and all around Russian borders, you would condemn them hypocrite.

  27. Article is misleading. Twenty M61 Atom bombs have been at Büchel Air Base in Germany for decades.
    They are old and end of life. The Twenty bombs M61 are replacing by twenty M61-12 bombs, which are smaller, less destructive yield, and are more reliably meaning less like to accidentally blow up.
    The articles implies these bombs are being placed in Germany for the first time and Russia must respond.
    Very misleading. I hope the author didn’t realize this when she wrote it.

  28. Since it bombed Russian peacekeepers with the UN envoy and got its ass handed to it in 2008, its incredible how dumb you people are, in another decade we’ll have people that think Iraq actually attacked the US on 9/11

  29. If having nukes in Europe is enough to provoke a war with Russia, we would have had a war with Russia decades ago. There have been nukes in Europe since the 1950’s. UK was first, then France.

    “France has developed and maintained its own nuclear deterrent, one intended to defend France even if the United States refused to risk its own cities by assisting Western Europe in a nuclear war.”

  30. Yeah sure. and they didn’t “take” Crimea either now did they? Nor do they have any troops in 1/2 of Ukraine. Nor are they flying into other countries territory. Nor are they claiming islands that aren’t theirs. Nor are they doing anything but fighting terrorists in Syria. Tony is full of baloney.

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  33. First, I am not a Russia and I am not a US. and i don’t partialize. I am always for the truth. DeeDee Denis, You are absolutely right. But i want to ask a question? Can’t US fight Russia directly without putting weapons in Russia’s Neighboring countries? US is not a Superpower because it can’t fight on it own. it always ally with Europe to fight. If really US is a powerful country as people say or as it claims to be, it should not put Weapons in any country or in Europe. it should just from It soil launch a strike on Russia… Russia should try to make Ally with Mexico and Central America’s countries, so that i could put Nuclear weapons there too. If Russia does something like that, the US would shut up it mouth and make peace with Russia and become Russia’s boy.

    European Governments are very very stupid for allowing US to put it base, military and weapons on their Soil. US was the one spying on European Governments email and phone number and still yet they are allying with such evil and traitor’s country.

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  40. So in your alternate reality, Putin meddling in Ukraine’s affairs translates into U.S. stages coup.

    “Thousands of people have staged fresh protests in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, at President Viktor Yanukovych’s refusal to sign an EU association agreement. Some 10,000 Demonstrators in Independence Square carried Ukrainian and EU flags late on Friday and chanted “Ukraine is Europe”.

    Mr Yanukovych, who attended an EU summit in Lithuania on Friday cited pressure from Russia for his decision. Mr Yanukovych’s decision to walk away from the EU deal brought thousands of protesters onto the streets of Kiev and the western city of Lviv on Friday evening.”

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  42. Record number of Russians being charged with treason. Maybe you need to check your country again make sure you know what you are talking about.

  43. I bet where ever there is a natural disaster and we are one of the first nations to send responders, support, aide, and supplies you would be willing to accept all the help you can get huh? No our nation is not perfect, but we do much more good in this world than we do evil. If our Nation is as truly Evil as you claim it to be. Yes there is corruption within our Governments but there is corruption in every single government this world has to offer. Someone needs to get their head out of their ass and stop believing everything they read or hear from “Big Propaganda Media”

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  49. They don’t want to….the American media tells them they are great so they believe it…American media tells them “We are good-everyone else is bad.” They believe it….the brainwashing is phenomenal!

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  60. Outdated?? LOL. You’ve been in the Saki again right? You can’t even get here let alone defeat us. Your “powerful” military released a vid of your “state of the art” fighter shooting down a drone. It looked really impressive. That is until it was found to be a scene from the movie Top Gun. Is that the best you can do? China is sh-t. You’re no more a superpower than Indonesia. What little tech you do have, none is domestic. It’s all stolen tech from every nation in the world. Are you too dumb to manufacture your own weapons? You wanna try us? Bring it.

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  64. The World must cooperate all together and destroy USA once and for all. I live in France and i am against of any nuclear weapons on European continent, if something explodes in Germany it will certainly will blow on France! USA does not know when it must stop playing their dirty games, better if we will sacrifice countries like USA, Mexico and Canada by blowing off North American continent, rather then the rest of the World will perish in a dust. American hunger for the total control of the World must be stopped now before it is too late!

  65. It was Putin three times this last year who reminded (threatened) the west he has nukes. It was Putin who increased military exercise and jet/bomber patrols against NATO borders as from autumn 2013 (the time when its economy started to tank) forcing NATO to react. Last year Russian bombers feigned bombing runs against Swden and the UK.
    Russia has nukes on its western borders. Where are they pointed at?

  66. The U.S. can’t be too bad – thousands of pregnant Chinese women are coming to the U.S. to have their babies so that the babies will get U.S. citizenship. That way, when China is in ruins, the Chinese babies and their wealthy parents can come to the U.S. to live the good life. Too bad, Ding Dee, you are not welcome here.

