US-China Peace Tested By South China Sea Conflict

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As the South China Sea situation continues to escalate, so the tensions between the East Asian nation and the United States also expand. The existing conflict in the region continues to intensify, as all of the major players with a stake in the South China Sea continue to make moves in order to emphasize their own particular dominance.

South China Sea flare-up

It is not only the United States and China that have claimed a particular interest in this region. Taiwan and Japan are also intrinsically tied up in the outcome of the current situation, even if the former realistically lacks the financial resources, military might and diplomatic influence to risk a direct confrontation with China.

Of course, China also claims sovereignty of Taiwan itself – refusing to even acknowledge the name of Taiwan as a country – and is therefore extremely unlikely to kowtow to any form of diplomatic pressure from the relatively small East Asian nation. But in truth the South China Sea situation is just the latest in a series of territorial conflicts involving China that indicate the extent to which the superpower is flexing its military, diplomatic and geopolitical muscle.

Unquestionably, China is now a major superpower. While we may still be living on a planet crafted in the image of an Anglo-American world order, the reality is that China has significant influence and power within it. The world’s most populous nation has already overtaken the United States as the largest producer of gross domestic product on the planet, at least according to the International Monetary Fund. And this is indicative of a growing financial and political prominence of this nation of over one-billion people in the contemporary economic system.

As China takes an increasingly hawkish position on geopolitical matters, and enters into important allegiances with the likes of Russia, so its position on the world stage is altered radically. While the United States has been the unchallenged superpower on the planet for many years, China is now beginning to develop economically and militarily in such a fashion that suggests it will seriously challenge US hegemony in the coming years.

China territorial disputes

Previous territorial disputes involving China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei have underlined the extent to which China is now creating instability in the eEast Asian region in general. The resentment that has built up as a result of these manoeuvres could now have a serious influence over the South China Sea situation. China views the region as essential to its plans to expand its empire, but other nations are naturally not too enamored with this prospect.

And the current situation has naturally incited the interest of the United States. That US government is certainly not one to stand idly by when it believes that its interests are threatened, and an emboldened and increasingly powerful China is naturally inimical to American interests.

Whether one agrees with the interventionist foreign policy of the United States or not, the current stance of the US government towards China is pretty much inevitable when one considers the geopolitical context. Neither power should necessarily be viewed as good or bad, rather that the existing situation has been coming to a head for some time, and indeed was predicted some decades ago based on a basic demographics and economic data.

US-China relationship

But the question with regard to the South China Sea is whether the United States should saber rattle in China’s direction, or whether a less robust and more diplomatic approach would be advisable. Although there are tensions between the United States and the China over the South China Sea region, and the seemingly strong bond between China and Russia is hardly a positive thing for US-China relations, the fact remains that the diplomatic relationship between the two nations is not too sour. The US and China have managed to recently collaborate on the Iranian nuclear agreement, and although there is definitely potential for this to go awry in the future, it does indicate that the two nations are capable of behaving harmoniously.

There are also intrinsic links between the United States and China economically. Trade between the two nations is almost inevitable, considering that they are the largest economies on the planet by some distance. And major corporations such as Apple choose to locate their production facilities in China, and thus there is now an almost symbiotic relationship between the United States and China in this regard.

This symbiosis also carries into the debt-based relationship between the two nations. China is the largest holder of US debt on the planet, and this further incentivizes the two nations to reach diplomatic solutions in any areas of conflict.

And there is also a history of cooperation between the United States and China at military level. This is perhaps not something that the average person would associate with the United States, as it is generally presumed that the most powerful nation on the planet has something of a frosty military relationship with China.

But despite this perception, China has participated in the world’s largest international maritime exercise, RIMPAC 2014, which is hosted biannually by the U.S. Pacific Command. RIMPAC 2014 consisted of a series of drills that enabled the world’s most populous nation to learn directly from what is undoubtedly its greatest military power. With the Chinese military able to learn a huge amount about US tactics, techniques and procedures, it seems that the United States government is not hellbent on keeping its military capabilities secret from this new theaterwide threat to its dominance.

South China Sea rhetoric

However, despite the apparent cooperation between China and the United States, the US government has still engaged in confrontation in the South China Sea, both rhetorically and physically. It may seem illogical for the US to be training Chinese forces in the American way of waging war, while at the same time the two nations continue to drift alarmingly closer to armed confrontation. Such are the vagaries of foreign policy in this often upside-down world.

In reality, a closer collaboration between the United States and China would be beneficial to both nations, and the US should desist from aggressive public rhetoric against the East Asian nation. Any aggressive military action against China would be counter-productive and short-sighted, and ultimately achieve nothing in a world in which the two nations will remain intrinsically linked for the foreseeable future.

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Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders, and is extensively published on the subjects of Business, Technology and Politics. Chris also contributes to Yahoo.

118 Comments on "US-China Peace Tested By South China Sea Conflict"

  1. travellinglight | Jul 28, 2015, 4:23 am at 4:23 am |

    That’s the real danger, I’m afraid.

  2. travellinglight | Jul 28, 2015, 4:21 am at 4:21 am |

    No country has the right to claim a reef in open seas as their country’s territory, because it is not territory. It’s not an island. Creating an island does not constitute creating a country’s territory.

  3. Lets be honest, who has military bases all over the world?…America of course.
    Who have no military bases outside of China? China.
    There is no Chinese boots on the ground in foreign soils,anywhere in the world, last time i checked.
    Those reefs/ Islands in SCS considered as Chinese territory by China.

  4. its a pissing contest may get out of control..

  5. I both agree and disagree. In terms of raw power, technology, weaponry and experience the U.S. far exceeds China. China, its economy and infrastructure would be devastated. The U.S. could weather a war with China far better than China could. I’m leaving out nuclear weapons where the U.S. is in a different class entirely than China just in terms of numbers.

