Iran Nuclear Deal Sets The Background For World War 3

Iran Nuclear Deal Sets The Background For World War 3
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Major world powers reached a historic deal with Iran that would ensure that Tehran does not get nuclear weapons. In exchange for significantly scaling back its nuclear program, Iran will get relief from economic sanctions that have crippled its economy. While President Barack Obama hailed it as a major step towards a “more hopeful world,” politicians and experts from across the globe fear that the deal would bring the world closer to World War 3.

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Obama has ‘planted the seeds of World War 3’

Conservative radio host Mark Levin said President Obama has “planted the seeds of World War 3.” Levin told Sean Hannity of Fox News that the deal was a “complete and utter disaster.” One day World War 3 will break out because of Obama’s actions today, he added. Obama likes to say that Kennedy and Reagan negotiated with the Soviets. But the Soviet Union already had nukes; Iran doesn’t have nukes yet, Levin argued.

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney also voiced similar concerns. Cheney said Tuesday that Obama has now brought the world closer to a nuclear war than it has been since the second World War. The terms of the deal were inadequate to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It will now prompt Tehran’s enemies in the Middle-East to develop their own nukes, leading to a potentially catastrophic arms race.

The terms of the deal dictate that the United Nations inspectors can check any suspicious facility in Iran within 24 days. Cheney argues that a 24 days of notice gives Iran plenty of time to prepare its facilities for UN observations, while secretly continuing to develop nuclear weapons.

Israel lambasts Obama over Iran deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lambasted Barack Obama in an interview with Lester Holt of NBC News on Wednesday. Netanyahu said the Iran nuclear deal posed a threat to both Israel and the United States. “Iran has killed more Americans than anyone other than Al-Qaeda,” Netanyahu said.

Now that sanctions have been lifted, Iran will get hundreds of billions of dollars to fuel its “terror and military machine.” An Iranian military general said earlier this year that Israel’s destruction was “non-negotiable.” Netanyahu contends Iran cannot be trusted with any nuclear program.

“Can you imagine giving a drug dealer 24 days’ notice before you inspect the premises?” asked Netanyahu. The Arab world has also shared Netanyahu’s wariness over the deal.

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  1. You are a moron and very lazy. You have the world at your fingertips just type it in to any search engine and it will pop up. You say that Iran hasn’t invaded a country in 300 years, you are right that Iran itself hasn’t, but under proxies it has waged countless battles in foreign lands. Now I am not saying that they are the only country that has done this, USA and Russia do it all the time. The difference is one is extreme and will blow the world up for Allah and the others do there’s for self interests. The danger of the fist is it wont blink when it has a means to eliminate even if it means its own destruction, while the self interest countries will. You also stated “We have thousands of ADVANCED nuclear weapons; the most advanced in the world.” Here, you are also wrong, the Russians have the most advanced Nuclear technology/ weapons, nearly a decade a head of the USA. This has even been quoted from pentagon staff( look it up for yourself it’ll take 10 seconds).

  2. madjak, your philosophy would be to ethnically cleanse all Muslims. That displays the same mentality as ISIS and Hitler. Good group for you to be associated with.

  3. My point being is that you see that as a bad thing, I see it that its the sane and logical thing when Muslims are shooting people, beheading people etc, their God Allah the great deceiver sounds a lot like Satan to me, thus as a whole they are not to be trusted in the same way that I wouldn’t not trust any enemy yes there may be peaceful devil worshipers but why would there be??? Take a course in psychology you will find that people think drastically different from one another, you do not know the mind of the Muslim so stop preaching like you do your education taught you to be a liberal nothing more

  4. madjak, look up the definition of bigot. It involves lumping a whole group not just a small group within a larger group. You claim there are no peaceful Muslims. There are 1.6 billion Muslims and you claim that they are all the enemy. That fits the classic definition of bigot.

  5. Listen to my question “blockhead”, you complete “blockhead”

    If you think no one feels safe now with 300 nukes that Israel has, guranteeing its security, how much safer do you think the Middle East is going to be with Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain et al?


    So not only Jews have nukes, but Sunnis and Shia have them too.

