Russia Plans Adequate Response To U.S. Navy Warship Expansion

Russia Plans Adequate Response To U.S. Navy Warship Expansion
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The United States Navy released its Annual Navigation Plan highlighting its target key investments over the next five years on Monday.

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The plan supports the Navy’s missions and functions to maintain the leadership of the United States and its priorities for the 21st century defense. It supports three principles-Warfighting First, Operate Forward, and Be Ready.

In a statement, Admiral Jonathan Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations said, “This year’s navigation plan highlights our Navy’s key investments, which support missions and functions outlined in the defense strategic guidance (DSG. Our mandate is to be where it matters, when it matters, ready to respond to crises and ensure the security that underpins our global economy.”

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Greenert emphasized in the navigation plan that the U.S. Navy must have the capability and capacity to conduct a war at sea and win decisively.

U.S. Navy’s priorities in its Annual Navigation Plan

The U.S. Navy has six priorities in its proposed budget this year including the following:

  • maintain a credible, modern, and survivable sea-based strategic deterrent
  • sustain forward presence, distributed globally that count
  • develop the capability and capacity to win decisively
  • focus on critical afloat and ashore readiness to ensure the Navy is adequately funded and ready
  • enhance the Navy’s asymmetric capabilities in the physical domains as well as in cyberspace and electromagnetic spectrum, and
  • sustain a relevant industrial base, particularly in shipbuilding

The U.S. Navy aims to maintain its edge in warfighting by expanding and modernizing its equipment and warships over the next four years. It requires funding to sustain its 14-ship nuclear ballistic missile submarine force (SSBN), the Trident D5 ballistic missile and support system, and the Nuclear Command, Control and communication systems.

The U.S. Navy also required funding to procure ten Virginia-class SSNs, nine Littoral Combat Ships (LCS, Fit 0+), and new Small Surface Combatants (FRIGATES) among others.

Russia threatened by U.S. Navy’s expansion

Colonel Oleg Pyshny, department head at the 4th Central Scientific Research Institute of the Defense Ministry of Russia estimated that the U.S. will convert as much as 49 warships by 2020 as part of Washington’s global missile shield program.

Pyshny also estimated that more than 200 interceptor missiles will be installed on board U.S. ships equipped with defense systems by 2020.

According to Pyshny, the expansion and modernization of the U.S. Navy pose certain threats to the maritime component of the Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.” He emphasized that “Russia will take an adequate response to offset these threats.”

Last month, President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would increase its nuclear arsenal with more than 40 intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of penetrating all existing and even the most advanced missile defenses.

It was recently reported that Russia is developing large airships equipped with ballistic missile defense radars, and it would test new Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) within two years.

Russia has focused on its massive rearmament program and modernization of its defense industry. Putin promised to spend $400 billion to modernize Russia’s military by 2020.

A “powerful army equipped with modern weapons is the guarantor of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia,” said Putin during a speech at the Kremlin in June.

Political observers suggest that the Russian government is preparing as it perceives a threat of U.S. deployment in Eastern Europe.

Russia warns of explosive consequences amid US-led military drills

Yesterday, Russia warned of “explosive consequences” regarding the military exercises led by the United States in western Ukraine. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the exercises could upset the peace process with separatists in the eastern part of Ukraine.

“The military drills involving NATO members and Ukraine’s army that started in Lviv region under U.S. command are a clear demonstration of NATO’s provocative policy to unequivocally support the policies of current Kiev authorities in eastern Ukraine. These actions may threaten to disrupt the visible progress in the peace process concerning the deep internal crisis in Ukraine,” according to the Foreign Ministry of Russia.

The United States and other NATO members intensified their cooperation and increased military exercises in Europe after Russia’s annexation of Crimea. The NATO also accused Russia of supporting the separatists in Ukraine. The Russian government strongly denied the allegations.

The NATO is expanding its military presence in Eastern Europe and plans to install elements of missile shields in Romania and Poland.

“In response to Russia’s actions, we have increased our military presence in the eastern part of the alliance. This presence is rotational, defensive, proportional and in line with our international commitments,” according to NATO.

Russia criticized NATO’s actions and warned that Baltic States of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia will become targets of future conflicts if they would agree to host missile shields.

Yevgeny Lukyanov, deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council, said, “[The Baltic states] better think about other things – the deployment of missile defense system elements that are targeting our strategic nuclear forces, that is where their problem is, as they become our targets.”