  67. We don’t want war with Russia or anyone.
    Who is the IDIOT that says we do.
    Might be time to bring back tar and feathering some officials

    that are stupid enough to start a nuclear war.

  68. Must be you black re/-tarded brain or lack off, why dont you be a good monkey and pass me a banana from the tree you are sitting on

  69. I don’t think there is any truth in this article. The author is just having some dream while deeply asleep. We have reasonable brains in the white house and I don’t think any sensible American would recommend this kind of provocation that will bring the human race to extinction and create another planet called Mars in our solar system. I think Polina Tikhonova is just ignorant and doesn’t know what she is writing. Please stop thinking for us as we Americans are more sensible and couldn’t even think of a single day where we can pull such a move. Please justify your salary in another way other than inciting a nuclear war where we shall all perish(including you) irrespective of where it began from. On the other hand we also have Latin American countries like Venezuela,Panama,Bolivia who are anti-United states and Russia may take advantage of this to deploy their nuclear weapons as well.

  70. because the US are too coward to act alone so they will bring the mindless countries like the Philippines, Japan, Germany, UK, Australia, Canada and other NATO countries to do their bidding and try to overwhelm China. That is why China needs Russia to deal with the small boys in UK, Australia, Germany, Japan and other NATO countries while China will take the fat gay Americans to school

  71. tell that to the war hawks in Washington, urging Japan to militarize and placing more Nuclear warheads in Germany. You Americans should just keep your big disgusting noses in your own backyard.

  72. if a nuclear war breaks out there isn’t a country out there that will survive the nuclear winter, better to go in the blast.

  73. And this is how it starts, you can see how the carefully lather up those brains with these type of articles before they rinse them off with their elixirs. Get ready to see all these excuses for war on both sides.

  74. Give some to me and I will show you my tech savvy to detonate them, I have absolutely no conscience at all and would have no problem doing the unthinkable. I am non-religious so no problem there.

  75. The U.S. should also put nuclear weapons in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Guam. May as well get China and North Korea upset too.

  76. No one will survive a nuclear war, no one… and I’m not talking about in just the US and Russia. Look it up the studies on nuclear winter idiot.

  77. to be quite honest this is truly the sad state our leaders from both countries feel their pride needs to be defended in,
    on the other hand, from the side of being an American who has met some of the warmest and loyal friends that are from Russia after years of struggle to get her and i am always amazed at the high standard the hold for themselves to always be groomed well and proud of who they and quite honestly, they help their fellow Russian immigrant as if they were all one very large family establishing business’ and provide an economy for those who prove to work hard and show pride !!!
    i can honestly say they hold the meaning ” family ” to a value we have sadly forgotten here in America, what an honor to have seen this in a culture that my leaders say is the enemy !

    13 years was the time we used as a public statement our wars were fought over terrorist led factions, factions that the entire civilized world lost 3,000 members from due to an attack from cowards on Sept. 01, 2001,
    well, i survived long enough and have seen just about everything man has created to hide his shame and his feelings of self justification and if you have been there you understand why i still get tears from time to time and why just the phrase ” WAR ” in the headlines today puts a very heavy weight on my heart !!!
    make no mistake, i will hold a line in the sand next to my brother and until the grass has been fed through my blood to defend everything this nation truly stands for, this nation also includes my brothers who live in this land yet feel the same of the home back in Russia !!!
    ” WE THE PEOPLE ” was added to the constitution by men who had seen horrors we today could only imagine in fairy tales and whom at some point have been from just about every corner of known society and many many many more even sacrificed their very lives to keep that very beginning title for anyone who made it here from any land and in the hope for us to one day love our neighbor and not kill them for their differences.

    I know many amazing people I have the honor of calling friend, although I can honestly say family about from Russia,
    it is nothing more than numbers on paper to the elected members of both Russia and America when it truly comes to war, everyone of us can sit here and speculate bullshit until the cows come home or the pigs start flying away but at the end of the day even the white spot on bird shit is still shit when even after it becomes ” White Washed ” with just the right flavor used for centuries by the leaders of man to get the ants nest started up enough that the house is divided enough that no one looks to the care takers of the said house anymore for what the actual reason the numbers were on those papers because now ” WE THE PEOPLE ” of my nation and the citizens of another land clear across the world have forgotten to see those numbers as what they truly stood for, THE LIVES OF YOUR CHILDREN AND MY CHILDREN AS WELL AS OUR OWN JUST TO HAVE THE SO CALLED RIGHT AND JUST SIDE OF THIS CONFLICT, to justify to ourselves why we as the citizens of both nations are willing to use even bombs that would end everything that does not live within their spectrum and class in the life they were entrusted to lead us in because not only will you and I defend that line in the sand our leaders drew, but those leaders have prepared themselves security and fallout shelters to be the ones to continue our species and sacrifice every f-ing one of us to do so !!!

    well, i guess now all i can do is be the nice person because there is a f shortage of that going around, live well my friends, lol

  78. exactly, and to be honest the ones that get vaporized will be the lucky ones. For those left there will be radiation, no power, extremely cold 30 year winter, no food or water eventually….

