U.S. Will Pay For Intimidating China And Russia

U.S. Will Pay For Intimidating China And Russia
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While China deploys its military hardware to Russia in order to take part in the International Army Games 2015 along with 14 other nations from August 1 through 15, the United States remains concerned that the two countries are threatening Washington’s global dominance.

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In particular, the U.S. is now focusing its full attention on China and Russia after the mighty emergence of the BRICS, whose “banking system worldwide is going to replace the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank,” according to American scholar James Henry Fetzer.

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And indeed, the summit of BRICS members as well as SCO that took place just two weeks ago, set a new stage of relations between Russia and China. Meanwhile, the fact that India and Pakistan joined SCO means that the ‘allied’ countries have a possibility of developing an economic space that would compete with the European Union and the U.S. by downgrading the relevance of Western sanctions as well as trading crude oil in U.S. dollars. Members of BRICS account for about 20 percent of the global GDP.

Fetzer’s comments to Press TV come after U.S. Army General Mark Milley warned on Tuesday about Russia’s nuclear capability.

“Russia is the only country on earth that contains a nuclear capability that could destroy the United States,” General Mark Milley told the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“It’s an existential threat to the United States, so it has capability. Intent, I don’t know; but the activity of Russia since 2008 has been very, very aggressive,” he added.

Obama finally appointing war hawks to counter Russia?

The General is not the first one to refer to Russia – and China, for that matter – as the ‘existential threat’ to the U.S. Earlier this month, during his appointment hearing to become the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen Joseph Dunford called Russia’s recent actions “nothing short of alarming.”

“So if you want to talk about a nation that could pose an existential threat to the United States, I’d have to point to Russia,” Gen Dunford told senators.

Such statements by high-ranking U.S. officials might mean one thing: the U.S. President Barack Obama has made a decision to respond to Russia’s threats seriously by putting into place ‘war hawks’.

After a long period of his rather soft policy toward Russia, Obama is finally making the steps that should have been done since Russia’s aggression started back at the beginning of 2014. However, appointing such ‘mouthy’ officials might also be done just for show, while Obama intends to stick to his soft policy no matter what his generals and officials say.

According to Fetzer, all of ‘war hawks’ are “identifying Russia and China and North Korea — and in some cases ISIS — as the major threats confronting the United States. ISIS, of course, is a creation of the United States; we know that from a defense intelligence agency document of 2012 that was recently released and has been published.”

Milley, who was nominated to be the next Army chief of staff, also stated that China and North Korea, “Each in their own different way represent threats, security threats, to the United States.”

U.S. ‘killed’ Russia and China

It must be noted that General Dunford also mentioned China as one of the concerns for the U.S. for its threatening actions in the South China Sea as well as its rapid military expanding. ISIS is also considered “alarming” to Pentagon, according to Dunford.

However, White House spokesman Josh Earnest stated later that the Obama administration is aware of Russia’s threatening actions but does not share Dunford’s opinion as his comment reflect “his own view and doesn’t necessarily reflect the … consensus analysis of the president’s national security team.”

The fact remains clear: it used to be mostly Russia who got mentioned by U.S. officials as a ‘threat’ to the U.S. national security, but now the list also includes China.

And then, of course, there is also Iran. Washington, which has been holding closed-door and back-room talks with Tehran for many years, killed two birds with one stone. Particularly, it ‘killed’ Russia and China.

Basically, the U.S. managed to tear Iran off Russia and China’s hands. Although Iran, which is an ‘observer state’ in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, has not fully sided with the U.S., it started moving in that direction.

And China has greatly suffered from this, having its stock market lose about $3 trillion recently.

The significant loses on the stock market is not the only headache for China. Beijing, which is intended to recreate trade routes through the Central Asia, might soon find out that Iran is no more interested in the project of the so called ‘new Silk Road’.

U.S. will pay for intimidating China and Russia

The U.S. will have to pay for its policy of, according to Melkulangara Bhadrakumar. The Asia Times columnist is confident that Russia and China will combine their efforts in order to not let the U.S. dominate.

The former diplomat reminds that the U.S. military doctrine named China and Russia as two enemy countries. However, the Pentagon warned that military actions against these two nations would lead to ‘immense consequences’.

The summit of BRICS, according to Bhadrakumar, strengthened the relations between Beijing and Moscow.

“He [Russian President Vladimir Putin] didn’t name the US, but the implication is clear, namely, the US cannot hope to take on Russia or China if they stand shoulder to shoulder and pool their efforts,” Bhadrakumar noted.

The columnist believes that the key aspect of the SCO and BRICS summits was the consolidation of these organizations under the Eurasian Economic Union framework.

Washington’s deterrence policy becomes irrelevant at the time when China and Russia are becoming the friends that can build relations with the EU no matter what the White House says or thinks. The U.S. cannot intimidate Russia and China. And for each such attempt Washington risks to pay a lot, the columnist concluded.

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Polina Tikhonova is a writer, journalist and a certified translator. Over the past 7 years, she has worked for a wide variety of top European, American, Russian, and Ukrainian media outlets. Polina holds a Master's Degree in English Philology from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from the Saint Petersburg State University. Her articles and news reports have been published by many newspapers, magazines, journals, blogs and online media sources across the globe. Polina is fluent in English, German, Ukrainian and Russian.
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  2. Ok Budd. 1 thing I’m sure of is that you never studied Russia history , so what in the hell can you tell me about Crimea ?? All you got and all you know is the crap you read on Yahoo news . Crimea was Russian land for Many many centuries . It was given to Ukrainian jurisdiction by Khruschev back in the 60s . You got some more retarded news article quotes ?? I mean I don’t know … at least learn the name of the editor that you get your “facts” from .

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  5. The US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq for the purpose of securing their oil resources. Nothing else. It was revealed on a show that launched few days ago.

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    In the late 2000s and early 2010s, a growing number of Americans in their 20s and 30s headed to China for employment, lured by its faster-growing economy and lower jobless rate.[6] Many of them teach English, a service in demand from Chinese business people and students and a growing number are arriving with skills and experience in computers,
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  8. But no any country on earth have more crooks than US. The number one nation that have the most criminals in the world. The most rapists, the most drug addicts, the most drug dealers, the most murderers, the most gangsters and the most prostitutes nations.

  9. Sorry to put a damper on your post but all those rich Chinese are crooks, everyone of them.
    As for the Chinese students, many of them came here on fabricated grades, fabricated recommendation letters and rented SAT takers, many others are sons and daughters of corrupt communist Chinese leaders.

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  15. China and Russia have been poking their noses,stealinginfo and hacking everyone ‘s business for years and it’s pissed the US and it’s allies off for years you need to do some reading!

  16. Agree with many thing you have stated, immigration for one – best country for immigrants to get on their feet fast. But disagree about the whole country approved the war – Congress did. Yes, we elected those people, but not to destroy the Middle East and to get so many people killed. Bush promised to use diplomacy – nothing about invasions of other countries. Based on books of his staff members he started planning Iraq invasion before 9/11. Read Richard Clarke. Bush lied to us!

  17. Not Russia – USSR did. Since USSR was dissolved, Russia, especially after Putin found some kind of compromise with Chechnya, hasn’t killed much. Compare with USA during same period, starting from 2000. Putin no matter how bad he is, is a “dove of peace” comparing with our Bush, and even Obama.

  18. The USA will always work against nations like Russia and China that want to take territory from weaker nations by force.
    Simple isn’t it.

  19. The major problem for the USA, anywhere they go they make nothing but ENEMIES. From Clinton to Busch the Americans instigated most Northern African countries, bombed Serbia, Croatia, conquered Afganistan then Iraq, CIA caused coupe in Ukraine. Reasonable thinkers wander where the US policy goes IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS. US leadership completly lost direction WHAT A BIG POWERFUL NATION SHOULD STAND FOR!!!

  20. Either way it’s going to hit the world hard … China holds a crap load of American obligations . If the decide to flood the market with American paper , $ is going to go on a free fall. Then comes the North American union and the Amero .

  21. Simply put, the US is lying. The US has caused the Ukrainian crisis and is supporting a number of jihadist groups throughout the ME and North Africa. These ‘small fires’ help the US to destabilize countries and direct policy while appointing vassals to run those countries. The US is, at this point, willing to use Ukrainian fascist groups that murder women and children as well as jihadist proxies. This also explains why the US is now attempting to ally with Cuba and Iran. They are useful against the big geo-political players, Russia and China. It is sadly ironic that the US coup in Ukraine has actually accelerated the BRICS and brought Russia and China closer together. The dollar pyramid is essentially a ponzi scheme that always needs to expand. The problem is that Russia is de-dollarizing and China is aware of US intentions. Therefore, the US is in serious trouble. This should be evident to the American people due to the massive amount of propaganda we are now being fed about Russia, who incidentally have just sat quietly waiting regardless of what all the US media says. Russia hasn’t moved yet. But the US keeps poking that stick at the bear.

  22. 7.U.S. strategic purpose is to seal off the PLA Navy in South China Sea
    and prevent its moving in operations space and encircle China by land.
    In this order, the U.S. holds old and sets up new alliances with nations
    in Indo-Asia-Pacific region. The U.S. media machine has already started
    information aggression against China-Taiwan relations to support raise
    of the Washington’s influence in the island. Meanwhile, American special
    services will try to fuel Pakistan and Sri Lanka in order to make
    triangle where the US and India opposite China in Indian Ocean Region.
    With Washington’s support the tenses will also raise in the South China
    Sea where Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, and the Philippines claim
    maritime territory. The US sea services will constantly strengthen its
    presence there, in the India Ocean, in the Pacific Ocean preparing to
    deal a crushing blow to Beijing. China will answer with “fortress fleet”
    strategy in its local seas, building powerful Pacific fleet, putting
    into practice Maritime Silk Route project infrastructure in the Indian
    Ocean and developing the relations with Russian Federation in the
    Eurasia. Also, India and China can absorb a lot of profit from the
    mutually advantageous cooperation. The only thing that they need for it
    is a mediator to start a constructive dialogue. Russia, which has a good
    fellowship with both, may become it. This will solve the tensions in the
    region and allow the nations to go for the further development.

  23. 5.The US containment policy against China includes not only holding of
    old alliances but a creating of new. In the recent strategy Washington
    pledges to strengthen cooperation with six long-standing allies:
    Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea,
    Thailand and lists eight new partners: Bangladesh, Brunei, India,
    Indonesia, Malaysia, Micronesia, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam. With help
    of its Asian allies the US are going to seal off the PLA Navy in South
    China Sea and prevent its moving in operations space. Further, the
    Washington’s diplomatic rhetoric over the long-standing allies, shared
    strategic interests and cooperation in Asia, in fact, aimed on
    establishing a ground coalition against China. Despite the fact the
    official U.S. strategy ignoring Taiwan issue, the island may easily
    become a flash point of the ongoing confrontation. And Western media
    machine has been already setting the ground for it. On July 22, U.S.
    magazine, The Diplomat, reported that “the People’s Liberation Army
    soldier is seen running towards a building that bears a striking
    resemblance to the Japanese-built Presidential Office in Taipei” during
    the Series C of this year’s live-fire Stride 2015 Zhurihe military
    exercises. The magazine argues 2 things. First is that PLA is practicing
    a storming the Presidential Office to bring pressure on Taiwan in the
    context of its presidential and legislative elections in January 16,
    2016. Second is Chinese military has been preparing to invade the
    island. But the facts should be taken in its proper context. The
    military drills are signal not for Taiwan, but for the US. China shows
    its capacity to solve a Taiwan problem by force to predict an attempt to
    use the island for strengthening of U.S military presence, aggressive
    activity of U.S. special services through Taiwan or an economic sabotage
    threatening it. In other cases, Beijing would much prefer to reintegrate
    Taiwan without having to resort to force, but by cultural, economic and
    political tools. Moreover, it already has a successful experience of
    lost territories reintegration: Macau and Honk Kong.