    Russian spy planes and large bombers – unarmed I presume, routinely fly within less than a hundred miles of the U.S coast. They flew within 50 miles on July 4 of this year, generally flying from north to south parallel to the coast. They do this a dozen times a year and are completely within their rights to do so.

    When China steps back within its Territorial Waters and recognizes the TW of neighboring countries as well their EEZ, or willingly draws a equal share dividing line between between its neighbors where countries’ EEZ overlap according to UN guidelines, there will be little conflict. I doubt in our life time will we ever see China’s ambition of controlling what everyone else recognizes as international sea and air ways. The onus is not on the U.S. at all, it rests squarely on China’s shoulders.

    However, as you state, any serious actual conflict between the U.S. and China would devastate the global economy and issue in conditions that are unimaginable. China has already stated it wasn’t afraid to start WW3 if necessary. That’s incredibly irresponsible.

  6. Thawed Cave Bear | Jul 27, 2015, 10:17 pm at 10:17 pm |

    No military influence by China outside its borders. Sri Lanka? Hello? It’s remarkable for the sheer range indicated its intervention (in defeating (Indian-origined) ethnic Tamil Tigers, who’d established a fairly stable quasi state in, what, a quarter of the island, before China stepped in to provide the official government the aid to take them down–eliminating the long term possibility of any Indian naval basing rights there on ‘Tamil’ territory? Why would China do that, if not for strategic interests WELL outside, say, the South China Sea?

    I’m sure Sri Lankans won’t long greatful enough for the restoration of their country–enough to provide something as simple as space for long term basing rights to their benefactor, when the time comes. Sometimes, the teeth and claws are not entirely hidden. Or did China have another motivation that you can come up with?

  7. No need for other countries to demonize China. China is doing a very good job projecting it in every possible way.

  8. Talking about English, you are even worse than a pre-k kid. Go back to school to see whether you could be helped.

  9. If we want to avoid conflict with China or Russia, we need to back-off a little. I am sure Washington will be alarmed to see Russian bombers and Chinese warships 50 miles off the coast of San Francisco and San Diego.
    If we don’t like it, then it’s a no brainer China won’t like it either. We need to work toward de escalate tensions in SCS. A poverty stricken nation, PHL has nothing to lose by provoking China, but Japan is in SCS dispute with ulterior motive.
    America need to be smart not get pull into a conflict by the likes of JPN or PHL. They have done their homework, emboldened by U.S. hawk, Ashton Carter’s rhetoric, That can cause serious miscalculations on both sides.
    A war with China is unthinkable. It would be the end of global economy. In addition, there is no guarantee U.S. can win.

  10. what i am saying is that I am most of the time labeled as a paid troll. man.

    Research is necessary. But what if the information you find and I find is already inaccurate or fabricated? I don’t think that there are reliable sources on the internet.

    For example, I was asked about whether my translation work is severely affected due to the stock market crash in China. I said no. Too much work on the contrary. Why? Because those companies who are desperate for money will go to HK or America for listing.

  11. travellinglight | Jul 27, 2015, 6:23 am at 6:23 am |

    The PLA actually is listed at 2.3 million. Reserve forces are not particularly relevant. I think you missed my main points – First, China has given no evidence it can provide global services protecting international air and sea lanes, including those of or linked to the SCS. Second, China is gravely mistrusted by surrounding countries, none of whom would welcome Chinese control of the SCS; third, China’s doorstep seems to include the front porch and part of the living room of several other sovereign nations, at least in China’s opinion.

    The Russian and I am sure Chinese military routinely fly and sail through areas very close to the U.S. mainland, Hawaii, Alaska and South Pacific territories. Why? To use your words, they do it for exactly the same reasons, spying, snooping and to project their military muscle. China has no authority to limit movement of other countries’ military through any air or water outside of their Territorial Waters and the airspace above it.

  12. travellinglight | Jul 27, 2015, 6:09 am at 6:09 am |

    Obviously you don’t know how to express yourself well in English. “If you say that time is on your side, or that you have time on your side, you mean that you do not have to do quickly whatever it is that you want or have to say”. From the Cambridge Dictionary. Study a bit more before you try to express yourself in a foreign language.

    Your expression is not related to history, but to the future. So I ask you again, “Time for what?” My question, which was somewhat rhetorical, assumed you understood English and were making a statement whose meaning was related to the words you used. Obviously I was wrong. Evidently I was responding to someone with a pre-k knowledge of English. Try again.

  13. how do you like me now | Jul 27, 2015, 12:11 am at 12:11 am |

    well if you think it is OK for kids 16 and under to drink, well enough said

  14. you are wrong about the treaties. Philippines sent troops in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq because it is obligated in the defence treaty with the US. Japan cant do that because it is prohibited by its constitution. If the US goes to war in the SCS, it is not for the Philippines or Vietnam. It is for the USA. You should know that by now. You are trying to condition the hearts and minds of the American people. Your propaganda wont work chinaman. There are ways to stop chinas creeping invasion aside from shooting at each other.

  15. Idiotic post without any merit…

    China have 3 million active duty personnel and 3 million more on reserve calls. Total of 6 million in military forces. Largest in the world.
    But you won’t find any Chinese soldiers outside of Chinese borders. Unlike America warmongers, U.S. have military bases all over the world. engaging in conflicts in all continents short of north & south poles…
    Who is world’s biggest warmonger?
    Who is world’s biggest arms dealer?…Enough said!

