Is Russia Preparing For A War In Syria?

Is Russia Preparing For A War In Syria?
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Amid growing tensions in relations between the U.S. and Russia, the Russian government is closing the American Center based in Moscow.

The move is seen as a yet another indication of deteriorating relations between Moscow and Washington, which are at its worst since the end of the Cold War.

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The American Center in Moscow enlightens Russian people about the history of the U.S., its politics and literature. The center comprises of a public library and lecture hall, which allow visitors to read books and watch videos about the U.S.

Shutting down the center is the ‘final straw’ in a ‘systematic shutting down’ of a series of American Centers in Russia ‘over the past couple of years’, according to U.S. State Department spokesman Mark Toner.

Toner added that the shutting down of the center indicates ‘the state of Russia’s democracy’, as the Moscow-based center represents a ‘free information space’.

“The American Center has built deep and strong connections between the people and cultures of Russia and the United States,” U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Tefft commented in a statement.

“These latest unilateral steps further call into question the Russian government’s commitment to maintaining people-to-people ties between the Russian and American people, which continued even during the Cold War and other complicated moments in our countries’ long history,” he added.

Fears over Russian threat in Syria

The decision to shut down the center comes at the time of plummeting relations between Russia and the U.S. In recent weeks, Moscow has boosted its presence in Syria, supporting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while Washington wants his government removed from power.

The Kremlin has repeatedly claimed that it has “long been supplying arms and military equipment to Syria in accordance with bilateral contracts.”

Russia has been openly supporting the Syrian government, with Russian President Vladimir Putin explaining that Russia is fighting ISIS “terrorist aggression” alongside the Assad regime.

However, although Washington is interested in eliminating the ISIS threat, the State Department has recently stated that the U.S. would not cooperate with the Syrian government even in the matters such as fighting ISIS. Instead, Washington is interested in a political transition in Syria, the State Department said.

Four Russian jets spotted in Syria

Meanwhile, the U.S. has spotted a few Russian jets at a Syrian airfield, according to Reuters citing its sources in Washington.

At least four Russian jets have been spotted at the airfield, including military ones, according to one source. It is yet unclear when the jets arrived in Syria, while models of the helicopters are not specified by Reuters.

On September 14, it was reported that Russia had sent its artillery and seven T-90 tanks to an airfield in the Syrian province of Latakia.

However, Syrian ambassador to Russia Riad Haddad then dismissed the reports as ‘not true’.

Speaking at the Pentagon on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, U.S. President Barack Obama said that Russia is the main culprit to blame for the Syrian crisis for its years-long military supplies to the Assad regime as well as its unwillingness to admit that as long as Assad is in power, there will be no peace in Syria.

What’s the sudden Russia’s interest in Syria?

These days Russia is showing that its intentions about Syria are as serious as never. If Russia used to express its support to the Assad regime only through vetoes in the UN, now Moscow has advanced from words to actions, since it stated its willingness to supply the Syrian government with military help required to fight terrorism.

However, the question is: why Russia has not been making any similar moves earlier, when the Assad regime experienced much more difficult times than now?

It seems that Russia feels the need to act rather than just criticize. Criticizing did nothing for Russia’s foreign policy during the Libyan crisis, which is why the Kremlin feels it has to change the tactic this time.

In the Syrian crisis, the consequences of Western intervention into matters of Syria would be much more serious for Russia, and therefore, much more undesired by the Kremlin.

Losing Syria would mean that Russia is stripped off its influence in the Middle East.

Is Russia preparing for a war in Syria?

Vladimir Putin noted that Russia will ‘in any case’ continue supporting the Assad regime and provide it with aid, including the military one.

The Western media, meanwhile, interprets such statements of the Russian leadership as Russia military preparation to unleash a war in the country.

Meanwhile, the U.S. takes advantage of the current situation in its own way, criticizing the president of the United States and thus gaining extra points for their 2016 presidential election campaigns.

A U.S. politician famous for his strong statements against both Russia and Barack Obama, Senator John McCain has once again criticized the Obama administration for its ineffective foreign policy.

“Russia’s doubling down on the murderous Assad regime is yet another example of how this administration’s feckless foreign policy has emboldened our adversaries and diminished our standing in the world,” McCain said Monday in a statement.

Russia’s military buildup to fight ISIS or U.S.?

Judging by statements of Western states, the West now considers ISIS the main threat in Syria. Therefore, the sudden Russia’s military buildup in Syria can be interpreted in a few different ways. Is Russia’s goal, which as reported is now modernizing a military airbase in Latakia, to have a counterweight against the Incirlik air base?