    6.Another area of the US-China geopolitical confrontation is the Indian
    Ocean. U.S. strategists, media outlets and public experts argue India is
    rival state for China. Monetary wealth and power growth of both states
    will result in inevitable clashes between them. According to them,
    motive behind “string of pearls” strategy isn’t solving logistical
    problems of China’s Maritime Silk Route but encircling India. If
    established commercial ports will be militarized with PLA Navy. The
    concerns about China’s influence in the Indian Ocean Region empower the
    US to involve India in the American area of influence as a part of the
    global anti-China strategy. Good news for Washington is India has been
    actively building a new powerful fleet including aircraft carrier
    groups. So, it could be a very useful tool. Directly, Chinese and Indian
    maritime interests face in Sri Lanka leaving the India’s area of
    influence under the impact of China’s economic projects. For Beijing,
    ports of Sri Lanka funded by Chinese investments are a cell in planned
    maritime infrastructure from South China to Pakistan, a natural opponent
    of India involved in China’s Maritime Silk Route. The US will likely use
    these features to set on fire China-India relations to use Indian
    political, military and economic power to discourage Beijing from
    adopting its maritime policy in the Indian Ocean.

  24. 3.Armed with its unparalleled navy, the US gets a louder voice and more
    power to restrict military or economy use of the oceans by other
    countries. In other words, it indicates the US intention to control the
    trade in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific or even monopolize it in those
    waters. Here the problem is. In April China overtook the United States
    as the world’s top importer of crude oil and 80% of this oil and many
    other important resources China imports through the Malacca Strait which
    Chinese navy doesn’t control. In this context it’s clear why Beijing
    claims sovereignty over nearly all of the South China Sea and is
    building a military base in Djibouti. China supports counter piracy
    operations in the Gulf of Aden, conducts humanitarian assistance and
    disaster response missions enabled by its hospital ship, and
    participates in large-scale, multinational naval exercises. Washington
    immediately protested against the China–Djibouti relations and expressed
    concern over China’s plans to build a military base in the Obock region,
    but to no avail. China has to defend the supply of oil at its long way
    and isn’t able to do it now. The problem is it doesn’t have enough naval
    bases at the vital shipping lines yet. “String of pearls” strategy
    initially suggested as a series of sea ports and naval bases stretching
    along the Indian Ocean has to solve the issue. The seaports will be
    support places and investments that could pay dividends on a strategic
    level while causing broader security amenities.

    4.China’s naval defense strategy is grounded on the combination of
    “offshore waters defense” with “open seas protection” concepts. The
    “offshore waters defense” consists of two missions. One is to protect
    China’s eastern coastal area, which has the country’s most economically
    vibrant region. The other is to ensure the safety of the expanding
    shipping lines that are vital to China’s economic growth. “Open seas
    protection” concept also has two elements. One is to extend maritime
    protection to waters over 600 miles from the Chinese coast by building
    supply depots in the disputed South China Sea, trying to conduct
    submarine activities in the Indian Ocean and acquiring bases beyond the
    region. The other is to develop capabilities to conduct non-conventional
    security operations outside the region, such as naval diplomacy, joint
    maritime law enforcement and humanitarian assistance. Compared with the
    United States, the PLA Navy has sufficient self-defense capabilities,
    but deficiency in cross-region operations and force projection is
    evident, thought Beijing is trying to change that. On the other side
    China’s unique geographic location allows it to establish control over
    its local seas–the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea and the South China
    Sea. That is what the United States has accused China of doing in the
    last five to 10 years–the so-called “anti-access/area denial, A2/AD” or
    the “fortress fleet” strategy. This is the real reason of boiling over
    the China’s island-building work in South China Sea. Washington is
    sufficiently alarmed by a perspective to lose the maritime control in
    the region and has started the naval force race under an umbrella term
    of “all domain access”. Despite this, Beijing is adamant. In June, China
    said it was shifting work on disputed South China Sea islets from the
    dredging of land to the construction of military and other facilities.

  25. 1.The US sea services has released a new maritime strategy, a plan that
    describes how the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard will design,
    organize, and employ naval forces in support its global dominance. The
    new strategy titled, “A Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower”
    highlighted “forward,” “engaged,” and “ready” as key words and kept the
    original theme of “ensuring our capability to intervene overseas.” It
    calls for increasing the Navy’s forward presence to 120 ships by 2020,
    up from about 97 ships today. This includes forward-basing four
    ballistic-missile-defense destroyers in Spain and stationing another
    attack submarine in Guam by the end of 2015. The Navy is scheduled to
    increase presence in Middle East from 30 ships today to 40 by 2020. The
    strategy reinforces the continued need to strengthen partnerships and
    alliances by stressing the importance of operating in NATO maritime
    groups and participating in international training exercises. The US
    strategy emphasizes operating forward and making proxies across the
    globe, especially in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

    2.Thus, the hard anti-Russian rhetoric of Washington is a side of
    the global stand-off. Very same time, the United States is preparing to
    go deeper in deal with China. The US strategists are concerned about
    rise of Chinese naval forces and its expansion to the Pacific Ocean.
    Particularly, they aimed to prevent a situation when China will be able
    to defend particular zones of sea communications from foreign
    intervention. This is Chinese DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile
    purpose. In 2008 the U.S. Department of Defense estimated that China had
    60-80 missiles and 60 launchers. The risk of establishing area denied
    operational environment, for instance in South China Sea, worries
    architects of the strategy. Since the American ‘pivot’ toward Asia, a
    tolerant term for the US deterrence policy against China, in 2011 United
    States Navy has deployed 60 percent of all it powers in Asia-Pacific
    region. Indeed, the US Navy is ready to deploy more in order to
    establish own control in China’s zone of interest.

  26. Leading german think tank exposed the US coup in Ukraine and imperialistic ambition back in 2009.

    IMI-Analyse 2009/013, in: IMI/DFG-VK: Kein Frieden mit der NATO

    Imperial Geopolitics: Ukraine, Georgia and the New Cold War between NATO and Russia

    von: Martin Hantke | Veröffentlicht am: 1. Januar 2009


    Hier finden sich ähnliche Artikel

    Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand current and future U.S., EU and NATO policy. Over ten years ago the former National Security Advisor gave a graphic description of the imperatives of imperial geopolitics. He argued that the U.S.A.’s position of supremacy should be preserved under all circumstances. To this end NATO, acting as a “bridgehead” of the U.S.A., should expand into Eurasia and take control of geostrategically important regions so as to prevent Russia’s resurgence as a powerful political force.

    Brzezinski had in mind two countries or regions in particular: “Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chessboard is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire. Russia without Ukraine can still strive for imperial status, but it would then become a predominantly Asian imperial state, more likely to be drawn into debilitating conflicts with aroused Central Asians, who would then be supported by their fellow Islamic states to the south.” […] “However, if Moscow regains control over Ukraine, with its 52 million people and major resources as well as access to the Black Sea, Russia automatically again regains the wherewithal to become a powerful imperial state, spanning Europe and Asia.“1 Brzezinski argued further that there was an imperative need to gain control of the southern Caucasus, i.e. Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, on Russia’s southern flank. The past master of U.S. geopolitics set out the aim and purpose of NATO policy with impressive clarity: “The United States and the NATO countries – while sparing Russia’s self-esteem to the extent possible, but nevertheless firmly and consistently – are destroying the geopolitical foundations which could, at least in theory, allow Russia to hope to acquire the status as the number two power in world politics that belonged to the Soviet Union.”

  27. Dude you don’t know anything, you need to read something other then Drudge report and Brietbart to understand why countries are behaving the way they are toward the US; and spoiler alert, have been for about 15 years, long before the black guy came along.
    The reason you see it now is because the election of the black guy scared the spit out of you, so you started paying attention and you turned to hard right propaganda sources for your “news”.

  28. Dude you don’t know anything, you need to read something other then Drudge report and Brietbart to understand why countries are behaving the way they are toward the US, and spoiler alert, have been for about 15 years, long before the black guy came along. The reason you see it now is because the election of the black guy scared the sh!t out of you, so you started paying attention and you turned to hard right propaganda sources for your “news”.

  29. What, Russia’s illegal annexation is actually a smear campaign against Russia? What, would Russia’s continued occupation of Georgian and Moldovan territory also also be a smear against Russia? Would the questions BY RUSSIANS that the Baltic States illegally declared independence from the Soviet Union (and the fact that the USSR illegally annexed those countries in the first place) be a smear against Russia? Really?

    China’s actions in the South China Sea? A smear against China? China’s illegal claims against Taiwan? Smear against China? China’s bullying of Burma in the case of Chinese loggers poaching in the Burman forests a smear against China? China’s using its military to threaten its neighbors is a smear against China? Really?
    You have a sick sense of smearing. The truth is a smear. Lies are truth. Sounds like Newspeak from 1984.

  30. Did you even understand what i am trying to say? Elder Bush antagonized Russia but he befriended with China, he saved China from full economic sanction issued by congress in 1990 after Tiananmen incident. Bill Clinton didnt antagonize both China and Russia, Bush tried to antagonize China, after 9/11 he befriended with China just like his father. And he went for Russia after Georgia. Now this idiotic blackie suddenly join the game cluelessly pushed every enemy to each other against us.

  31. The US version: “Russia is the only country on earth that contains a nuclear capability that could destroy the United States,” General Mark Milley told the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    “It’s an existential threat to the United States, so it has capability. Intent, I don’t know; but the activity of Russia since 2008
    has been very, very aggressive,” he added. To wit, Russia has bombed and invaded several countries and has been involved in several major conflicts like…..uhh

    The Russian version: “The US is the only country on earth that contains a nuclear capability that could destroy the Russia,” General Sergei Bullshittikow told the members of the Kremlin Armed Services.

    “It’s an existential threat to the Russia, so it has capability and intent judging from its actions since the Soviet Union collapsed and its activity and expansionism has been extremely aggressive, and the activity of the US since the late ’90’s
    has been very, very aggressive,” involving the constant Eastward expansion of NATO, the bombing of Yugoslavia and Libya, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the coup in Ukraine.

    The displaced and murdered civilians that Russia has been responsible for pale in comparison with the millions civilians that US and NATO actions have displaced and the thousands they have killed, not to mention the material damage that they have caused.