  16. Well you understand you’re not going to get Chinese help on that score. Don’t you?

  17. the law you mention, that simply is the problem your dumbass, over in the land of the free ( NETHERLANDS ) and the rest of europe not to mention other parts of the world the drinking age is 16,if not lower. If the law tells you the don’t and do’s you’re either in a communist/fascist sytem. Time to get a passport dude and make a trip to europe. It’s not about don’t like it, itsabout back to the constitution, but your email already shows that you are a brainwashed Fox , bimbaugh, becky boy. Rand/Ron Paul or none at all

  18. it’s not about moving to china, it’s about back to the constitution

  19. japan kill and murder chineses in nankin,yes,but,china communist murder 80,000,000 chineses then ,there are coverup for red china,why????china are pure evil—–lucifer—-satan

  20. foreigner go to china and banging tu mama too

  21. Let me educate you a little bit. Call me 1-800-CHINA-BULLY or 1-800-COMMUNISTS or 1-800-NORESPECT

  22. I drink tea from China. I live a healthy lifestyle. Koolaid is fine without me. I’m a Canuck by heart.

  23. Totally bogus…

  24. That includes everyone on this board…
    Bunch of keyboard chickenhawks…
    At least, I do my research before posting.
    What about you?

  25. 3 million active and 3 million on reserve = 6 million military force.
    As far as China’s control of SCS, its media misinformation. China never said, it wants chokehold of commercial traffic in SCS.
    Remember, China is all above trade and commerce in SCS. Shutdown SCS trade will hurt China as much as all other in the area. What China don’t wants is U.S. military traffic thru its door steps for spying snooping or to project American military muscle.

  26. Talking about history, you sound like a pre-k kid.

  27. besides the only thing thachinia noes how to do is copie the usa and we are doing that our selfs by freedom of information we or our goverment dont no how to keep a securiet outher than to our own people

  28. i dont no about any this war crap but the last time that i looked the us and china arent at war but we are in a way a war of words and that is stuped the ones that are shooting real bullets and killing real people are a real threat like russia and issal witch are and have threatend the usa and her allies

  29. hahaha. But then you will be labeled as a paid troll when you are actually just voicing your own opinion to the best knowledge, belief, and information of your own.

  30. There is no China to expel from the SCS. It is an international body of water. The U.S. will make sure it tays that way until China has the might to drive the U.S. Navy and Air Force. In the meantime the world will continue using the international air space and sea lanes in the SCS unhindered by a blustering but impotent China.

  31. Time for what? China has risen and fallen many times. It will continue to do so. You sound as if you don’t know much about history and even less about the irrelevance of China’s dynastic history to the modern world.

  32. First of all China’s military approaches 3 million, not 6 million. Secondly China needs far more troops at home just to hold the country together. The American military maintains the free flow of commercial, especially energy, around the world, including the massive imports of China. China has no ability to do that. They also aren’t trusted by anyone to maintain freedom of anything, much less international trade and commerce. That’s why it is critical for the U.S. to resist China’s efforts to control the SCS. There is far too much commerce that is vital to the world flowing through it to allow China to have any say.

  33. Boy, are U a koolaid drinker or what…

  34. Philippines and Japan are side actors of contest between two superpowers.
    SCS dispute at its core is a struggle between U.S. dominance and emergence of China’s challenge of U.S. hegemony.
    If two goes to war (not likely), the only one will benefit is Japan. Who has the financial power and will to replace both America and China as the next superpower in the Pacific.
    Better get use to eating sushi and speak Japanese…LOL

  35. This article reflected the reality. US and China both depend on each other in many issues and aspects. The Pacific Ocean is big enough for the two to coexist peacefully. The SCS disputes basically there is no affect regarding the free navigation for US and other countries. Taiwan and China have the same historical background to claim and use the same nine dash line to own the islets inside. Philippine and Vietnam are on the other side but between Vietnam and Philippine also have large overlapped claim territories. So I don’t think US will will have a war with China but US will give Philippine and Vietnam some used/outdated weapons to help them in certain extent.

  36. What a bunch of hogwash…
    Japan knows payback time is coming for their war crimes of WWII. They are petrified.
    Obama is not that dumb, he will not allow Japan to use America against China.

  37. “The ultimate aim of China is to dominate the world.”

    Ironically, it sounds more fitting for Japan’s goals to conquer Asia in light of its WWII criminal history. Inflicted death and destructions in Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Burma, China, Korea, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Pearl Harbor, USA. The barbarity is no less than Nazi Germany’s war crimes in Europe.
    How can anyone so blindsided by ignoring history? …
    I suppose you will say, the criminal WWII history of Imperial Japan was a lie, fabricated by China to the laughter of the world.
    This is typical of Japanese nationalist reaction to denied of past Japanese ambition to conquer Greater Asia and all the war crimes perpetrated under Japanese Army occupation in Asia, such as Nanking Massacre or Comfort Women of war.
    As of this day, Chinese military, 6 million strong, never set foot outside of China’s borders. That is remarkable in comparison to U.S. military bases almost everywhere on the globe.

  38. Very true…
    My post is just an opinion, sometimes playing the devil’s advocate to generate opposing point of view for debate.

  39. It’s always between China and U.S.. Although, U.S. has been saying it’s neutral in SCS dispute. The dishonesty is shameful for world to see.

  40. With what?
    Your magic wand???…LOL

  41. Can China attain “Air Superiority” if conflict against a multi-national coalition over the SCS? You make the assumption that China is the only “hunter” in the event of an escalation leading to a military conflict. You should consider US systems have been battle proven and have built up methods to defeat enemy systems.

    Your claims on the KJ-2000 AWACS are hypothetical! Not proven!

    Your concept on USAF stealth systems is something you do not fully understand. F-22s and F-35s have leaped forward beyond the initial F-117A concept. Your hypothetical Divine Eagle will not see any F-22s or F-35s.