Or is Russia looking for the opportunity to pave the way for negotiations with the U.S. to begin cooperating against the common enemy – ISIS?

The latter scenario is more likely, as Russia’s offer to use military hardware and militarily equipped locations against ISIS would be an attractive idea for Western states, as they are not eager to talk directly to the Syrian government; they would talk to the Assad regime through Russia.

In such a way, Russia would step up its military presence in Syria as well as bring down the amount of pressure put on the Syrian government.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  1. We live in a crony capitalism where the government supports some industries and some companies because they are heavy campaign contributors. For instance, when the government decided to test lead in toys several years ago, they let Mattel and Hasbro write the specifications, and they ended up with specs that required equipment that only the large toy companies had, effectively freezing out competition. Tesla can’t sell cars in Texas because the car dealers pay millions every year in bribes (campaign contributions) to the legislators to keep out the competition. The cab drivers got UBER outlawed in New York because the cab companies pay $3 million a year in bribes to city politicians. Beyond the mom and pop book store, we haven’t had actually capitalism in the US for decades. The government doesn’t actually own many business, but the thousands and thousands of regulations mean that they do control them.

    On the personal side, I’ve lived in both countries and, believe it or not, Russians have a lot more personal freedom than we do. They may not have much to say about who the governor is, but they don’t have PC police or PC laws, and they only have a tenth as many lawyers as we do. They don’t have to watch every word they say and every advert they write and every joke they tell, waiting for a government Unfair Housing Administration or Civil Wrongs Administration tell them who to work for, who to hire, who to rent to, and what they can and cannot say. They don’t have to explain to a government official why they didn’t hire the prancing gay guy or fired the old coot who was nasty to all the customers. They can actually ask a woman for a date or compliment a woman at work on her appearance or even point out that women make lousy firefighters because they have very little upper body strength without being fired or sued.

    The reason they decriminalized homosexuality 30 years ago was the Russians have a very strong attitude that what you do in private is no one’s business. The idea of the government busting into your bedroom or asking what you do there is unacceptable to everyone. They threw the Jehovah’s Witnesses out of Russia because they kept knocking on doors and bothering people in their own homes. Russians believe in an actual right to privacy.

    The reason they outlawed “Gay What Are You Proud Of” parades was similar. They don’t care what you do at home or in the gay bar, but they don’t want to be harangued by half naked men painted with rainbow colors and screaming homosexual slogans. They aren’t required to agree with you, listen to you, expose their kids to you, or put up with you. They have an equal right to express and act on their non-PC opinions.

    If you tell a Pollack joke and if there is a Pollack in the room, you might get a fat lip, but you won’t get a law suit. You also don’t have to include a noble black man in every movie and you are allowed to have a major television series without a single gay character. You are also allowed to show television commercials that do not include an all wise wife telling an idiot of a husband how to wash dishes or buy car insurance.

    We have given up freedom so long ago that we don’t even remember it. The Russians still have it. Ironic ain’t it?

  2. Realize the difference between propaganda and reality. Are the biggest corporations in the US run by the government or the public? What about in Russia?
    In the US any move to give the government more control is met by chicken littles who hate the idea. In Russia they are thrilled by the illusion of democracy because they are used to the state running everything – so even the illusion is a breath of fresh air.

  3. What? America doesn’t lie? Did you conveniently forget about the lie and the Iraq war? Nancy Reagan was right. Just say no to drugs.

  4. McCain is just a senile warmongering old fool. Nothing else. BTW, This is so much deeper than Assad. I guess you don’t understand that.

  5. Are you really that delusional that you believe the world cannot self sustain without the US telling everyone what to do like children? I hope you’re joking.

  6. Obama will not look like a moron because he is not one. Most people by now do not associate the policies directly with Obama, who is more of a spokesman than a crafter of policies.

  7. A repeat of the invasion in Afghanistan is what will happen in Syria. The conspiracy that led to the attacks on the twin towers in New York and the un folding of the myth of Osama bin Laden has made the West to go in Syria. The emergence of ISIS and Daesh from Syria has brought in the wrath of the Russians. Russia is building an airbase in Syria. The Middle Easterners are heading for a head on war with the West .

  8. All in all, this is not the worst article PT has written. First, I would like to say that the shutting down of the Center is akin to shutting down a terrorist cell, since the US has a penchant for using such institutions to undermine legitimate government. The US should be working with the government to establish good relations. That is the proper channel. By trying to do an end run around the proper protocol, subterfuge is the result.