  79. war b/w USA and Russia very funny .. if USA use nuclear weapons in SHAM , IRAQ or in RUSSIA its good and if IRAN just work on nuclear weapon its wrong .we love humanity and some people wants to destroy…. its propaganda

  80. Hey Putinkaput!
    What is wrong with you? Are you under the drags? Go, take a sh..T and sleep well! might help to clean your wooden head a little bit! Or, if you make some money by trolling, let me know how I could apply for this position, please! Love you,boy!

  81. foolish man ,you said that the usa is no longuer the world surperpower china is taking the lead,why china should be team with russia to distroy the usa? now you show that china already know if they come alone they’ll loose.

  82. It’s very easy to do. Just burn your dollars. If you don’t have them; then go, by ’em and burn. Also throw dollars into the toilet, make a “Piss on the Dollar” and then flash ’em. Anyway free yourself from US dollars. :)))

  83. You can make the list longer; Honduras, Zaire, Kongo, Papua New Guinea and other technically challenged countries. Don’t forget to proclaim yourself as a General of Honduras Strategic Nuclear Forces. :))))

  84. poor America you are no longer a superpower with your outdated weapons. China is now a superpower than can easily destroy your military. Just think for a second, when China was weak they still whoop up your A s back in vietnam and korea now they are a superpower what do you think will happen to you.

  85. LOL. That’s pure 100% Russian troll BS. No ONE in the actual US believes nor says that, but plenty of “pretenders” do. How pathetic you must be to pretend to be from the US. Can’t blame you though, it is a great country and even homosexuals make more than your better-off higher class Russians. I don’t blame you for being jealous, but “pretending” is the closest you’ll get to the real thing. Learning our language must have gotten your hopes up, huh?

  86. remeber us, we F—- you up really good in Vietnam and Korea. There’s a saying in China, these yanks have no balls they ran away fast like little girls

  87. No actually Georgia did attack Russia first, they thought that with all their NATO toys they could take on Russia, they were imbeciles sure, but they attacked first, no international court contests that, thats why when Russia kicked Georgias ass no one could say anything but “go easy on them”.

    Crimea was from time immemorial a part of Russia.

    Ukraine does have nazi militias operating inside it, also rampant corruption, that is why the US has already told them on record, that they cannot help them anymore until they fix their shit.

    There is no can of worms.

    You are horrible at spelling and grammar, and Im not even a native English speaker and am also horrible at grammar, and am telling you this, lol.

    Also there are no nukes pointed at Russia from within the EU, and if there were the US wouldnt say so, this article is a sham, just like your spelling.

  88. Has everyone gone crazy ? Just imagine this vision for a second… REALLY imagine what it could be like… your children being vaporized in a millisecond, before even the pain signal reaches their brain. Your sons, your daughters.. in front of you.. a second before you yourself is vaporized. Has the whole f…g world gone mad ?

    Stop posturing, cut the f..g testosterone off for God’s sake….

  89. Nations that are against illegal wars should ban the U.S. dollar in international trade.Sign the international petition to ban the U.S. dollar, “Piss on the Dollar” campaign is gaining support.As along is the dollar is used for transactions then there will be more wars. Thank you JESUS for Russia and China!

  90. List of Russian military bases abroad
    1 Abkhazia
    2 Armenia
    3 Belarus
    4 Vietnam
    5 Kazakhstan
    6 Kyrgyzstan
    7 Transnistria
    8 Syria
    9 Tajikistan
    10 South Ossetia

  91. The reason Russia does not have bases all over the world is because when Russia wants to put a base somewhere “out of their country”, Putin annexes the other country.

  92. I think Putin underestimated us and thought we’d turn a blind eye to annexing Crimea, and now he’s opened the lion’s cage and it’s swatting back. What’s truly sad here is his ego won’t allow him to back off. All Russia needs to do is say “we made a mistake” and return Crimea to it’s own people, and as a sign of good faith, rebuild what they destroyed. It won’t bring back all the people he’s responsible for killing there, but it’d be a start and the tensions would simmer. Neighboring countries wouldn’t feel threatened, and everyone could move forward. Instead, he’s talking out one side of his face while blowing smoke out the other and it will ultimately end with may deaths. He’s playing the same game North Korea has tried to play, but NK is a flea and Russia is more akin to a raven infected with a disease that must be taken more seriously.

  93. Here in the USA we have a saying first nuke up is the winner to bad Russia you do not have the BALLs to F—- with the USA or you will pay!!!!!! 10 bill lied last night will read in the news paper and 50 years later they will say Russia who.

  94. and the ones who don’t want war in Donetsk? the 70% of civilians who were happy?