    Anything that your Chinese radars are emitting will be defeated. Hence, as mentioned – Chinese AF assets will be flying blind. US/UK systems are so good at producing countermeasures.

    USAF air assets will ensure the zones are controlled. The Chinese AWACS will be grounded once the SCS becomes a hot zone!

    There is already plenty of snooping in the the area currently happening now. One of those is to listen into electronic signatures. USN EA18-G will ensure those AWACS and any radars are blinded.

    Any Chinese AF assets entering the DEAD zone will have its Radar Warning Receivers (RWR) buzzing. As mentioned above, Chinese AF pilots will be flying into the DEAD zone blind. F-15s will claim the first kill. Always has… always will! F-22s are backups.

    USAF will ensure all Chinese AF assets stay on the ground or dead if entering the DEAD zone.

    F-15Cs can be configured with FAST packs to extend air time. F-15s can be modified to carry 3 x external tanks, plus fuel in the FAST packs as well as carrying its AA weapons. These F-15s will be supported by USN/USAF air to air tankers to ensure range and around the clock sorties. Pilots will be rotated.

    So – can China attain air superiority? If so – enlighten me with your knowledge? Do Chinese AF pilots have the skills to fight air to air?

  42. A very typical little uncanny cunning Japan funny fascist-hitler theory. Abe is embarking on the unfinished Nippon Great Eastern Cooperation Sphere Glory of his grandfather. The difference this time around is with the aid of a very ‘dark hand’ former enemy. What little Abe does not know is that he has been duped and will be ‘bomb’
    again like his grandfather in WW II, so much for NIPPON GLORY. If this abhor funny little Japanese with Chinese name keep on harping up war with China, he should know the grave consequence he would never live to see.

  43. You are an ignorant and uneducated communist and out of touch with the real civilized world. There is no room for communism in this civilized world communism is sooooo 100 years ago, Enough of China’s land grabbing (Tibet, Taiwan Etc.). US don’thave to fire a single bullet just paralyzed China’s economy just like what we did to Russia, N. Korea and Cuba and China will be down on its begging begging for our help to feed its aging overpopulated country.

  44. Yeah, Right.
    Explain your country’s previous program called “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”. Thank you.
    Your government even denies the occurrence of Nanking Massacre.

  45. The ultimate aim of China is to dominate the world.

    The first sacrifice to that pass will be Japan, and the next may be the United
    States. Chinese basic strategy is to cut off Japan-US alliance for avoiding a
    situation to fight simultaneously with both.

    China will threaten American citizen with nuclear attack for preventing
    intervention of the US to the war with Japan. The war of words with stirring up
    a sense of fear and heating up an antiwar movement in US has already begun.
    Millions of Chinese got into the United States and developed various sabotages
    for confusing finances and communications as well as stealing military secrets
    and industrial technologies.

    There is very scaring speech told by a Chinese military executive Chi Haotian
    in Aug 08, 2005. He argued in his speech “War Is Not Far from Us and Is
    the Midwife of the Chinese Century” insisting extermination of U.S.
    population using biological warfare .

    There are enough reasons why China wants to conquer the world. Not only following its Sinocentrism, but also China’s land is too small for 1,300 million people, polluted by all the filth, troubled by desertification and shortage of water, and too scarce of natural resources.

    China is continuing military buildup that is more rapid than the Nazis. Communist
    China was aggressive and had invaded in Tibet, Uygur, Vietnam, Philippines and
    We Japanese know the Chinese ambition, cruelty and violence well. The brutality of Chinese, for example, was proved by the slaughter of 70 million fellow countrymen by Mao Zedong.

  46. Very typical
    little uncanny Japan funny theory. Abe is embarking on the unfinished Nippon
    Great Eastern Cooperation Sphere Glory of his grandfather. The difference this
    time around is with the aid of a very ‘dark hand’ master. What little Abe does
    not know is that he has been trapped and will be ‘bomb’ again like his
    grandfather in WW II, so much for NIPPON GLORY.

  47. China just wants to take what’s belonged to her, nothing more nothing less, she will never seek hegemony, eventually the world will understand her.

  48. Rich cow

  49. Wake-up call to those living in the fantasy world of world police, the real enemy of US is Japan, not Russia nor China. This vengeful and very sore ‘watchdog’ once unleashed will surely leap at the master, chewing to death. There should not be any illusion of that ‘surprised’ Pearl Harbor little thing would not recurred. The master should be very wary of where that unaccounted for ‘urani’ and ‘poloni’ things uncannily hidden somewhere, because the next Pearl Harbor may not be that dead simple as a few ‘bees’ buzzing about the Hawaiian sky.

  50. Benjamin M. Richards | Jul 26, 2015, 5:22 am at 5:22 am |

    the South China Sea the ASIA FREE SEA … All the world’s oceans are the maritime
    commons for all of the world’s people.
    What if we allowed Italy to lay claim to 90% of the Mediterranean? Or the USA to 90% of the Caribbean? Or Russia to 90% of the Black Sea? Or India to 90% of the Bay of Bengal?? Or Japan to 90% of the Sea of Japan??? China’s claim to 90% of the South China Sea
    is an affront to the Whole Human Race and has no legal basis. The USA and her World Allies should respond
    to this ridiculous, preposterous, arrogant claim by declaring it as the “ASIA
    FREE SEA”. All people continue to
    peacefully access this Global Maritime Commons like all others. If China picks a fight, let them face the Whole
    World, not a couple vulnerable states … Confrontation is not desirable, but
    Capitulation is more dangerous.