    It would have been nice for PT to have mentioned her sources regarding the military buildup instead of citing generic reports. The buildup may indeed be a fiction of the US as a salvo in its next attack on Russia and Syria.

    In the meantime, it might be in order to call to the attention PT and her readers the interesting fact that Russia is merely carrying out the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, also known as the Baker Hamilton Commission. The commission recommended mobilizing Iran and Syria to help stabilize the region, although recognizing the diplomatic and strategic difficulties such an initiative would entail. In this sense, Russia’s strategy is the best one, while the US strategy to undermine Assad is disastrous, as we can see from the flood of refugees leaving the region for Europe.

    By the way, it is quite evident that this article was written by a non-native English speaker. I edit medical papers written by non-native English speakers, and understand the difficulties. But that is really inconsequential, as content is most important, and what might be considered mistakes actually add an element of charm and authenticity to the article.

  9. I think The US & allies need to get rid of weak presidents/prime ministers to deal with Putin, otherwise, for him is serious and the US/Allies are busy in news talking n talking!!!!

  10. I don’t see any connection between the closing of the center in Moscow and the appearance of russian military in Syria. This article is pure propaganda against Russia and raises hostility between nations.

  11. Believe me we are not just muddling about over there, there is an agenda, it just isn’t clear to us commoners.
    Keep an eye on Iran and the Saudi’s.

  12. More likely, they are there to kill Chechen ISIS fighters before they come back home to “jihad” Russia.

    You can’t occupy Syria with 200 soldiers and a few jets and helicopters, but you can precision-bomb ISIS leaders and guard the airfield.

  13. Simple, ISIS is allied with Chechen Islamists => Chechen Islamists kill Russians => Russia fights Chechen Islamists => Russia fights ISIS.

  14. You are just another victim of Western media propaganda. Of us (Americans) and the Russians, which country is deep in debit?????. Do your research well before coming here to make comments. We have heard all this copy and paste statements from many commentators and we Americans are highly indebited than Russia. You even for get that our US economy is just consumer driven and we don’t have much we sell abroad other than fire arms. Russia is the richest country on the planet and if they liquidate both us and the Russians, they are (Russinas)far ahead of us.

  15. Why is out “standing in the world” important enough to start a war John Mcain? Why are we the worlds policeman? Why must we or no one else stop ISIS? Well ok the last one kind of is our fault but still. The Russian thing is bad because eventually America will have to put its foot down or risk Hitler aka Putin gaining power. Still regardless that risk WWWIII which is bad.

  16. These developments could “throw a monkey wrench” into the AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2016. Can America elect a woman to face this threat? Or will it elect a MAD-DOG , FIRE BREATHING WARMONGER? I don’t want to think about it, so I’ll just go to eat my ice cream, and then go to bed! BYE

  17. It is nice that you are proud to be an American. Patriotism pretty much died around here about 20 or 30 years ago. We had it when I was young, but it seemed to die around the time we were in Vietnam.

    However, you have absolutely no idea of what Russia or Russians are like. Russians aren’t lemmings being led by BS. They get the same news we do. RT stories on any night look a lot like ours. They cover most of the same stories and show the same clips of our politicians. This week they will show clips of the Republican debates. BBC, CNN, French 24 hours news and Der Speigel all broadcast or print in Russian and all are available either on the internet or by broadcast in Russia.

    Despite the ridiculous claims the American media, there is little censorship in Russia and friends of Putin only own three of the six television networks. There are plenty of anti-Putin stations and media. You can read one in English by looking up “Moscow Times”. Overall, the media is no more biased than most of ours and a lot less biased than FOX,

    What you call “nationalistic fervor”, they call “patriotism”. You seem to understand the concept but you aren’t willing to believe that other people have the same feelings toward their country. Russians are a proud people who complain about their government, same as we do, but they like their country.

    They sure hate us now, but it has nothing to do with anything Putin “spoon fed” them. They see the same speeches we do. They hear McCain calling Russia “America’s greatest enemy”. They hear the daily threats from NATO. They know that we are using them for a scapegoat for the mess we started in Ukraine. They hear our leaders bragging that we are “unique” and therefor have the right to boss everyone around and bomb anyone who gets in our way. Sure they hate us, but it is because they hear what we hear, not because of anything Putin says. They are proud that Putin stands up to a country that claims it controls the entire world – because it is so “unique”.Of course, I know that everyone thinks his religion is a “religion” and the other guy is a “cult”, but it just doesn’t describe Russia.