    How is that smart logic CALLING FOR MORE NUCLEAR WEAPONS in a volatile region.


  6. Was the German soldier in ww2 a bigot? Is being a Bigot toward an enemy wrong or just politically incorrect, Being that there is no way to tell a nice muslim from a terrorist maybe the thing to do is keep them at a safe distance, say let them stay in the middle east, (logic) Boston is the center for radicalized muslims (FBI report wrko radio) I live 20 minutes north of that, please advise me on what the educated would do. Keep in mind that Allah was the God of deception, the great deceiver, how do I tell the nice snake from the viper??

  7. I keep seeing in your posts how you think your overly inteligent, see i disagree with your option on Islam , my readings and life expirence tell me not to trust them- Allah was the God of deception Having a high IQ means I have the ability to understand, How do YOU know if the Muslim world has peaceful people????? Logic says you dont know

  8. Ok I listened to Mark Levin today (for the first time) he made sense to me, I didnt google others options as I dont think that matters, did i miss something?

  9. when did you get the rational mind award? Critical thinking pulitzer? hmmmm those Jews yup there out to get us !!!! Wasnt that a Jew that shot those Marines?? yeah yeah I think so, and those Jews with the pressure cooker bombs!!!

  10. your the type of guy that doesnt understand to make a chicken salad sandwich a chicken has to die, you just seem to think the world is a garden of flowers. there is page after page of how Iran and the islamic world hates the usa google it I listed many below but they only posted 2, WHY IS IT A GOOD THING FOR ANY MUSLIM COUNTRY TO HAVE NUKES??????

  11. The issue of a nuclear EMP attack was raised in the final hours of this week’s elections in Israel when U.S. authority Peter Vincent Pry penneda column for Arutz Sheva warning of Iran’s threat to free nations.

    RELATED: Iran nuclear talks push against deadline

    “Iranian military documents describe such a scenario — including a recently translated Iranian military textbook that endorses nuclear EMP attack against the United States,” he wrote.

    A knowledgable source said that the textbook discusses an EMP attack on America in 20 different places.

    Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks, who is leading an effort to protect the U.S. electric grid from an EMP attack, has recently made similar claims based on the document translated by military authorities.

    Once sneered at by critics, recent moves by Iran and North Korea have given credibility to the potential EMP threat from an atmospheric nuclear explosion over the U.S.

  12. The commander of Iran’s notorious Basij forces declared Monday that the Islamic Republic’s ultimate goal is the destruction of America and Israel. CAN YOU READ THIS??????? THERES MANY MORE IT WAS JUST THE FIRST ON THE LIST

    “Today there is no mandate to end our fight because Iran’s greatness in the region and the repeated losses by the Zionists and America are the proof of our fight up to today,” Gen. Mohammad Naghdi said, according to Fars News Agency. “Our ideal is not [nuclear] centrifuges but the destruction of the White House and the annihilation of Zionism [Israel].”

    The regime’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has also called for the continuation of the fight to destroy America, saying: “This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. … This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and a need for great strides

    Read more:

  13. We were there to speak for ourselves, not follow the crowd. If it were a group effort, there would have been no need for us to be there……………..and we probably would have gotten a better deal if we did stay away. We are followers…………..not leaders……………….there is no leadership in Washington. Whenever we go to the table, it costs us………………..Having to give Iran 24 to 27 days advanced notice of an inspection is a dealer killer right there……………..but the deal went through with this stipulation…………and Obama’s first reaction was he’d veto any opposition ……………….why would he even think of a veto if the deal was not biased in Iran’s favor. His “legacy” is more important to him then his duty to this country.

  14. Congress didn’t attend the negotiations…………In fact they were kept in the dark about the details for some time. Obama shuts congress out whenever possible, as he did with this. Kerry was at the table, and giving Iran 24 to 27 days advanced notice of an inspection is idiotic. We have 4 American prisoners there that Kerry never even mentioned. We led nothing…..we’re being led by the nose.