    This Polina Tokinova is she really exists, should withdraw her head from her arce and look at reality before writing fiction.

  32. Here I deal in facts, not one liners. One liners are the choice weapon of feeble minds, because, as you can see with yours, they say nothing, they mean nothing w/o basis, explanations. The problem with you and people like you is that you can’t handle the truth. Let me copy and paste what you don’t want to acknowledge but facts corroborate: “In Iraq……I estimate the number of war-related dead to be at least 600,000 and possibly as much as one million.” And guess what, others put that figure to 1million 300K innocent civilians.

    The sad truth about all this carnage by a supposedly “Christian and democratic” nation has to be the embedded media. Here what the BBC reports about casualties of war: “BBC report: much Iraq violence goes unreported” So the figure about one million 300K massacred by America has to be double, triple what these figures show. Now, show me where Russia has killed that many? There is no figure, reliable that is, that can claim that Russia and or China have killed more civilians than we had. Ergo, your stupid comment is dismissed for being, what else, pure propaganda, pure lies. Here what the NYT says: “Iraq War widows in distress, says N.Y. Times, and number 740,000 .” And that, I’m sure, doesn’t count the hundreds of thousands of children killed for oil and under false pretenses. And here, the nail in the coffin of your stupidity, let me show you, how many innocent civilians has America killed, again, from the same source: ”
    Claims of “victory” and the human cost in the Bush years
    A new analysis of the total fatalities in the Iraq war during the presidency of George W. Bush demonstrates that the likely number is between 800,000 and 1.3 million. The analysis appears in The Nation (Feb. 16, 2009) and can also be read here.”
    Now, if you Google how many innocent civilians Russia and or China have killed since 9/11, you get zero.
    And how do you like them apples?

  33. I wont even attempt to show you how full of spit you are by pointing out how every right wing idiot elected President save the elder Bush has done nothing but antagonize Russia behind the scenes, you bigotry shows you to be one of the right wingers so consumed by your racist hate that you cant even try to hide it like the majority of the right wingers on these boards so facts are meaningless to you.

    So I will merely speak to you in the language you are accustomed too, go die in a fire you right wing re tard.

  34. 50 years; you should recheck your numbers, this country has been at war for nearly all of its history, show me a stretch in American history where we have not had troops in other countries, or been on the border of a sovereign nation conducting military exercise. Tell me how this country would react if Canada started allowing Russia and China to conduct military exercises on it soil with thousands or soldiers and hundreds of pieces of military hardware.

  35. The reason why i posted this comment is I never saw Obama show allegiance to any other religion. I heard him state he was christian but we know he’s a liar. It was strange for him to go along with the Muslims especially after this Iran deal. Made me wonder really who is he?

  36. You are trying to speak logic to fools, most of the people in the comment sections online are right wing trolls; they spend their days listening to right wing radio and their nights watching Fox News, they live in a bubble of Christian brainwashing and Conservative political propaganda, facts are fiction, science is the tool of the devil and one day Jesus will smite their enemies and peace and freedom will rain from the skies. These folks do not read, they have no knowledge of history, even their own, beyond an elementary school level and they are closed off to anything that doesn’t fit their American centered worldview.

  37. The US is always fighting and preparing for the last war. Tell me Tex, who have we beaten with our almighty military, Iraq, Afghanistan?

    I have bad news for you jack, we are already at war, it is being fought in cyberspace as we speak and we are behind!

  38. He is an American, we are programmed from birth by a Jingoistic propaganda machine that is feed into our brains from day one, we are also told anything like the facts you have stated here, are just lies from commie, left wing, liberals bent on destroying Murica.

  39. Its a good thing, we have gotten too big for our britches and it has made us arrogant bullies, maybe now we can start focusing on our countries needs instead of trying to dominate the world.

  40. This is a good trend.Where there is a dominate r, other people’s voices are not heard. Where there is competition, there is fear of one another and this creates consciousness and careful decision making. A runner will not maintain the winning position for ever for his/her talent and skill is learnt by other competitors as he continuous participating in the competition.
    So USA should not continue to think that she is the only BULL in the kraal other bulls are there too to challenge her.
    We the silent watchers only cry for peace and sustainable development for all humanity and the ecosystem. A greedy wolf would chase many preys at the same time but ends up by loosing all.

  41. BRICS are half of the population in the world . They are dropping the dollar . And you ( if you live in the states )have food on the table because of China . China has more American dollars then the USA is worth .Look at your phone . Made in China . If they drop American obligations on the market , American and world economy is going to be in Ruins .

  42. Matt .you should be a Fox News writer . You’d make a good one . As in they don’t know jack dookie. About Russian Military tech . Stealth helicopter? It’s called KA-52 . Look it up before posting some stupid crap . Russian army is the 2nd strongest in the world rated by top world military experts . Outdated ? Lol. Topol-M ? YarS ? T-90? TU-160 ? Iskander ? Tos 1a ? Pak-fa T-50 ? Su-34 su 37 ? These are a fraction of Russian Tech in military that has no analogs in the world. Space taxi ? Yes . There is no other mean of getting to space . Other than the most reliable Ricker EVER the SOYUZ space craft . Americans are also purchasing Rocket engines for their rockets RD-180 Made by who ? Yes . Russia . USA don’t have their own bud . .who is the world’s largest oil producer ? Who has the world’s largest Gas reserves? You are in a world of delusion bro .

  43. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    纪录片《钓鱼岛真相》 导演:Chris D. Nebe (Diaoyu Islands: The Truth)


    Better understanding of history and tragedies of the past can only reconcile

    dispute of the Diaoyu / Senkaku and Taiwan islands.

    America can ill afford to confront China while defending Japan’s theft of disputed Diaoyu / Senkaku islands

  44. Ok . I’m not going to do your research. Look it up , your hands aren’t tied up. South Africa has a lot of diamond reserves but it only accounts to mere 12% of world’s supply , south Africa is the 4th largest , bro . I think you made an assumption by watching blood diamonds with decaprio. 3rd world country ?! What ? I don’t even know what to say to that …. they are part of BRICS nations . There are no 3rd world countries in it . Now …. about Crimea . What do you know about Crimea . How long has Crimea been part of Ukraine ? Who gave Crimea to Ukraine ? Why ? What do you know about Crimea or the history of Ukraine ? Crimea was Ukraine for a mere of 40 years . Before that Crimea was part of Russian empire for hundreds of years . Next . WMD were never found . That a heap of BS . Look at pics of Baghdad, libiya Syria before war . They were thriving like any other city . And USA took over them not because of war cap that you were Fed but because they decided to trade oil for gold and not dollars. Then also u said First strike weapons …. United States army is located all over the world . What the hell is that ? Donkey carrieges or possibly weapons of war ?? Yeah….

  45. Houllier has sold his conscience and has lost his sense of justice because he has been baby fed with CNN ………… smear campaigns against China and Russia since childhood. He has eyes but cannot see the evil meddling of world affairs around the globe by US. That is the same problem with many of the contributors to this forum. To make the story short, US will get the ashes she asks for in the next WW.

  46. So what your saying is cause Russia has a space program their somehow rich. Cause last time I checked the American space and research programs have accomplished way more then anything Russia has done. Just going too Pluto alone dwarfs Russia let alone Ceres and landing in asteroids. Also Russia has ferried American astronauts for money their nothing more the a taxi. While spacex and Boeing work on next gen space transport. Now best weapons in the world America. Russia can’t even compare. Where is Russia’s stealth helicopters oh they dont have any. What about aircraft carriers America just built the largest and most high tech in the world. Russia didn’t even get theirs finished by the French. Minerals North America is filled with natural resources Russia is nothing special other then tatanium mines but Russia is so poor they can’t even afford alcohol anymore. Americans navy has ice breakers my grandfather worked on them and Russia is not special they don’t even have their own computer chips for military hardware they have too outdated versions from America and other countries. So all in all I barely touched on how Russia is a dump a fallen empire that has been relighted too being a scrap yard of old soviet era left overs. It only has narcissists that lie too themselves that their strong cause that’s all they have left to cling too from their junkyard they call home.

  47. You don’t understand, if they are not depending on IMF & WB then there will be strong economic consequences on western economy. Also not trading in dollars will lead to… you know what?

  48. If you say Russia is a broke then there`re some questions. Who has mineral resources (the full list of Mendeleev`s Chart)? Who has the best weapons in the world (Kalashnikov, Yars, Armata and what nots).Who sends your American astranauts to space? Can you explore Arctic without Russian icebreakers?

  49. Sorry commie fantasy writer…….The U.S. has a more powerful and more modern military than Russia and China combined…………..

  50. Kuwait has been part of Iraq for millennia and was split from Iraq by the British. Ben Laden is of course a U.S. creature, you forgot the C.I.A. support of Ben Laden when it was useful against the Soviets in Afghanistan. More than one hundred thousand Iraqi civilians killed was the result of the «shock&awe» carpet bombing from U.S. in Iraq for nothing. WMD anywhere? You forgot also the 4 million Vietnamese villagers burnt with Napalm from U.S. Are you happy?

  51. Hey! Why do not you write that members of French parliament in the Crimea! They were surprised to find that the inhabitants of Crimea are happy to return to Russia! They say that God has saved us from a second Donbas.

  52. No one to blame but greedy American corporations when most of them exported American jobs to China which helped the Chinese amassed the wealth they have now..Soon it is the same American corporations who will be losing out and it is beginning to happen in their very own eyes !

  53. Russia is a waste land and china is way too over populated nothing to worry about they certainly can’t take care of each other! unless one only buys oil and gas and the other Junk.

  54. You are the second sick Russian troll upping the time clock, trying to avoid Stalin’s 30 million murdered “Before” WW11. Lets not forget the million you murdered in Poland and Finland while you and Hitler

  55. Well, already in California more than half of the population speak at home other language than English, either Spanish or Mandarin. Good luck.

  56. What we have here is a totally incompetent non sensical news article written by a Russian educated news writer (Polina Tikhonova), quoting James Henry Fetzer ( More recently known for his conspiracy theories surrounding JFK, 9/11 and the Holocaust stating they are all contrived BS invented by the US and Israel, as reported on Press T.V. (Iranian TV). Talk about an ill wind from the latrine.

  57. Yeah, it’s always some one else, not us! You are very naïve and believe every propaganda and lie put out by our government! How many different wars have we gotten into in the last 50 years? What a coincidence, that non of them we started, we were ALWAYS drawn into it!

  58. The US government is VERY sneaky and unethical. It wants to portrait to the rest of the world that we’re honest, free loving people and would never anything to anyone else (notice, it’s always someone else doing us wrong), but behind other countries back, we do everything and anything possible to screw others, have the upper hand and continue our world domination/imposition. Prime example is Russia, to their face we pretend we’re good friends and would never do anything to hurt them, behind their backs we enlist countries to joined NATO to further encircled their country with more bases/missiles, proposed a missile shield claiming it’s against Iran, when we know fully well, it’s against Russia cause Iran doesn’t have the capabilities, spend 10 billion dollars to overthrow the Ukrainian government sympathetic to Russia and wrestled the country away from Russia’s orbit of influence and trade, part of the plan was to take away Russia’s naval installations in Crimea, they wanted to cut off Russia from their centuries old bases and put them in NATO’s hands, but Russia threw in a wrench on our devious plans and since we weren’t able to have our way cause Russia annexed the peninsula of Crimea, now we want to destroyed Russia’s economy by imposing sanctions and making our allies in Europe do the same! Some friends we are. Like that,you don’t need any enemies!