    Of course Russia does not care, they are evil.

    It will be death you child murderer.

  95. If the US has had intentions to conquer and rule Russia, it would have been done so a long time ago when the Soviet Union fell. Instead, the US has done a lot of helping hand to uplift Russia’s economy. There was even a talk on Russia’s joining NATO. That was during the early leadership of Yeltsin. But relations between Russia and the West began to sour when Putin came to power with his intention to revive the ‘Soviet Union Glory’ that started with its occupation of parts of Georgia and lately the illegal annexation of Ukrainian Crimea. .

  96. We should’ve listened to our late General George Patton 70 years ago; this crap wouldn’t even have escalated to the Bay of Pigs in 61′ with Commander in Chief – President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Now look what you’ve got, a bunch of wannabe’s arching there backs, taking forever to throw the first punch. They were men in the old days and didn’t take no one’s *&^%. I do see these traits possibly in the next president; problem is can we (USA) hold on for another year.

  97. Russia sends troops to Syria to clean up the mess we created. We send nukes to Germany as a fuck you sign. This will end well.

  98. This should pretty much seal Germany’s doom should a nuclear war break out. Good bye Germany once and for all, you are now on the same list as England. .

  99. tired of listening to those ukronazi puuuuussssiiii crying losers,- world hates cowards , instead of bad mouthing Russian people, why don’t u ukronazi puuuussssiii crying losers go and fight for your ‘country’ or what is left of it,- shut up you bunch of losers

  100. Germany and Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and turkey have hosted US Nuclear weapons since the 1950s to guard against Soviet and later Russian aggression and those weapons are periodically updated just as the soviets and later Russians have always updated their weaponry. This is nothing new, its been the stated NATO policy to Nuke the soviet union and the later Russian Federation if they ever started even a conventional war with NATO since the 1950s.

  101. ‘putinkaput’ – and why do you care about Russia,collapse and the ruble ?- why don’t u go and fight those bad Russkies ? – world hate cowards – a specially if they are puuuuussssiii crying ukronazi cowards, take care of your country or what is left of it

  102. ‘pitinkaput’ – I am in the city of Liviv – having a fun with ukronazi little sis, – you know … after I finish will be looking for your moma

  103. Russia has big problem with HIV, Heroine, Krokodil, Corruption, Poverty and collapsing economy.

    They rather complain about USA then fix their problems.

  104. With all this US bs and all this nukes on German soil,when the shuting starts ,third time Germans may be ‘lackey’ and after the shutting stops even the city of Berlin may get a new name, like Ameriasskiser, – hope the new germans are ‘familiar’ with the city of Kaliningrad,

  105. ruSSians here posting hate about USA. They need to worry about their own country. Russia is about to collapse and the ruble is worthless.

  106. This looks pretty much to me as nuclear bullying, that can only escalate the already tensed situation in Europe, and the Germans will pay a very high price for their sheepish obedience to the Americans. And worst still , it will not solve the Ukriainian problem. Because the Russians will never allow Ukraine to joint Nato

  107. But when Russia announces missle installations in Kalingrad in the middle of the Baltic region this is ok, but missiles by NATO in the EU this is somehow provacative but Russian moves are not???

  108. The U.S. Has had tactical nuke weapons in Europe for a long time, in turkey mostly, Romania I beleive has anti ballistic missiles, although defensive in nature and no neuclear warheads. Given the Russians recent belligerent behavior and direct comments threatening neuclear strikes against NATO what would they expect … Russia wants to sell s-300 missiles to Iran in the near future which puts the EU in Irans crosshairs, if the Germans don’t wish to defend their lands they can say no, the U.S. Has more than enough ICBMS to defend America, if the EU countries don’t want defensive weapons that’s fine, less expenses for US …

  109. I never have and never will trust Putin, I have always said this. I would not Trust Putin as far as I can spit, and that is not very far. History has a tendency in repeating itself, just in a different way, and Putin is not one to be trusted.

  110. ‘putinkaput’ – as I say u are the champion of all IDIOTS I heard up to now,– Russians made one huge mistake last world war, they should round up all of you ukronazi losers and send one war ticket to Siberia,– so the world wouldn’t have to listen to you ukronazi puuuuusssssiii crys today

  111. Petar you think we are blind to Russia and the fact the Russia has killed 20,000,000 from Stalin, 300,000 from Putin in Chechnya, 7000 from Putin in Ukraine, they shot down MH17 and gassed their own people in a theater.

    Russia is evil, they are hated, they have nothing to offer the world but oil and soon that wont be needed either. Russia is collapsing and all you worry about is USA.

