China: Big Explosion Hits Tianjin


According to China Central Television (reports CNBC), the explosion was a “dangerous chemical substance blast.” Residents of the area in China are being told to shut their windows to protect against potentially dangerous gases. According to the BBC, an explosives shipment blew up at the Binhai New Development Zone, causing a massive fireball sending flames shooting up into the air damaging buildings nearby.

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Early reports about casualties suggest that at least 50 people have been taken to hospitals in Tianjin, although the Mirror reports that “hundreds” have been injured. The BBC reports that a fire sparked by the blast is under control but that two firefighters are missing.


The explosion in China looks like a mushroom cloud, and there are now reports that it was visible from space. Also some media outlets are reporting that a quake from the explosion was felt as far as 10 kilometers away. Although there are no official reports about casualties, some of the videos and photos posted on social media appear to show some people wounded.

The BBC reports that the explosion happened at a fuel storage station at the Binhai New Development Zone in Tianjin, China. The blast knocked out power in several tower blocks located nearby.

The cause has not been determined.


A major city in China has just been hit by a huge explosion. Videos showing a huge blast in the city of Tianjin are circulating. The videos also show a massive shockwave striking people kilometers away from the explosion, reports the National Post.

It’s expected that casualties will be reported in China, although right now there are no further details beyond what the videos show. Live Leak reports that the explosion happened around 11:30 a.m. Eastern 11:30 p.m. local time in China.



#BREAKING – A massive blast has been reported in the city of #Tianjin in northern #China late on Wednesday. Here is the breaking video.#ChinaExplosion #ChinaBlast

Posted by Sheeraz Raza on Wednesday, August 12, 2015