  51. You’re very smart, but we say that you must reap what you have shown.

  52. You TALK RUBBISH—-
    Do you beleive that the US is that STUPID?, being DRAG to WAR by Philippines and Vietnam? Communist Chinas 9 dashline, its OIL RIGS on Vietnamese haesd andits FAKE islands are REASON of TENSION in the region–

  53. nobody is an expert.

  54. This war should just happen now. China must go to war against the Philippines NOW, not next month, not next year. Once China fires its first ammunition, in 3 days it will be over. The US has an iron-clad MDT with the Philippines. There’s no second guessing what will happen there. Australia, Japan and the Euopean Union will join in to force China to pee on its knees and drink its own bitter tea. China will be met with, not one but multi-lateral force called the Rule of Law of Civilized nations, not communist countries. I say let China continue to ignore the international law because that’s all it can do. In reality, China is shaking in fear right now. Because once war breaks out, China’s communist government will fall down like dominoes with no soul. Once it falls, it will bring about change in China. The people wanting to have real democracy will take over China. The Chinese communist government’s days will then just be days away from extinction. So all you Chinese patriots that hate your government, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Allow your government to go to war against the Philippines because by doing so, it will be met with the kind of war it invites unto itself. Tell your Chinese government to go full speed and reclaim the entire South China Sea because once the war is over, China will need to return everything to Tibet what it stole from Tibet and most importantly, China will return to the Chinese what truly belongs to the chinese. That word is called freedom from the insecure communist rule.

  55. Sino/US Troll as they call me | Jul 26, 2015, 2:36 am at 2:36 am |

    Correct. One of the few countries that have their citizens learn foreign languages. But here is a friendly reminder. The Chinese government started to downplaying the significance or importance of teaching English in China in case that you have never heard about that. Second, I am freaking a Chinese citizen rather than your assumption that I am a non-Chinese national. Plus, I am not talking about porn websites here. I am talking about just some entertainment TV shows that will not do any harm from my perspective. It is hilarious that the PRC government is sooooo overreacting towards a show.

    Plus, yes. I will say a percentage of Chinese are smart. But I will never say all of them are smart. Smart how? All we can do is copycatting everything from other countries. Can we be more creative sometimes? I am telling that the big boss in China will not let you be creative. Creation and innovation in China somehow means instability in a thing or a structure. If you are too creative, you might accidentally invent something disruptive, which is not appreciated by our dearest leaders. Look at Alipay. It was creative enough to come up with some investment fund function on its payment system. Guess what, most poor people like me earning a medium level wage are prone to save all of them money in Alipay account instead of the actual bank accounts. Guess what? for those days, all banks started crying like babies! They dislike creativeness in such investment ways. They prefer to have a cut in this. But have they even thought about such thing? Eventually the PRC government has to come out and step in and intervene such payment system. It was almost labeled as illegal.

  56. There are Filipinos and Vietnamese here using all kinds of names to demonize China and hope America will fight for them if they run into wars with China. The root cause is greed. Greed creates a lot of Filipino and Vietnamese liars. The Filipinos try to grab Chinese territory in the South China Sea. The Vietnamese know that they have lost all the legal claims to any territory in the South China Sea but don’t want to admit the fact. Both of the Philippines and Vietnam would like the US to challenge China since they are too tiny to do anything. Americans may be dumb but not that dumb. What do they have to offer to us? Nothing. The US may still want to pivot to Asia. It actually means to confront China and to delay China’s rise. But the US can’t do nothing. Actually any move in the South China Sea or from Guam to the SCS is monitored by the Chinese both under the water and above the water as well as in space. There is no advantage for the US carriers or submarines in that region since the Chinese has mastered their monitoring systems around the ocean there. I believe every ship entering the region is being monitored or better say they are targeted. As I always say that our administration’s policy on China is pretty stupid. First, we are driving the Chinese to the Russians. A combined China and Russia makes nobody dare to do anything on either one without thinking about the serious consequence. Second, America has no vital interest in that region. Third, the treaties made with the Philippines and Japan are one sided treaties, meaning we have to help them if war breaks out with another country, but they have no contractual obligation in return. We may end up sacrificing thousands of young Americans when wars really comes with China. Does anyone want to send your kids to war with China for the Philippines or Vietnam? I can’t believe our administration is so dumb.

  57. State of Singapore does more business and trade with China than America.
    If you’re a real Singaporean, then you already know.

  58. China is very smart businessmen…They grant loans to nations turn down by the world bank due to risky nature of loans. Africans and Latin American nations look to Chinese banks as alternative for loans with high interest rate. No risks, no rewards.

  59. America is dropping bombs while China is building hydroelectric dams, oil refineries, roads, schools and hospitals around the globe….LOL

  60. Did China spray water at US warship like they did between VietNam and China?

  61. Yang Ed Wren Nu | Jul 26, 2015, 1:50 am at 1:50 am |

    Let me know when China actually has real time combat testing with these new toys they keep touting they have.

  62. Yang Ed Wren Nu | Jul 26, 2015, 1:49 am at 1:49 am |

    There is a difference between making friends and paying for them, which China is great at. How are those subprime loans to Venezuela working out?

  63. China has $4 trillion on foreign exchange reserve. It can absorb major financial shocks.
    In case you haven’t noticed. China is building around the globe, invest heavily in countries where America and EU afraid to invest to the tunes of $650 billion dollars.
    In the words of International Monetary Fund Chairwoman, Christine Lagarde, “China is building the world, Creating Jobs” It’s good for the world”…

  64. Yang Ed Wren Nu | Jul 26, 2015, 1:48 am at 1:48 am |

    Americans are pessimistic about their country like that. It’s one of the pitfalls of freedom of expression and complacency. In the bigger picture, Americans have a very good way of life with many amenities that the world over would like to enjoy. This is coming from a Singaporean-Chinese who has visited America many times and have conducted business with many Americans and American companies.

