Apple Store Now Selling Third-Party Apple Watch Accessories

Apple Store Now Selling Third-Party Apple Watch Accessories
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Apple Watch accessories from third-party vendors are now available for sale at Apple retail stores. ElevationLab’s NightStand for the watch is the first third-party product to be sold in the stores.

NightStand for Apple Watch

As of now, NightStand from ElevationLab is the only accessory for the watch that is being offered at the store, claims MacRumors, which cites an unamed source. Probably by September, Apple will start offering additional accessories in its stores. ElevationLab’s NightStand can only be bought from retail stores and is not available online.

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Nightstand has been priced at $29.95 and was among the first Apple Watch stands in the market. It was initially available in only three colors, blue, black and red, but now after partnering with Apple, the stand is available in five colors: pink, blue, green, black and white, matching each of the Apple Watch Sport bands.

There are a few stands that support NightStand mode, which is coming with the Watch os2 update, and Nightstand is one among them. The Apple Watch is also capable of serving as an alarm clock while charging with NightStand Mode in Watch OS 2.

At one of the Apple Stores in North Carolina, the NightStand can be seen on display next to the Apple Watch Sport bands, Apple Watch chargers and matching headphones from Beats, says the report.

Apple Retain stores in transition

Apple’s decision to offer a third-party accessory for the watch comes at a time when it is in the process of revamping all of its retail stores. Recently, the iPad “smart signs,” placed next to the product displaying the device’s details and pricing were removed from the retail stores. For all its products, the company has made available a dedicated app that can be used for getting pricing information.

Apart from removing the signs, for giving a refined look to the store, the number of accessories has also been reduced. Going forward, many of the accessories offered at the store will come with packaging designed by Apple.

Griffin released its first-ever protective cases for the watch on Wednesday. The Survivor Tactical case comes in 38-millimeter and 42-millimeter sizes and costs $30, while the Ultra Thin one costs $20.

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