  18. The “CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG”. Russia’s economy is “on the ropes” and needs cash in the worst way, ( read DOLLARS). WHAT BETTER WAY TO ACQUIRE INFLUENCE AND LOTS OF MONEY THAN TO BECOME SYRIA’S PROTECTOR AGAINST ALL ITS ENEMIES: ISIS, SAUDI ARABIA. THE GULF STATES, ISRAEL, AND AMERICA. And who is going to pay for this “MAFIA-LIKE PROTECTION? IRAN, OF COURSE, WHO IS ABOUT TO HAVE A HUGE WINDFALL FROM THE LIFTING OF SANCTIONS. Now Israel will enter into a new period of danger to its security , because HAMAS AND HEZBOLA, ITS PERENNIAL ENEMIES NEXT DOOR, WILL ACQUIRE A “NEW LIFE”, BEING ARMED AND PROTECTED BY RUSSIA AND ITS NEW WEAPONS. Iran could become emboldened to continue its nuclear capability under Russia’s protection. The situation could become real “dicey’,(for lack of a better term), and we may become an arms supplier to , of all people THE ISIS, TO HARRASS IRAN. I better stop here- it’ getting very ,very scary, to even talk about it. BYE

  19. Facts are facts. I avoid subjectivity when facts are available, and they are available when you are defining who is and is not a terrorist. Of course, if you have a better definition of “terrorist”, I’m all ears, though I prefer the dictionary definition.

  20. If you had enough brains to use google, you would know that I am not only an American living in America, but I am older, definitely smarter and certainly better known than you are. Feel free to find a river or a lake or even a really big puddle. Happy drowning.

  21. Your vision is really very narrow. The subjective view of morality you have is totally confined to a baised viewpoint. Remember, the eye sees, but cannot see itself.

  22. Khan talking about terrorists &… STFU…
    You see thousands deaths in Ukraine & you don’t see millions in gulf due to your bros & master US?

  23. Afghanistan adventure… like the one in which CIA funded terrorists?
    I expect the same here, US to join hands with Al qaeda or even ISIS. They are the root cause of the whole mess world is in.

  24. We looked closely at all the actors in Syria and couldn’t find any that we could trust or work with. Russia is not so picky, perhaps because they have a real Islamic insurgency on their soil and because they haven’t made a mess of the last twelve years of military action in the Middle East, like we have. Seriously, we should sit a few of these things out, and step aside and let others have a go at it. If Russian gets drawn into conflict with ISIS, why not? Let them soldier on if they want. If they are successful, then ISIS will be gone and if the fail, then Putin will probably not survive fallout. In western Europe, even though we are richer, they live better, let them place their young folks in danger, we’ve done enough. We should look to our own country, we have plenty to work right here at home, deteriorating infrastructure, rapidly declining middle-class and de-industrialization, increasing economic inequality. If we aren’t careful we are going to end up a third world country with a first world military, run by a bunch of oligarchs.

  25. Anxiety About Danger?

    How can you deal with war, crime, pollution, climate change, and epidemics?

    Why Study the Bible?

    The Bible is providing answers to life’s big questions for millions of people around the world. Would you like to be one of them?

  26. Are We Living in “the Last Days”?

    Consider how actions and attitudes around us prove that we are now living in “the last days” that the Bible foretold.

    Why Study the Bible?

    The Bible is providing answers to life’s big questions for millions of people around the world. Would you like to be one of them?

  27. I am a retired American veteran that spent thirty years designing layout of micro chips in engineering. I am very good and proud of standing behind the country I fought for that has been so generous and kind enough to provide me with a life that does not even begin to resemble the propaganda state controlled BS that Putin force feeds his blind lemming following by force feeding a cult like nationalistic fervor he has so sickly fostered.

  28. Russia doesn’t have the financial mean to fight this war. Nothing make sense. In order to eradicate ISIS in their own territory, they need at least 5000 special forces, 150,000 soldiers at least 800 tanks with huge areal and logistic support. More likely it is a symbolic step to help Assad maintain the strip along the Mediterranean. It might also be; they don’t read the situation properly.

  29. If the media is going to criticize Russia involvement than we also need to criticize our government too. We went into Afghan, Pakistan, Iraq and mess with Syria. Lets not forget Lebanon and Egypt. What about Vietnam and Korea. How about the civil war in El Salvador. What about training the taliban and osama? It seems like you do what we say or remove you from power. When a country has no military and only defense in nuclear than that is the root some nation take. After WW2 we have lost a lot of wars trying to seek World Power? Maybe to seek the life style we have. But I dont know so many nations different political agenda why not only stick in your area. So many problems back home.