  59. You have some valid points, but you are unaware that our State Dept. set up the coup d’etat that overthrew the Elected president of Ukraine and put some far right wingers of Svoboda into power. They started killing ethnic Russians, so Russia got the Crimeans to vote for annexation to save their naval base in Sevastopol that State wanted to take away and move NATO into. I read about it in Washington Post and saw and heard things on CNN, so it’s not “Russian propaganda”.

  60. The Biggest Danger to the USA is Within our government. Neo-fascists are in IRS, State Department, NSA, FCC, etc. As you say, we are going to find the end of our democracy, unless we wake up and start Cleaning Out the bureaucrats and the Agent of the Mililtary-Industrial Complex in both partise. Rand Paul forced the reactionaries to do Something about NSA, but the majority still do not want to Really clean it out.

  61. Although your argument has some merit, I Totally Disapprove of your Racism. You must remember that Obama began in 2009 by stopping missile installation in Poland, so he acted wisely then, but he has let himself be dominated by the Stupid Bureacrats at State Department who have tried to push Russian into a corner. They must be fired and Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State must be Impeached and imprisoned for her anti-democratic recklessness and causing the death of so many thousands in Ukraine. She is a Fascist and a threat to the US way of life and our reputation in the world.

  62. It is Our State Department that has Created the problems with Russia. They decided to make of Russia an “Enemy”. How Stupid ! One does not try to make enemies: one tries to at least to keep from making enemies if not making friends.
    With their Manipulation of NATO, they have surrounded Russia with missiles and NATO members. When the president of Georgia lobbed shells at Russians in the rebelling regions of Abkhazia and South Osssetia, the Russians only Reacted but did not create aggression. It was recognized at the time, even though we backed the Georgians, that it had been a stupid mistake by the Georgian president.
    Then, State decided that they wanted to use the protests of Maiden Square to overthrow the Elected government of Viktor Yanukovych, so they used armed members of Right Sector, who were reported by BBC with alarm, and they added the Svoboda Party, which had been condemned as neo fascist by the EU in 2012 to stage a Violent coup d’etat and replace the Elected government with a right wing dominated couo regime as arranged by Victoria Nuland, Asst. Sec.of State for Europe. Her reaction to the manipulation was, “F..k the Europeans”, a comment later made public in a phone call with the US ambassador to Kyiv. .
    The Russians saw the threat from the neo fascist Svobodas, and pushed the ethnic Russian majority of Crimea to vote for annexation to Russia, thus saving the strategic Russian naval base of Sevastopol from NATO hands.
    Svobodas in the Security offices began to repress brutally ethnic Russian protests against the coup d’etat. Washington Post online reported five dead in Slovyansk and “dozens” in Odessa. Then the Ukrainian regime started to bombard and bomb from the air the cities of Luhansk and the large industrial city of Donetsk, killing and wounding civilians, as reported in both CNN and Washington Post. The fighting in those places got furious and the Russians “secretly” intervened, both to aid their ethnic brethren as well as for their own interests. All this was “protested” by Washington, as if it had not been caused by State’s outrageous aggression.
    Thousands started to die, and then there was the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines plane flying over the war zone that other airlines were avoiding. Ukrainian sources reported on CNN saying that they intercepted messages of the rebels saying that they had shot down another Antonov large troop transport, so it was clearly a case of mistaken identity, as demonstrated by the Ukrainian authorities themselves, but Our government tried to make the rebels look bad. The Svobodas began talking about the rebels as “terrorists”.
    A later push by rebel and Russian forces took the area of Marioupol near the Sea of Azov. The Ukrainian Army had “volunteer” battalions of right wingers from Ukraine and other countries fighting with them, a suspicious activity reported by several media, including Washington Post and CNN. An Italian TV team tried to interview Ukrainian fighter in the region, but one dressed in a Ukrainian Army uniform said in American English, “Please get out of my face”, as he hid his face with his hand. The video appeared on Yahoo News, so there are Americans undercover there.
    Secretary Kerry in April visited Moscow for the First time in Two years, in spite of the deaths and destruction being caused by Victoria Nuland’s intervention in Ukrainian affairs. Congress debated whether to send more arms to Ukraine to increase the number of deaths and amount of damage.
    President Obama and Secretary Kerry have done Nothing to stop the warfare and killing, to the shame of our country. A recent poll in Germany showed that most Germans no longer feel that we are a force for freedom and democracy and rightly so, since our government has only Threatened Russia with NATO, more arms to Ukraine, and Sanctions, which they actually pushed the Europeans to increase, an act which has also aided in the fall of the Euro by about 30 per cent in the last year.
    SHAME SHAME SHAME on our Government and the Stupids at State, who have Alienated the Russians after decades of Careful Diplomacy by both Republican and Democratic governments to keep Dialog going and keep them Away from China. Now the unity between China and Russia will Undo all the work of the past and may lead to the fall of the Dollar. What STUPIDS are at STATE
    Clean out the leading Bureaucrats at State and Impeach Victoria Nuland. Start Diplomacy and Dialog with Russia and regain political and military Equilibrium. .

  63. buckterp has a very shallow thought, N. Korea threat is harped up by US and her watch dog Japan for the excuse to build up the biggest missile defense system the world has ever seen around China, to contain China so to speak. In layman’s term for buckterp, to strangle China. How would buckterp react if he is being strangled.

  64. who has killed the most civilians, and counting ,in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria since 9/11? Who funded and trained ISIS to overthrow assad? who murdered Saddam? Both Assad and Saddam had their people, basically, lived in peace! how did the mess in Ukraine come about?

    You are blind, ignorant and a complete moron. I hope your master paid you well moron.

  65. Russia, China, India, and Pakistan are all “allies”? You are joking, right? India-Pak, and India-China are very possible war combinations. The Asia Times is an unedited blog filled with content by hacks. The “mighty” emergence of the BRICS bank? What does that mean? What was “mighty” about it? In fact, BRICS seemed to have fallen off the radar before the bank opening. Let’s be clear: BRICS = Brazil (major economic problem and not a global player on any level), Russia (huge economic problems that will not go away anytime soon and the country is a major source of problems for the EU), India (the only solid player in the list), China (economic meltdown on the horizon and the greedy country has alienated nearly everyone in the region with the exception of pathetic Cambodia, who they bought), and South Africa (nearly a failed state; it’s inclusion in the acronym BRICS goes to show what a JOKE the “group” is…)

  66. Hahaha…….yeah incompetent. That’s why we need to elect another brilliant strategist like George Dubya right? You morons crack me up.

  67. Jerry, buckterp, at least you had a constructive thought, that is more than can be said for most comments, However, Taiwan has been considered part of China since when Kissinger was Secretary of State, in the 70’s, and the two governments are in agreement, most of the time, and growing closer.
    North Korea is a different matter, China has a degree of control over them, but not total. Kim Chung Um, knows the length of his chain, stretches only to making threatening remarks, not carrying them out. He is kind of like China’s Doberman, barking fiercely, straining at his chain, & snarling .
    Should China be attacked, militarily, China would of course turn North Korea loose on whoever was attacking them. Neither China nor Russia want war with anyone, Russia would be ruined financially, & China would suffer horrible loss of life. But, the nation or nations that did this would also be destroyed, & the world would never recover. Don’t even think of this as an option, it is horrible beyond anyone’s imagination, this would be an all out nuclear world destruction.

  68. China and Russia are creating the problems that have all of their neighbors concerned. Burma, Vietnam, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, India and others are concerned about China. Russia has already taken parts of Georgia, Ukraine and Modolva and have the Baltic states, Poland and Finland (among others on edge). And the U.S. is the problem? Excuse me?

  69. RUSSIA + CHINA is American worst nightmare, this was the common sense since Nixon/Kissinger, every white president had handled this part of diplomacy with extra carefulness, none of them tried to piss off both Russia and China altogether in the same time, until this clueless blackie president mindlessly stepped in the landmine. All he want to do is to show he is not a weak blackie, he is still not realizing what he did wrong….

  70. BRICS, SCO, actual IRAN alliance to subdue the ISIS infested Middle East and N. Africa with a fake nuke deal to refinance Iran aiding them to do so. Aggressive threats and posturing, annexations, and national interests and ally defenses probing by China and Russia. The development of the AIIB as the for-runner to an IMF and World Bank of China and rebirth of an Iranian led (Shia) Persia. The horrible trade deals against American workers, and the widening divide between poor and rich there and in other EU / UN Nations whose Oligarchs live comfortably. The continued outflow of US money overseas to special interests, with continued good job losses here with deteriorating infrastructure and growing welfare state. The US governments seeming attacks on civil liberties, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, and obvious instigation’s provoking divisive unrest among its people. A USA that is financially deficient will become technologically lagging, and military weakened. A for the most part: Free World would have still better than what I foresee coming from a China, Russia, and Iranian Persia domination of the world Empirically, Tyrannically, Financially, Militarily, and Technologically. The Free World Will Be Gone Forever at this stage of human technological advancement. The lagging will never be able to catch up at this point and it’s a really bad time to hand over the reigns to them now. Recognizing that Your Absolute Biggest Dangers in the world is in the most unlikely of places. No not China, Russia, or even Iran or ISIS, It’s the United Mafia Nations, followed by the European Mafia Union. These are the folks that took the jobs from us and gave them to Asia in the First Place. They Are The Enablers of this entire Fiasco through their manipulations and meddling’s against both friend and foe to include the Mafia members of our own Government embedded on both sides of the aisle. Now you know why the USA’s Executive Branch is not actively stopping and even possibly enabling: ISIS, China, Russia, and the Iranian Persia to rise up against you. Maybe, we will sit this one out because apparently we don’t know what red lines are because when we thought we saw one – none of you did! The worst part about Being a Bullies Bully, is then being perceived as a bully by the bullied bullies who now call you the bully to their once bullied and the once bullied start to believe the former bullies about who the real bully was. Piss Off The USA Your On YOUR OWN to fight your own battles. Let Us know how that goes Cowards!!!

  71. Don’t forget stealing and copying things from other countries. You don’t really think they have the technical knowledge to design a 5th gen fighter do you ? Of course not, they stole it from the US. They counterfeit electrical devices, cars, etc…

  72. You forgot the most important contingent: rich Chinese and 274,000 Chinese students in the US.
    Last year, 2014, the largest group of LEGAL immigrants to the US? Guess! Chinese, yes, Chinese.

  73. hey, I love fireworks as much as anybody, but Chinese hasn’t meant “innovation” for 2000 years!
    Over-inflated economy=crash=public unrest=hooray!

