Tesla Model X Launch Tonight

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After multiple delays that stretched out over almost two years, Tesla Motors is finally ready to deliver the very first Model X crossover vehicles that were ordered. The lucky owners who will be the first to receive their SUVs will gather at Tesla’s manufacturing facility in Freemont, Calif. tonight at 11 p.m. Eastern (8 p.m. Pacific) for what’s sure to be a very flashy ceremony.

Of course you can never expect a trendy, luxury brand like Tesla with a celebrity CEO like Elon Musk to put on an event without flair and a high level of excitement. The automaker will be streaming the event live here.

Tesla Model X launch finally here

For those who preordered a Model X years ago while it was still in the concept stage, tonight is the culmination of those high expectations. Tesla clearly wanted to wow drivers with the vehicle, which is why it chose to delay the release rather than to put it out without the features that have garnered much excitement, like the falcon-wing doors and the roomy interior with second and third row seats that fold down, providing more room than other SUVs.

Tesla prioritized buyers who selected the Signature Series Model X, which is the most expensive model with a starting price of $132,000. This is a common practice for the automaker, as it did the same with the Model S at its launch. Also when Tesla introduced a newer more expensive dual-motor version of the Model S, it prioritized those orders over orders for the less expensive Model S sedans.

Awaiting more details on the Model X

The company has not yet revealed exact pricing details for the rest of the models, even though it recently started sending out requests to those who had preordered the SUV to enter the options they want into the website in preparation for production. Musk did provide a bit of a hint on the pricing, however, as he tweeted that the Model X with the same options as a Model S will cost about $5,000 more due to the larger size and the vehicle’s more complex body. The least expensive Model S starts out at $70,000.

Also a lot more details about the Model X should be unveiled at launch tonight. Investors are probably hoping to hear more about demand. We already know that Tesla is pretty far behind on filling orders, as any new Model X orders are being pushed into the middle of next year.

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