  30. However, although Washington is interested in eliminating the ISIS threat, the State Department has recently stated that the U.S. would not cooperate with the Syrian government even in the matters such as fighting ISIS. Instead, Washington is interested in a political transition in Syria, the State Department said.
    Unfortunately, the US’ fight against ISIS has been disingenuous to say the least. Americans are aware that the Obama administration gave its blessing for the creation of these supposed anti-Assad revolutionaries who turned out to be Al-Qaeda terrorists who caused the greatest damage to the US’ image in recent history.

  31. I know that it is the current fashion to call the enemy a “terrorist” these days, even when it is obviously not true, but, I think that the word “terrorist” has a specific definition and it’s easy to define who is one. The difference is in who and how you fight. If the guy you are shooting at is another combatant, you are NOT a terrorist. That why Poroshenko is wrong we he calls the rebels terrorists. The people they are shooting at are shooting back. This is what soldiers do.
    If you are willing to kill anyone, women, children, anyone for the effect the killing will have, you are a terrorist. If you want to shoot at someone who is not a combatant, you are a stinking, low life, should be hung on sight terrorist. The difference is usually, but not always, easy to spot.
    Of course, that means that the mass bombings which leveled German and Japanese cities, killing millions of civilians were terrorist war crimes, but we all know that. If we had lost the war, our generals would have hung for their crimes. I had a couple of relatives who were crewmen forced to participate in the bombings and they had nightmares the rest of their lives. Terrorism is the same, no matter which side does it.

  32. Oh, I’m hurt. Which part was a lie? Are you going to tell me that Obama wasn’t the head of the American socialist party before he became a democrat? You obviously have no idea what the word “fascist” means. Would you like me to explain it to you in small words? or would you like to explain why you think I’m a fascist? Well, of course not. You don’t even know what the word means.

  33. Well as I’ve said earlier, Russia will either put up or shut up. It shouldn’t be hard to see how Iran, Russia and Syria are strong allies. If people think that the West is going to demand without consequences, than you haven’t been playing attention. While Yemen is being destroyed with the blessings of the West, and while no one seems to have time to fully assess the destruction of countries like Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, and others, the war machine and plots keep going full speed ahead. The West intentions are to topple Assad, and rule the Middle East, but Russia will not allow it. If Russia don’t throw down its red lines now, and back it up, it knows that it is finished.

  34. Russia is preparing to eradicate western armed and funded terrorists and support the elected leader of Syria,Assad ..I’m sure that Putin after seeing how the US and NATO allies turned Libya from having the highest standard of living on the continent of Africa into a nest of ISIL and Al Qaeda,does not want to see the same end game in Syria.

  35. Easy to say, particularly easy for someone who hasn’t the faintest idea what Fascism is, but do you have anything to back up your, claims besides your own uniformed and possibly ignorant opinion?
    (and, by the way ignorant one, the GESTAPO was German. Get your countries straight.)

  36. Actually I do write well. I make my living as an author of Science Fiction books and humor. However, I will never go back to Russia. When I first retired I lived half the year there, near my wife’s family, and half the year here. However, I’ m getting old and Russian medical treatment is both free and overpriced. I intend to stay within a few miles of an American hospital the rest of my life.

    Are you good at anything but dumb and meaningless insults?

  37. Oh, grow up Sean and stop acting like a child with the stupid “just kill yourself”. You can’t help being an immature idiot, but you can stop showing so often.

    Everything you know about Russia seems to be from old black and white movies about the soviet union. Political killing is very rare and Putin has never ordered one. It isn’t that Putin is nice, its just that blood is so messy and causes so many questions. Putin’s method is to get you accused of tax evasion or embezzlement and lock you up for a couple of years until you come to your senses. Less fuss, less muss, and no blood to clean up off the sidewalk. Even that is rare and has been used only on people who violated Putin’s trust. He places a very high value on loyalty.
    However, nobody could care less if you complain to the high heavens about the government, the officials and the corruption. Complaining is the national sport both here and there. If course, I wouldn’t bad mouth Putin too much. He won’t send the cops, but Russians are very patriotic and really like Putin, so the other guys in the bar might provide you with a few bruises if you insult either their leader or their country too much. (You might need to look up “patriotism”. The concept died out here about 20 or 30 years ago, but it is alive and well in Russia.)
    Strangely, the elections are still rigged and there is only one viable party. It comes down, however, to only mean that there is one less party in Russia than there is here. We’re both oligarchies, we with two entrenched parties and them with one. Results are the same except here the campaign donors run the country, and there a web of loyalties and obligations run things.
    However, no KGB, no midnight knocks on the door, no concentration camps, no gangs of thugs repressing dissent, no government snitches listening in, and nobody cares enough about your opinion to get upset by it.