    In China, the Chinese Communist Party emanates this aura of nationalism and of “China is great again” that stirs nationalistic feelings with their people. Very much like the feeling the United States felt during WW2 when America was on its rapid rise. The only thing is that growth and societal evolution can only exist if the people can freely express themselves, which the CCP is stifling. Sad really

  65. When did you became an expert on China?
    Any academic credentials? or just your opinion?

  66. Few years before lauching its army against USSR, Germany had regular military exercices with this country. Frane was the most important business partner of Germany before world war one and world war two…did it change anything ? Shall I go one with such example. Staline signed a peace treaty with Germany few months before the war…Your arguments don’t stand one second…Remember that China make no secret of its will to become THE ruler of the world as soon as possible and don’t intend to treat any country which includes the US as an equal but as a second zone dominated country we will have to submit to every wish China expresses ! Chinese don’t know the meaning of the word “collaborating”, they only know “dominant-subbmited” full stop. If you want to become the slave of the Chinese, suits you…

  67. It’s a common misconception even among many Americans, but it’s not true at all. China is slowing rapidly because of very fundamental structural problems, one of which is its lack of freedom and rule of law. It will be lucky to stagnate like Japan. The US may not be growing much, but its challenges are not as hard to overcome as China’s.

  68. Easy answer: USA of course China will always kissing USA’s butt.

  69. U.S. is in a steep decline and China is holding steady.
    So who you think will come out ahead?

  70. What’s most troubling about your views isn’t so much that an anonymous Japanese internet user like you said it, but that important figures in Japan like prime minister Shinzo Abe made similar remarks. Please be sure you understand this. If Japan were to get into an all out war with China like you are suggesting, given its geographic size limitation compared to China’s vast interior and the highly destructive nature of modern weaponry, Japan is certainly go to get the short end of the stick. Basically World War III will be the end of mankind.

  71. Time is on the side of China. Period.

  72. Here is what U.S. exports in addition to weapon systems.
    Gay Transgender Sex & Marriage,
    Kim Kardashian Buttcracks,
    Internet Porn everywhere,
    Violent Rapper Music,
    Real Housewives TV,
    Gun Culture of Wild Wild West,
    Racism towards Blacks, Hispanic/Latinos and Asians.
    Drug Culture In all Big Cities,
    Hollywood poison to pollute the world.
    Race riots in the streets, Social injustice.
    Police’s open season shootings of unarmed black citizens,
    Last in public education of free Industrialized nations,
    Turn its back on God to Atheism.
    $18 TRILLION dollars in debt of uncontrolled government spending…
    Now America pushing for war in SCS against China (to eradicate $3 trillion Chinese debts).
    Getting the picture where America’s future is headed?

  73. The Philippines should ask the US and Japan to help them build military bases on some of the island along side of the spratlys, and let see if the slanted eyes would do anything . I doubt it very much . After all to everybody except china . These islands are considered international air and land space . Until the case is resolved .

  74. The Japanese know well that China can overcome any differences and make friends with any country in the world, except Japan. It is not because of the so-called Chinese Government propaganda. It is due to the evil nature of the majority Japanese that not only was reflected in the WW2, but also ever since Japan’s surrender, especially recently. Every progress made by China is like a nail driven into the body of Japan. Because the Japanese know well what China will do to them.

  75. Because china would steal their innovations and inventions , uses their trademarks and sell it back to them very cheap . That is because china makes their own stupid rules that will only benefit themselves . In china , there is no such thing as ” all rights reserved ” is there ? Lawless and arrogant .

  76. “China views the region as essential to its plans to expand its empire, but other nations are naturally not too enamored with this prospect.”
    This is a common but very dangerous assumption on the part of the US. China views the South China Sea as its sovereign waters based on the claim by the most important US ally in Asia right after WWII – Chiang Kai Shek and his nationalist China. Whether it seems excessive today, back then it wasn’t because there was no international law regarding sovereignty over the seas, and the French and Japanese had made similar claims to that region before China. Washington didn’t seem to think Chiang’s claim on the South China Sea part of a plan to expand the Chinese empire in 1947. To assume that Communist China wants to reclaim the region as part of its plan to expand means the US must expel China from it in order to stop its expansion. This is basically what the US policy is today. The US can negotiate some sort of agreement with China that might involve a dual presence of both powers in the region, but to simply expel China out is unfeasible whether by force or not.

  77. The Whole world should boycott Chinese businesses and “Made in China” products to prevent WWIII!

  78. Mr. Christopher Morris may be a Chinese agent. His logic is too convenient for China.

    At present, China adheres to posture to aim at the peaceful development in spite of various troubles with neighboring countries. But, when the Chinese economic and military power will surpass the United States in several years later, the true purpose of the Chinese Communist Party namely world conquest will become bare. China has been bearing intense grudge against humiliation infringed upon by U.K., United States and Japan for many years.
    By the world conquest, not only the problems such as the dissatisfaction of the Chinese people will be solved, but also will be able to get her revenge against Europe, America and Japan.

  79. Jake, you maybe Chinese sympathizer but anyhow, I tell you Chicom, may succeed in ” seagrabbing/landgrabbing” ( reclaim is not the correct term under the circumstances ) what then afterwards? She will be lonely for She will lose a lot of neighbor-friends and a lot of headache…..understand? Thanks.

  80. USA need to slam a big economic sanction on these china rats, with china when they hungry they are friendly but when they are full they are our enemies. Let’s shovel a lot of dirts in the china throats.

  81. Gregory Kealohalani Young | Jul 25, 2015, 10:17 pm at 10:17 pm |

    Rodel – and what exact do you think Obama, Kerry are doing to make those mistakes you speak of?