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  1. I think Putin is falling into the same trap laid by Ronald Reagan in the 80s that led to the fall of the Soviet Union. Putin thinks he can sustain an arms race with the US. Hes obviously delusional. As of today Russias GDP is a paltry 1.2 trillion dollars. The US GDP is 18 trillion. Russias financial reserves are fast depleting. Russia cant afford the military buildup that Putin wants without collapsing the already weak Russian economy. Russias ex foreign minister estimated that at the current rate Putin is spending on the military Russias reserves will be gone by the end of the year. Once that happens the rouble will completely collapse and interest rates would go through the roof causing a domino effect and massive shock through the Russian economy that will dwarf the economic crisis of last December. Putin is playing with fire and unless he makes a complete u turn Russia will be going down like the Titanic.

  2. What “Exapansion?” Varying the missile load out and updating radars on EXISTING ships is not an “Expansion.” An “expansion would be building the 5-8 Burkes a year we should be building. Our ship building is not even keeping up with ship retirements. “Expansion” indeed. As it is each US navy ship is supposed to be in about 3 different places at the same time during war……….

  3. Adequate response? Oh puhleeze. Russia’s air force is falling out of the sky as we speak. Out of date, obsolete aircraft, shoddy maintenance, aircrews worked beyond capacity. Same for the Navy. Could not maintain their carrier, sold it to China. Russia can’t build as many new tanks as the country is basically broke. There is no more money for all the fancy toys Putin wants.

    Russia looks like a paper tiger. Still paying down the debt for the Sochi Olympics.

  4. Those pesky Russians would definitely invade Grenada and Iraq if USA wouldn’t beat them to it. Alone with other 35 nations that USA invaded since WW2

  5. You should go back to Russia Larry,, If one missle is even launched from Russia or China…NATO will launch HELL…imagine, 28 nations with TACTICAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS ..all fire thier missles at CHINA AND RUSSIA…PUTIN would not stand a chance..The greatest nation in the world has many freinds…

  6. Alright, my mistake. I did not specify which part of Russia. I meant the Ukraine/Russia border area where both Russia and the U.S. pile-up’ed heavy equipment ready for the next move. And of course, heavy naval concentration of battleships ready for the next level of the fight.

  7. Russia is broke and are cutting down military spending from Armata tank, T-50 PAK FA to PAK DA… How much more raise its naval forces? Russia is overstretching its columns and authority with short hands and feet. Putin is a pathetic egotistical fool.

  8. Of every countries sharing the Black Sea waters only Russia is seeking full control of this water while most sees US and NATO a legitimate support. It is rather adequate that US vessels venture to station its ships in this isolated body of water. Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Greece and Ukraine all share shores with Russia in the Baltic Sea. I don’t think one nation should control the Baltic Sea.

  9. If you are too dumb to know why we were really there, I won’t explain it to you. For what ever reason the USA has attack a countries, you will find the USA always rebuilds them. Ask yourself, did Russia ever spend a dime to help rebuild Europe after WW-2? Hell no. all Russia did was land grab…like as if with more land, Russia will be more successful. That’s how the mind of any dictator including Putin works.

  10. The USA is there because of the Russian monster. Russia is constantly threatening these small nations and NATO is there to protect them. If you your brain was not so polluted with bias, you’d admit that I’m correct.

  11. “Feels threaten” what a joke. Putin the moron feeling threaten is in the figment of his imagination. What a joker! The USA fights wars only for the sake of peace. If it were not for the USA, many small countries would have been taking over by Russia. The goal for dictators is to eventually rule the world and the USA and NATO gets in the way. Wake up Russian people. Get someone who can lead you in prosperity. Get rid of that moron who’s leading you down the wrong path.

  12. No, Russia does not plan an adequate response. The Kremlin propaganda office has released another disinformation piece, similar to the T-50 stealth fighter fiasco, the stealth bomber fiasco and the Armata tank fiasco.

    Russian navy on paper has 300 ships. Only 50 of those ships are comparable quality to American and i good repair. The remaining 250 ships badly need funding for repairs and upgrades of equipment from the 1970s.

    It extremely expensive to fund a navy. Even at the height of its power in 1944 or 1945, Soviet Union did not try to compete with England or Germany in naval warfare because the cost is obscene, it’s crazy. Besides, Russia is not a seafaring power but a land power. Russia has a very poor record in naval warfare, but excels in ground warfare. It’s more economical to create huge land armies and capture territory, while Kriegsmarine ships swim in circles and can’t do anything to stop it.

  13. Maybe Russia doesn’t have many friends because they just don’t play nice with others. I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and learned to hate the Russians . Every time the Olympics came around and both summer and winter we in the same year we got to root for pretty much anyone but Russian athletes. Then holy Christ Gorby decided to tear down the Berlin wall and give back all of the Soviet states that Stalin stole on his way to Germany in WW2 and picked up a little more real estate after the main objective was done by defeating the Germans but we still had to kick the Japs for what they did in Pearl Harbor. We came up with just the right tool to make them quit and heaven forbid that Putin gets as stupid as Stalin and the long line of thieves and backstabbers that followed until Gorby said hey this communist don’t work. So the Russians took a couple of decades off of being the A hole of the globe and just when I finally started to actually like the Russians in the Olympics this last time which was held in Russia, Putin pulls this crap in Crimea and dresses his soldiers up to look like non Russian soldiers and starts a war in eastern Ukraine. So it is back to hating these unces again and since I am getting up there in years doesn’t look like they will ever be able to change my mind about them again. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Never going to happen.