  38. I voted for obama twice. Not ashamed of that. However his foreign policy decisions have been terrible. How we have let things get this bad is beyond me.

  39. Russia is gong to make Obama look like a moron, again! The US elected a dimwit Chicago drug gang organizer. The World now suffers from war on every continent! Obama is truly dumber than a third grader. Hillary Clinton helped him create war on every continent. There can be no argument. Democrats are world killers competing with Stalin!

  40. According to a story this morning about Russia and Syria, Russia is already fighting for Assad. The author of this article must have missed it.

  41. Russia KNOWS that Obama won’t do anything, whatever Russia does, that’s not my view, it’s Obama’s past actions and inactions that have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocents in Syria, millions fleeing, countries torn apart, all due to Obama, Egypt was saved by Sisi who has the intelligence to know the Muslim Brotherhood are nothing but terrorists, who Obama loved, take a look at Turkey with Erdogan in charge, nothing but a terrorist, who will destroy Turkey……..

  42. Rodgerolsen you’re an idiot. You live in an oligarchy the same as us in America, and your elections are fake as can be. Putin has 40% support pre election but gets 70% of the vote? If I was as stupid as you I would have drown myself years ago.

  43. you’re an idiot rogerolsen. They also beat, arrest, and execute anyone who speaks out against the government, and assassinate political rivals within spitting distance of the Kremlin. Just kill yourself please, because you are the problem.

  44. If you had even half a brain you would know Russia is building those forces to fight the anti assad coalition, not ISIS. You should be embarrassed for being so stupid.. they have 0 desire to fight ISIS, as ISIS is causing harm to American interests, and Russia loves that.

  45. big deal…my IQ 123 of 125. 15 patents, 4 military awards,and i killed OBL. Last night i did your mom. Hows that for impressive

  46. Russia’s propping up of Assad hinges on one thing and one thing alone. The warm water port. Same reason they took Crimea. Russia has lots of ports that are frozen over a good portion of the year. They have very very few that are ice free all year round. This is one of 4 ports they have that don’t freeze over. The others are Murmansk, Novorossiysk and Vladivostok.

  47. Russia knows it cannot take on a conventional war against the US. With that said, i do hope they go into Syria. Anything that can feel the vacuum created by reckless policies will help stabilize the region and wipe out ISIS…hopefully.

  48. NATO administration’ set down with Putin and Obama and planed this and we are playing in to there hands. are we really ready to go to war over what? If the USA got in to a war with Russian and we would use Nuclear war head and Russian use war heads the world would stop to ext. stop hate tried to overthrow government’s and go home before we do not have a home to go to. take your totalitarian, fascist ideology, symbiosis of principal doctrines of Nazism and Stalinism and put up your ass and the USA can put freedom and put were there sun none shin. There is know more socialists and Democrats we are more communist then Russian now and it in the year 2015.

  49. Oh I didn’t know I was talking to a genius, let me break it down for you:

    1.) Take my first comment. “Hey, we spent good money training 4 or 5 Syrians to take back their country!”
    2.) Look up the definition of Irony.
    3.) Combine my comment with the definition of Irony and the fact the the US government spent $500,000 training these 4 or 5 guys and get back with me.

    You are allowed to ask your friends for help.

  50. Give Russia the free hand to spread its military presence in the middle east. This will be a repeat of the Afghanistan adventure all over again. Muslims dont like US presence but they would gladly die to kill Russians.

  51. Really?My IQ=111 of 125,PhD/Physics,148 publications,4 patents,2 govt awards in military /classified technology development.What about you $hmuck?

  52. Syria was a Russian client nation before Turkey and Saudi Arabia, with the blessing of the US, tried to overthrow the Assad regime and put a Sunni Islamic regime in its place. Why should we be surprised that Russia is coming to the aid of the Syrian government. After all, the US spend billions of dollars defending Saudi Arabia, one of the most brutal and repressive regimes in thr world.

  53. The bigger questions are “Why does the U.S. keep building military bases all over the world?” and “Why does the U.S. want to control the world?” and “Why doesn’t the U.S. keep their noses out of the affairs of other governments?”. Keep talking big and you will see yourself or your sons and daughters in uniforms – then you will be singing a different tune.