  112. You never know, Russia could have China and N Korea on there side, this might be many Countries going against USA. All The Muslim Countries want to Nuke USA. Death to America…… and yet our Gov says Ohhhhh they are nice we are moving in hundreds of thousands they will be your neighbors they run all the food and gas stations, so when hell does break loose, you had best saved UP….. SMH

  113. ‘putinkaput’ – just asked a question – u gave me no answer,- but taking in account that u are an ukronazi moron, I got the ‘explanation’ –

  114. ‘al alen’ – newer heard more idiotic ‘comment’ like you did it, you my friend are the champion,- I bet you must be ukronazi moron, only ukronazi doggies poses that kind of hatred and idiotic ‘thinking’

  115. Dmitry
    Don’t try. We know how lousy your threats are. Pointing a missile on someone is as empty as if looks could kill. SM-3 anti-ballistic missile interceptors can ruin your day, don’t think there is no escape from those threats, no there is, and right now US is stationing SM-3s along Poland and Romania. So much for those pointing of weapons on Germany, bluff fails.

  116. Petar Kuz
    Nah, you’re threats don’t matter… You do know that Russia’s ballistic missiles can be taken down and intercepted along Poland… Right? So what’s the point of making threats like that? Ow, to bully people of scaring them. Do you think people are coward and that stupid?

  117. so what happens now when Russian Federation points now 20 more nukes at German targets ? – those of you who are thinking that Russians will just lay down ant let the US role over them , are grossly mistaken – Germans may end up paying the ultimate price for their depressing silence,

  118. “Only Russia can destroy the US”. And NATO can destroy Russia without using nuclear weapons, how much more with US onboard. Russia is a pathetic nation with only its nuclear arsenal to boost its ego from murdering innocent people with this WMD. And they boast their egos with it. Deranged lunatics think having nuclear weapons is the license to bully, invade, annex territories and threat others of destruction. An obvious sign of insecurity and most of all inferiority complex. Weaklings.

  119. “U.S. To Station Nuclear Weapons In Germany Against Russia”

    Well, germans should have been erased the last time around when they gassed and baked Roma & Jews BY THE MILLIONS!
    However, it is never ever too late for karma to kick in.
    This time around the newer version of the Berlin Wall will be built more quickly … with nukes.

    Anyway, this so-called ‘report’ has to be a joke.
    Why launch nukes from german soil?
    Do the lost leaders of the US warmongers think that the Russians will hold the germans alone responsible, and not fly a few retaliatory nukes at LA, etc? lol

    Russians will no doubt respond by placing matching nukes in Kaliningrad, right on the german border. lol

  120. If the U.S. wants to provoke a war with Russia it wont be confined to Europe, this time we’d be attacking a country with ICBMs. Having oceans on both sides can’t protect us any longer. If the Europeans allow is to put nukes in their countries, they are nuts.

  121. (“It is NATO that is moving towards our border and we aren’t moving anywhere,” Putin then added)
    “We are not moving anywhere”…..Mr Putin assume other people are stupid? What about Ukraine ? What about Syria ? What about his cooperation with Iran ? Mr Putin you are getting what really you deserve..You are taking Russia to a dangerous devastation and destruction…Think about that Sir..and stop fooling around…

  122. And while the world sleeps Putin is adding 55 more modern design ICBMs to Russia’s arsenal… Savage Russians really know how to run their propaganda lines while doing the dirtiest provocation. US should also start designing new ICBMs and replace its aging Trident II and Minuteman III with hyper-sonic warheads.

  123. If Germany were to agree to this. They would become one of the primary targets on a preemptive strike list for Russia. Are germans that stupid ?

  124. US will ‘station’ 20 more nukes in Germany,- what is going on with German people, do they need more nukes on their soil ? no one asks Germans for anything anymore, Germans are becoming bunch of wimps , what happened to those old brave historical German people ?- news Germania is occupied by US and Uncle Sam is calling the shots , very disappointing,

  125. Sure Georgia attacked Russia, are you serious? That would be like a mouse attacking a Bear? Please nobody believes that one. Second no Crimea was not a part of Russia which was acknowledged by Russia it self in the Budapest memorandum signing of 1994. Putin cannot be trusted any more to abiding by any agreements Russia had signed. They are no more trusted in the world and are a international pariah. The only Nazis are the one governing in Moscow! The US is helping Ukraine with troops, and are putting nukes in Germany to ward off the threats made by Putin. Syria is a failed State and like Russia the only wrong with it is its Leaders. Putin is leading the Russian people down a long black and bleak road! The only reason for Putins involvement in Syria is to stop the IS before they start up in Muslim Russia. He is opening a can of worms that could devour him. You want to talk about terrorists the Putin sponsored terrorist in Eastern Ukraine. Look what has happened their. Where will Putin be to help the people in eastern Ukraine rebuild. Not at all!

  126. Collect your rubles troll. US hasn’t stole any land from its neighbors. US bases all over world are leased with county’s option to cancel the lease.

  127. . . . . and Mr. Putin knows with utmost certainty that the U.S. is the only country in the world more than capable of obliterating Russia on the face of the earth!

  128. Ukraine isn’t a NATO member. If they would have been it would have been a different story. Country’s are scrambling to join because of Russian aggressiveness. Putin has done nothing to change that. Extending his holdings in Syria only enforce that.

