Apple To Co-Design Third-Party Accessory Boxes For Stores [REPORT]

Apple To Co-Design Third-Party Accessory Boxes For Stores [REPORT]
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Apple is planning to introduce new co-designed packaging for many of the third-party accessories it sell in its stores, says a report from 9to5Mac. Packaging plays a vital role in positioning a product in the market, and Apple clearly doesn’t want to let go of any opportunity to up its brand appeal.

Apple redesigning third-party boxes

Apple is gearing to revamp te third-party accessory selection across its retail stores by reducing the amount of accessories available in the stores to just the ones it is co-designing, says the report. Apple will cut down on the accessory inventory that doesn’t fit in with the new look. In a memo sent to its stores, Apple stated that the packaging will be mostly white and include a simple font, new images, superior material and consistent compatibility labeling.

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Apple is working with a number of third-party accessory-manufacturers such as Mophie, a battery case company, on packaging design or re-designing boxes that will better fit all the products. Accessories from Tech21 laptop, Life Proof, Sena, and Mophie’s charging case and Logitech’s iPad keyboard will be the first products to receive this packaging.

Similar to Apple’s traditional product packaging, the new boxes are largely white with a product image, says Mashable. Accessory-makers’ brand mark will be visible on the front of the redesigned boxes.

Is Jony Ive responsible for this change?

Jony Ive, in his new role as Chief Design Officer, oversees Apple’s packaging, so he might have played a vital role in the change. A few of the big Apple Stores, such as the Upper East Side store and Fifth Avenue location in New York, are already showcasing the new packaging, a retail store employee told Mashable.

Over the last few months, Apple has resorted to renovation for an impressive and spectacular store experience by streamlining the purchasing process and improving both product discovery and customer-employee interactions. Packaging redesign is one of the steps towards this huge goal. Previously, the U.S. firm also changed the employee dress code from royal blue to sleeker Navy t-shirts. Also the company removed both Bose and Fitbit products from its stores. Though Bose returned to the store, Fitbit products remain unavailable at Apple Stores.

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