  15. madjak
    Facts on the ground shows that Iran has NOT invaded any nation for over 300 years.
    Another fact is that Israel has acted aggressively since the beginning of her young life. Her founder was an internationally acknowledged terrorist ( granted I take such designation of today and yesteryear with a grain of salt).
    More facts on the ground :Israel is a brutal military occupier for decades. On top of that, she has waged regular invasion of her neighbors at the rate of once every other year since 2006.
    My point? The chance of Israel STARTING aggression, as opposed to you fictional case of being at the receiving end, IS VERY HIGH.
    Modification of Israeli aggression is one of the key elements to achieve peace in the Middle East.

  16. madjak
    Show me the direct quote, with links, to support your claim that
    “Iran has promised to bomb us with nukes”

    Iran did not, does not, has never had nuclear weapons, according to all, including Israel.
    In fact, the Israeli intelligence report in the Spring of 2014 made the assessment that there is NO evidence that Iran had restarted her nuclear weapons program after 2003, the same year Saddam was toppled. The US intelligence agency reached the same conclusion separately. It is the opinion of these agencies that Iran had wanted nuclear weapons to protect herself from Saddam, who invaded her in the 1980s. Israel was NOT part of the calculation.
    You should be aware that we DO get access to Israeli media HERE. We know that while you sit here and propagate “Iranian threat” to manipulate our population, the Israelis living in Israel do not share your view. The so called “Iranian threat” never made it to the top 5 of concerns of voters in election after election.
    There ! Give it a rest ! madjak

  17. David Hood
    Still afraid to deal the ISRAELI FACTOR?
    NOBODY feels safe when 300 nuclear warheads are in the neighborhood. Deal with it. Ex the Israeli nuclear weapons, there is zero nuclear weapons in the neighborhood.
    You want to reduce nuclear weapons in the ME? Go to Israel.
    We don’t buy your Israeli manufactured fear mongering because we respect facts on the ground.
    Why are you IGNORING the fact that Iran has never refined uranium to the permitted 20% purity under the NNPT? All of her stock pile is under 5% purity. It take 90% purity to make fuel, NOT bomb. At the same time Israel has been making nuclear fuel and equipping submarines with her ample arsenal of nuclear weapons.
    Israeli whining makes ZERO sense to any rational mind.
    Why do you insist that ISRAEL alone should be allowed to do what she wants with nuclear weapons?
    Name calling does not a good argument make. But that seems to be your specialty, David Hood.

  18. Actually, YOU are wrong, dead wrong. Becca Ccondo
    We led. It was our intransigence due to a Israeli BOUGHT US congress, that bogged down negotiations for years.

  19. “Israel already has about 300 nuclear warheads.”

    Right you daft “blockhead”, don’t you think it’s smarter the Middle East HAS LESS nukes NOT MORE?

    THIS WILL 100% trigger a nuclear armsrace in the Middle East. If you think, if you believe other Arab nations are not going to kick start their own programs then you’re mistaken.

    Iran will continue with the building of its bombs. It can do so now unhindered. Israel will almost certainly up the ante even more, the arabs even more so, nuclear armsrace.

    If you think Western “hairy fairy” logic applies in the Middle East with Jews, Sunnis, Shia, then good luck with that you blockhead. I’d call you something stronger If I thought I could get away with it.

    WW3 here we come. A Middle East full of nuclear weapons with Jews, Sunnis, Shia willing to use them.

    We wont have long to find out.

  20. If I promised you I would shoot you dead would you hand me a gun, my logical mind tells me you would not, if the laws of my land allows a man to rape a woman then the woman found guilty then sentenced to death by stoning would you want your daughter to live here. The mistake that you are making is that you think everyone thinks the same as you do. INever take a threat lightly , Iran has promised to bomb us with nukes, political correctness and nice talk doesn’t change things, There are bad people in the world ,, Muslim culture and laws are not like ours there is no room in the Muslim way for acceptance of politically correct thoughtthought. I keep hearing how smart you all are please read a few first hand accounts of those who were Muslim and now aren’t and why they converted to christian , that alone is a death sentence. How is Iran having sanctions lifted a good thing for the middle east , Europe, the states or Israel ? Israel will prevent Iran from getting nukes there will be an attack, Iran and its allies will respond the war will become ww3 the US will stand back and do nothing , Isreal will use nukes against the attackers which will include most of the middle east and Russia why because Israel takes the threat seriously , and because they do you have to also because what you think doesn’t matter Isreal will respond see that’s logical critical thinking

  21. We’re there to represent ourselves in these talks……………….not follow the lead of other countries. That’s the purpose of us being there. Trump is absolutely right………………we have no negotiating skills at all! We really came out on the bottom of this deal. They still have American prisoners there………………….how dumb can we be? This country doesn’t lead anymore…………..we follow. This is one bad deal.