  74. Sure…Russia population, 140 million & shrinking…America is 310 million & increasing. Russia’s only products are oil & vodka…with oil running out in about 50-60 years (another $50 billion Olympics, anyone?)
    China goes from nothing to economic powerhouse in 35 years…Russian OLIGARCHS go from nothing to corrupt billionaires in same time, Russia (Moscow excluded) is still a backwater nation

  75. The US is the only threat to the world peace, stability and prosperity. China on the other hand has done more positive contribution to the world, especially to the developing nations. Why would the US always trying to put China down when China is actually making the world a better place for everyone in the world not only for the rich countries.

  76. russia will break apart by itself,also,russia never like chin,these 2 are eternal enenmy since the begin of time,now,chin-suk-cox are having a big problem now inside china,lee-suk-cox dont want to tell you that china is in deep sh****t economy,corrupt,pollution,dissident,civil war is imminent,so,stop buying MADE IN CHINA and the world will be peace as stinkychin dies a horrible death of famine and civil war

  77. FINALLY! A REAL “American” (must be, with a “real” name like Mike Smith…question…Where did Putin come from…and…name 3 Russian politicians capable of running Russia? (Medvedyev doesn’t count) Can’t do it? Why? Your media now portrays Putin as the ONLY one who can save Russia? (wtf? is exactly what everyone asked themselves when Yeltsin introduced him).
    Regardless of political party, in America we have 15 to 20 politicians who could do a decent job of running the country (and, we have a 2 or 3 year vetting process, so the CITIZENS can make their decision with a lot of information to go by.)

  78. Why do Americans create their own enemies?
    1. China. Opened up china to the world. Transferred manufacturing. Improved China’s Economy which in turn gave rise to China’s Military.
    2. ISIS. Removed “evil” dictators that can actually control the muslims. ISIS was born after the power vacuum.
    3. Russia. Well, this one is not america’s fault I think unless americans tried to change the status quo by trying to bring in other countries to NATO. Don’t get why you guys hate each other. lol. But I think, the status quo should’ve remained and you guys wouldn’t have this headache.

  79. lol…we only care about the Chinese (only other superpower) threat, and maybe crazy people running Russia/Iran/Korea.

    HERE’S a deal that the Chinese would jump at, and which might actually lesson the risk of two future wars: We tell China that they can have Taiwan, if they sell out N. Korea.

  80. China and,Russia have murdered ten times the people that have been killed(usually by accident) in U.S. campaigns. More fact less fiction man.

  81. Wrong,Wrong,Wrong and,Wrong again First of all Diamond values are manipulated around the world.Africa has more Diamonds than anyone and,theyre a third world country. Russia can protect it’s territory all it wants but,Crimea is not it’s territory…that would be called an invasion.Russia is the one that violated the missle treaty not the U.S. and,those countries that surround Russia are scared to death,as they should be,and,why is a defensive missle a threat to Russia? The Iskander and,topoL M,are first strike nuclear weapons…entirely different deal.Those wars you mention were all started by criminal govts that had to be reined in for one reason or another…mostly genocides.This world would be screwed without the United States…Period. BTW…Thay did find WMD’s and,there will be more found in the future…just watch.

  82. Here’s their contribution…Russia supplies oil…WE use it for cars…the Chinese use it to make cheap plastic shift to send back to the Russians

  83. His names are epic man…Schmuck…Stinker…not only is he a troll but,an old one at that.Who talks like that anymore? He thinks that Washington pays trolls…Ha,Ha,Ha,Ha….Nice. No buddy,we have real paying jobs in this country,Our govt isn’t as stupid as yours is…close,but not there yet.

  84. Actually….none of that is true and,China is already getting in bigger financial trouble than anyone ever thought possible.Russia is not even worth pissing on at this point.

  85. Those lazers are space based and,If any country is gonna take the chance of using nukes on U.S. soil they will cease to exist.

  86. Yes, it is a kind of slam, it is call sarcasm, you are welcome. And I have lived in China for 3 years, very few things he said is true.

  87. A poll was taken in Russia and 61% of those polled said it was OK for the Russian media to stretch the truth when reporting. 51% said it is OK for the Russian media to outright lie to them. Form your own opinion.

  88. how did the US citizens elected Obama? Americans must be stupid and fooled by those politicians, Americans are being brain washed without realizing it, it is because the government politicians are so cool and smart to use freedom and democracy as a banner, so common Americans takes it for granted ! Americans are being brain washed because they believe everything the government said and being too lazy to think is a big problem for all …..

  89. Iraq invading Kuwait was the U.S.’s fault? Bin Laden was our fault? The middle east killing each other for hundreds,even thousands of years is our fault? What about The use of Chemical weapons on civilians by Iraq and,Iran is our fault? So those chemical weapons add to the stability? I think it’s time for your nap pops.

  90. Why the US always want work against China and Russia and cannot work together with China and Russia who also make contribution to the world and especially to the developing nations?

  91. Your an idiot,First of all…The U.S. has never used a Nuke. The Bombs on Japan were Atomic(Big Difference) and,those bombs saved thousands of lives without forcing an invasion of a country that started war with us.Theres lots of Russian’s all over the world…Is Russia gonna annex them as well? Our warmongering as you call it is a result of stupid childish countries that commit atrocities to man kind and,those victims need someone to stand for them.Funny cause all of Russia’s bordering countries are scared shitless because of them and,that doesn’t happen for no reason. I actually feel a bit sorry for Russia,must suck to be them.

  92. Except it took a democratic congress and,many democrats in the senate to OK the war…so it was the whole country that voted for war and, neither of those two men you are putting that on did it on their own.Dont blame any of those other countries for their policies, just blame it all on the U.S. No country is perfect and,we have our faults but,according to the naturalization and,immigration dept,The U.S.is the most desirable place in the world to immigrate to…That includes a great deal of Russians and,a ton of Chinese. China and,Russia have a bunch of people banging on the door to get in? I didn’t think so.

  93. Your looking stupid now man. Haven’t you ever watched a world war 2 documentary? It’s basically how the war started…Who’s misleading now?

  94. @Hircus Twerp American, You really have a retarded reasoning. Ain’t this a discussion board? You have to reply to the comment’s logic, which your comment in the first place was so hideous and full of resentment to the author. You have to thank me for educating you, dimwit.

  95. Congrat. to Tikhonova who finally come up with a ‘palatable’ article that speaks the real TRUTH for a BIG change. The country that really need to be ‘re-balanced’ is US with her over-sized military ‘coercion’ around the globe. US is the only threat the world is facing, not the CNN and other western media’s smear campaigns about Cuba threat, China threat, Russia threat, Iran threat, ‘freedom of navigation threat’, Irag threat, Syria threat, Vietcong threat, Korea threat, Japanese threat (this is a real exception, the second biggest threat), ……………………………………

  96. That is completely untrue and,you are a brainwashed idiot if you believe that…even though you’ve repeated it a hundred times…Go away now troll.

  97. was that supposed to be some kind of slam or,something? He probably worked there moron,It’s called a job…maybe you should get one.

  98. The US is becoming irrelevant and Americans don’t even know it. The Americans themselves aren’t even aware that their owners, who also control the media and their minds, want to replace them and have removed the southern border for that purpose.

  99. Oh pious hope! Your owners want to replace you. They think you’re under-educated and over-priced. Hence they have virtually removed the southern border

  100. Yes, just like the rotten regime that runs America, and the rotten economic crony capitalistic system that is allowed to rob from the poor and give to the rich. I am all for a true capitalistic system and a country ran by truly honorable people. We don’t have either here. There is no rule of law here anymore as corrupt business and government officials are allowed to continue their illegal ways without any consequences. Just like China and Russia.

  101. America’s great military technology!! Think Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia
    A new world economic order is being set up in which the US will have no part. The US is rapidly becoming a nation of burger flippers, basketball, rapping, celebs, him-with-him marriages. Oh yes and the F-35

  102. ” So many want to come to America” True Nigerians, Ghanaians, Syrians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Samoans, New Guineans, Senegalese, Salvadorians, Hondurians, Garifunkas,…. America is rapidly becoming a Turd World country. America’s owners want it that way.

  103. You forgot to mention the Reconquista of the US by the Mexicans. No war. They just walk into America

    Those are facts.
    The US cities consists mostly of barrios and ghettos linked together with the supermarkets and parking lots by awful integrated American educational system

  104. Hmm…its called the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (look it up, it was in all the newspapers…oops, I mean the ones outside of the Soviet Union).

  105. @manikiatis, If you know the facts, then why don’t you blurt them out. I’m pretty sure I know a lot and you ain’t know squat. Your poor grammar says it all, you’re just an uninformed, bitter and unschooled individual. Go away, twerp.

  106. Russia:

    Total Fertility Rate : 1.45 Births Per Woman Rank : 201
    population : 136 million.
    growth rate : -0.53%
    Life expectancy
    men 61
    women 73

    Those are facts.
    It takes 2.1 births per woman for the population to remain constant.

  107. There needs to be an incentive for american companies to bring back manufacturing to the U.S. If we can get the ball rolling on that issue. We can collapse chine within, without even starting a war. China depends on US to make money.

  108. Obama is Obama. Great president that solved issues and as well moving this country forward. Once again. Romeo G, Your a moron. A complete moron.

  109. Russia is a rust belt state of 140 million drunkards.
    China is a teeming state of 1.35 billion hungry peasants looking ravenously across the common border at empty Siberia. Poor, stupid Russia!
    Both states whipping up anti Americanism to prop up support for their rotten, corrupt regimes.
    2 thieves, putin and xi, pretending 2 b bosom buddies.

  110. Well, believe it or not, Stalin killed more people than Hitler!
    Btw, that line about the Soviet Union ceasing to exist? TELL IT TO PEW-TIN! I don’t think he got the memo!

  111. So US wants Iran as an ally so they can bomb them. Iran is stuck in a dilemma between US and Asia (China and Russia), fortunately, khameini just gave the answer when he said their stance or policies on the US wouldn’t change. its so true, since they signed the deal, Iran signed a lot of business alliance with India, Russia, and Chinese companies. few European counterparts came forward, and France is now trying to push forward. it’s always good to be good outright. As the middle east dominance is turning from the saudis to Iran, how do we reduce the influence of jewish lobbyists on western foreign policies? This is killing businesses and wreaking havocs in peoples pockets and making sure the poor stays there and the wealthiest become richer. Opportunities are very much restricted to those that can push this propaganda, while the other guys (poor guys) would find it even harder to get internship slots at an institution they even qualify to work in.

  112. Hmmm…Cold War: Russia lost
    WWI: Russia lost by giving away huge pice of land to Germany right before Germany surrendered!
    Afghanistan: Russia lost

    And….if/when Russia’s leaders are stupid enough to launch nukes at us….you DO realize that we’ll do the same?
    (oh, that’s right…Romeo knows all ABOUT suicide…ask Juliet!!)

  113. So im assuming your either a Chinese or Russian puppet. You have no idea what the United states is capable of. You have no fact and you know no facts

  114. Lets look at Chinese and Russian military. Chinese are total rookies, no combat experience, basically boys with new toys, can’t even properly cloth their soldiers. Russian Air Force is falling out of the skies, out of date aircraft, shoddy maintenance, conscripts maintaining them. Russia can’t afford to buy all the new military toys it wants, can’t buy western passenger aircraft, economy in a free fall.