  129. “With plans to go to war with Russia, the U.S. will station new atomic weapons…” Really? So the author has access to US war plans against Russia? Really? What a useless rag! Not to worry, Yahoo will link this garbage for a fee.

  130. No way Cuba would allow Russian nukes again. They have everything to lose & nothing to gain by that move. If nukes would have been left in Ukraine, Russia wouldn’t have invaded Crimea & started war in east.

  131. Because 1. about 70% of them arent Syrian, 2. theyre headed for European welfare states, 3. Russia didnt start the “arab spring” the US did.

  132. Georgia attacked Russia
    Crimea was always a part of Russia
    Eastern Ukraine is being bombed by nazis
    Assad is the democratically elected leader of Syria

    You should say “First the US/NATO gives Georgia a bunch of weapons to use on Russia, but Russia beats them down and takes them, second Crimea voted to rejoin Russia, Third the nazis in the West of Ukraine cannot be controlled, thats why the US told Poroshenko theyre not helping him anymore, well that and corruption, and Fourth the US trained terrorists in Syria havent done their job”. :D

  133. The USA wasn’t involved in the IIWW since Sep 39 (certainly, they helped England by sending weapon) but the USA started the war in 1941. The Americans didn’t want to take part in that war(some people say that Nazi had influence on the US gov’t), perhaps soldiers slaughtered at PearlHarbor were needed to persuade american society to start fighting. That what is happening now in Europe, I mean, so many refugees coming, that also might be a reason for fighting and to begin being involved in the Middle East’s wars.

  134. All efforts should be made to DE-escalate tensions in Europe. Use of nuclear weapons will mean end of the civilization and human race from the earth. Every one should step back not even to mention nuclear weapons as a challenge to each other

  135. Russia will station nuclear weapons in Cuba , and in Syria as a reaction to this you can nearly predict that Obama will pass on the problem to the next president then as every 1 that’s not our friend like Russia won’t know how to react to a real president that handles foreign affairs seriously with a plan, thus opening the door to a full fledge nuclear war.

  136. This article has hogwash written all over it, starting with the title. Why would the US move nukes to Germany when they have plenty of missiles? I didn’t even bother reading this garbage.

  137. This is, no doubt, in response to Russia’s recent actions, but it is not proportionate. This is the type of action that stokes the embers of war. Although it is not a direct threat… its is a huge insinuation of a potential action, one that will be either countered or escalated. I for one, don’t care to see either of the two. Someone once said M.A.D. ensures no action would be taken, but at some point, with escalating chest pounding like this… the only option will be to take action.

    I’m not pointing fingers, Russia is jumping into a conflict on an opposing side to the US, and in response the US is stationing nukes right at Russia’s front door… there’s plenty of blame to go around. The real question is, where do we go from here? I don’t know about you, but de-escalation doesn’t look to be in the cards… at least anytime soon.

  138. basic principle – the third law of motion and all rockets based on this… but there is also another meaning (philosophical): when a man wants to get somewhere he must leave something behind…

  139. I’m from Poland. I don’t want those missiles here or somewhere around, it makes us a target for a nuclear attack. However, in my opinion, Russians shouldn’t attact us. In Europe is still calm and peaceful. None of wars starts just like that. I suppose, if any war begins it will start with some economic problems or maybe refugees will bring an islamic revolution, if so, countries and people in Europe will be divided. Perhaps, there is still time to act and to prevent from what might happen. Surprisingly even these goddamn missiles might protect against a war – we all well know that. And what about Putin ? He frightens, right? but he has’t used a nuclear weapon or attacked any european country (except from supporting pro-Russian in Ukraine), yet…

  140. Well, what does Putin think. First he invades Georgia, Crimea, than eastern Ukraine. He agrees to Minsk agreement but is subversively supporting the terrorist in Eastern Ukraine. Now he goes into Syria and is helping Assad. All the while sending Russian air force to constantly test NATO, Canada and US resolve. He threatens others with nuclear force and than cries fowl when the US finally asserts themselves by sending nukes back into Germany. Well if anybody is to blame it is Putin and his regime.

  141. If the entire world was NATO except for Russia NATO would still never attack Russia. These countries watched as Russia took Crimea and are simply trying to protect them selves. The Russian military has been testing limits lately.

  142. LOL, the elite are the ones who want to kill 100s of millions of ppl… in their sick minds, their 10 rules of life in the new world order is to have the world population no higher than 500,000… you do the math… we can all point the finger at who ever but the fact remands the only ppl that will be here in 5 yrs will be the ones living in their very deep tax payer paid for bunkers… were only the op of the top can enter… so enjoy the ride and get right with your lord and savior , cause its going to get alot worse really quick…..