  22. CVP
    Actually it is the US official assessment that there were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; proving that Saddam told the truth.
    Such assessment was reached after two full years of very thorough search by the US team in Iraq. Remember that the US did their search as an OCCUPIER of Iraq. Since the US were the ruler of the place, they could do what they pleased in their search. Yet they came up with nothing.

    I agree with you that forcing “democracy” on others with guns pointing haven’t worked out too well.

  23. David Hood
    Israel already has about 300 nuclear warheads. The ONLY nation to have nuclear weapons in the entire ME. Israel also grossly out guns all her neighbors combined in her conventional weapon capabilities.
    One should not forget that Egypt has a proposal on the table to make the ME nuclear free. That proposal will apply to all faiths and sects in the Middle East : Sunnis, Shiites, Jews, Christians, Druze etc.
    If a certain nation( you know who) with VESTED INTEREST does not obstruct such sensible proposal, as she has been doing, the nuclear arms race risk you envisioned will be neutralized. Nations who don’t have nuclear weapons will not start, THE NATION that does have them will get rid of them. No more need for the race.
    For a person who claims to worry about the Middle East, I hope you would not allow a sensible proposal to wither because you consider Israel untouchable; or that all Israeli whims must be complied with, peace be damned.
    We do have leverage over Israel. Lets see whether suspending the 3 + billion yearly “donation” together with withholding unconditional protection of her at the Security Council will produce some results.

  24. madjak
    YOU need to engage your logical mind; seems like it is on vacation.
    Consider the following facts and calculate the possibility:
    We have thousands of ADVANCED nuclear weapons; the most advanced in the world. Iran has NONE.
    Iran has NOT invaded any nation for at least 300 years. Israel has invaded her neighbors every other year since 2008. We have invaded a few in the last 2 decades.
    How likely is your claim?

  25. Otaybob
    All members of the NNPT ( just in case you don’t know , it means Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty) allow inspections and do get inspected.
    Most of the nations in the world are members of NNPT. The exceptions are: Israel, Pakistan, India and South Sudan.

  26. WMD @ IRAQ : Well we haven’t seen it yet either in the Media Networks or anywhere, so till we see with our own eyes, I really don’t think anyone will believe the story that IRAQ ever had weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Dictator made, hence the reason Bushes & Blair dictators invaded without international permission of laws for an unilateral invasions. This caused more mess which includes the recent invasion of Russia (Putin) to the Ukraine unilaterally. The only difference is Ukraine and It’s peoples wants to be part of the RUSSIA and future USSR whereas Islamic Civilizations Iraqis and Holy lands peoples never ever wanted Western Civilizations (Brits & Americans) in there own holy lands of Central Civilizations.

  27. Actually it was Post ww2 Govt and CIA that brought you the Iran of today … If they would have not “meddled in the affairs of a foreign nation” I believe we would see a much different Iran.

  28. when was the last time Usa meddled in Israeli affairs ? or Had Israeli Leaders exile their “king” and prime minister. Thats what the Eisenhower administration did in Iran for the “greater good”

  29. Alex, After rereading your comments, I have a couple of things to add. If you do not believe madjak should be called a bigot, what would you suggest for a person with his beliefs and comments?