  14. Al….Will you stop with the communist drivel.Tens of wars? Where do you get this shit. Once again,If a country cant behave itself,then we have to take care of them for the rest of the world.If it wasn’t for the U.S. you would most likely be speaking a different language now.

  15. There are not 800 bases and,If childish dictators didn’t try to screw with other countries on a regular basis we wouldn’t have to be their babysitter.

  16. Bayliners are pretty good boats and fairly inexpensive. Putin can probably gets a few fairly nice 28 footers in pretty good used condition for 20 grand apiece. My best friend had a couple I think the first one was 25′ and the next one he went up to a 28′. You could really notice the difference between the two as just a few feet in length and another foot or two in width makes it seem like going from a frigate to a battleship. That’s why I think Vlad would be smart to look for around a 28 foot craft.

  17. we will not go to war with them and if we do this is what is going to happen we go to war –ecc crashes marshal law in the US doller is gone new curency is made hence createing a New World Order prove me wrong

  18. The U.S., as part of its plan, is to develop the capability and capacity to win decisively. Maybe they can practice in Iraq or on ISIS.

  19. auctualy it is theres a thing called M.A.D – and if u have that capablity no 1 will fu k with u + u know nukes go out of date so to speak and require alot of up keep wont get to much into it …….shhh

  20. yea he sett sup camp all over the world becouse we SAY DONT DONT DONT to the world and yet we do it are selfs part of y world vues THE US as in gen …….

  21. russia also has like 80% of euro’s oil piplines runing threw it o and it has abality to go face to face with THE USA not many countrys can say that ” cough COLD WAR” i saw images of us solders lined up with tanks like 100 yards away from russia solders with tanks lined up “WATEING TO be told to fire ” and no one did HENCE COLD WAR no shot was fired in anger history is repeting it self

  22. What’s that got to do with nuke talk? US has bases everywhere because we have vital interests everywhere. Russia has….vodka, oh, and Siberia.

  23. well with 800 military bases around the world looks like US doesn’t have ANY borders now
    And now US troops are marching along Russia borders. no wonder Putin feels threatened.

  24. Did Russia stations a single military base on the other side of the planet?
    US marching on Russia’s border and surely Putin wants to protect his country.

  25. A couple of years ago, we “pivot” to Asia with 60% of our ships.
    Now, we “pivot” to Russia with 60% of our ships???? So what has happened to our “pivot to Asia” program???? What about the South China Sea??? You know, all these “pivoting” cost money. And we are in debt to the tune of $18 trillion dollars already. We will be in debt to the tune of $25 trillion dollars soon.

  26. Just push the buttons already and get it over with, my god is their anyone else that wants to get on board with land grabbing and killing, Have we as a society had enough yet ?

  27. Once again the human beings of Earth get it all bass ackwards. If we were less willing to lie, cheat, steal, and deceive each other and be 100% open and honest with each other in all things, including working together to fix thousands of years of corruption, what would be left to fight each other over?
    We continue to suffer from an autoimmune disease, we kill each other for a lack of willingness to truly understand WHY we are all here in the first place, and that we are all symbiotic in our relationship with each other, but there are small groups who are so disturbed that they create reasons to divide the people rather than recognize the truth of our true origins.

  28. Russia sure uses a lot of nuke-talk. Diplomacy at the point of a missile seems self defeating. Russia threatens, US stations more nukes in Europe, sails more nuclear-capable gunboats into European waters AND puts priority on missile shield tech. Unless Pootsie uses the darned things very soon, seems to me to be a colossal waste of money.

  29. You should feel threatened Russia because is the US response to your Naval Build-up announced a year ago. It’s interesting how you plan to respond to our response from your announcement.

  30. A “powerful army equipped with modern weapons is the guarantor of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia,” said Putin during a speech at the Kremlin in June. I can agree that like any sovereign country, Russia has the right to defend herself from outside aggression. What is troublesome is that her borders keep changing.

  31. Pretty dumb….Russia is spending the bulk of it’s defense money on nukes…So, their main offense/defense is a world ending nuke exchange….Doesn’t sound like a sound defensive move……

  32. “If you put on that bullet proof vest, I’ll have to shoot you.” Putin is such a dork. He has created a atmosphere of war & aggression.

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