  143. Really? Russia can’t be trusted? WHAT have you been smoking? The United States exports more Terrorism and Chaos than any other country on the planet. The NWO led United States is provoking Russia 157 ways to Sunday; because Russia does NOT want to comply by joining a hideous NWO. THATS what this particular conflict is all about; all misdirection; lies; misinformation and spin aside.

  144. Missiles that were formally aimed at the USA will now be aimed at Germany. This will give the USA a better chance to survive a nuclear exchance.

  145. Donald Trump would find himself at home living in Russia and if he would take the rest of his republican haters with him together with the Russians they could build a wall around Russia to keep themselves IN! Why isn’t there any Syrian refugees migrating to Russia?

  146. If an author of any politically charged article leaves you with not knowing where they stand then they have done their job well. Present both sides opinions and facts without interjecting their own opinions. Hats off to this writer.

  147. This editor is a notorious liar confusing US and EU public with her native country ( Ukraine ) wonder she did not get removed yet .

  148. I doubt that Russia will do such thing as Cuba needs the United States more than it needs Russia, Russia needs to restore trust to it’s own people and they need to remove the fanatic dangerous Vladimir Putin from power.
    Long Live Boris Nemtsov, may he RIP.

  149. Editor you are either on medications or simply just a born yesterday idiot trying to incite on social media, which of the two apply ?

  150. Thank You serviano, I just mention that in one of my comments, that this has been going on when RUSSIA put missiles over in CUBA and had them aim at the United States.

  151. Polina Tihonova, people in Europe are not born yesterday nor in Ukraine, suggest you go back to Kiev to post your garbage overthere you idiot !

  152. That is fine with us, don’t come calling for help (Europe) when RUSSIA Invade starts just like when HITLER did his crazy invasion. Don’t call us, we will call you.

  153. I never know if the author is for or against these things. Germany must be a complete doormat to allow the US to move in nuclear weapons for use against the world as it pleases. What a world

  154. Russia has become the outcast of the world yet they might not have much foreign military bases but they do have military agreement reassurance cooperations with China and Iran.Regardless whether the United States stations 20 more nuclear bombs in Germany or not will not determine any war victory, but these nuclear bombs are a clear deterrence to keep the Russians in check. It’s not that the United States wants to destroy Russia but it is most essential that we station the warheads in Germany anyway as the Russian have proven that they cannot be trusted.

  155. Let the politicians fight it out and leave rest of the population alone. Live is too short and complicated as it is. Let us live in peace and raise our children.

  156. And we will Blast that Country from Sea if that as far as sneeze one of those Nukes in our direction, both of those countries IRAN and North Korea will be a Vacant Parking Lot, their will not be as far as a Chicken standing in those countries.

  157. “Only Russia can destroy the U.S.” you forgot there is China !

    “Putin denounced U.S. “scaremongering,” saying that the U.S. is a global empire of military bases, and adding that Russia has “virtually no bases abroad.”” exactly lol

    ” “I think that only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO,” Putin told journalists.” … well said !

  158. I’m so sick of the U.S is going to war with Russia propaganda crap!! It’s getting old. Russia doesn’t want to fight the U.S and vice versa!!! It would be a GLOBAL disaster for every living thing on the planet!!!

  159. Once a man and twice a child

    And everything is just for a while.

    It seems like: total destruction the only solution,

    And there ain’t no use: no one can stop them now.

    There ain’t no use: no one can stop them now;

    Bob Marley

  160. You know, in Europe English Language is 1st language only in United Kingdom, in other country people talk other languages.
    I just say what i notice in EU, you can tell im from China or what ever you want.

  161. The author of this article Polina Tikhonova sure loves her propaganda. I wish I has her job. I’m confident I could write better articles while taking a dump. At least she finally backed up her claims with a few references this time. Most of the time she creates totally baseless claims, further fueling the Russian propaganda machine. She sure is sexy tho… Id bend her Russian booty over and give her a dose of freedom, American Style!!!

  162. exactly bro. she pumps this crap out daily. typically she makes ridiculous claims and has zero references. the propaganda machine is firing on all cylinders.

  163. You not from Europe, you from china. You talk chinese cannot fool people to think you from Europe. Go back to china. vote Trump!

  164. America got our submarines with nukes even closer to Germany, America just wanted to piss off Putin for his stupid games of cat and mouse

  165. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    Albert Einstein

    Thanks for proving Einstein’s point, Tom.

  166. The author of this article Polina Tikhonova sure loves her propaganda. I wish I has her job. I’m confident I could write better articles while taking a dump. At least she finally backed up her claims with a few references this time. Most of the time she creates totally baseless claims, further fueling the Russian propaganda machine. She sure is sexy tho… Id bend her Russian azz over and give her a dose of freedom, American Style!!!

  167. I am from Europe, and i need to say that people changing there mind, they ware with USA before. But lately more and more EU people are against USA. They start see that USA causing all the problems in the world, that they do not care for anyone, they just attack who ever they want, not in the name if peace, they attack everyone in the name of profit. I am telling you guys, if USA do not change politics, people in EU will not support USA anymore.