  82. sure, sure, what are you gonna do, weakling ? Continue to beg U.S’ mercy ? it was quite entertaining to see the U.S soldiers going to Philippine to bang their women and the men can not do anything ! Weak, weak and weak !

  83. Gregory Kealohalani Young | Jul 25, 2015, 10:15 pm at 10:15 pm |

    Hardly a person I’d call a leader – avoiding the draft/war in Vietnam. Donald will back down if confronted…which is why he didnt want to go to war. Yeah, not a leader in my book.

  84. Philippine has what ? meltdown economy and still spending millions of dollars buying outdated U.S naval ships ?
    the U.S would only do drills with the Phi but never ever would be willing to give up the American man power to clash with China face to face….

    who is a bigger and richer customer ? China or the weakling Phi

    Again, China will, can and is determined to reclaim South and East China sea. All of it !

    I am also glad to see six 052 Chinese destroyers patrolling South China sea, now china is waiting to see if the U.S would attack.

    The weakling Phi is too weak to be in the equation, it is The U.S vs China.

  85. China’s KJ-2000 AWACS and passive detector Divine Eagle L-band UAV would be a devastating anti-stealth combination.

    According to Australia Air Power, China’s KJ-2000 AWACS uses L-band radar to search for stealth aircraft.

    The distance from the KJ-2000 AWACS L-band radar emitter to the target is 470km. The distance from the target to the radar receiver on the KJ-2000 AWACS is another 470km. Thus, the total distance from the KJ-2000 AWACS L-band radar emitter to the receiver is 940km.

    By using the KJ-2000 AWACS with a silent listening partner in the Divine Eagle (which has an extremely sensitive L-band interferometer), the KJ-2000 AWACS can illuminate a stealth aircraft at 840km and have the Divine Eagle pick up the signal at 100km away from the target.

    By figuratively separating the receiver from the KJ-2000 AWACS and moving it much further down the field, a stealth aircraft can be detected at an extreme range of 840km by the Divine Eagle anti-stealth UAV.

  86. the bottom line is, China will do whatever it takes to reclaim the entire South and East China sea, even if it means to give up half of the whole planet ! This is what I call determination !

  87. 7-25-2015
    I lived, married & taught in China for 4-years. I love the people! I taught children as young as 6-years old, middle school, high school, university, doctors, scientists & engineers.
    I have walked down streets in China hearing non-English speaking sidewalk vendors calling out, “Hello, how are you?,” “Glad to meet you.” Parents proud to introduce themselves & their little children who are beginning to speak English. ALWAYS Very Caring, Very Sociable, Very Nice Families!
    Whether middle class, rich, or very poor they were happy to share with me the best meal that they had!
    No… do NOT be cruel to the people just because they have a government that seemingly have/are scheming against us AND their neighbors… We also have Idiots presently running our own government!
    However, We The People of the USA do NOT want to invade China, not any other country, but… sometimes International Bozo the Clowns have run our government, take bribes, called “Donations” from people/orgs who want to Control us!
    Well, being an American who has lived in other places & seeing corruption in other places AND in our own USA, though We are not intent on abusing our power (We have kept the World Peace for the most part, until these idiotic/cruel despots in the middle east, such as ISIS, Al quieda, et al Terrorist-Minded have begun mercilessly begun their “Killing Rampages which Must Be Destroyed!”)
    AND, meanwhile our own idiot so-called prez & his administration of our government & military, society, etc are being systematically confused & obliterated, “WE THE PEOPLE” as before, shall overcome this derelict government, hopefully in our next General Federal Election, something the communist countries are not able to do.
    However, what I hope is never necessary is to Hit Beijing & possibly Shanghai so hard, to the extent that China’s government Backs Down, realizing that the World, including the Chinese people want to live in Peace & just be able to have the freedom & ability to raise their families, as most people in our world want to do, in both Peace, Prosperity WITH FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, Not JUST BE TOLD BY A COMMUNIST MINDED GOVERNMENT!!!

    Jerry R., in Santa Clara, California

  88. Chinese For Not Communism | Jul 25, 2015, 9:52 pm at 9:52 pm |

    Poor, Christopher Morris! For your lack of knowledge, experience and understanding the communism and hegemonism.

  89. Mr. Christopher Morris, you wrote this article without reading and understanding the history… and consequently you direct readers, who have no knowledge on this part of history, to wrong direction…

  90. how do you like me now | Jul 25, 2015, 8:23 pm at 8:23 pm |

    your a dumb a$$, you can drink beer, you do have to be 21, why? because your not smart enough at 18, even at 21, the reason the law is 21 is because the kids below 21 could not understand you can drink and drive,and i dont know any one under 21 that dont if the want too, smoking pot, why cant you, there a lot of state now that you can, it not to hard to buy it any where, no freedom of speech, what the hell do you think you just did? and if you dont like it here LEAVE, we dont want you here, go to where you think its better………….

  91. All US leaders have practically same approach on foreign policy. But here’s a leader to-be who got a different practical approach that suits what America needs today….he’s no other than Mr. Donald Trump. Now he captures the highest spot among US Republican national poll survey. Make America Great Again.

  92. chinesefornotcommunism | Jul 25, 2015, 9:07 pm at 9:07 pm |

    Never make any concession to the Chinese communist. If they are weak, they will yield 2-step backward. If they strong they will make 3-step upward. Moreover, the communist is a bunch of liars. World past history has learnt such ugly lessons. Xi Jinping has made a big mistake for his ambition to conquer the world. Sooner or later, Chinese communism, Xi Jinping and his communist party shall be overthrown and destroyed by its own people like other communist nations.