    As for the deal, consider our record in estimating the results of our actions in the past. Consider the Vietnam War in which I served two tours as a Special Forces officer and in which we lost 50,000 men. Our prewar estimate surely was different than the outcome. Consider Korea, same story. Consider Iraq where Donald Rumsfeld said the war would last “5 days, 5 weeks and certainly no longer than 5 months”. I would say our track record is not so good. The University of Utah did a study on bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities. It estimated 5,000 initial casualties (men, women and children) with up to 70,000 more due to fallout. This would be from the nuclear product stored at these locations. Some of these casualties could be in countries other than Iran due to winds, etc. That would certainly make us popular in the world. With this track record and projection, it is beyond me that anyone could think bombing is the way to go. Do I trust Iran? Of course not, but I do trust the IAEA and nuclear experts from the P5 + 1.

  30. Alex, thank you, but for someone that is supposedly intelligent to stereotype all Muslims into one category is not indicative of using that intelligence. How would you define an supposedly intelligent person who does that. Bigot is the correct word in my vernacular and reasoning. I understand fear of the type you are describing, but not from a rational, intelligent human being.

    As for the deal, if it gives us 10 years to evaluate Iran’s intentions and ability to change, it is a good trade off in my opinion. The head of the IAEA said yesterday that the deL gives the IAEA the ability to detect cheating. We will have more than enough time to react to that cheating if it occurs. You can’t take back a bombing campaign. We have the P5 + 1 with their nuclear experts and the IAEA that feels comfortable with the deal. If gaining three years from a bombing campaign versus 10 years from the deal is an option I am given, I know which side I am on.

  31. Yes I have the ability I dont think you do, A smart person doesnt reach into a sack full of snakes to find the one that doesnt have fangs.(sound logic) Now if you you can look at a muslim and know that hes thinking of the way he wants to cut off your head than I guess that critical thinking course of yours must have been one hell of a class. See I dont give a rats ass if the Muslim world has peaceful people, why because there is no way to tell one from the other. Treat a snake as good as you can, it still bites and thats sound logic, Now Richard reach down and touch your testicals make sure you got a pair (thats 2) cause you seem to have a passive femine side like Jane Fonda, Lost your man card? Liberal thinking is for the week

  32. Richard, your use of ad hominem, as it is, doesn’t make you sound any more matured than the person you’re criticizing. Indeed, if I were to frame an argument based on your vernacular and reasoning, I’d say you “sound like a 15 year old” as well. The words “bigot” and “uneducated” are thrown around like they’re nothing these days, but if you ask me, accusing someone else of bigotry simply because they don’t share your opinion is a highly hypocritical form of bigotry in itself. Disagreement is the essence of discourse.

    On side note, try to understand that fear is the most primal human emotion. It doesn’t matter how smart someone is – we all fear what we don’t fully understand. Still, it’s not like he doesn’t have a point about Islam, even though quite a number, if not all religions promote a certain form of amorality in certain contexts, in one way or another.

    I myself am of the opinion that most of the more radical parts of holy texts are simply by-products of bygone eras where rulers tried to manipulate populations into doing their bidding (i.e. to justify pouring vast resources into bloody conquests, or to justify certain behaviour).

    I agree with you that you can’t profile the followers of a religion based on the actions of what seems to be a minority, but we cannot ignore the dangers of radicalism. Remember what happened in Germany? A small number of people spread the ideals of fascism, and everyone just ended up “going” with it. A very vocal, active, and possibly violent minority can make a passive majority completely irrelevant.

    As for the deal itself, the US delegation seems to have already set itself up to be the weaker party in the negotiations from the start (one might even get the impression that they practically begged the Iranians to make a deal, at times) so it’s no surprise how things turned out. Lopsided terms, or no deal, was the name of the game, and Obama’s team caved. I don’t claim to know the future, so we’ll see how this all unfolds. A couple of decades (perhaps sooner) from now (if we’re not all already dead), we’ll get to see if this was really the right thing to do.

  33. IQ means you have the ability. There are all kinds of tyrants with high IQ’s. You should take a course in critical thinking and logic. People like yourself with no ability to believe that the Muslim world has peaceful people will be the real reason we have the war you wish to avoid. You still sound like a 15 year old. IQ does not measure intelligence it measures ability! Learn to use it.