  168. I guess America finally got tired of Russia telling us all about all of the missiles they have aimed at our friends and decided to do a little nuke pointing in return.

  169. Dear ppl, the devil got hold of West: uk us and Germany!! Who in the right mind would want to kill 100s millions of human?ONLY evil fallen angels!

    ““It is NATO that is moving towards our border and we aren’t moving anywhere,” Putin then added, speaking to journalists in June.

  170. good strategy for United States, don’t you think?
    I mean, do we REALLY care what happens to Germany? It’s not like it’s Israel.

  171. If there was a hell, there would be an especially hot section for half witted bloggers like Polina
    Tiikhanova who go out of their way to instigate WWIII. You should be doing something that you’re actually qualified Polina. I see a brass pole in your future. You better hurry though, time isn’t on your side.

  172. What? “With plans to go to war with Russia, the U.S. will station…” uhhh… first I’m hearing of any sort of “plan” Pretty sure that we don’t want to go to war with Russia. Pretty sure Obama is pretty shy on the subject of war. Part of why I like the guy. Also, didn’t I just read something about how we’re reaching out to the Russians about Syria so we don’t accidentally bomb their troops or get in air combat?

    If any of this article is true about us moving nukes around, it’s prolly because Russia has been…shall we say kinda aggressive lately. It’s probably a “just in case” move because pretty sure the Mutually Assured Destruction policy is still the best deterrent to all nuclear nations.

    And pretty sure Russia has been making boasts about it’s nukes while the rest of us are kinda like… yeah we know you got em, so do we but, “only the little dick brags about being hung like a horse.”

    Has nobody in Russia played the “Fallout” series? I mean seriously. Who wants to actually live like that? I mean there is Russian language option, so I assume you guys got some copies…

  173. germany is real close to Kalingrad, the Russian enclave that is basically a city that is a giant military base, with at least 200,000 troops stationed at all times. Poland hasn’t forgotten this.

  174. So what is the difference between what we do and think it’s ok and what Russia tried doing in Cuba ?? We are such hypocrites

  175. There is no logical reason to put nukes there. We the USA can reach Russia with nukes without having them in Germany. The only reason to have them there is a threat of first attack. That’s it.. the totality of it.. and why if I was Russia Id be pissed. But im not.. Im a US citizen and im happy to see them pissed off.

  176. “I think that only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO,”

    See. He acts tough but he is not crazy lol he knows it all over for him if something bad happened. Russia would become Germany in 1945, surrounded be enemies and nukes.

  177. Just one Russian Borei-class submarine can carry 20 RSM-56 Bulava SLBMs with 6-10 MIRVed warheads, for a total of up to 200 nuclear warheads. The sub wouldn’t even have to park next to our coast. It could launch from thousands of miles away (their SLBMs have a range of 6,200 miles). If this article is true (which I doubt) then it is a very stupid decision and could provoke Russia to launch. The US and Russia have a combined total of over 16,000 nuclear warheads, so this entire planet would be rendered uninhabitable from the nuclear winter and tremendous radioactive fallout. Stupid alarmist journalism just to get people to look at advertising.

  178. what’s the difference between this and the missiles planned for Cuba. USA was ready to go to war over that one, and now they do this to Russia. This is the dumbest move ever.

  179. COuntries would not want nuclear weapons if Russia was not constantly shouting we will nuke you. You threaten people and they seek to put there own defenses up then shut up and accept that you made the problem by threatening other countries.

  180. The US didn’t like it back then and the US will not like it now. But why station in Cuba when there’s a borei-class sub in the pacific with up to 196 nuclear warheads with a range of 5,000 miles. I’m sure there are other subs as well.

  181. Good , direct the Weapon tword the threats since the Former Communist Slavic control own mostof the Northern East section of the Earth they should be monitored and restrained and if God warrants be Under the Gun to remain civil and peaceful to Central Europeans and USA which luckily has Star Wars Laser Deterrents. UK and Spain might follow this action.

  182. We will station our nuclear miisiles in Cuba against America and aim them at all million population cities. How do you like it?

  183. I don’t think whoever said this thought it to mean “vilify a nuclear superpower, then put nukes near its border and taunt it from Washington DC.”

  184. The US is wrong to station their nuclear weapons right next door to Russia,
    but they did that because Russia had the intention of taking over their
    former satelite eartern bloc countries, who wanted to be independent
    from Russia.

    So whats the answer ? Russia must pull back then the US must follow,
    Russia start the trouble they must clean up or pay for the disasters
    that coming for all.

  185. The Germans really need to think whether they want the Russian nukes pointed at them. If something happens Germany would be gone in 5 minutes flat, not the United States. Especially since there’s no conflict between Germany and Russia.

  186. Are we in a age of civilization? I doubt if evolution ever occurs. Anyway, all mortals will die; if we the human race die fast, that may be a big step of evolution.

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