    We have nothing to fear from these to communist countries, they are their own worst enemy.

    I’ve grown weary of trying to teach an utterly incompetent, obtuse, legend in his own mind, rookie poster who hasn’t got a clue what he is talking about. Time to wipe your nose, change your diaper, get back in your crib. Not ready to play with the big boys. I’m done with you, no more contact, waste of my time trying to teach you more.

  115. Well…look at the average Russian…gets a decent education, yet is still stupid enough to believe the nonsense coming from Channel 1.

  116. Stop the delusions, there are many religions in America. You choose to be a muslim, a christian or an atheist. People choose to be gays others chose to be straight, God would judge all these people and separate them accordingly. Obama is a good guy, stop spewing lies on him.

  117. No, stinker. You are lying and deceiving, paid Washington’s shill, who keeps spreading BS propaganda here every single day in order to deceive American public.

  118. Russia always had terrible leaders, even after their revolution. My grandmother told me that for a whole field of potatoes they grew they were only allowed to keep a bushel for themselves. There was he artificial famine by Lenin or Stalin that starved to death millions of Russian people. Mao Zedong murdered millions of Chinese. I feel that any so called communist regime have misinterpreted Karl Marx’s idea of communism. It is perverted because it never ended u being a classless society. It was rich government and poor population with no human right. They always tortured executed and imprisoned anyone who believed in God or spoke against the government policies publically. They say the God and religion is an opiate of the people but no where id Karl Marx say that the people should be imprisoned for it beaten, and/or killed and the churches and temples to be vandalized. Maybe Evil forces are loose on earth and the earth is headed for ultimate destruction. Unless China and Russia are completely mad and have lost all sanity a nuclear war will only hurt them as well with fall out spreading throughout the planet. If we put nukes in Japan and the Philippines China would be leveled because their major cities are all on the east coast close too each other and a rain of war heads would be impossible to intercept. We have nuclear missiles hidden in satellites and jamming devices for their missile launch ability. What Russia and China are doing is immature and it is not worth causing a war over. No American would allow Chinese or Russians to rule our nation. Over half of American’s have guns. If they nuked America, what would they gain? Nothing but fallout for decades

  119. @Hircus not American, are you jealous and hurting? If Polina has an excellent degree, how can her brain be severely damaged? Obviously, your incompetent diction says it all, you’re a mentally retarded individual.

  120. Schmuck, of course U.S. will pay for intimidating Russia and China. What are you going to do about it other than passing loud farts?

  121. To China and Russia, it ain’t gonna happen. The mighty US has a very sophisticated weaponry which you dream of reproducing/stealing, so for US to pay for intimidation is too far fetched. US is a force to reckon with, so stop with your absurd threats, they’ll just bite your behinds, ain’t gonna work.

  122. I lived in China for 5 years until recently. the retail sales are falling rapidly and the cost of anything besides food is 30% to 200% higher than what you would pay in U.S. I had to pay three times a higher price for a Canon scanner printer than I would pay in U.S. All imported items are over priced and even Chinese computers are 30% higher in price than U.S. I see their economy falling apart. I saw many stores close down in malls in low tier city in China.. Nobody can make any money. The competition is too great and the rent for stores are way too high. Chinese people are being exploited and their ability to sustain themselves domestically is almost impossible because the average income of the majority can’t afford over priced real estate and other commodities. Only one out of 15 people have an income beyond just paying the rent, food, utilities and clothes. China still has the highest population of poverty in the world. We could hurt China economically by stopping importation of Chinese products and bring our industries home.

  123. Lying and deceiving, paid Washington’s shill, when did Russia made any treaty with Hitler? Hitler killed over 20 million Russians. You comment is purposely misleading in order to deceive American public and to create negative public opinion toward Russia. You and your kind, should slowly burn in hell for this.

  124. And YET, the Chinese nation continues TO THIS DAY? lol

    One of the characteristic of being older is the ability TO ENDURE challenges and tribulations and still just keeping along!

    And while going older, going through and surviving ups and downs and all sorts of CHANGES & challenges ARE PART of existence.

    You will find that out after you are finished with elementary school, and are lucky to have a long life like the Chinese. lol

  125. Dumb, stupid, ignorant and idiotic schmuck, Soviet Union ceased to exist more than quarter century ago. When did “animals in the Kremlin killed more Russians than any other nation”, cretin?

  126. So the Chinese can send people to space (around the planet many times) and back, but they can’t send and explode a few nukes over the USA?
    You obviously know nothing.

    And if you think that your lunatic laser can protect from nukes in the air, then you must be posting from la-la land?

    Remember the Japanese sneak attack? It CAN happen again! And with nukes!

    Truth is; no one with a brain is going to want to take chances with nukes.
    There are so many aircraft flying around and over the USA; anyone of them could carry a nuke if Americans are destined to be nuked.

  127. Their old communism doctrine has long gone. Why would we still treat them as enemies? Do they want to take our freedom? Do they want to kill us? Or do we plan to do something to their countries? Can we leave them alone, and work on our economy instead?

  128. Polina has excellent academic degree, but her brain is severely damaged. It is quite shocking to read this below average report.

  129. I have seen this point of view before and it has to be proven to me that the Russia / China relationship is anything more than show in an attempt to scare the U.S. Fact is Russia has at least 1-2 Centuries at it’s current pace of Economic Growth to replace the United States as China’s largest trading partner. Further Russia is so far behind in military technology that no Chinese General could seriously ponder a military alliance with them. So the dog and pony show of Russia and China getting together in a mutually beneficial relationship in my view is pure bunk and is only meant to intimidate the United States.

  130. U.S. will pay by bleeding the da(mn) chin(ks) to death. Russia is a friend of the U.S., they just haven’t realized the ch(inks) are their enemy yet.

  131. “Basically, the U.S. managed to tear Iran off Russia and China’s hands. Although Iran, which is an ‘observer state’ in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, has not fully sided with the U.S., it started moving in that direction.” Really? You think Iran is on the US’ side? It was Russia and China that rejected Iran’s application for full membership. “And China has greatly suffered from this, having its stock market lose about $3 trillion recently.” Really? You think Iran has that much influence? “Beijing, which is intended to recreate trade routes through the Central Asia, might soon find out that Iran is no more interested in the project of the so called ‘new Silk Road’” Really? You have a Master’s Degree in English Philology? What is “no more interested”? Please get someone to proofread your articles.

  132. In the event of war, Russia by itself could easily turn the whole U.S. into sand. Imagine what could happen to U.S. if China joins Russia. Obama along his so called “war hawks” will kiss Russia/’s behind not to mention China’s. USA in its short history never, ever won even a single war. On the contrary Russia in their long history, never lost even a single war.

  133. I received a photo today showing President Obama giving the Shadaha sign representing the Muslim faith. This was taken at what appeared to be a conference of Muslims. I do not believe this president is concerned about America . From 2008 to present this has been a charade. This could be the reason Obama never uses the word Islamist terrorist. So why can we expect this president to react to China or Russia in any meaningful way? He’s trying to destroy america.

  134. “We aren’t moving anywhere,” US is not moving anywhere, it’s just US military bases and US troops are all over the world =o)

  135. I’m sure Putin is thinking about pushing that Button ? You think there’s a little MMMMMMMMMM? What would happen to his Home Land ? You think ?

  136. I agree…in order to be able to sell planes & cars to China, their govt. requires Buick, Boeing etc to use Chinese subcontractors in Chinese factories…within a few years the Chinese have stolen what they need to then try to sell the same stuff to us!

  137. I’m already paying double for Chinese products ! Its all there is . I look for something made in United States and see nothing , they done sold the whole show to communist and then they have us singing God Bless America ! There nuts !

  138. Well…there WAS the treaty they made with Hitler (with all the talk about fascists in Kiev, Russian media tend to forget about THAT!)

  139. May I remind you that, the only country that has ever used nukes against a non-nuke possesing nation is the US. It rankles me when the US is presented as the good guys, it really does. No nation in our contempurary history has been as warmongering as the US, yet we are bombarded with anti Russian slogans. The Crimea is not land grab, in anyway as compared with the invasion of Iraq many thousand K/m from the US border. A least a sizable proportion of the the Ukrainins are indeed Russians. Ah free press my as*

  140. Blah blah – weaklings always resort to propaganda. Make us pay. The current leaders of Russia and China are the biggest threat to Russia and China. That’s why they focus on the US so much. They want you to forget that the people in your state houses are members of parties that murdered millions of you, during their power grab revolutions.

    Come at us, if that’s what you really want. We aren’t moving anywhere, we will be right in front of those people you seek to smash, then you can pretend we started it, then we can have that war and eliminate the terrorist communists and finally be done with you.

    That’s that. Make us pay.

  141. The only people who want to punish Russians are the Soviets in the Kremlin. Can’t believe you freaks would think of us as your threat, when those animals in the Kremlin killed more Russians than any other nation.

    You’re the ones who want to punish you. Not us. We are just going to stand by Europe, in concern to the terrorist activities, because we have treaties to honor.

    You know what it means to honor treaties, right?

  142. Japan,Vietnam and Phillipines will destroy China while the rest of NATO counters Russia.
    Let us hope there will be no military confrontation, I hope Chinese are smart enough not to align themselves with Russia because Russia has none to lose and China has a vibrant economy.
    While there is rivalry, they are still below the supremacy of the US army.

  143. You fool think that the only purpose in life is to consume and become fat. My friend China has been around for thousands of years. Boycotting their products won’t do much, they still have a big market on the world. Where do you think the average African will buy his car, from General Motors which is ridiculously expensive compared to a Chinese brand

  144. Agree. One has to wonder about the quality of Russian nukes. Air Force planes falling out of the sky, Navy ships and subs rusting away, can’t afford to build all the new tanks and other war toys Putin wants, can’t afford to buy western jet liners, still paying off the Sochi Olympics debt. Yes, Russia is a prime example of what Communism brings to the table.

    Russian people are ok, it is their leaders who suck. Exactly how the utterly dysfunctional US congress and senate rate, in the gutter.

  145. I like your posts. Good work. (I wonder what all the Internet trolls did for the 10 days that Putin “disappeared”?

    Russians will quote a single American (such as Oliver Stone), and cite that as evidence of how our government thinks & feels towards nations such as Russia.

  146. Polina Tikhonova
    Works for the St. Petersburg Russian FEDERAL NEWS AGENCY which is owned by CONCORD a holding company that is owned by EVEGENY PRIGOZHIN.
    FNA is a sister group of INTERNET RESEARCH. Both companies are at 55 Savushkina in North Central St. Petersburg Russia a shoddy area of St. Petersburg. Both companies being recognized Russian troll factories that posts lies and disinformation on as many world news outlets and comments sections.
    55 Savushkina is the building pictured in my avatar.
    Tikhonova quotes a known nut James H Fetzer. A conspiracy nut that denys the holocaust, claims that 9 / 11 was a CIA and Israeli plot. That no actual aircraft hit the twin towers in New York, that the buildings were blown up by explosives in succession to bring it down. Fetzer called for the military overthrow of the US government shortly there after and the list goes on. He is in charge of several dingbat conspiracy groups and claimed that the University of Minnesota sponsored them. The University of Minnesota has disavowed any connection to the groups.