  93. Exactly. History does indeed repeat itself, but we don’t have to make the same mistakes that Europe made in the 30’s. Although it would appear that politicians such as Obama, Kerry, and other liberals insist on doing so.

  94. In the 20th century, the world had Hitler and Mussolini. In the 21st century, we have Putin and Xi Lin Ping. Damn crazy world.

  95. We need a policy of strangling them economically. Quit allowing any Chinese manufactured goods into the u.s. without a high tariff being charged. Everything we do should have as a goal of crippling Chinese business. If a military confrontation comes, don’t challenge them close to their shores, but blockade and stop shipping headed from or to China thousands of miles away. Force them to come out and challenge the U.S. Navy without their missiles and land based air.

  96. That will not work. If the US retreats, they WILL follow!

  97. The Chinese PLAN (People’s Liberation Armn & Navy) is forcing everyone in the neighborhood to do is to assemble into a giant coalition against them. This is good for keeping PLAN budgets high. However, it will also force all countries to change their business relationships with China because no one wants to send their business through a war zone.

  98. US did not lose the jobs. They were given freely.

  99. Its a good idea, but there are some people in power, in the Philippines, that do not want the US military in the country.

  100. sounds like you’re ready to move to China. Why not?

  101. well said

  102. keep dreaming man, your brain washed rush bimbaugh guy.

  103. no freedom of speech, here you can’t even drink beer, or smoke pot, the land of the F (R) EE-court fees. can die for your country at age 18 being in a jury ( a failed system by the way ) but you have to be 21 to be allowed to drink. Long way to go man, before back at the constitution. Rand/ron paul or none at all

  104. Bromhidrosis American | Jul 25, 2015, 7:13 pm at 7:13 pm |

    Evil claims other to be evil

  105. Bromhidrosis American | Jul 25, 2015, 7:12 pm at 7:12 pm |

    I am glad to see a spoiled child is sharing own experience with others

  106. Bromhidrosis American | Jul 25, 2015, 7:11 pm at 7:11 pm |

    Funny to read posts which claiming China is threatening the peace of the region. Unfortunately, one sided stories, just like negative campaigns during the presidential election, are working very well on many of the simple minded people.

  107. China needs to be very careful in what it does why does there always have to be a tyrant in these nations, Japan don’t let China buffalo you, you have as much right to be there as anyone if I remember it’s China that is threatening others not Japan so China be very careful!!!!


  109. I say start building military infrastructure in the Philippines and have joint military bases in South East Asia with Japan, the US, and the Philippines staffing these bases. We can start by giving 4 Old Forrestal Class Diesel-Electric Powered Aircraft Carriers that can be retrofitted with new systems to the Philippines and the Japanese can donate the Aircraft/Fighters or add it to the 5 Billion in Infrastructure to secure ASEAN and the Japanese Homeland. Why? Because if the Communist Chinese over run Japan, Taiwan, and Korea then the Communist will have to spread out their Navy over the Oceans in order to keep Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. They become targets…these Aircraft Carriers will deter China from establishing Naval Superiority over SE Asia and the US and Japan can pick off the Communist at a distance while the Japanese “HONTONI” can retake the Islands of the FREE PEOPLE of Asia. The fact is the Philippines is a strategic staging ground the Allies SHOULD NOT PASS UP…PERIOD!! After all the Communist Chinese are building Islands when all we have to do is land our Forrestal’s and build building and bunkers along with Diesel submarines to counter the Communist Chinese Diesel powered submarines…but of couse we will retrofit these as well!!!

  110. china wil kill USA when the time come,there is no alliance between china and usa,right now china is not strong enough to devour american,but,everystep china make is encircle us by way of s.america,economic war and competition are no friend—-us lost 6,000,000 us magnufacture job to china this is no friend,I cannot believe how stupid this author can go on with his article

  111. This author is one of those who are paid to discourage the US to stand up against China. Spoiling China is not beneficial to the world more so for the US. A spoil Child will normally give you problems in the future and if we allow it to do whatever it wants, you will find yourself later in a losing position. Having business in China does not merit swallowing your pride.

  112. William Stovall | Jul 25, 2015, 5:19 pm at 5:19 pm |

    They can cooperate all they want, but sooner or later there will be a show down.

  113. China is the new Third Reich of Asia in the making: same absolute dictatorship, same ethnic cleansing methods, same insane invasion plans, etc. Kowtowing to the evil Chinese empire will end up exactly the same way as Europe has ended up. History should tell us to stand up to any evil force: there is no other choice if we do not want to live under the Chinese tyranny.

  114. David R. Allender | Jul 25, 2015, 5:06 pm at 5:06 pm |

    mjeang: The US has tried that in World War 1 & 2, when we were bombed and torpedoed into both wars. Both wars cost us dearly at the beginning. The old saying is, “To have peace you prepare for war.” It is a sad state of affairs but it is very true. If you have been keeping up with articles, you will have noticed that both China and Russia are spending a lot more money than we are to build up their military, while we just coast along. Example: both Russia and China have new generation fighter A/C which are much more capable than ours. What do we have? The F-35 which does not reach the performace that the manufacturers stated at the beginning. A 25 MM cannon with only 220 rounds, which will be shot up in 4 seconds. Our military deserves better, but this useless pice of junk is being forced dow the military throat.

  115. We need to see china for what it is… aggressor nation , and stomp down hard on their toes , and once they wallow in the shame of their defeat , then order as it was before will be restored .

  116. No conflict yet … Coming I’m sure but not here yet

  117. The last 2 paragraphs make the most sense. The best way forward for peace is for the U.S. to stay away — the further the better.

  118. CHARLES_MARTEL2 | Jul 25, 2015, 4:36 pm at 4:36 pm |

    what conflict? china is invading, communist china is an aggressor.

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