  34. Im 51 have an iq of 145, have been self employed since 1988, live north of Boston was in Boston the day after the bombing there was still blood on the street, I am not going to do the politically correct thing and accept the enemy as a peaceful religion , i dont pet sharks either, the quran states the proper methods of how to kill the infidel , how to live among the enemy , to be sneaky to deceive. Ive raised to 2 children (alone) my oldest is 19 I didnt raise him to die in a war that Obama seems to relish. Boston is rated as the #1 radical thinking muslim center in the US , do I still sound like Im 15,

  35. madjack, read the bible. Sections of which are just as radical as the Koran. Kill people that work on the Sabbath, etc. Christians do not follow everything the bible says and Muslims do not follow everything the Koran says. If all Muslims (1.6 billion followed all of the Koran, there would be a perpetual stat of war in all countries, because Muslims live in all countries. And since you seem to be ignorant of the Islamic world, you will find there are many branches of Islam that interpret the Koran differently, just as branches of Christianity interpret the bible differently. You sound like your 15 years old and uneducated. Would my guess be correct?

  36. madjak, there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world (second largest relifious group). No one can take you or your comments seriously when you spout such drivel. You object when the radical Muslims demonize Israel and America, but feel it is OK to demonize 1.6 billion people base on maybe 100,000 radicals. Even if it was 250,000 radicals demonizing ALL shows the level of your intelligence in a far better way than I can.

  37. It’s true, it’s just that you don’t want to believe it. Try telling the Israelis, entire Sunni block that.

    Obama just triggered a nuclear armsrace in the Middle East. Israel will upgrade its first strike capabilities, the Sunnis will almost certainly start their own nuclear weapons programmes, as will Iran.

    Not quite sure what you don’t understand about that.

    A Middle East full of nuclear weapons, with Jews, Islamists on all sides that hate one another on a level you find hard to comprehend is a global catastrophe.

    Obama has sowed the seeds of WW3 in the Middle East by empowering Iran in the same way Chamberlain sowed the seeds for WW2 in Europe empowering Nazi Germany.

    The beauty about reality is, it doesn’t care about what you think what you believe.

  38. ” Obama likes to say that Kennedy and Reagan negotiated with the Soviets.
    But the Soviet Union already had nukes; Iran doesn’t have nukes yet,
    Levin argued.” This is ridiculous Levin Jewish manure for arguing that Obama has brought us closer to WWlll. What it sounds like he is saying is that since Iran don’t already have nuclear weapons, then it is better to bomb them and start a war, which would be WWlll. He is saying “yes, negotiate with Russia and China because they already have nuclear weapons, but if the country don’t have nuclear weapons, then attack them, which is just what Israels intentions were. this makes it clear that Iran does need nuclear weapons to deter such attack.

  39. Eye Roller, sanctions are starting to fall apart. Our sanctions alone if the others drop theirs are basically useless. You would know that if you kept up on the subject. Most laws are passed without knowing the implications. This is also something you should know if you kept up on history and laws that have been passed. Try a little harder to study the subjects before you display your lack of knowledge.

  40. OVarela, people have been praying to all kinds of gods for thousands of years. Hasn’t seemed to help much so far, but good luck.

  41. Bring out the nuclear inspections on those lying Jews in ITSAHELL!!! They have SIX HUNDRED NUKES in their hot little cloven hooves. TOTAL HYPOCRITES and MURDERERS like Christ told us in John 8:37-47. “… You are of your father the devil. He was a LIAR and MURDERER from the beginning. …”

  42. to all pro fake israel here a few verses to consider, the so Israel is a fake country created for the edomites at the point of a gun then again the bible tells me in Like 21:24 And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations:(sound familiar hmm) and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. and also in Rev. 2:9 and Rev. 3:9 it tells me who are those people over there, like the pres. of Egypt back then, George Friedmann the edomite jewish in his book, The End of the Jewish People, pointedly states that the Europeans claiming to be Jews, are nothing more then “Hebrew speaking Gentiles.” The late president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, stated on television, “you (the Jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black but came back white. We cannot except you!

  43. Its hard to believe anyone is so irrational. Their are things about conservative views I think are ridiculous too, but liberals have no common sense at all.