  54. You are wasting your time Cliff talking with rodger “ruSSian fascist troll” olsen
    This piece of human garbage is a nazi criminal suporting ruSSian fascist dictator putler.
    Everything this troll say outright lies and ruSSian fascist propaganda!

  55. Russism [Rus: ??????] – variety of totalitarian, fascist ideology, symbiosis of principal doctrines of Nazism and Stalinism.

    The Russian Orthodox Church theological theory on Russians being the Chosen People serves as one of the bases of Russism.

    Russism has turned into ideology and practice of Russian authorities being based on the idea of superiority of “Russian Compatriots” and neocolonialism of soviet-imperial type as well as application of Russian Orthodoxy as moral doctrine.

    Russism uses an aggressive military and economic doctrine, an idea of preventive usage of nuclear weapons and many other instruments to archive a revenge in Cold War. Emphasis is also made on geo-economical instruments – primarily energy resources.

    Russism widely uses the propaganda myths of the `Great Patriotic War` [Rus: `??????? ????????????? ?????`] as a moral right to further violence in XXI century and denies responsibility for crimes against humanity during imperial and USSR times.

    Russism represents the mixture of imperialism, great power chauvinism, nostalgia for soviet past and religious traditionalism.

    Russism has much in common with fascist Nazism in terms of principles while speeches and politics of Putin are much similar to Hitler’s ideas.

    Russism ideology is based on illusions grounding acceptability of arbitrariness for the sake of fallaciously perceived interests of Russian society.

    Russism violates principles of international law and imposes on the world its own version of historical truth guided by perspectives and interests of Russia.

    The term has been used since 1990s, but it gained wide spread in 2008, after the Russian aggression on Georgia.

  56. Putler and Lavrov are the biggest liars in the world!!!!!!
    Both are NZi criminals.
    ruSSian fas…st Army and ruSSian paid terrorists are responsible for civilian deaths in E. Ukraine.
    Putler and Shoigu are personally responsible for genocide against Ukrainian and Russian people!
    There for they both must be brought to the Hague international tribunal to face charges of genocide!!

  57. Assad family is a fascist criminals.
    Assad Senior killed thousand innocent Syrian civilians over 30 year rule.
    Assad Junior did the same.
    ruSSian fascist dictator putler is guilty of genocide against russian, ukrainian, georgian, chechen, moldovian people.
    Do you see the similarities?

  58. At least Russia is showing some balls with boots on the ground to protect their buddy the puppet in power. Unlike the wimps in the western world who are running around like ducks out of water trying to figure out what to do.

  59. Why are we allowing the self proclaimed adversary of NATO to setup military bases so close to ours? Does Russia not respect our sphere of influence?! Does Russia want war with the United States and NATO? This is an unacceptable hostile provocation and it should be made clear to the criminal terrorist regime in Moscow that it will be met with force if it does not immediately change course! DO NOT EVER TRUST THE RUSSIANS!!!

  60. I agree, except on a definition. I doubt that many Russians would see us as “moral”. Morality is purely subjective and they believe, with sufficient reason, that all traces of morality in the US died with the PC movement. Perhaps, what you really mean is that they have fewer PC illusions keeping them from acting effectively. They don’t mind offending you any one little bit. They call terrorists “terrorists” and they shoot them rather than apologize to them.

  61. Your joking right ? The only immigrants running to Russia is from A war YOU started !! Poor memory , the border between east and west was closed .. Only one direction to go to get away from the killing YOU instigated .. STUPID A RUSSIANS … NO worries ISIS will be crashing your borders VERY SOON

  62. Adam: Putin is a capitalist and, in case you haven’t noticed, our president is the former head of the American socialist party. The Communist party in Russia is a skeleton that no one but pensioners takes seriously. No one wants to go back to state control of everything – well, except in America where we keep electing socialists and Democrats (is that repetitive).

    Now, I suggest that you start discussing facts like an adult and stop acting like a potty mouthed eighth grader. It’s less than impressive.

  63. Russia would probably be way more effective than us. They have way less morals which is whats needed to keep hostile populations in line.

  64. No? One million Ukrainians immigrated to Russia before the rebellion. The major source of income in Ukraine was repatriations from Ukrainians working in Russia. Since the rebellion started, almost another million have moved to Russia. They also have immigration incoming from Tajikistan and several other ex soviet countries. We don’t talk about it much because Americans are ignorant of almost anything that happens beyond our borders, and most things that happen inside them.
    They don’t however, put up with people “sneaking into Russia”. They gets you arrested, jailed and THEN deported.