  147. You would be surprised there jukwa. If I country like China or India were to launch their small nuclear arsenal on the U.S., which india couldn’t without ICBM’s and China is still developing the technology for, but if they were, it would be a few hundred weapons at most, and the U.S. has thousands of lasers deployed around the country in multiple layers of defense which would eliminate most, if not all, of those incoming nukes. With MIRV technology, however, it becomes much more uncertain, and China has that capability, or will very soon. Russia and the U.S., however, have had that technology for 50 years, and Russia has thousands of nuclear weapons that could be equipped with multiple warheads, which means possibly tens of thousands of individual reentry vehicles, each nuclear armed, that would have to be eliminated. So, when the Russian trolls claim that Russia is the only country in the world capable of destroying the U.S., they are at least partly correct. But that being said, it goes both ways, as we have nearly as many nukes with the same MIRV technology and Russia has nothing similar to our laser systems to shoot them down, only conventional radar and missile defenses which would be inadequate against thousands of MIRV nukes.

  148. WHO says we are eager to “punish” Russia? Your STUPID news programs? Um…what do the Americans say? Look Buddy, I don’t care about Crimea…just get out of Ukraine, let them join the EU eventually (and never join NATO) and everything is fine.
    Here’s the funniest thing…Russia, a broke country (yes, we Americans have so much debt, but our economy is SOOO much larger than yours, WE can afford it!), has taken on part of Ukraine to support, as its industry has been destroyed, and Kiev isn’t sending money. Smart, Vlad, REALLY SMART!!

  149. OF course we have…and YET, when the had the chance ALL of the Warsaw Pact nations ran to AMERICA for protection from Russia! This stupid site has stories about new bombers, tanks & other weapons but…RUSSIA CANT AFFORD THEM!! Let’s say Russia DOES build their huge new aircraft carrier…um…WHAT bases would it visit because….NO ONE WANTS TO HAVE A RUSSIAN BASE IN THEIR NATION!!!
    Russia is like the friendless kid that tries SO hard to get others to like it, but is so offensive that they are avoided.

  150. Ok, true Phillip, but that was when China really was a third world country. It’s still an extremely poor place by U.S. standards, but they now have a thriving manufacturing sector and economy capable of a lot more then they were 60 years ago, which makes the situation very different. But our Navy is still far superior, even to theirs and Russia’s combined.

  151. Victor, have you spent time in America? As you sit in your cubicle in st. Petersburg, do you realize that Russia makes NOTHING that the world wants!! (except vodka & oiil, and you just sell the oil, you don’t make it). CHINA is the big threat to America. You Russians are so busy trying to get ANYONE to pay attention to you, its pitiful!

  152. General Milley doesn’t have to worry of nuclear capabilities of Russia, or China. USA will destroy itself due to its own idiotic foreign policies. Only USA could elect such an idiot as Bush as a president. His adventures we have to experience still after 15 years of turmoil in the Middle East. Obama, this “Nobel prize winner”, has added to Bush “achievements” by destroying Libya, and arming ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Now we are moving toward a bigger conflict with Russia, meddling into Russia/ Ukraine dispute, without understanding the roots of the conflict. Good luck to all us, God save us from our own idiots.
    Unfortunately our “independent and free” Media instead of educating readers just adds to fire.

  153. Um…WHICH borders? The ones of 2 years ago, or the ones that include parts of Ukraine, Georgia, and (in future) Estonia?
    Btw, WW3 will be started by Putin trying nonsense in Estonia (NATO nation) like he did in Crimea, with “unknown” soldiers, etc, but it will be a big mistake, as we WILL respond to this event. (btw…look up the definition of “fascist”, and compare it to Russia today…SCARY!)

  154. Russia, or former Soviet Union has been for long time able to «destroy» U.S. Notice that it’s the same long period of time the world has not been in a massive destructive war. And China’s, India’s, Pakistan’s and even Iran’s armaments can only add to the stability, because the only significant wars in that period of time have been initiated and developed by the U.S.A.

  155. Ahh the arrival of a St. Petersburg Russian troll.
    The US does not fear Russia. Russia fears the USA.
    The US out guns Russia in all military categories. That includes China too.
    The US is not going to let Russia reconquer the former slave states of the USSR.
    The US has not exploited other countries for resources you fool. We have plenty of our own.
    You can’t name one country that the US has robbed of its resources you Russian moron. :o)
    The US squashed the communists in Nicaragua in the 80s simply because Russia intended to build a bomber air base there. Nicaragua has no natural resources. That is why it is the poorest Latin nation in the area you fool. :o)

  156. Hi “Vick”. I can see by your “fluent” English that you must be on of Putin’s trolls: “Does America” (you mean, “Is America”?) HERE is what is funny…we have, at best on our news programs perhaps one or two stories a WEEK about Russia, yet your programs are filled with stories about how America is aggressive. WE are not the nation trotting out Internet fools such as yourself to threaten another nation. (Does it bother you, “Vick”, that you sit in a cubicle in some building with hundreds of other trolls, posting here (and elsewhere) what your govt dictates?) WHY is Russia so fearful of the West? Get over it! You are no longer a superpower! As someone once said, Russia is Saudi Arabia with nukes! (and in about 60 years, all your oil will be gone! All that money spent on Olympics & World Cup stadiums, while all your roads are shittt!!

  157. Just try to approach Russian borders and you all will see what the system S-400 is. Israel is screaming against the deal Russia-Iran. You know why? Because with S-300 not a single Israeli plane won`t even take off.

  158. Do you know how many times China’s been over run, went broke, lost wars and started over, it has a long history of being deafeted. Go back and read about world history or you maybe you are just joking? Ha ha!

  159. For Putin the correct term is “Meglomaniac” placing him next to Adolph Hitler.

    Definition = A psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence.

  160. About LMAO when I read this utterly shibai headline, ” U.S. Will Pay for Intimidating China & Russia. Oh puhleeze, where does Valuewalk get such clueless cub reporters like Polina. What a rookie. Yes, just another boring, made up story to fill space on a web page. I’ll give it the proper due by lining the bottom of my cat’s litter box with it.

  161. ““Russia is the only country on earth that contains a nuclear capability
    that could destroy the United States,” General Mark Milley”??

    And here I was thinking that ANY country with a few nukes (and there are many of them now) could destroy ANY other country, including the USA?

    On US 911, a few maniac muslims and their planes sent severe shock waves across the USA.

    We think that a few nukes exploding over the US would be more than enough to destroy America as we know it.

    I mean, how many nukes do the dumb general thinks it would take to destroy USA?

    Warmongers who delude themselves that they can survive nuclear explosions in their cities, are inclined to act threateningly and suicidally.

    Moreover, if Russians can destroy America, how mindless & mindless it is to poke and provoke, and seek to bully the Russian Bear?

  162. Does America willing to dare Russia to use Nuclear bombs if U.S and NATO attack Russia.? Nuclear war is not like the video war game you played. This is reality everybody loses including U.S.A. Tough talk will not save thousands if not millions of both countries population and that may include you and your family.

  163. The US had tear the Iran from China and Russia. Wow. After the oil ban lifted, The Iran will only be able to sell their heavy crude oil to mainly China, due to U.S has a shale oil booms that will last for another decades. Not to mention the China economic size will surpass US within 5-10 years. In fact, it already surpassed the U.S last year, in term of ppp gdp. By 2040, its economic size will be 50% bigger than all G8 combined.

  164. “…Basically, the U.S. managed to tear Iran off Russia and China’s hands. Although Iran, which is an ‘observer state’ in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, has not fully sided with the U.S., it started moving in that direction.

    And China has greatly suffered from this, having its stock market lose about $3 trillion recently…”

    I would add that China has greatly suffered from the fact that I did not go to camping this summer.

    Madam Polina Tikhonova could connect “China has greatly suffered from <<>>

  165. To Bill : natural resources ? Russia is now the worlds biggest oil PRODUCER , largest Gas reserves in the world and the largest reserve of Diamonds … that is 40% of worlds diamonds are mined in Russia . They dont need no damn resources , you’re crazy . Agressor ? Russia is protecting its territorial interest. Period . since 2010 USA was placing missiles in Europe now what Ukraine ?? Hell no …… What if Russia places Iskander and Topol-M in Mexico ? Same reaction would follw . But please remind me who was the agressor in Iraq , Libiya , Syria , Afghanistan, Pakistan , Nigeria , Egypt , Serbia ? War on iraq killed more than 700,000 women and children . For what ? WMD that they never found? And then hung the man ? Agressor ? Who ? Russia ? naaaawwww. Move along …. nothing to see here

  166. Natural resources ? Russia is now the worlds biggest oil PRODUCER , largest Gas reserves in the world and the largest reserve of Diamonds … that is 40% of worlds diamonds are mined in Russia . They dont need no damn resources , you’re crazy . Agressor ? Russia is protecting its territorial interest. Period . since 2010 USA was placing missiles in Europe now what Ukraine ?? Hell no …… What if Russia places Iskander and Topol-M in Mexico ? Same reaction would follw . But please remind me who was the agressor in Iraq , Libiya , Syria , Afghanistan, Pakistan , Nigeria , Egypt , Serbia ? War on iraq killed more than 700,000 women and children . For what ? WMD that they never found? And then hung the man ? Agressor ? Who ? Russia ? naaaawwww. Move along …. nothing to see here…….

  167. natural resources ? Russia is now the worlds biggest oil PRODUCER , largest Gas reserves in the world and the largest reserve of Diamonds … that is 40% of worlds diamonds are mined in Russia . They dont need no damn resources , you’re crazy . Agressor ? Russia is protecting its territorial interest. Period . since 2010 USA was placing missiles in Europe now what Ukraine ?? Hell no …… What if Russia places Iskander and Topol-M in Mexico ? Same reaction would follw . But please remind me who was the agressor in Iraq , Libiya , Syria , Afghanistan, Pakistan , Nigeria , Egypt , Serbia ? War on iraq killed more than 700,000 women and children . For what ? WMD that they never found? And then hung the man ? Agressor ? Who ? Russia ? naaaawwww. Move along …. nothing to see here

  168. Where a gorilla sits? Wherever it wants, says the adage. Well, I think, that gorilla has his days of bullying, deposing duly deposed regimes, not to its liking counted and they, Russia, China, et al aren’t going to take it anymore.
    Which country has deposed more regimes in the whole world? You got it: America. Which nation dropped nuclear bombs on innocent civilians and in the process committing war crimes galore? America.
    Who invaded Iraq for oil and under false pretenses? America. Who has killed, torture, massacred more civilians the last decade? America. And who is called a terrorist in this terroristic world? Russia for defending its interests, its land from the invaders. If this isn’t hog heaven propaganda, even worse than the N*azi propaganda, the word propaganda doesn’t exist.
    The N*azis, also thought of themselves as invincible, and look it here, Russia, losing in the process two, three millions of its citizens, defeated the mighty N*azi war machine.
    They also defeated Napoleon during his time as the most powerful emperor at that time. And what these two undeniable historic moments can teach us? That in the game of war, the perceived powerful can lose that power, that arrogance and the rest is history.
    We shouldn’t be threatening other nations for any reason, for if the feel threatened by America, they aren’t going to play dead. They will do what they have to do to counterbalance that arrogance, that power. I hope this pussyfooting between giants doesn’t end with a nuclear war. For if that happens, their will not be anything to worry about anymore. Planet Earth will become an unlivable planet, taking the term of a pyrrhic to highs never intended. Let’s hope an pray that the U.S. to protect that perceived hegemony doesn’t kills us all, the world trying to old on to that perceived power.
    the N*azis!