  44. You are a fool, sanctions were obviously working, it brought Iran to the negotiating table. Giving up our leverage for inspections with almost a months notice with a 10 year expiration….its a joke just like your entire party! But the GOP wasn’t the idiots who passed a Healthcare law without even knowing its implications. I am not surprised the US is going to shit, with so many idiots like you in it.

  45. otaybob
    The Iraqi invasion was waged on a false premise. There was NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Who said so? The Pentagon, after searching for two years AS AN OCCUPIER with unfettered access to the WHOLE NATION.

  46. otaybob
    You ask: do other nations get inspections?
    All member of NNPT accept inspections and do get them. Most of nations in the world are NNPT members. The exceptions are India, Israel, Pakistan, and South Sudan.
    Are you interested in facts? Facts that you can verify because they are in the public domain. Here are two important ones:
    The Israeli intelligence agency released a report in the Spring of 2014 stating that they saw NO evidence that Iran restarted her nuclear weapons program after 2003 (the year Saddam was toppled. Iran wanted nuclear weapons to protect herself against Saddam). The same conclusion was reached by the US intelligence agency. The two agencies has been releasing reports regularly for years with the same assessment.
    Another point for you to do reality check: what the Israeli citizens ( as opposed to Netanyahu) actually think about the “Iranian threat”
    “Iranian threat” did NOT make the priority list of election issues for several elections in a row in Israel.

    YOU SEE. Facts don’t support you claims.

  47. Lover of lies
    When was the last time Iran threatened USA with nuclear war?
    Remember that Iran does NOT have nuclear weapons. Never did.
    All the nuclear weapons in the Middle East are in Israel.

  48. God help this country! We need Your divine intervention. There is no doubt the world will be catapulted into a world war, and we need to pray to almighty God to intervene before it’s to late. “If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves, pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear them from heaven and will forgive them of their sins and heal their land”

  49. has any other nation allowed inspections? So, why single out Israel? Ha Israel supported with arms and money terrorist organizations like Iran has? Has Israel threatened to wipe Iran off the map or shouted death to America? Hate Jews much? 24 days advance notice? Wow, what a joke. And, what happens if they find Iran has violated the terms of the deal? What if Iran in the future forbids inspections like Saddam Hussein did? Do we start an “illegal” war? Like libtards like to call Iraq. Or, do we re institute sanctions? Howlong has sanctions been in place, and yet had little effect on Irans nuclear ambitions. Yeah, they didn’t stop Iran now, but they will in the future? Only a liberal would think that. Liberals are the definition of insanity, they keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

  50. Do the home work on Mark Levin then come back with this article, he is about as NITWIT as NITWIT thrives, it has grown in 2000 to the party known as GOP/ Goofs on Parade, Please remove this Article has no reason to have been printed other then
    to add another disparaging form of rhetoric…

  51. Time for a nuclear weapons free Middle East !
    Next stop: ISRAEL
    When is that dishonest nation, Israel, going to allow inspection of HER nuclear warheads?

  52. NUCLEAR ARMS RACE : OUT OF CONTROL & BIZARRE : This is so bizarre when the simple common peoples (Majority) are strugging to make ends meet in this ‘Triple Dip Recession Markets’, these peoples elected by the elected by the peoples himself are investing the peoples money on weapons & wars, instead of investing on them. This is very simple public service concept, not a missile science, but engineering at practicality and reality to invest peoples money on peoples. REAL MAN OF THE MASSES SERVICE THE MASSES @ NEED.

  53. Cheney should just shut his Piehole. Him and his combat avoiding Neo con
    Zionists are directly responsible for the rise of Iran.

  54. Iran has agreed to inspections based on a 27 day prior notice, they will be getting billions of dollars from the sanctions being lifted, and they are dismantling (or supposed to be) only 1/3 of their stockpile. Trump, once again was right on target. Foreign national leaders are a lot better at negotiating than we are………………………….we get sold out every time!

  55. “Has Iran agreed to ‘anywhere, anytime’ inspections, an end to R&D on faster centrifuges, and the dismantling of its key nuclear sites? No, no, and no”

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