  65. It was hyperbole but you are wrong. The second biggest part in Russia is the communist part.
    If you think they are more capitalist than the US you are Fing idiot. Do the world a favor and kill yourself.

  66. He is a spokesperson for people who realize the US throwing its weight around isn’t a bad thing.
    The US does try to force the world to tie the line, but that’s because the word is full of .
    Left to its own devices the world would consume itself along with the innocent.

  67. Bombing Russia wouldn’t kill commies. The last communist there died years ago. They are now more rabidly capitalist than we are. Perhaps you have missed the news for the last 25 years.

  68. The US was responsible for Assad deciding to start murdering people that protested against his rule? How does that work.
    You sir are dumb. I’ve always like McCain, people who don’t usually lack balls and conviction.

  69. We have invaded two sovereign countries, destroyed their governments, economies and cohesion, started civil wars, gotten 1.5 million people killed and set the table for ISIS – which we also armed. How could Russia do any worse than us?

  70. Because we are better than them. Syria kills and tortures their own people and Russia attacks people who are 1 step removed from their own people.
    Do you think the USA would start a covert war against Canada or GB if they wanted to separate themselves from us? Now because we are better than that.
    Both of those countries deserve to be turned to glass regardless of the cost.

  71. Russia has shut down American NGO’s because we are notorious for using them to foment unrest and encourage regime changes. We have done it again and again, and the Russians are too smart to stand by and watch us do it to them.
    Russia’s interest in Syria is not “sudden”. They have been allies for decades and Russia maintains a naval base in Syria. They are probably increasing their aid now due to our complete failure to take any effective action against ISIS. They get to protect their naval base, support their long time ally, and make it clear to the world that we are better at creating crisis than we are at solving them.

    They know that our response the the Islamist radicals will continue to be to do nothing, lie about it, and warn Russia not to step in and clean up our mess. It will play well in Europe since they are swamped from refugees our policies have created.

  72. We should stop propaganda and subversive action and take a book from Russia and start bombing them. F them. I hope they die, every single one. MAD takes out Russia and the USA the whole world wins? We should do it. I would gladly give me life so every single communist POS dies.

  73. Totally! The people should we want to eliminate are the lying fucking Russians. POS cant even get along with the people that are ethnically close to them. It would be like if the US attacked Canada and then constantly lied about.
    Garbage human beings should be eradicated like the rats they are. Starting with that troll Putin.

  74. Yep must be right .. That’s why we have so dam many trying to get here … NO one is trying to sneak into Russia for immigration .. DUMB ASSSS

  75. GOOOD Russia will be committed to another very expensive Afghan . Results will be the same , Russia getting run out ! Only diff this time ISIS will follow their pray home ..

  76. McCain needs to shut up. Someone needs to dig up the picture he took with the “moderate rebels” that turned out to be extremists and known terrorists or the picture he took on his trip to Ukraine where he’s shaking hands and hugging it out with Tyagonbok, a known nazi and a leader of Svoboda party a member of which recently threw a grenade at the cops during protest. You can also find pictures of Tyagonbok giving nazi salutes, leading a torch lit parade through Kiev to honor Bendera with his nazi supporters, and look up his hateful comments about Russians and Jews… So yea, McCain will pretty much meet with anyone, as long as they are doing something to hurt Russian interests, support anyone and do anything because he puts his hate for everything Russian above America’s interests or people’s lives, He does not care who he hurts or how many will die.

  77. Russians are tearing apart America’s web of spies and subversive forces ! Countries around the world have woken up, America’s propaganda and subversive actions using its NGOs are being sterilized by many countries ! Colour Revolutions have now been busted as Western Funded destabilizing actions that do not have the interest of the people at heart !

  78. Is anybody surprised by Russia sending troops to Syria? Probably the White House is, given the doctored military analyses that are provided to the president.

  79. “this administration’s feckless foreign policy has emboldened our adversaries and diminished our standing in the world,” McCain said Monday in a statement.” No, Some countries are just sick and tired of us pushing our weight around. And maybe Russia will do more to eradicate ISIS than we can. And quickly. The US created ISIS through war. And we cant seem to stop them. Somebody has too.

  80. Didn’t Putin just cross another of President Obama’s red lines? Did anyone keep track of the scoreboard? Having no foreign policy has been our foreign policy since the Libya event, or the 2008 presidential election!

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