  169. Something tells me that Russia’s so-called nukes are all hollow inside and are just used to threaten the world. Time for Putin the thief and murderer to go! The average Russian citizen will get nowhere as long as that maniac is in charge.

  170. What do those nations have in common? All 3rd world. We could destroy China simply by boycotting the JUNK products made there.

  171. WHAT is “ValueWalk”?
    Are there any objective stories on it? I love when Russian “politicians” and “journalists” muse that “Russia will do this with its nukes”, or “Russia is the only nation that can destroy the United states”…blah blah blah…But, ask the NEXT question: What will America do with ITS nuclear weapons once Russia fires theirs? Are there ANY Russians stupid enough to think that a Russian launch of nukes wouldn’t be answered with the same towards them?

  172. Don’t try to mislead others. Tell us if you know you know: When two foxes are walking in front of a tiger, all others fret. The two foxes are chasing them keep harassing them. Who is bullying who?

  173. natural resources ? Russia is now the worlds biggest oil PRODUCER , largest Gas reserves in the world and the largest reserve of Diamonds … that is 40% of worlds diamonds are mined in Russia . They dont need no damn resources , you’re crazy . Agressor ? Russia is protecting its territorial interest. Period . since 2010 USA was placing missiles in Europe now what Ukraine ?? Hell no …… What if Russia places Iskander and Topol-M in Mexico ? Same reaction would follw . But please remind me who was the agressor in Iraq , Libiya , Syria , Afghanistan, Pakistan , Nigeria , Egypt , Serbia ? War on iraq killed more than 700,000 women and children . For what ? WMD that they never found? And then hung the man ? Agressor ? Who ? Russia ? naaaawwww. Move along …. nothing to see here

  174. you know what China is Russia mommy Russia is now crying to its mommy hiding behind Russia they can’t stand up to them selves and wants China money and China is falling apart money wise Putin is making Russia look like a fool gotta cry to China wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  175. As I have stated repeatedly, Obama’s policy to make enemy with both Russia and China at the same time is the most stupid policy any true statesman can ever see. Russia and China are both economic and military giants. To push them to bond together is just no smart thing to do. I’m questioning Obama’s wisdom in international politics.
    Also, Obama is making/replacing treaties with Japan and the Philippines, which require the US to help them defend their countries when they go to war with another country, but not vice versa. The funny thing is that the US side thinks it is a great thing to do, but in fact it’s moronic. Another bad thing is that Obama has not asked if his fellow citizens want to sacrifice their lives in case of going to war with these countries. If Obama ever asks, if America should send its young men and women to fight for Japan or the Philippines, I’m sure he’ll get an overwhelming “No” in reply. Unless these young men and women are asked to fight for their country, they should never risk their lives fighting for a foreign country, which our vital interest does not exist there. The military strength of Russia or China is not something we can see just from with a few articles that bash them in the Yahoo news. Both countries have the capability to destroy the world. Either one of them can stand up against the United States. When both of them stand up against the United States, there is reason to fear, but Obama does not see that.

  176. There is no need to allow it to”roost with the western countries” – we have seen what dreck they are only too many times. Who needs such stench? Let the chinese eat them with noodles. Or without noodles, in moo goo gai pan.

  177. Do they think the world is going to stand by while they rape other countries of their natural resources?? Wtf i thought the U.S did that ask Central America especially Nicaragua lol U.S stole all their resources while under presidents senior Bushes administration… and George Bush rape the middle east for even more resources… f**king sheep your so brainwashed that youd bend over for the Gov. It’s always been about dominance in a region and resources.. get your head out of your a$$ and stop listening to the controlled media..Not only did the U.S rape so many other countries for resources but they pretty much made the Natives extinct and turned around and said hey can you leave our land please. L0L!!!! F**king Americans like Donald Trump forget this isn’t your land fool you stole it and made it yours! So stop playing the Hero and say it how it is! Every country has a dark side to it and stealing resources and installing a puppet Gov. so you have dominance in the region is regular action. Obviously the U.S fears a Russia that would expand again like the Soviet Union.

  178. The Indian guy Bhadrakumar just got it wrong, it is the other way around of who’s intimidating who. The Chinese are intimidating the smaller ASEAN countries particularly Vietnam & the Philippines to grab their territory. Russia is intimidating other countries like Sweden to advance it’s interest in the Ukraine.

  179. They are communist, “WOE” and behold! They have no leniency to human rights, therefore, we should restrain from being cordial with them.

  180. Nice SF material. World stand and watching while US and GB colonise enslave and kill half of the world for centuries
    in order to expolit their resources. You are the world? What a jest!!!

  181. Yeah as I was reading this, I noticed that the tone of the article was very passive aggressive towards the united states. The AP and BBC news sections do a pretty good job of maintaining a neutral tone when it comes to international news, so it sets a pretty high bar for those who are attempting to be neutral but are really in favor of other countries.

  182. Same old tired story! (2) enemies get together to try and mess up a common enemy. Ends up with one of those (2) eating the other 1st for lunch. This is not (2) peas in a pod. Russia will end up coming home to roost with the western countries just like in WW 2. Russia does not trust China, and China does not trust Russia and still thinks that they are white and will peel off eventually and threaten them. China is NOT stupid. Putin is the one causing his countries pain. What a fun thing to watch. China gets CHEAP gas for NO profit from Russia needing cash flow, and Russia gets cash infusions from unnecessary trade deals. There are so many mini-factors that would come into play that NO ONE knows what exactly will happen, but it will not be birds of paradise holding hands between the Russians and Chinese.

  183. Valuewalk is most likely a site maintained and funded by Putin’s
    propaganda ministry. So what you read is how Putin would like hte rold
    to be, seen through the eyes of Putin, a thug and criminal masquerading
    as ahead of state.

  184. The July 20, 2015 Gold price low of $1080.50 is the low. Still time to come aboard. Gold has already corrected 54% of its advance on it most recent leg up which carried Gold up to its all-time new high of $1,920 per ounce, which thus has a 4% Bear Trap below the Classical 50% Bull Market Correction on a Monthly Chart. Let’s stick with the facts, shall we ! Now here are some more facts. Gold price is now at $1,093 which is up $1 so far today !

    Congratulations to NEM for Q2 2015 EPS at $0.26 vs $0.20 for Q2 of 2014. For some reason, the headline on the WSJ erroneously reads that EPS at NEM went down, instead of up 5%. After hours trading on NEM shows it gained $0.21 vs its 4 pm EDT close, and Gold price was at $1,194.50 at that time, which was up $0.70 so far. So things are looking Bullish now for Gold, Silver, HUI, and XAU.

    U.S. Treasury Yields fell yesterday July 22 due to Safe-Haven flight of Investment Money due to the impending military actions in the China Sea between the U.S. & China ; other areas such as Ukraine are also likely now to explode in conflict. This will soon attract Safe-Haven Investment into Gold and Silver also and the Gold & Silver Mining Stock Equities in XAU and HUI. My previous blog on July 20, 2015 below explains this in detail , and also explains why the FRB won’t raise its Fed Funds Rate until 2017 when the PCE Annual Inflation Index is predicted by the FRB to reach its 2% Mandate :

    China is a very shrewd Investor, and so some of its Gold was obviously sold near the top of 2011 and 2012 when Gold was approximately $1,900 per ounce. Of course, China is today buying hundreds of tons of Gold so that when the October 2015 IMF Adjustment is made to Voting Rights giving China equal weight to the U.S.A., China’s Gold holdings will be at least 4,000 tons instead of the 1645 tons reported last week. The P-8 Reconisance Flight over China’s Manmade Military Islands in the China Sea by U.S. Admiral Swift today was vehemently protested by China, and likely will lead to shoot-down of a P-8 by China soon, thus sparking powerful Gold and Silver gains for coming weeks throughout 2015 !

    The sell-off that drove gold down to $1080.50 today within a few minutes of the Shanghai Stock market opening is yet another case of Manipulation of Gold price lower by some large Banks using “Naked Gold Shorts”. The authorities will soon fine those responsible and thereby halt that, just as they have recently in 2015 in the cases of Currency Manipulation, and also Manipulation of the Libor Rate.

    Gold is now rallying sharply off its bottom of $1080.50 hit within a few minutes of the Shanghai Market opening; Gold price has now recovered more than one-half of its loss, which loss is in spite of the strong Fundamentals of Gold; those strong Gold Fundamentals are related to the impending 86 Billion Euros Bailout for Greece that will strongly bolster the Euro and Gold as the U.S. Dollar sinks sharply, thus allowing the all-important Large Speculators today to sweep up thousands of Gold Contracts based on those strong Gold Fundamentals ! The weekly Commodity Report on Wednesdays will illustrate this on July 22; of course , today’s panicked small speculators won’t know this until it is too late on July 22. At 3:05 a.m. EDT, Bloomberg News reported that Greece will pay all 7.05 Billion Euros Debt Repayment on time that is due near-term. Gold has so far rallied up to $1119, and Silver has also rallied sharply to be down only a few cents, and the Euro is up 0.2%. Additionally, the FRB cannot raise its Fed Funds Rate according to FRB Vice Chair Fisher on July 17 because the Annual 1.2% PCE Core Inflation Rate fell from 1.3% of the previous month, which is far below the 2% Mandate; FRB Member Mester’s notion to use a Interest Rate increase to improve “financial stability” was totally rejected by FRB Member Williams !

    The German Parliament on July 18 voted overwhelmingly to immediately start the Bailout Negotiations with Greece, and German Chancellor Merkel then stated that the Greece Bailout must be agreed to quickly so that lengthening of the maturity of those loans by decades with lower Interest Rates will quickly make the Greece Debt “sustainable”, thus allowing the IMF to quickly loan their fair share of the 86 Billion Euros ! July 20, 2015 at 7:31 a.m. PDT .

  185. Really, The Russians and Chinese are the ones who are the aggressors. Do they think the world is going to stand by while they rape other countries of their natural resources, and secure international water ways. China has done everything but launch a nuclear missile. I think they have their puppet NK to do it first just to see what happens. China is without honor threatening countries who really don’t have billions of people to put in to be slaughtered. Russia on its own has just enlarged it holdings in Georgia, and it is trying to Ukraine, but the Ukraine is fighting back. Those are your rogue states. Russia, China, NK, and Iran.

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